Can't have Vassals with BtS?


Jun 8, 2007
I'm in Amazon getting ready to buy my Beyond the Sword expansion. I don't know own Warlords expansion, does this mean I cant make other civilizations my vassals?

Also, is there a kind of Battle Chest product that includes original + 2 expansions?

Last question, my Civ CD is scratched and I cant play the game. Would the expansion CD replace my Civ IV CD?

You will have all the features of Warlords with BtS.

Only thing you'll be missing are the scenarios from Warlords if you don't own it.
as long as you already have civ installed, you only need the bts cd to play the game.
you dont need to get warlords just get bts unless you play scenarios (there are some scenarios exclusive to warlords?)
bts effectively includes warlords
You can even produce some (break of parts of your empire as a colony, making a new civ which is your vassal and (initially at least) loves you).
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