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Capital Location Voting

Discussion in 'Team CivFanatics' started by Aivoturso, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. Aivoturso

    Aivoturso King

    Mar 12, 2010
    There was no tie in the vote. IMO, changing the rules during the vote or especially after the vote is not really fair. Counting the votes differently than they were said to be counted is definitely not OK. Of course if there is a clear loop hole in voting system the system should be modified but not during the vote. And I don't view bumping your votes down voluntarily a serious issue. You can always also abstain completely effectively giving equal points for each candidate. IMO reducing the weight of your own is comparable to abstaining rather than vote manipulation.

    Now, I am not challenging any decision. As I've stated, I will not claim that this vote is official and if the team wants to ignore the result, so be it. Honestly, I regard SIP and Bananas both good positions and roughly equal (but with different strenghts). What I am a bit irritataed about though is trying to fit the vote to support an option it does not.

    The result of this vote is still clear. Bananas won within the framework of the vote. Bear in mind that differences in points with borda count tend to be rather small given relatively equal candidates. Winning by a fraction of a point with Borda count is roughly equivalent to winning by one vote with plurality.

    If we try to analyze what the votes seem to tell about team consensus Bananas is more preferred option (meaning, bananas win in pairwise comparison). On the other hand SIP seems to be more accepted. Though, there was obviously some strategic voting, SIP has rather many second place votes compared to relatively few Bananas has.

    In the end there is one more important conclusion we can draw from this vote: Unrestricted Borda count might not be suitable voting system for our team. Given the amount of discussion a single decision sparks we'd probably be better of with a more robust voting system.
  2. 2metraninja

    2metraninja Defender of Nabaxica

    Sep 19, 2007
    Plovdiv, BG
    Our team is still young and lot of things needs to be organized and set in stone. We still have to even decide on our "Government type." Is it going to be absolute democracy where everything needs to be voted upon, is it going to be a some kind of republic where key figures as Main Turnplayer, Main Diplomat and so on are elected for a given amount of time and they run their respective spheres, is it going to be a Monarchy stile where a monarch elects his Prime Minister or "Hand" for the GoT fans :)

    I understand your worries, believe me the captains hat is not light :)

    I think this is the direction where we must discuss our internal governing before going in details how ties are handled. I can only say that the game will be long (hopefully we wont die quick) and we will need patience and acceptance to keep alive and strong as team. Where are disputes, these are ideas. We need ideas. In the argument truth is born... Team's main strength is his members and the whole must be more than the cumulative of all the components. If there is will, we will find a way... Enough pathos, you got the idea :)

    I am really sorry I am not as active as I wanted to be, but workload is immense. It is always so in the summers for me. Then family wants their part of my attention - I am going for 3 days vacation to see them, etc...

    So I am going to settle this capitol of ours and call her Indira for now (means Splendid in Sanscrit, played the uniting role for the nation after the death of her father Mahatma and not at last - sounds good - have music in the name:) ) We can always change the name late if better and wide - supported name appears.

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