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    howdy y'all,

    i liked civassit2 quite a lot. i never used the deeper planning parts of it, but the "what's happening now [or soon]" info was quite helpful. unfortunately, it had a few problems ...
    - VERY platform dependent [windows only]
    - VERY implementation dependent [requires a VERY specific dot net configuration]
    - not open source [no one but the authors can fix or change it]

    i finally gave up on it when i went to win7 since the _exact_ dot net setup was so freaking hard to get working - and nearly every dot net update would kill civassit2.

    for reference, here's the thread about it ...
    CivAssist II - Civilization Fanatics' Forums

    so i am suggesting a replacement. for the sake of this conversation, i will call it c3c-helper.

    i'm NOT a programmer. the closest i ever come to that is playing with powershell/CMD/batch files and a little bit of python. so i cannot program this. what i can do is test it, critique it and offer suggestions. i'm aware that offering cash here is not allowed, so i aint gonna do that. nor is this a hint to do it elsewhere! [*grin*]

    a few things that seem necessary ...
    - must be open source
    any license that allows folks to modify or fork as desired is ok.
    - must be reasonably cross platform
    java, python ... pretty much any language that can run on linux, mac & windows without os dependencies.
    - must be posted to an openly accessible source code location
    github & sourceforge come to mind, but any such thing that is freely accessible is fine.

    a few bonus wants ...
    - usefully commented code [*grin*]
    - help system [or file]

    stuff that aint needed ...
    - interactivity [ca2 could take you to each polluted tile]
    - display on the civ3 screen [ca2 could show a panel floating above the game]
    i run a dual monitor setup so i would run civ3 on one monitor and the util on another. for those who run on _only_ one monitor, tabbing to the util seems entirely acceptable.

    things i want c3c-helper to do ...

    = quick overview panel [allow toggling what to show] {1}

    = when stuff is available from the ai {7}
    - workers
    - tech
    - new trade route opens
    - new luxury, strategic resource
    - new maps or updated map info [buy or sell]
    - communications available
    - ai has money

    = presence in my territory {3}
    location info would be nice. a simple "near cityname" would do.
    - pollution
    - enemy unit
    - unconnected resource

    = city info {11}
    - newly expanded city radius
    - city radius tile not worked
    - city radius tile not developed
    - city radius tile with never-harvested forest
    - some way to see what cities do or don't have
    - some way to query the above [show me all cities that can build item X]
    - what the active influences are [show where ALL the happiness is coming from, including wonders]
    - too little food
    - when pop growth will exceed food supply
    - when city will enter rebellion next turn
    - when city is in rebellion now

    = research {3}
    - when research will be wasted
    - how many turns to finish research
    - actual research points [this turn & total for the current tech]

    = diplomacy {7}
    - embassy [yes/no]
    - attitude
    - agreements & remaining turns for each [a nice big grid showing all civs would be spiffy]
    - wars
    - when enemy is willing to negotiate
    - current ai govt.
    - when ai changes govt.

    = units {1}
    - unit production > what, how many, when

    = misc. {1}
    - golden age turns remaining

    = nifty stuff {2}
    - display output in browser window & use CSS to define how [fonts, colors, etc.]
    - allow user to manually modify or add a CSS file for custom display attributes [bigger fonts for my bad eyesight]

    total as of 2015-12-20 = 36 items

    i hope someone is willing to take this on. please, let me know if anyone finds this interesting. i know there are those who would protest this simply because it will make cheating rather easy. what would you rather do?
    - lose the knowledge as those who know it drift away
    - publish the knowledge so those who care about it can use it

    take care,

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