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    Image? Great. Tetraconch? You gotta find a better word! If the Haudenosaunee are still the Iroquois, then this is just too esoteric. (I did google translate church to Greek and it said Ekklisia. Greek speakers please weigh in, but as a cognate, maybe this is a good choice?)
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    An Ecclesia/Ekklisia means congregation in Greek, which can refer to a church, but can also refer to any assembly, and in English this word usually refers to the main democratic assembly of ancient Athens.
    The word "church" derives from Kyriakós oíkos, meaning "House of the Lord".
    I'm not married to Tetraconch, but it is both specific in its invocation of a uniquely byzantine type of church, and it is a precise term that doesn't have alternate meanings, so I like it well enough.

    re: Iroquois/Haudenosaunee: IMO, referring to the Six Nations as Iroquois isn't some refutation of obscurantism, it's just ignorance. I'm happy to see Humankind didn't make the same mistake.

    Edit: Here it is:
    @Gazebo, for your consideration
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    what are the thoughts on byzantium nowadays? with the nerfs to several founder beliefs over several patches, did she kind of suffer from it? Or was she OP before and fine now? Do people shift more often to double enhancer instead of double founder?
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    Not a diety player but ... there are some strong things I like to take.
    Veneration, you will likely have a good faith output, veneration converts that into some culture (and gold).
    Did I mention good faith output? Reform -> Glory of the God is nice, grab all the scientists, writers etc you want.
    Double founder can provide really juicy great prophet tiles.
    Combine with Ceremonial burial (founder) for yields spending great ppl, if you go Hero worship (and warmonger) you get more faith and gp.

    Combos with zelotry or missionary spamming the entire world are also viable.
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    Byzantium is a really good solid civ. Her faith powers give her tons of flexibility, the Cataphract is a really fun UU....still one of my favorite civs to play.
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    Yeah they are slightly above average I guess in terms of power.

    Good interesting ability in terms of flavour, I see no reason to change anything even if they did get a slight nerf.
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    I think Byz is pretty good. Just taking all the variance out of the religion game is powerful because there are still some strong choices you aren't guaranteed to get (Veneration/Orders combo is very hard otherwise.) Even being assured of getting your pantheon is a big deal on Deity, especially in situations where you want a highly contested one like Expanse or Commerce. I still think the best bonus belief is usually an extra Founder; making some mish-mash out of two of Ceremonial Burial/Holy Law/Noble Truths is probably strongest.

    In addition Byz's other two elements are both pretty good. You get an improved Knight, always appreciated because Knights are great, early units that you're often happy to use anyway. And you get an improved temple which generates lots of Faith, once again something early enough to be compounding for a long time.

    I think overall I put Byz in the A tier, right below brokenly powerful civs such as Songhai, Carthage, and Netherlands.

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