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Civ4:Col UI programmer
Dec 5, 2005
Vallejo, California
Version: 2.08.02
Release Date: Febuary 18, 2007
Compatibility: Civ4 Warlords 2.08

CCCP Assets 2.08.02

CCCP Source 2.08.02

Civ4's SDK and Python/XML layers make it the most "Deeply" modable commercial game ever released and this Mod Component forum is the Mecca for all such modifications. Most are small tweaks to the game play, new rules or new Python screens but all suffer one very big problem its a real chore to combine them and to do so requires practically all the elite programing skills necessary to make them in the first place. Average users and even many mod makers are forced to choose between different bits of code or mod components because they cant themselves do all the merging work particularly those in the Source code ware a compiler is required. The aim of this Project is to help over come these Difficulties by combining together changes and creating new tools to make such work easier. The Project acts as a neutral foundation and tool set which mods can be built on-top of, thus all of the improvements and changes made are default off when possible, if not specifically enabled by the user they do nothing and theirs no noticeable game play change. The 6 major area ware the project focuses on in order of priority...

1) XML Tags - New XML tags are the best way to add new optional mods
2) Mergability - Changes that make things easier to combine
3) Bug Fixes - Several Fixes to Firaxis Bugs have been squished already
4) Python UI - Better Screens are picked up from the community as they develop
5) Performance - Anything which speeds up the game is good
6) AI - Blake is the undisputed AI guru and his code will eventually be included once its done

The ultimate goal is to assimilate all popular SDK based mods (making them optional in the process if they weren't originally so) into one code base for easy Mod making and become a de-facto standard for the Mod community

If you want to see what we've done so far I would recommend downloading TortiseCVS. This should allow you to download the latest version including source code direct from our CVS.

Known issues
Lots of savegame incompatibility. Save games from anything else just don't work, and are likely to give you a hard CTD. Each successive version is likely going to break prior savegames as well.

Not Included
No Python files or Mods from the vanilla CCCP are yet included, this is due to my not being very skilled with Python<>SDK interaction and a desire to make the Assets package as easily plugable as possible. Python files/Mods will be re-incorporated soon with priority based on community requests.

The Team
TeamLeader: Impaler[WrG]
Contributors: TheLopez, Aussie_Lurker, 12Monkeys, TheGreatApple, moctezuma, LunarMongoose, Chalid, SimCutie, SpoiledFruit, LordOlleus, Kael, Gerikes, Dale, Gaurav
Testers: Morfydd, TRN2, Elucidus, purplexus, Padmewan, chrusion, Belizan, Jorgen_CAB, dsplaisted, Quornix

Spoiler :

2.08.02 - Fixed corupted TerrainSchema, include missing FlavorUnitGroupInfo.xml added latest Sevopedia buy Gurav et all, added toggle option to DLL based Replaced By Text to prevent doubling up with Python based Text

2.08.01 - Upgraded to WL 2.08 code base, added Sevo's Mastery Victory and additional Civics Mods by Aussie Lurker

2.00.06 - Fixed Contact Bug, included CustomizableDomestiAdvisor widget, suppressed "InfoType not Found"
in the xml.log, included Lopez Air Forces Mod, Improved WLTKD mod, 4 new Spy Missions, new Religion Screen by Jeckel and Dawn of Man screen by Lopez and others, added behind the sceens Debug logging
based on example from jdog5000's revolution mod

2.00.05 - Added Modular XML loading, a sligtly modified version of Chinnese Americans XML loading

2.00.04 - Fixed Crash on game reloading bug, added LM FloodPlains fix and Lake fix, added Experience Scaling and Teg's Unit statistics support

2.00.03 - Added WarWeariness, MilitaryProduction and BuildOutsideBoders tags for Traits, activated Diplomacy Modifier for Buildings,
Included Lopez's Replaced by Mod

2.00.02 - Corrected bug causing game to crash when a building was processed

2.00.01 - Initial WarLords release


Spoiler :

- Updgaded transport bug fix by LunarMongoose:
Units on a Transport being upgraded to a non-transpoting unit will nolonger become permently stuck on the transport, they will instead move to the nearest avalible land tile

- First strike fix by LunarMongoose:
Units will no-longer be cheated of 1 first strike chance

- Intercept Domain Blocking Fix by LunarMongoose:
Units with interception ability will properly intercept units of a different domain

- Water Animals by The Lopez:
Allows the spawning of Animals with <TerrainNatives> of Coast and Ocean, no default animals have such values but then can be added

- Flying tag by RogerBacon:
Units given the <bFlying> tag, will move over water but will still obey TerrainImpassible flags, any unit can dynamicaly gain or losse flying abilities through the setFlying(bool) Python call, Units need to get the UNIT_AI_NAVEL_ATTACK in their XML to properly hunt and kill ships

Spoiler :

- Experience Scaling by Impaler[WrG]:
Adds three Global Define floats, EXP_NEEDED_POWER, EXP_NEEDED_MULTIPLIER, EXP_NEEDED_SCALAR, the experience a unit need for each level is provided by the equation ((Level ^ EXP_NEEDED_POWER) * EXP_NEEDED_MULTIPLIER) + EXP_NEEDED_SCALAR The default values of 2, 1, 1 for the new defines give the original progresion

- Air Forces Mod by TheLopez:
Allows three new tags on Promotions for the enhancement of Air Units, Air units may now gain experience

Spoiler :

- Building Resorce Converter by TheLopez:
Buildings can be configured to take in a specific set or resorces and convert them into a new set of resorces, if the inputs are not supplied their is no effect

- FreeBuildings with Tech by Impaler[WrG]:
Buildings may use a <FreeWithTech> tag which will have the effect of giving that building for free in all cities when the player recives said technology, effect is just like that of a Wonder like StoneHenge

- Specialist Commerce/Yield Changes with LocalBuildings by Impaler[WrG]:
Buildings may use a <LocalSpecialistYield/CommerceChanges> to modify the output of Specialist only within the city they are built, effect can be specific to a specialist type like Angkor Wat

- Building FreePromotions by Impaler[WrG]:
When a Building with FreePromotions is completed all military units capable of reciving promotions will recive the specified number of free promotions, the units will blue glow and apear in all respects ready for an exp based upgrade, but the consumption of a FreePromotion will not raise the units level and thus future exp based promotion is not delayed, it is ok to leave a freePromotion un-assigned as they stack with exp promotions without loss

- Building FreeCommerce on Construction by Impaler[WrG]:
When a building with the <CommerceOnConstruction> tag is built depending on the type of Commerce specified one or more of the following will happen, if Money/Gold is assigned the Player imediatly adds that quantity to their treashury, if Culture is defined the City will imediatly gain that amount of culture, Science will have no effect, in both cases the effect is a one time bonus

- Building Distance/Number Maintance Modifers by Impaler[WrG]:
Buildings can Modify the players global Maintance cost Modifiers just like a Civic

- Building UpgradeCost Modifier by Impaler[WrG]:
Buildings may modify a new player level Upgrade cost modifier, all unit upgrade costs are modified by this number

- Secret Tech by moctezuma:
Allows a Building (Wonder) to give the player a Tech which can be unatainable by any other means and used to control access other elements

- Improvment Upgrade Rate Modifier by Impaler[WrG]:
Allows a Building (Wonder) to modify the rate of Improvement upgrading, works just like Emancipation Civic

- Building Construction Rate Modifier by Impaler[WrG]:
Allows a Building (Wonder) to give the Building Construction bonus just like that provided by the Organized Religion civic to all cities but without any Religion requirements

Spoiler :

- FloodPlainsFix by LunarMongoose:
FloodPlains are nolonger destroyed when a City is founded on them, this allows the City to get 3 food from its base plot

- LakeSizeMod by LunarMongoose:
Scales the LAKE_MAX_AREA_SIZE define by the Maps size

Spoiler :

- Expanded Spy Missions by Impaler[WrG]:
4 new missions for units, all set by XML boleans in the UnitInfos.xml a modified MissionInfos.xml is required to activate the missions, missions are Espionage (steals a portion of an oponents tech), Insurection (starts a revolt, forign culture must be dominant), Theft (steals a portion of gold), Assasinate Researchers (halves progress on opponents current Tech), AI programed to use new missions

- RoutePillage Mod by The Lopez:
When a modified Missions.xml file is used a new Route Pillage option becomes available to units which allows destroying routes without harming the plots primary improvement, you can destroy your own routes as well

Spoiler :

- Improvments Outside Borders by TheLopez:
Any Improvment can be given true for the new <BuildOutsideBorders> tag which will allow workers to ignore cultural borders when building the improvement

- Improvment Prereq Improvment by Impaler[WrG]:
Allows an Improvement to have another improvement as a Build validator, if this is the only validator it will esentialy act as a pre-requisite and the new improvment esentialy is an upgrade to the former

Spoiler :

- Add/Remove Traits by Python by TheLopez:
Two new Python calls addTrait and removeTrait allow Players to dynamicaly gain and loose traits, if a trait is already present it cant be added, likwise if not present it cant be removed

- Trait BuildOutsideBorders by Impaler[WrG]:
Similar to the ImprovmentBuildOutside borders mod by Lopez, a player possesing a trait with the <bBuildOutsideBorders> tag will be able to build ALL improvments in unowned territory outside their cultural borders, they may not build inside a non-team members borders

- Trait Diplomacy Bonus by Impaler[WrG]:
New <iDiplomacyModifier> tag for Traits, the player recives a modifier to their diplomatic relations with other players, positive and negative values are supported each has its own Text tag

- Trait Vote Modifier by Impaler[WrG]:
New <iVoteModifier> tag for Traits, the number of U.N. votes a player gets is changed

- Trait FreeSpecialist Bonus by Impaler[WrG]:
New <iFreeSpecialist> tag for Traits, granting that number of free specialist in all their cities, the effect is similar to the Statue of Liberty, often in the early game the free specialist can only be a Citizen untill a library/forge is built

- Trait WarWeariness by Impaler[WrG]:
New <iWarWearinessModifier> for Traits, effect just like any other WW modifier

- Trait MilitaryProduction by Impaler[WrG]:
New <iMilitaryProductionModifier> for Traits, effect like that of
PoliceState or Military Academy

Spoiler :

- Mastery Victory by Sevo:
Allows a point total based victory option which awards points for achivments of all types.

Spoiler :

- Specialist Commerce/Yield Changes with Tech by Impaler[WrG]:
Technologies may use the <SpecialistYield/CommerceChanges> tags to modify the output of Specialist, the Effect can be specific to particular type of Specialist like the effects of Angkor Wat, note that this synergizes with new Commerce Types

- Tech Yield/Commerce Modifiers by Aussie_Lurker:
Adds global modifiers to Tech which boost the players Yield or Commerce in all cities once the tech is obtained

Spoiler :

- Civic BuildingClass Commerce/Yield Changes by Aussie_Lurker:
Modifies the Yield Bonus from all members of a buildingClass under a Civic

- Civic StateReligion Commerce/Yield Changes by Aussie_Lurker:
Provides a modifier to Commerce and Yield Rates to all cities with the

- Civic NonStateReligion Commerce/Yield Changes by Aussie_Lurker:
Inverse of Above a modifiers for all cities lacking the State Religion

- Civic StateReligion Extra Health by Aussie_Lurker:
Adds Health to all cities with the state Religion

- Civic Trade Commerce Modifier by Aussie_Lurker:
Bonus to Trade, like a Harbor in all cities

- Civic Specialist Exta Yield by Aussie_Lurker:
Allows Civic to modify the Yield output of all specialist Types

- Free Civic Specialists by TheLopez:
Allows a Civic to give free specialists of a particular type

Spoiler :

- MP Camera fix by by LunarMongoose:
Proper Camera zooming durring multiplayer

- Defensive Camera Zoom by RogerBacon:
The camera will now zoom in when you are attacked in the between turns
phase just the same as when you launch an attack

- Dawn of Man Screen by TheLopez:
A reshaped Dawn of Man screen with a larger leader portrait, along with Icons for the Civilization and the starting Techs.

- JDynamicReligionsScreen by Jeckel:
A statereligion selection screen capable of displaying up to 19 religions

- UnitNameMod by LunarMongoose:
Drops the UnitType from a units name Report

- Customizable Domestic Advisor Widget by TheLopez:
Supports new Widget for TheLopez's CDA

Spoiler :

- Sevopedia 2.2 by Sevo, Gaurav, Progor, Vovan, Ket, Fitchn:
A massive ongoing redesign of Civilopedia begun by Sevo and improved upon by many many developers, most resently by Gaurav, includes Promotion and Unit Upgrade tress and several configurable options

- Replaced By Mod by TheLopez:
Adds a link in Civopedia text for the games default units, if the unit has any Unique Replacements, for example Swordsman would have "Replaced by Pretorian" in its info box, can be suppressed by GlobalDefine and is by default in SevoPedia to prevent doubling of text

- Improvement BuildTime Visable by Impaler[WrG]:
Improvement page in the pedia now lists the build time of the improvment

Spoiler :

- GreatGeneral from Barbarian Combat by TheLopez:
New Global Defines are added which allow Great General Points to accumulate in offensive combat against Animal and Barbarians, a third allows the Barbarian player to recive Great Generals

- GreatPeoplePointPooling by Impaler[WrG]: (controled by GameOptions)
Redirects all GreatPeople Points created in the Empire to a central player level pool rather then a per city pool

- Improved WLTKD by Impaler[WrG]:
Optional Global Define which makes the WLTKD give a one city, one turn golden age should stack with traditional golden ages

- Happyness/Health Commerce by Impaler[WrG]:
The 4th and 5th Commerce slots are now defined and any XML <Commerce> tags may use these to give Health or Happiness

Spoiler :

- Unit Statistics by Teg Navison:
Unit combat statistics can be reported to the Python layer by activating the UNIT_STATISTICS_REPORTING define, these reports can be picked up and recoreded in Teg's Modified Event manager to produce a page of statistics about your units, Python files not included

- AI autoplay by jdog5000:
Allows the game AI to control your entire Civ for a specified number of turns afterwhich you regain normal control. Requires Python to activate

- Slow Cultural Borders by Chalid: (controled by GameOptions)
Cultural borders expand in smaller increments, two expantions equal what would have been one expantion under original rules

- Modular XML Loading 2.0 by Chinese American & Impaler[WrG]:
Causes the game to load multiple XML files, most file types supported
Allows use of Modules to add content to the game in drag-and-drop fashion
reserved for Library
Its to support Tech and local Building Commerce/Yield mods, the Pedia will display listings of all the modifiers that a Specialist can receive similar to the Waterfall and Windmill improvements. The default output is labeled "Base Output" and is listed at the top followed by all the other possible bonuses.
Thats a mod I made to allow civs to fork to alternate ArtDefs for their units, it functions at the code level fine but the structure of the Python interface kept it from working as expected, I'm hoping someday to get it to work correctly.
Hey. I've downloaded the new 2.08.01 CCCP files, and it seems like there's an issue. The Civ4TerrainSchema.xml file is nothing but 22k of [NUL]. Not sure if it's a problem for everyone else, or if it's just not downloading/unzipping properly for me, but I've downloaded six separate copies (after clearing the downloads) and it's been the same every time. Just in case it was Notepad++ that was acting up, I launched the game (naturally, I checked out all the files before trying to play -- this is a modding mod, not a mod), and it gave me an error when loading the Terrain stuff.

You might want to download it yourself and make sure that it isn't just a problem on my end. All the other XML files seem fine at first glance -- if there's any corruption, it's at least not the entire file. Also, the source compiled just fine. I can't see why my PC would be messing that one file up over and over again.

If it is on my end though, could you post a copy of the Terrain schema?

Nope its not you somehow that file got corrupted for me as well and I accidentally released it as such, an update will be posted shortly which will fix this AND include the latest Sevopedia by Gaurav et all. Thanks for the bug hunting Quornix
I don't seem to have the GlobalDefinesExt.xml file. Not sure if that's been changed from the last time I saw it mentioned, but without it, it's tough to change the new global values, as I don't know what tags are used.

Also, for the mods that the .DLL is compatible with, but does not include, it would be nice to have links in your first post. Hardly required, as they're here on the boards, but would be nice.
GlobalDefineExt.xml is obsoleted by Modularly loaded Global defines, I've included a CCCP_GlobalDefines.xml to control all the options and It will be located in xml/GlobalDefines/CCCP eventually as more options are added it may be broken down into sub-groupings Unit, GamePlay, Interface etc etc.

The Pedia will have a folder in the XML directory inside of which are all of its xml, art and text done module style. Inside is a Global Define that suppress the Replaced by Text from the DLL so that is doesn't double up with text being produced by the new Sevopedia. Another folder in the Python directory contains the rest of the files, removing both these folders will give you the default pedia or allow you to insert your own Pedia, the DLL will then once again produce Replaced by Text so you get this feature with or without the new Pedia.

Updated to 2.08.02
Not yet, first time I tried I got some weird hanging on load, couldn't figure it out and reverted the code so I could get it out the door, the current Loading system is 2.0 which still gets you all the major files its just slower and you have some restrictions in referencing tags. I think I know what I did wrong and will be able to fix it soon.

P.S. I'll be updating/resurrecting Ket's Mod soon using the new DLL which I can confirm will run it, I just need to configure a few things. I'll also try to move many of the Units and Buildings into modules to allow easy combo with EDU.
OK. Please be patient and remember that I'm learning some modding basics as I go through this (not the least of which is how the Schema work). I've figured out what the first two Custom Game Options are (GPP pooling and Slow Culture), and figured out how to display them (originally, they're just checked boxes with no text). What's the third one? I didn't see a third item on the feature list that seemed to fit, and haven't stumbled across it in the tests I've run.
Impaler[WrG];5116910 said:
Not yet, first time I tried I got some weird hanging on load, couldn't figure it out and reverted the code so I could get it out the door, the current Loading system is 2.0 which still gets you all the major files its just slower and you have some restrictions in referencing tags. I think I know what I did wrong and will be able to fix it soon.

P.S. I'll be updating/resurrecting Ket's Mod soon using the new DLL which I can confirm will run it, I just need to configure a few things. I'll also try to move many of the Units and Buildings into modules to allow easy combo with EDU.
Thanks for the quick reply. I'm not in any rush so its perfectly alright.
Next version will include some mods to the FormationInfos.xml which should make Ethnicaly Diverse Unit type mods easier to make and use and a new high-level UnitGroupSize feature which will make it very easy to change the number of unit meshes 'men' in a each group. Also possibly the MXMLL 3.0 code as well and some additional Python screens.
I'm pretty impressed, everything looks much better now. I'm happy that the CCCP is being pursued for Warlords. I'll be sure to use this universal DLL in my mod once I resume work on it. :)

Love the idea of this project.

Is there any chance that you could incorporate the SDK changes for the AIAutoPlay mod by Jdog? There are only slight changes made in 3 files, I can't remember the exact files off the top of my head, but IMO this mod is essential to modmaking.

Actually it is included, I put it down their in the OTHER category. You still need his Python files to activate it though, someday I'm hoping someone will have a MainScreen with a button for it so we don't need to remember all these key combos for special Mods. Please do give it a try and tell me if its working correctly, it hasn't been tested yet since the 2.08 conversion.
Oops, totally missed that somehow...

There are actually 2 different versions of the AIAutoPlay mod... the latest standalone is ver. 1.25 and the one built into revolution mod is 1.4. I was attempting to merge 1.4 into my current mod but was having a little trouble figuring out exactly which python files i needed.

Oops, totally missed that somehow...

There are actually 2 different versions of the AIAutoPlay mod... the latest standalone is ver. 1.25 and the one built into revolution mod is 1.4. I was attempting to merge 1.4 into my current mod but was having a little trouble figuring out exactly which python files i needed.

ripple01, the files I used for AIAutoPlay v1.4 are attached. I went thru the same thing last night for an hour or more so I thought I would save you the trouble. It works great in my mod with the files attached. I'm not a python expert, though, so you might want to make a backup copy of your mod before adding these files.

It uses DrElmerGiggles CustomEventManager. Just add the two lines relating to AIAutoPlay to your CvCustomEventManager - as well as the "def setPopupHandler(self, eventType, popupHandler)" section further down. Or, just use the CustomEventManager I've included. Note that this zip file does NOT include any .dll file.

Good luck. ;)

Let me know if you don't want these files posted here and I will remove them. Thanks.


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