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Can you set some AI players as "always plays?"


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Nov 12, 2004
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I'm working on a huge mod, and will be including numerous neutral and peripheral countries in a WWII scenario. I'd like to allow for the option of having fewer than 16 civs in the game, for those of my friends who have low RAM and extremely high turn-times.

Is it possible to set some countries as "always in the game" and other countries as "random"??

Such as, Britain, USA, Germany, USSR, France, and Italy being always in the game, with Norway, Finland, Greece, Turkey, Arabia, Trans-Jordan, Egypt, etc... being optional at the game start?
Go to the Player Properties, and for players 2 through what ever, make it so that they are always that civ. If you want the player to always be a certain civ, make number 1 that civ. Now, for all of the remaining of the 16, leave them, and the player can choose for them.
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