Can't download new patch!!!


Feb 16, 2002
For some reason, i cant dl the new patch... When i click on the link for infogames, it keeps saying that the page cannot appear, and when i download it on the civfanatic or apolyton mirrors, it says there is not a valid signature and says its corrupt... anyone know how to fix it?
still doesnt work... i finish downloading it, then it says it doesnt have an authentic signature and asks if i still want to install it. i say yes then it says the contents of the file cannot be unpacked, that the executable is corrupt, and says please obtain another copy of the file, verify its integrity, and try again. its so annoying i cant dl new patch.
I have had the same problem d-loading from the infogrames website. It just send me to an error screen. I wonder if we're the only ones or if it's a universal problem.
yea the infogrames link is broken but the problem is i cant dl it from any other place either :cry:
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