Capital location in mass Jungle terrain bad or good


Nov 6, 2023
I play already just second or 3th time in Civ5 I am newbie and I random generated map when my Capitol is located almost all hexes in jungle.
Usually I had other terrain and I am confused play on this set up or no.
Because after I think university or something each jungle field add 2 blue bubble. And is possible make on this jungle lambermill or trading post.
So finally this fields will have 2 food 2 scince bubble 1-2 gold from trading outpost /or 1 production from lumbermill.
So sounds like very good fields but only problem I see is small food generation and small production generation because farms or mines are better maybe
I have River on this jungle location so I can remove jungle on river fields to make good food farms and save other fields with jungle. But production is problem maybe but not sure.

Any experienced gamers here to tell me general is good or bad jungle locations capital. And additional if I found jungle terrains in other main cities is better remove jungle and do farm or trading outpost on clean ground or keep all jungless and improve by lumber mill / trading outposts with this tech +2 scince from jungle fields.

Help me pls thx.
In general, jungle in capital is really bad (maybe the worst, outside of a lot of tundra). For many reasons, again in general:
1. no production - jungle gives no production, and double bad is really long to chop down (vs forest) and doesn't give a production boost when chopped
2. slows your population growth
3. Slows the movement of your units around you capitol

A little bit of jungle is ok, because once you get to universities you'll can get a cool science bonus. Jungle bananas can fix #2 above.
thanks for answer.
I won on Imperator diffculty with 3 cities and I keep this junges so it was not very bad. Supricly jungle was very good terrain with outpost and universities I have there 2 food 2 gold and 3 blue bubble. Other fields have 3-4 food 0-1 production so some gold and blue bubbles is nice to add base city.
But only 10 jungles left after I done all farms on river fields so very low number from all jungle start. So many work for my worksers.
I started played without any trading outpost and my games was week and slow tech but I just started play I done just few games starting from king diffculty to higher. And I noticed I need have some trading outpost because lack of gold !! and lack of blue bubbles for tech. So jungle is super good base for do some trade posts so now I am happy in I find some jungles but yes not so many like on all map.
Anyway is necessery to have many trading outpost in capitol or most cities? I very like big cities but always lacking gold I going to bankrupt and lacking blue bublles for fast tech. But trading outpost = less food ofc. Its like Civ4 I think with those small houses which generate gold/science dont remember english name I play in my native language.
But anyway I have over 1070+ blue bubbles from 3 cities in 1941 AD. So its good I think and my other 2 cities had some jungle field too.
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