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Jan 2, 2002
There seems to be no casulty reports in Civ3 as in Civ2. I hope they may add this feature back. Sometimes I really want to know how many of my units are dead, and how many I have killed. I used to gloat at the dead bodies of the AI's units in Civ2 and have a good time.
Same here :(
I think there is, in the military advisor screen

The military advisor screen shows how many units of each unit type that the other civs have (if you have a spy). The casualty report shows how many units the civ has lost to battle and that is not in civ 3 but was in civ 2.

I really don't mind because I never really used it.
I would only want it back if they changed it with a slight innovation, namely to allow you to set it like an odometer. E.g. if a war started at 1050AD, you'd say "start clock at 1050AD" and count from there. Frankly, it's of no interest to me to know how many chariots I lost to barbarians in 350BC when it's 1700AD, but it might be of interest to know what the casualties were in a specific war or time period to assess how well you're doing.
oh, it might show what I sank in that transport..... I like the idea of reading: the transports cargo was:
Regular Army
Elite Tank in Army
Elita Tank in Army
Elite Tank in Army
Elite Tank in Army
Veteran Tank
Veteran Mech Infantry
Veteran Mech Infantry

wouldn`t that be nice????
As i remember civI and civII handled this differently, with the first showing how many enemy unit's you had killed and the second showing how many units lost overall. I miss this feature and would like some sort of a combination of both approaches, maybe first the total number of dead Babylonian spearmen and second, in parenthesis, how many of those I had killed, e.g. 58(20)
It's nice to imagine... but I've seen the AI cross huge oceans just to land 1 cavalary unit (which of course is immediately wiped out on the beach).

But, I'd rather imagine I sunk 8 tanks then see them land on my shore. :)
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