Bush, for one, welcomes our new alien overlords?


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May 9, 2005
Sorry, no partisan hackery here, just a simple funny thing that was noticed in a video. Granted, not as sexy as the Bin Laden video.


What's that peering through the glass over Bush's right shoulder (left to the viewer)? What is the grey's relationship to the mystery beekeeper behind Bush's right shoulder?

Got this from Boing Boing. :)
That would be a chair reflecting in the door window.

I think.
Hmm was it just me when clicking on that link brought up a pop-up that made IE go bananas (trying to open about a million tabs all the same video) forcing me to pull the plug on my PC?


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Bush looks like he REALLY needs to piss in that picture:p
The one on the right looks like a member of the Saudi Royal Family.
At the moment Area 51, and Norad are the only places where aliens are aloud while on Earth... er I mean the offical US government policy is that aliens do not exist.
If you watch them, they move back and forth with the guards on either side of Bush, so its probably just a weird reflection of them.

WTF is wrong with you?

Next I suppose you'll tell me that they actually DID land on the moon? Laughable.

/sarcasm ;)
The one left of Bush (on the right of the video, as we see it) is the reflection of the guy standing there left of Bush (right, in the video). If you look closely you can see even his hair. It's just a glass making weird reflections. If I take a picture of one of my windows, you'll see the reflections are much stranger. :p
There are probably better screengrabs, but I just picked a point and clicked. :)

Thanks. Especially for the titles.

Have you ever listened to the 'backmasking' effect of some songs? You would never have noticed the 'words' if they hadn't had some type of karaoke underwriting going on.
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