Capture impossible city with privateer in simultaneous


Jul 8, 2014
Somewhat serious bug that needs to be known.

You're playing with another player on simultaneous turns, and you have a privateer or another ship that can capture ships, and while the game is making its calculations for the upcoming turn, you right click to kill an enemy ship belonging to a player.

The other player, during turn calculation, is right clicking to move his nearly dead ship into his city.

Once turn calc is complete, if it decides that you captured the enemy ship, you also capture the enemy city, and the game gives you the option to annex/puppet/raze. This happens no matter the city strength, remaining health, or strength of the privateer.

Sorry, I don't have a save nor do I know the version number. But we were playing on G&K+BNW, about 6 weeks ago, and the game is always up-to-date on steam.

Possibly helpful other info:
-3 human players, 7 AI
-host player was not involved in the war, the bug occurred between two other players(I was the privateer :D )
-no pitboss
-DLC: Babylon, conquest deluxe, BNW, G&K. Mongolia was disabled(Keshiks are way OP).
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