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C.A. - Civilholics Anonymous

Comrad Poopoff

Dec 17, 2003
I'd first like to start out by saying that I have been Civ free for over 7 months. After realizing my addiction to this game I decided to hand my game over to a good friend to hide from me for a while so that I could rejoin the REAL civilization. And I was doing soooo good, untill this week. With the release of the Civ 3: Conquests I now have relapsed into my Civ addiction. I was playing just now, I just took a break for some bread and water. I decided to start this thread because I think its an issue we all deal with, and we all have stories, and I'd like for some fellow addicts to share their stories of being addicted to Civilization

I'd also like to hear of some "tactics" when trying to break the addiction. For example when I'm addicted to a game I give it to my friend to hide from me till a certain date, usualy for 3 or 4 months, and that usualy breaks the habbit...temporarily. I do this with my other addicted games, such as Heroes 1-4 and starfleet command 2-3.

As for one of my addiction stories...I nearly missed my friggin' graduation!!! In order to graduate from college I had to give my Civ 3 game to a friend for the remainder of the semester. And the agreed return date was the day before graduation. My friend gave me my game the day before graduation, and that night I played that game like I had never played it before!!! The best way to describe it, is it was like realy having to pee bad then finaly letting loose when you got to a toilet. But anyway I played the game till about 6am and I was beat from all the conquoring and genocide so i looked at the clock and I still had a good 3 hours to sleep. At 8:30am I got a call from my mom asking me where i was. Of course i couldnt tell her that I was late because I played video game all night, thats just pathetic! So I opted for somthing a little more realistic, I got real drunk the night before and was sick but I was one my way. Needless to say I did get to my graduation with 10 minutes to spare...of course I did have to forgo on such luxuries as a shower and brushing my teeth. But it was a good day and I spent the rest of the summer playing Civ.
Welcome to CFC! :band:

Since you've admitted to resumption of playing the game, your death sentence has been commuted! Although, I'll be very interested to see if a Moderator moves this to Off-Topic.

I personally have no intention of breaking my Civ addicition (or even my CFC addiction), so I guess there's not much more I can say.
I personally don't have a problem :)

Actually, I've had to limit myself to only playing once the kids are bed....there was some "unpleasantries" surrounding kids not getting fed or something like that <shrug>

psssst....its a joke....i don't starve my kids LOL although I DO limit my play time :)
Break the addiction? Surely you jest, sir.

Or, as I like to say, Them's fightin' words!

Am I addicted to Civ? Surely. I must be. But as for not playing? I guess I'm 'lucky' in that regard, I have a lot going on in RL, so the times I do get to play are cherished, and it's not a 'I must do this' kind of feeling.

But the easiest way to be un-addicted to civ is to get addicted to something else. ;)

@Lyonesse - I'll stave my kids in a heartbeat if it takes away from my civ time! That's why I got married, so I wouldn't have to take care of kids!

Civ1 - I once (when I was a bachelor - lol) spend one whole week playing Civ1 - 18-20 hours a day - not speaking to a single person for the entire week!! Addicted? Who? Me?

Having a wife probably prevent me from trying to play a year in a row without talking to anybody ;-)
It's really actually okay that you all starve your kids. It reduces the chances of them culture flipping back to their prior parents.
Make sure to get a nanny for your kids and fortify her so that no enemy forces can move in and conquer them
Hi. My name's Vanadorn and I'm a Civaholic. It's been 10 hours since I last played civ and I feel like I'm still in control.
Thanks for all your support *sniff, sniff*. It really helps an addict like me out.
It's been 13 hours since I last played C3C. Help I don't know what I'll do if I don't play real soon. Tell my boss he needs to let me play at work so I'll be more productive and get along better with my coworkers.

I need just a little something to get me through the day. Can you help? Just a little something. I'll pay you back I promise, I just don't have the money right now.

Oh wait a minute this is for Civaholics right? :D :lol: :crazyeye:
I had a vaguely similiar story with Diablo 2.

Blizzard took away my account along with 140,000 or so others for cheating (for the record I was not cheating but thats besides the point). After not playing for a long time, 1.10 suddenly came out (a huge patch that was widely anticipated, blah blah blah). Next thing I know I'm playing again for a few weeks solid. I wish I remember how I suddenly stopped playing. I hope I never play Diablo 2 again.

For me civ, while an addiction is not so bad. It's more of a forum addiction thats the problem.
Welcome to CFC, Comrad Poopoff. Please note, though that this is the Civilization *Fanatics* Center. Not really the place for tips on how to escape from the game. Some of the old timers here have been involved in Civ for over 10 years now and haven't really given much thought to a "cure".
Maybe there's a "CivAnon" site somewhere?
Well I think you all have come a long way already, because admitting the problem is 70% of the recovery. :lol:
I am addicted, but I like the game so who cares.
Oh man its getting real bad for me right now...im having dreams of civilization again. But these are useful dreams, I usualy think up new stratagies when I dream. You know your a civaholic when you start to talk and see things in a Civilization way. I was watching the news and they had a piece on the problems in Afganastan, and my first response was "Well they need to research Economics, then they can build banks". I put my face in my hands in shame at the stupidity of that thought....then had a good laugh about it when I told my roomate.
I've actually just recently decided to take a break from Civ3, until After Christmas when I either will get Conquests as a present or have to go out and buy it myself. I am really addicted to the game and realised getting me and my family kicked out of our apartment wasn't a good thing, so I'm taking a brake, the first few days were the worst, I felt so much withdrawal.
And who to you has told, what at you dependence only from game?
I've just got two words to say: Welcome back. :goodjob:
Im totally addicted, but controlled now, for a while i was slightly out of control.

I play 1 hour during my work lunch ... sometimes after work for an hour.

I get home and play all friday night and some of sat and sun.

I would play it all the time if i didn't have to work and didn't have a family that wanted to see me.

I had a guest over one time and now and again, i would disappear for 5 - 10 minutes (i thought it was only that long) to play a turn or two (or three) of CIV ... my wife sent my guest to come find me as she knew what i was doing. How embarrasing. :nono:
Yeah, I've been playing off and on for close to, if not 10 years. My brother brought it home when he was in sixth grade, so I was in... third grade when I started... so yeah, 10 years.

I play for a few months, take a few months off, play for a few months, etc.

I never did get into Civ Call To Power... my brother enjoyed it, for a while, though.
I have to share the worst CIV addiction story I've ever heard. Don't remember if I saw it here when Civ3 first came out or in a news story. Not sure what version the addiction was on, but it was before hotseat was an option:

A husband and wife both got addicted. They had so many fights over the one computer that they decided to set a timer and take turns--precisely one hour. This worked fine until one night the wife had to play, All Together Now, "One More Turn". :lol: With a few minutes to go on the timer, she tricked her husband into stepping outside and locked him out of the house. She let him back in 4-5 hours later when it got dark. :eek:
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