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Mar 13, 2002
You know, the more I play Civ3, the more I realise that the army system of CTP was far more accurate to the current one on one system.

If a unit attacked a city, or an enemy position, then that unit would face the full might of the opposition. If a calry unit charges a position held by 3 infantry detatchments, then the commander would not leave just one unit to soak up the attack, he would have all guns trained onto the cavalry (unless of course you could hold one defender in reserve).

Much better than the system of one on one fighting. It would also make infantry more than just another defensive unit by grouping them with tanks and armour that would flank the enemy. Thus bringing back armour as a support unit to infantry, who make up the core of all armies. At the moment the AI puts way too much emphasis on armour as the main units of armies, simply because of the low attack rating of foot soldiers.

Another thing that this would allow would be the creation of true 'special forces' units. Marines could specificaly fight one to one with a selected unit in a stack (for example a key defensive unit) , representing a sabotage mission as a prelude to a major offensive.
I agree what Civ3 is missing is stack combat. Of course it would require entirely reworking the combat system and probably the AI code too to ensure that it keeps its units together in a stack. The net effect is almost the same if you throw your whole stack (assuming it is a decent sized one) at the enemy without regards to what is happening. However, as it currently stands you can also break off that attack without using some of your units. If tehy did implement some kind of stack combat, there should also be the possibility that the opposing forces would stalemate (ie not every battle would end with one side destroyed).
You're right. Stack combat is much better than what Civ III gave us.

See the "Gap Betwen Cavalry and Tanks" thread on this forum; it addresses that in more detail.
that was the number one reason why I hated CTP! I mean It made you have to Keep an unreasinably large millitary And the game also became WAY to easy to win in battles :mad: I would of just Killed somebody if Civ 3 had that damned stack option!
It made the game too way Militaristic!
It would certainly make it almost impossible to defend your towns. If the attacker could 'stack' 20 tanks together, they could be guaranteed to take any city they wanted.
I'd rather see combat more like Master of Magic than CTp - it was more involved and engaging. By comparison Ctp was a bit simplistic.
Implementing a stack combat would as others have mentioned significantly change the feel of game. This is an issue really of how the developers want their game to be, and they seem to have taken the choice for the more simplistic, less accurate military model.

Making the change would require lots of work to keep the game balance. As you have to ensure that the game doesn't just become who can get a large stack of some attack unit and then just roll through territory.

Yes it is duable, however it is a question of resources and time. Should the developers spend the time to develop a more accurate and much more elaborate combat model system. Some would say yes, others will say no. Also this lone unit system has been a hallmark of the civ series from the start.

I would like to see a stack combat of some sort, but it is a wish that would be nice. The only way I could see the change being made is part of an expanssion that gives new options to the game dynamic.
I have to agree that the CTP system did have some faults - it's been a while since I played it. Certainly there should be a limit of, say 4 or 6 units to a stack.

Debates about longbows and infantry shows that there is a flaw in the civ3 system. I really liked the way that in CTP longdows rained down supporting fire from behind the fighting lines. The point being that they behaved as they did in real life, not as an offensive or defensive unit but as a SUPPORT unit.

But hey, I do like the simplictity of Civ 3, and I hated the way that in CTP I was often just steamrollered or had my seiges blocked by huge stacks.
there were some things that I liked about CTP but that stack option is not one of them.
one thing that I liked was the fack that you cities would not just stop growing at like say size 6 and wait for you to build stuff.
Heck it would grow all the way to size 17 or so and then the people would get mad at you for not building that hospital or something.
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