Can Win95B read the linux and beos file systems


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Nov 30, 2000
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as my subject said
Can Win95B read the linux and beos file systems
Can linux read FAT32 and beos file systems
lastly can beos read FAT32 and linux file systems

Oooh a "Beotian" ;) :D
Well all what I know is that it's a fact that Linux can read Fat32 partition (at least using RedHat release). Concerning BeOS, I used it once, quickly, just to see, then I saw it could read everything. Now, I'm not sure the other way is possible (i.e. windows reading beos partition). Since BeOS is even more rare than MacOS and its HPFS system...
Linux (most recent releases, anyway) can read FAT32 and BeOS filesystems.

I've not used BeOS, but from what I have read, GenghisK is correct, it can read everything.

Lastly, Windows (in all its variations) blithly ignores the fact that any other OS and filesystem might exist. So the answer is no, at least natively. I believe it may be possible to buy third party software that will read other FS's, however.
There is 3rd party software out there that will allow Windows to read other files system. Wether they work for Win95B or not I am not sure. Do a search on file systems or reading file systems. Good luck.
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