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Apr 14, 2002
okay i have a normal cd burner, and say i have a movie i downloaded of the net, is there software that would let me burn it on to a cd and play it on my dvd player?
It depends on the format of the movie you downloaded. If it's MPEG, you can use it to burn a VCD that is playable on your DVD player. You may need to use a specific brand of blank CD-R disks; My Sony DVD player can only play VCDs I burned using Circuit City brand CDs. It can't recgnize VCDs burned using other brands such as Sony or TDK disks. Popular CD-buring programs such as Nero and Adaptec both have VCD buring abaility.

If the movie is DivX format, then you can burn it directly to a CD and it's only playable on your computer. DVD players can't play DivX files.
And here I was, thinking (from the title) that it is a thread about burning piles of Hollywood movie material in large bonfires, in a protest against American cultural imperialism. :) :lol:
Go here for all the junk you'll need to make VCDs.

Like TF said, if you burn using a burning program (Nero being my preference) you'll need have it in MPEG-2 format, if it's in another format you'll need a video editor to convert it. Be warned though, going from DIVX to MPEG means tons more space. A full length movie will take about 2-3 GB (and that's on the low quality end of the spectrum).

If you can, get your movies already in VCD or SVCD format. There you'll be downloading .BIN and .CUE or .ISO in which case you'll need a program like Nero or CloneCD or ISObuster to extract the image onto a CD.

Might I recommend getting a broadband account to assist you? I mean, unless you like spending four days downloading with 56K.
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