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Cant get agraphic overwiev of the city


Oct 20, 2006
I remember that i then first civilization game I could doubleclick on the city, and watch all the buildings in it.
Is this not possible in civ4 ?
You should be able to double click the city bar and bring up the city screen.

If you single click the bar, it takes you to a (quick city screen) that doesnt show the city radius, but only the build possibilities and governor and such.
Or you can go to domestic advisor and click on the city name there to bring up the city screen

If youre referring to a view the city (old eyeball icon) then no, Civ4 doesnt have that... rather the buildings are visible on the main map if you zoom all the way to it. You can even see some wonders from way up high, like the puramids and great wall and such
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