C3C PBEM : "Fabius" - Rise of Rome scenario (level : newbees)


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Nov 16, 2001
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"Fabius", Roman general also called the delayer because he avoided frontal fighting against Hannibal and preferred to isolate and tire him in Southern Italy, will be the name of this new Rise of Rome scenario mostly aimed at newbees. Newbees means new to PBEMs (never played or one current PBEM), at least on CFC, not your experience as a player.

One experienced player would be a nice addition to help around.

It is a balanced and fast PBEM (only 4 human players).

It is for Conquests, using the MP version of the Rise of Rome scenario and the patch 1.22.
So you need to have both Conquests and the patch 1.22 installed on your computer.

Civs will be attributed randomly normally but you can state your prefered civ and if they don't contredict you will probably get it.

- Rome : classical_hero
- Macedonia : Redman
- Persia : Drendor
- Carthage : Qummik

Players : 8 (Celts, Goths, Scythes and Egypt will be played by AI)

1. Drendor
2. Classical_hero
3. Qummik
4. Drendor
5. AI
6. AI
7. AI
8. AI

You want to be in ? You have further questions ? Post in this thread or send me a PM. If ready to join, send me a PM with your e-mail.
You can also check the sticky thread "newbee guide" where you can find tons of informations on how PBEM works, what you can do and what you should not do, etc... but if it is not clear enough, you can ask here and we will answer you (we are a community of friendly and helpful people).
When the rooster is full, I will send to all of you a planning e-mail with play order, e-mails, etc...

Organization : the game will be called "Fabius" to be recognizable and when you get the game, send a mail to inform the sender you got it (GPS = Got it, Played it, Sent it).

Please send me a PM with your e-mail address and playing times (GMT not enough as you may play in the morning or the evening).
hi...well see you counted me in....
GMT+1(play between 10pm and 2am)...
would prefer Carthage,if it's possible....
LouLong, is there any connection between Fabius, that Roman General, and Fabius, the French politician ? ;)
OK I am ready but still need Civlord's playing times and Civlord, BigMazy and drago_reborn200's e-mails.
Don't think I missed them so please send them to me by PM.
OK, full team albeit slightly different... since Dragon's reborn did not show up and Civlord is off these boards for a while.

Sorry Redman, BigMazy was first to ask and got Carthage and I could not please both of you. I know you play Macedonia in another game but maybe it is a good way for you of seeing what you can do from scratch.

Classical_hero who starts and play Rome is now quite an experienced player but I will come from time to time to check anyway.

Main rule : have fun ! Subsidiary rule : Win !
I'd asked for Persia.. but no problem, I'm happy that I'm getting a second chance.
At this moment I'm getting washed of the face of the earth by the Persian and Roman army at that game. I was a substitute there and Macedonia was at that point not in good shape..
So a fresh start is welcome! :)


Just wanted to drop by and say hello.
My name is Patrik a.k.a Drendor and i´m gonna play as Persia. (not my first choice but as i understood it the timezones are important. I live in timezone GMT+1 (Copenhagen, Stockholm), yes i am from Sweden.

When you get mails from me it will say that the sender is Uno Jackson, dont be afraid it´s still from me. :p

/ D
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