Canada can't play Hockey

Håkan Eriksson

Commander of the Swedes.
Nov 25, 2000
Göteborg, Sweden

Canada won a shaky 3-2 win over Germany...........

Sweden played with Germany and made a easy 7-1 win!

And also, Canada - Sweden 2 - 5.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
I think what you're really trying to say is "Sweden can play hockey" given the stats you've put up.

The Czech Republic beat Germany 8 - 2 yet Canada tied them 3 - 3. Ooooh. You can't really use scores like that to convey team skill.

Canada is picking up its team game although they need to turn it up a couple of notches if they want to grab the gold. Sweden is playing superbly.
Sportsmanship at its finest. :rolleyes:
Apparently you haven't learned about the Canadian women's team putting a 10 - 0 ass beating on Sweden. And, yesterday I got to see Canada vs. Czech Republic (in person) and if you still want to say Canada can't play hockey, I call you liar.
Blue Monday! There is at least ONE redeeming advantage to living in Utah afterall eh? ;)

Canada does not look so good, BUT... We wait and see. Czechs, Swedes and Russians lookin good, USA ain't half bad neither, but I can't give my prediction on who wins gold because I have no idea. NOW, if Sweden had Floppa, shucks...
Who cares about whomen hokey! :lol:

SWEDEN ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(let us have this, Sweden have faild in everyting else in these Olympics...)
Originally posted by floppa21
NOW, if Sweden had Floppa, shucks...

it´s foppa ffs!:mad:;)
If a certain moderator would look the other way for a few dozen posts, I could expound upon all the deficiences of Sweden and Hakan.
Hmm, maybe you should have waited for the end of the tournament? Winning practically worthless games won't give Sweden any medals ;)

But the women's hockey argument is really awful. Have you watched that once? There checking gives you two minutes...
Almost as unbearable as women's soccer :D
Yep, women should keep to other things.....

btw, when was the last Olympic gold for Canada, Sweden and the others?
Canada hasn't had a gold in Hockey since the fifties. Russia has a big pile of them, USA has a few too. I don't know about the other countries but it's not like it really matters anyway, all those European and Canadian players all play in the NHL anyway.

And I must admit y'all are right about Women's Hockey, can you say "boring"? I watched the last few minutes of the Canada/Sweden women's game and it was horribly pathetic and lop-sided. But women in NASCAR, I can't tell the difference.
Originally posted by BlueMonday
But women in NASCAR, I can't tell the difference.

Just have a look at the pitlane in a Womens NASCAR.


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Wow, what a stab. Good one, Beamer.:lol:
I am actually rather shocked at the attitudes many people seem to have on women's sports. Maybe I shouldn't have, but I guess I expected more from some of our liberal high minded gents here. Is it this elitist attitude that explains why the women's teams in some sports from European powerhouses are so weak? European nations dominate bobsledding, with the US not even getting on the radar screen, but when it comes to women, the US take gold. Why? There are reasons why some nations are better than others in certain events. Are there reasons why some nations aren't as good in the same events when women are competing?

Where is the love of diversity and equality?
Watching our U.S. soccer team dominate the world in it's favorite sport makes me laugh.

I guess the "cultured" europeans can't have their women playing a sport they THINK they dominate at.;)
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