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Calling for Viet Nam culture in CIV 4


Aug 1, 2005
i've been playing CIV 1, 2,3 since i was 6 years old...never see Viet Nam in the game, Viet Nam did a hell of a War with the France (45-54), USA (54-75), and 4 thousand years of War/Mind/Intriguing game with the Chinese (most recently was in 1978-1979) and several "accrochage" at South China sea around mid 80s and mid 90s, also defeated the Mongols of Khubilai and Genghis Khan . Viet Nam have its own language which use latin character and combine with 6 signs (/ \ ? . ^ ~) and completely distinguish from other Asian language. Some great Vietnamese leaders are Ho Chi Minh(co foundator of French Communist Party) , or General Vo Nguyen Giap( top 100th Great General in history military) , or Dr Ton That Tung , Hung Dao Vuong, Nguyen Trai, Nguyen Du ... (whose name are listed in every encyclopedia on the world i.e Britanica, Microsft Encarta, LaRousse),

As we all know that CIV 4 gonna be entirely customize able even A.I level. I've be more than happy to cooperate with someone to develop the Viet Nam culture for CIV 4 (or even CIV 3 ). I know XML, Python, and know A.I. prog stuff like Flex, Prolog, still, my prog skills is limited, however i can provide history background, images and stuff....Does anyone interest in that ?

Thanks for your consideration

Best Regards
Won't be necessary. If you'd like to mod a Civ into the game, all you need are the leaderhead graphics and the civilopedia entry file. After that, it's just a few keystrokes into the Map Editor.
well that was some interesting info there- had a "discussion" about the Mongols on here and it never occured to me to look at the obvious -(to my contention)-mongol defeats ....
Vietnam indonesia japan and the malamu-somethings were mentioned and what was key was that many historians speculated two reasons -distance from homeland and terrrain- (some on here argued that europe would have fallen easily and my retort was that these two issues make such speculation doubtful)- thanks to you i found a bit of fact to back me up-
Vietnamese must be mean ass fighters is all i can say they -whooped alot of folk.
I actually think this is one of the cultural groups that should be represented in the game, as there are no proper South-east Asian cultures so far (India maybe counts... but Indochina deserves to be in there). It won't make it into the first edition, but hopefully this will be one of the first civs into the expansion packs. Failing that, it can always be modded.
Thanks for the info on mod. How can we make it official entry data , come with the initial pack of CIV 4 ?

troytheface : yes, the mongols invaded VN after they finished Chinese, and establised the Mongols Empire. However, their speciality in combat is chivalry , territory of the North VN filled with jungle, river , and mountain where guerrillas tactics is more appropriate...Mongols first and second invasion, both ended miserably, their generals mostly killed or captured during the counter attack and their troops was totally destroyed.For Japan's Invasion, Mongols boats what destroyed by Mother of Nature during their trip to Japan, all boats lost due to a heavy cyclone. They never made it to Japan.

VN maybe a mean ass fighter, but VN still lost 5 millions lifes during the wars again Frenchies, Yankees .
Simply, not in the first 18. Later on, why not? Although I would prefer the Khmer over Siam or Vietnam, but one of the three definately deserves to be in.

mfG mitsho
I went a long way to completing a fairly comprehensive Vietnam war - American era - scenario for Civ3 - but abandoned a Civ3 version after 2xcorrupted scenario files destroyed months of work in each instance :mad:

While I'm hoping Civ4 datafiles will be more robust - or :mad: my system, I've continued researching - with the intention of completing a similar scenario for Civ4.

While the concept has expanded from the Civ3 roots, I'm looking at a month by month historical account of events - from the perspectives of the America, South and North Vietnamese, and probably four in Laos and Cambodia.

So :crazyeye: I certainly have an interest in a Vietnamese civilisation mod...
"....lost 5 million lives...." - point taken.... tend to be a bit flippant
There is a bit of irony to this in that i think i used the terms "guerilla tactics"
and "Echo's of 'Nam" talking about Mongol fallibility- (albeit unknowingly)
At any rate u made a believer outta me- i would have no prob with Vietnam being a civ- not only did they kick the crap outta invaders- they kicked the crap outta 3 of the BEST armies of each time ...seems like no small thing....
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