:( Can't fine any aluminium...


Feb 19, 2002
Okay, so i'm playing as the Americans, and the only way i was able to get Iron was by trading for it.

The other civs have boxed me into my area and i've built as many cities as i can.

I really want to build the space ship when the time comes but i don't have any aluminium.

Is Aluminium something that only presents itself in a certain era? And is it the same with rubber?

Also, is there any way to trade with other civs by sea?

Thanks. :)
If you read the manual you will find that Aluminium appears when you research Rocketry. Uranium appears when you research Fission, rubber appears when you research replaceable parts and Oil is shown when you research refining.

Oil and Rubber are industrial strategic resources and Uranium and Aluminium are modern resources.

To build the spaceship you need both modern resources and that is unlikely if you have a small empire so you may have try and will diplomatically or fight for control of more resources...
Thanks guys.

Do you know if the 'multi' cheat will allow me to see all of the resources, even ones i haven't researched?
If you mean this cheat 1_multipart_xF8FF_2_challenge.SAV the answer is yes. You can see them all.

I also advise you to go into the Editor and increase a bit the occurence of resources. It is far too low in the game.

Crap, too late. I've started a new game and with the multi cheat, it takes time to view every single move made by every civ, so i decided to play without it. :/
Source,you should just go for it,you don´t really need to find out where all the resources are,they will show up sooner or later, and I think getting to own them one way or another is one of the fun parts of the game. :)
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