Catholic URV


Jan 31, 2009
The Catholic URV has been challenging for me, trying it with the Romans. Thoughts?

>Be the Pope for 100 turns
Found catholicism and get one other civ to convert, ez.

>Control St. Peter's and settle 12 great prophets.
The challenge here is to avoid diluting your GP pool. running monasticism once core building built and micromanaging specialists is key. build GP boost buildings in the holy city. Maybe i just forget to deal with specialists, but this is the hardest part for me.

>Catholics control 50% of territory
Three essentials here:
1. Vassalize and convert Russia before Reformation. Usually around 1250, if you can take 3 cities before they expand into Siberia they will capitulate. Wait too long, and they will collapse before surrender.
2. Found Protestantism, don't convert, don't build shrine. Do this, and you'll usually get just one or two civs convert, which you can solve via war or missionaries.
3. Convert USA and Canada. If you found their capital and spread catholicism in it before their spawn they'll convert.
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