Can't figure out how to settle inland :(


Dec 11, 2015
I can't figure out how to build inland settlements. I looked at the colopedia, found a "Settler Convoy" under units on the pedia, and it said "convoys builders" are available on the European docks (where??? I've looked at the Immigration screen and the other screens, and can't see where "convoys builders" or "Settler Convoy" units can be bought/recruited), or "manufactured by the work at the sawmill" (but I don't see them ... I can build "Wagon Train" or "Convoys of Military," but I see no option to build a "Settler Convoy" nor "Convoys Builders." I also tried seeing if I could load builder packs, as with ships, on Wagon Trains or Convoys of Military, but neither has that option. :/

Surely it must be something simple, since I don't see any threads asking how to do this ... everyone else must have figured out how except me. :/
Hello Vic_Adams,
The documentation is not up to date... Sorry :(
You just have to reach the second era to be able to construct "convoys builders" in your colony.

You have a special screen to see how close you are to reach the next era.
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