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Call for commencement of 2nd Prime Faction Ellection

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Demo Game IV: Citizens' started by Seidrik_The_Gray, May 6, 2008.

  1. Seidrik_The_Gray

    Seidrik_The_Gray Seidrik The Gray

    Jun 26, 2006
    /ooc I don't want to step on the Triad's toes, but we do need to kick off the 2nd Prime Faction election.

    Someday in the Fall of 775 BC in Arete, in the Palace district.

    A group of 6 riders approaches in a stately step, keeping an organized column with one man in front. The riders are all wearing the deep purple and ivory colors of Arkadia, a young city to the west, near the Spanish border. As they approach the western entrance to the Palace district, they dismount, tieing off their horses and approach the monument in the center of the square in front of the palace. Once there, five men attain positions around the base of the monument, while the leader ascends a couple steps.

    The busy market quiets, while the palace doors begin to open. There are citizens here from all of the cities and in each of their faction's colors. Many appear to only be curious, while several begin to show more than just a casual interest as several people are quickly sent running to fetch others.

    After a pause to guage the audience in the square, the leader opens up his arms in a gesture as if to embrace everyone within earshot.

    "Citizens of Aretania it is a great morning here today! It is a fine time for a new dawn for our people, a time for change! The Triad have long ruled our people. It is time for our people to look to new rulers. We have met new people, whose cultures are very different from our own. We have grown emmensely over these many years to become a powerful people. We have discovered many wonders, and now is the time to decide how best to move forward. What faction...which leaders are best prepaired to embrace Aretania's diverse peoples and lead them boldly into the future?

    It is time for an election! As the leader of the Arkadian Populist Regime, I am posting my faction's flag near the Monument, along with a wooden stella carved with my faction's platform. All interested factions should also place their flag and platform here, then allow Aretanians to decide. Read well the messages placed here, and listen deerly to what your hearts say we should do.

    Our Spanish neighbors are a threat to us from the west and seak to consume our people and claim that their culture is superior to ours! The Babylonians are our trusted friends from the East. Meanwhile, word spreads of a new people whom we have yet to learn about. Further, there are yet many new things to learn of our world and much land that needs to be harnessed to benefit us all. Come, join our faction in a call for election and post your platforms with ours in the square so that all citizens may see them and make an informed choice.
  2. Vandal Warlord

    Vandal Warlord Nazgûl

    Mar 3, 2008
    Philadelphia, PA
    From the center of the croud came Vandal the Rebel and Duke Blackstone.

    "People of Arete! As Weapons Master of the Infinate Weapons Masters Faction, I call for all to see the platforms of each and every faction, and vote for the IWMF for the faction that they want to see at our head of government"Vandal yelled. Then Vandal took the IWMF standard and shoves it into the ground. He and Duke then walked off.
  3. BCLG100

    BCLG100 Music Master

    Apr 11, 2002
    What is it with you and the word 'election'? ;)
  4. blastoidstalker

    blastoidstalker The Geographer

    Feb 27, 2006
    Clydus saw the five riders moving across the western plains towards Arête. He again peered at the message he had received from The Blastoid by raven. He moved back to the field and grabbed the horse banner of the Hall. He jumped astride Athesion, the White Stallion and galloped to join the others. Silently nodding to the others as he joins them at the gates to the great city of Arête.

    They reach the central square and he listens to Kwarrior’s words as he speaks and makes his claim. He watches as Vandal and Duke Rise from the crowd to make their claim as well. After the commotion have died Clydus jumps of his steed and moves to the center of the square to speak. "Citzens of Arete and All Aretians, I speak for The Blastoid. He who has led the Way of the Spoken Word, served as the Geographer, and founded the Hall of Thundering Hooves. I am proud of what we have accomplished as the triad and how we have ruled, though we have made mistakes, particularly in communicating our ideas."

    And then Clydus turns to the west.

    "But now a storm is coming. A Spanish storm, they are encroaching on our lands and plotting our demise. Though the Triad has ruled wisely they have divided our nation, and there goals are as murky as turbid water. To face this storm we must all be united and face it together with a clear direction. We must heal our differences so we can crush our opponents."

    "This man"
    Clydus points to Kwarrior
    "can be the uniter."

    Clydus pulls off his philosopher’s robes and places them carefully away. From a large satchel on Athesion’s back he then brings forth the Horse Banner of The Blastoid and places it beneath the banner of the Arkadian Populist Regime. Now in the clothes of a simple Peasant Clydus Speaks again. "Both I and the Blastoid believe this is the flag to follow, and we put our voices behind the Populist Regime." The words said Clydus return to the crowd to listen.
  5. Lord Civius

    Lord Civius Emperor

    Mar 11, 2008
    Lord Civius, upon Blackwind, stands with his new brotherhood, listening to their words and nodding with approval. After Clydus' finished his speech I raised my right arm, Bronze War Axe in hand, to quiet the crowd. I removed my cloak revealing the countless scars from the barbarian wars.

    Citizens of Arete I come before you not as a Warlord but as a man of the people. Your voices have fallen on deaf ears for too long. We bring you the hope of a new era, one where the people shall be heard and their Government will act. Unite or Die............

    I then dismount, holding the banner of the Civius Clan, I place it below the APR Flag and ride off without another word.

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