Can a mod make most of the leader screen background transparent when meeting a new Civ?


Nov 1, 2019
First off, I don't know if that will fix the entire problem. Part of the problem might be that they go to a different screen because it would be unpredictable if you tried to interact with other game controls while in the "meet a new civilization" dialog screen.

When meeting a Civ for the first time, A dialog screen pops up telling you about the meeting and gives you two options on your stance toward them. It would be better if the section containing the greeting and your response options would appear to be drawn over on the map. It needs to be a dialog box that stands out visually immediately, because it probably needs to block all other game controls, but is a box that only covers a small part of the main game world view. Ideally, you can still scroll the map around and decide how you want to respond.
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