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C2C scenarios

Discussion in 'Maps & Scenarios' started by jjake101, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. jjake101

    jjake101 Warlord

    Mar 30, 2012
    has anyone made any scenarios set in europe or on 1000AD style maps?

    edit: lol didn't see the Maps ans scenario section, will look there to see what i can find :)

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  2. Acularius

    Acularius King

    Jan 22, 2012
    Ontario, Canada
    To be honest, the idea has probably floated about, but I think the main problem is keeping the map up to date...

    This is probably a bigger problem in the Map&Scenario section as a whole, but I think it largely comes down to...
    A constantly changing environment.
    Although, I must say, the new World Builder interface is GOD DAMN SEXY~!

    1. Lack of initiative: Let's face it, on a whole, the map community lacks the initiative to start a project. Granted, working with C2C as a mod is a pretty daunting task when you consider the vast amounts of properties and information it has in regards to making a balanced scenario just to start with.

    2. Even with the initiative: It inevitably is tasked to one person who took it up, and this is the case in general for map-making... it always comes down to 1 person. That is backed up by the community but eventually s/he fizzles out and we're back to reason 1.
    (The community is great)

    3. 'Size' of C2C
    Source:Koshling, 'Size' of C2C

    C2C is just rather, LARGE, for one person who usually shoulders the mantle of responsibility that comes with making a map and scenario.

    You could potentially create a scenario on a 'standard' size map, but I think that would fail to capture the essence of the time period... and each one of those stats are largely... 'undocumented' as in, there is nowhere other than the civilopedia which mentions the cause and effects of these buildings, the tech it is linked with, and so on.

    As a gamer and player of C2C, the amount of options and information in C2C is breathtaking. Granted, to make a scenario with all this... would be downright daunting and nigh impossible as a one person team.
    Since the first step would be to create the documentation of the game's information which is constantly changing. Then one has to correlate the 'game' with the historical data of the time period, and place things accordingly...

    4. One could create the scenario, and make it 'balanced', but I can tell you the outcome of the game.
    China and India (in general) will dominate, and depending if one split up the Caliphs, and how much detail one put into the Americas and Africa... Europe would stagnate.

    The core reason being that C2C... the size of one's nation in terms of city count, is all that fundamentally matters in terms of tech research and everything else pretty much. Sure you could probably build a couple of the early game wonders (game start that is), but eventually the AI in Europe will fall terribly behind while China advances into the Industrial era while they pick up the pieces in the Renaissance.
    I won't even start of how the Incas will settle the rest of South America before the Chinese make it across the Pacific.
    Now, I'm not saying that I would personally want a 'railroad' game where the game must follow history, but I would like a fair amount of 'historical' plausibility.

    What this all inevitably boils to.
    Lack of initiative.
    Constantly changing data
    Large nations will 'win', no internal factors to hinder them as was the case for large nations in general. Like Ming China, modern day India and America, the Roman Republic/Empire before and after the East/West divisions.
    The larger the map, the more information needed and the greater strain on the machine playing the scenario which inevitably leads to a smaller audience playing the scenario.
  3. SargontheGreat2

    SargontheGreat2 Modder

    May 17, 2012
    New Jersey, USA
    I think there is a tool for RFC that builds maps off Google Earth. You could use that with the platy-world-builder to do some stuff, with modification.
  4. artyom

    artyom Warlord

    Feb 5, 2011
    can someone like cut america out from the giant earth map scenario? I really like the map, its just too slow for me. Without america, i'd imagine it would run perfect. Besides, you'd have to spend several days playing before you contact america anyways, and nobody plays that long....

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