Can not add Spaceship parts to my Capital


Feb 11, 2002
If I build the part in my capital, I can add to spaceship. If I build a part in another city, it will not allow me to move it to my capital. I can get one tile away from the center tile of my capital, but I can't move it to the center tile.

Am I doing this wrong or is there a bug?
I'm finding the same problem. I cannot even begin creating the spaceship when I do build it in the capital. I have checked and there is no other unit in the capital.
It works for me now. It turns out I had a fighter set to intercept in my capital. The games considers that as a unit in my city. I think the way it works is a little silly.
Well I am in the same ship err... boat. I can move my spaceship component to the capital, it is on the same tile, but I have no option to assemble the parts... Is that because I already won through another victory so the space race becomes void?
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