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Cabinet Vote


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Nov 19, 2000
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We are going to host our first ever Cabinet Only vote.

(Well...second if you include the Civ 2/Civ 3 vote we had when the game started)

It is going to be on several issues.

Ohwell's proposal.
Duck's multiple proposals.
Pellaken's proposals.
My proposals.

I will PM the questions to all the cabinet members and governors. (no deputies) then I'll post the results when everything is tabulated.
All the PM's are out. Voting on 6 proposals.

2 votes are back. 6 still out standing.

Any proposal that is voted on and passed, will then be voted on by the people to determine final action. If it passes, it's passed and becomes rule. :) Otherwise....gone.

I've also updated the rules. Any new rule will be underlined from now on. :)
Another vote is in.... CM, AoA, Pellaken, ACM and Ohwell have all voted.
Dell19, Kev, and ES are still out.

With 5 votes in....we have 0 ties in our 6 proposals....interesting. :)

2 have been rejected
2 have been passed
2 have to be voted on...but have had options eliminated. :)

So far.....
Well.....thus far it's only been used twice.....and twice by me. I was Vice Pres and Pres.

But I ALWAYS consulted other cabinet members before such a vote. The only reason I see using it is if it is used for votes such as these.....where we have a WHOLE bunch of suggestions, and need to do some weeding before presenting to the people.

The other vote was to decide Civ 2 or Civ 3....which was a MAJOR decision that was going NO WHERE when it came to voting by the players....

But I'd like to reserve cabinet votes to a Presidental Thing only....of course if some cabinet members WANT a cabinet vote....please PM or ICQ, MSN, AIM, Y! me and we can discuss it. :) (Or the future president)
If only I didn't have a life outside of CFC...Then I could keep really up to date...;)
Well....with 7 of the 8 votes in....I'm going to declare the end of the cabinet vote....

Here is the list of Proposals, and how each cabinet member voted for each one.

Proposal 1:
Military leader holds "Defence Quota" polls that establish what and how many units must be built in all cities.
Yes | No

CM: No, AoA: No, Ohwell: No, Kev: No, Dell19: No, ACM: No, Pellaken: Yes.

Proposal defeated 6 NO to 1 YES.
Proposal 2:
Polls on building things change to place polls (ie. where should we build a marketplace) from thing polls (ie. What should we build in Olympia?)

Yes | No

CM: No, AoA: No, Ohwell: No, Kev: No, Dell19: No, ACM: No, Pellaken: Yes.

Proposal defeated 6 NO to 1 YES.
Proposal 3:
Who should poll regarding wonder building?

Pres. | Vice Pres. | Minister of Interior (Old CP Leader) | Governors

CM: Vice Pres., AoA: MoI, Ohwell: MoI, Kev: MoI, Dell19: MoI, ACM: MoI, Pellaken: Vice Pres.

Proposal will be voted on with options:
Vice President | Minister of Interior
Proposal 4:
Should settler allocation be moved to a national level? (ie. Under the jurstiction of the Minister of the Interior? They would poll on what settlers do, where cities go, etc...) These orders would work like

this: General orders...like settler A, B, C should build new cities. D, and E, should improve the

homeland. F, G, H can do each of these cities. But what is actually done would rely on the President.

Yes | No

CM: Yes, AoA: Yes, Ohwell: No, Kev: Yes (VP), Dell19: Yes, ACM: Yes, Pellaken: Yes

Proposal Passed and will now be voted on by the people. Options will be Yes (Minister of Interior), Yes (Vice President), and No.
Proposal 5:
In times of National Emergency due to invasion, the military advisor can force governors to change city


Yes | No

Proposal passed with all 7 cabinet votes.
Proposal 6:
Who has the right to disband units?

Pres. | Governors | Military Leader

CM: Governors (except in war time. No disbanding in war time, without military leader approval)
AoA: Pres. (after consultation with people)
Ohwell: Pres. (with consent of the Military Advisor)
Kev: Governor
Dell19: Military Leader
ACM: Pres.
Pellaken: Pres. (after consulting with Military Advisor and Governors)

Proposal will be voted on with the options:
Governors (except in war time. No disbanding in war time, without military leader approval)
Governor (Unconditional)
President (after consultation with people) a.k.a. Vote
President (with consent of the Military Advisor)
President (after consulting with Military Advisor and Governors)
President (Unconditional)
Military Leader (Unconditional)

So...we have 4 new polls coming up. :) Be on the lookout!!
Hey, I am the science minister, doesn't that mean that I am part of the cabinet? Or is this something else?
Yeah you probably are part of the cabinet...I believe it was Emperor Snefix who didn't vote even though he had the chance.
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