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Can’t launch the game : Initialize Renderer failed. Check DirectX installation, latest graphics drivers and graphic settings


Jan 5, 2023
Hi guys,

I just installed Steam and bought “Sid Meier’s Civilization IV: The Complete Edition” directly from that plateform.

I cant launch Civilization IV nor Beyond the sword (Colonization and Warlords seem to work though!). Here's the message i get... what should I do exactly??

Initialize Renderer failed. Check DirectX installation, latest graphics drivers and graphic settings
Parameters : Width : 1024
height 768
flags 0xc
hwnd 0x10c0622
adaptrid 0
devideID 1

Thanks for your help

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I would post your computer specs here to see if anyone recognizes any issues there.

I recommend updating your graphic drivers and making sure the game runs on your system's native resolution, if not already. If a windows machine, I would think DirectX would be fine, but you might try googling DirectX 9, downloading from Microsoft, and installing it again.

Also, please note that one should install the Beta "original_release" version, especially if you plan to use mods. Go to game properties in Steam, select Betas tab, and choose the original release from the drop-down. The game will reinstall.

Run the game in compatibility mode for Windows 7.

Lastly, run the game from the executable as opposed to the Steam library.

The last three suggestions above should really have no bearing on your issue but overall should make for a better experience.

Sounds like the issue is basically graphics-related, so more information in that regard would be helpful.
I am using a laptop with windows 10 installed.
Here is a printcressen of the display infos I found
Should I just search for direct x on google and install it?


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I'd try the graphic driver update first. Check Intel site or your computer manufacturer's website for the machine's model. I'm guessing your machine is probably around 7 or 8 years old or more. Not great but the game should still run fine.

DirectX 9 can be downloaded from Microsoft. I'd only download it from their site.

Check the machine's native resolution as well. Sometimes the game will not recognize it, so you need to set it in the options.
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