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CCM3 Epic Mod


Blue Lion
May 5, 2005
Download Link CCM3


Welcome to CCM3 and thank you very much for your interest in this non-commercial mod!

The most important first: You should only install CCM3 if you have the GOG or steam version of Civ3 Complete, as the Flintlock mod needs one of those versions for its installation, or if you only need the CCM3 files for playing other mods or scenarios (per example RARR). CCM 3 has a size of about 6,69 GB. Please don´t forget, that this is a kind of a public betatest, as the needed Flintlock mod version R18 was just released today.

Just as the Antal1987 exe and the download option at CFC were the triggers for opening the CCM 2.5 thread at CFC, now the boosted C3C exe by the brilliant Flintlock mod with its cornucopia of new options to mod and play C3C, a different way of installing the mod CCM and the length of the old CCM thread are the reasons for opening a new thread about CCM 3.

The additional options of the Flintlock mod are integrated in CCM 3 by a special scenario.c3x_config file. This file can be easily replaced by new scenario.c3x_config files for upcoming new versions of the Flintlock mod and I will try to post updated scenario.c3x_config files for new official versions of the Flintlock mod on page 2 of the CCM3 thread.

In the following you can read Flintlock´s hints about the compatibility and installation of the Flintlock mod with some additional notes by me. As the Flintlock mod is needed for many functions in CCM 3, it is not recommended to play CCM3 without the Flintlock mod.

A. Installation oft he Flintlock mod:


The Flinlock mod is compatible with the GOG and Steam versions of Civ 3 Complete and with the DRM-free executable available through PCGames.de (Note by Civinator. Only the GOG version was tested by me. For any eventuality you can make a copy of the original C3C exe to calm your nerves).

It works with existing save files and saves made with the mod active will still work in the base game.

Multiplayer is not officially supported but some features will work in MP, see this post for more details: https://forums.civfanatics.com/thre...s-in-exe-modding.666881/page-16#post-16126470 (Note by Civinator: Not tested by me).

The mod can work on Mac OS, see instructions here: https://forums.civfanatics.com/thre...rd-and-much-more.666881/page-56#post-16369665 (Note by Civinator: Not tested by me).

For more info about the PCGames.de executable, see here: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/civ-3-windows-update-kb3086255-safedisc.552308/

b) INSTALLATION AND USAGE of the Flintlock mod:

1. Download the Flintlock mod (at present version R18) here.
2. Create an own folder for the mod (per example a folder named C3X_R18) at the desktop.
3. Extract the downloaded Flintlock mod to that folder.
4. Copy that folder into your Civ install directory (i.e. the C3C main folder containing the Civ3Conquests.exe).
5. Activate the mod by double-clicking the INSTALL.bat (or RUN.bat) scripts.

a) INSTALL.bat will install the mod into the Civ3Conquests.exe and automatically create a backup of the original unmodded executable named

b) If your Civ 3 is installed inside Program Files then it's necessary to run INSTALL.bat as administrator.

Notes by Civinator: The other option for the Installation by RUN.bat didn´t work when I tested it. The boosted exe lets all your C3C games start with the Flintlock mod. When you don´t want to use the Flintlock mod for a game you can start the game with the Civ3Conquests-Unmodded.exe.

6. You can draw a shortcut from the boosted exe to the taskbar to start the boosted exe comfortably.

Installation Flintlock mod.jpg

Notes about the installation of the Flintlock mod:

The mod's behavior in combination with CCM is highly adjustable by editing the config file named "scenario.c3x_config.ini". Also that config file contains info about some mod features that aren't fully explained here.

To uninstall the mod, delete the modded executable in the C3C mainfolder, then rename the backed up EXE version mentioned above to Civ3Conquests.

It is not necessary to uninstall the Flintlock mod before installing a different version.

Even after installation, the mod still depends on some files in the mod folder, so you need to keep them around (per example in the folder named C3X_R18 that was pasted into your C3C mainfolder) .

There are multiple reports that RUN.bat doesn't work while installing does, so know that installation is the more reliable option. Rômulo Prado reports that RUN.bat started working for him after he installed the MS Visual C++ Redistributables versions 2005 and 2019 (while installing GOG Galaxy).

B. Remove the old installation of CCM2.5 in your C3C mainfolder:

1. Delete the boosted CCM 2.5 folders Art, Text and sounds in the C3C mainfolder (of course, if you have not installed CCM 2.5 or CCM2 you don´t need this procedure).


a) CCM3 is now installed in the C3C Scenarios folder (see below), because it is connected to the Flintlock mod with special enabled options. I don´t want, that special settings in the default.c3x_config file for CCM3 in a C3C main folder influence other mods and scenarios.

b) CCM 2.5 filled out gaps in other mods and scenario with CCM content, that could be misleading when playing those other mods or scenarios. Additionally it slows down the loading time of those mods and scenarios.

2. Rename back the folders Art-orig, sounds-orig and Text-orig (as advised in the CCM2.5 installation instructions) to Art, sounds and Text to receive back the original C3C orders and their files.

C. Installation of CCM 3:

The CCM3 download was created with 7zip and can be easily unpacked with WinRAR or 7zip into the C3C scenarios folder. In the download, the CCM3 biq is outside the CCM3 folder, so it can be directly unzipped into the scenarios folder of C3C and the CCM3 biq will stay outside the CCM 3 folder as it should be. Please don´t mix up the needed C3C scenarios folder with the scenarios folder of Civ 3 Vanilla!

C3C Scenarios Folder.jpg

Inside the CCM 3 folder besides the normal Art, sounds and Text folders you now will find a file named scenario.c3x_config. This file adapts the additional options that are now be possible by certain versions of the Flintlock mod to the settings of CCM3. With the current download after opening the CCM3 thread, this is the version R18 of the Flintlock mod (civers who have downloaded those files before the opening oft he CCM3 thread have the scenario.c3x_config file of the older version R17C and should replace the files with the updates in post 2 of the CCM3 thread). By using upcoming new versions of the Flintlock mod, this scenario.c3x_config file should be replaced by an updated scenario.c3x_config file for that new version oft he Flintlock mod, too.

CCM3 Installation-inside CCM3 folder.jpg

A link to the free 7zip can be found in this post: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/downfall-post-apocalyptic-mod.652989/page-2#post-15756293
and as an alternative a free trial download of WinRAR can be found in several locations in the internet.

CCM stands for Civ Conquest Mod, is only playable with Civ 3 Conquests (C3C) and was constructed around Civ Complete. It is a modification of the Civ 3 epic game with thousands of civspecific units and eraspecific different leaderheads for each of the 31 civs in the game, starting at 4.000 BC and ending in the Atomic Age of mankind. Most of my modification ideas (like strengthening the AI) are realised in CCM, but the mod would never have been what it is, without the help, feedback, work and great ideas of many civers all around the globe. Thank you all very, very much! :)

A special big thank you very much to Flintlock, who always had an open ear for the wishes to improve the mod CCM. Another special big thank you very much for the great help of Takeo in fixing the animations and sounds of hundreds of units in CCM3 and giving the CCM resources their missing shaddows and to rhodie and again Takeo, who edited the civilopedia for CCM 2.5, to Vuldacon who did a lot of graphical work, especially the terrain used in CCM3, to Quintillus, whose wonderful editor allowed to raise the level for a cultural victory to an unreachable limit for normal C3C editors and making it possible, that CCM fulfills all default conditions, giving players an additional flexibility in setting the game limits when starting a game, also to Wotan49, who masterly shrinked, repaired and created some wonderful units - and of course to the many unit-creators, whose great work keeps Civ 3 alive. Especially Delta-Strife always had an open ear for adding new wonderful units to CCM. Another big thank you very much to the CCM2 betatesters PaGe, Takeo, rhodie, Antony Boscia (Bosch), jlvfr, JerseyJoe, elephantium, ThERat (Singaboy), lkendter, SvenBvBFan, tjs282, Node60, Nathiri (Natmeris), Ray2, Delta_strife and later Jarovid, Tigris of Gaul, Bati, Arexander and ektufall, who together ironed out hundreds of errors and gave precious input to the further development of CCM and MPorciusCatoCivver, who wrote government entries for the civilopedia. Even the prebetatesters of CCM1 (BadKharma, Recon1591, rhodie, MarineCorps, moosezilla and ThERat) are not forgotten - and of course a special thank you very much to CFC, the site that kindly hosts this mod.


CCM was also helped by Soren Johnson´s skillful analysis of Civ III gaming elements at the end of the handbook for Civ IV. In that sense: The end of Civ IV is the start of Civ III CCM. :D

CCM3 adds the following features to the mod CCM:

1. The eraspecific leaders now have their different names and titles in the diplo-screens.

2. Civs can have different names in different eras (Rome in era 1, Italian city states in era 2, Italy in era 3 +4).

3. Virtual resources (faith, electric power, capital ships, migration period) that only work in some cities.

4.Fix of the submarine bug.

5. Fix of the houseboat bug

6. Fix of the Phantom Resource Bug

7. AI uses offensive land artillery (so this kind of artillery in CCM3 comes later in the game)

8.Use of armies with proper content (artillery units can not be loaded into armies)

9.Units with the king-flag are normal defenders (p.e. MG-Bataillons).

10. Stealth attack now is possible if there is only one target unit in the attacked stack.

11. Trade-screen autofill with best amount of gold.

12. Disorder warning when trying to end a turn.

13. Remaining Golden Age turns of the player can be seen.

14. Elvis easter egg function disabled.

15. The harbor/airport icons now are connected to the units and no longer to the tradenet.

16. Units now can be upgraded in every city without needing barracks, harbours (ports) or airports.

17. The AI now better tends to build city walls and later city fortifications.

18. Paratroooper now can perform an action after landing.

All these options (and more) are possible by the brilliant Flintlock mod.

Reworked features in CCM3:

1. The system of civspecific buildings was completely reworked.

2. The system of religious buildings was reworked. Now different buildings can become an alternative prerequisite for another building (p.e. a church or a mosque or a mandir or a wat or a mission can become the prerequisite for a religious center = cathedral)

3. Religious communities only give 1 culture to a city, no more additional happiness.

4. The government City States now is the first government in game play that has no tile penalty.

5. The worker job Irrigation now is enabled by the tech City States to dim down senseless AI irrigation.

6. Workers and slaves no longer can build railroads to reduce micromanagement in the later game.

7. The partisans (upgrade from workers) lost their HN-flag and enslave-flag, but have no costs.

8. Distortions in the late game time scale are reduced by the introduction of half-years (p.e. 1913 AD and H2 1913 AD).

9. Thousands of gaps in the civilopedia texts, caused by the C3C text formating, were ironed out (but tons of them are still there).

Of course CCM3 has nearly all features of CCM2 and CCM 2.5, among them:

- ICS-tactic (Infinite City Sprawl) stopped.

- Caravans (supply shipments)

- Improved Religious implementation

- Great Cultural Persons, that can be used for 'culture-bombing'

- Advanced Automatic Unit production

- Civspecific Great Wonders for every civ to trigger their Golden Ages

- Waste and Corruption are considerably reduced

- Pollution has been virtually eliminated.

- „Superworkers“ (steam rollers and Bulldozers)

- The Hyperlink-bug is eliminated

- Channels by building cities next to each other are still possible.

Lost features:

As CCM3 now is installed into the scenarios folder, it has no more access to the city view and palace graphics and to the map seed of a started game, as Firaxis has disabled those features in the C3C Scenarios folder.


Mod design:
Blue Lion/Civinator


aaglo, Aluminium, AnthonyBoscia, Ares de Borg, Balam-Agab, Balou, BeBro, Bjornlo, Delta_Strife, Gary Childress, gwendoline, imperator1961, Kinboat, odintheking, Orthanc, Plotinus, Ripptide, Sandris, ShiroKobbure, TopGun, utahjazz7, vingrjoe, Vuldacon, W.i.n.t.e.r., Wotan49, Wyrmshadow, Yang Liu


ccm01, CivArmy s. 1994, embryodead, jorde, Piernik, Plotinus, R8XFT, Rita Poon, ShiroKobbure, Vuldacon, Blue Lion/Civinator


Vuldacon, Pounder, CrackedCrystal, Racc00n


Aion, Sn00py, RedAlert

Improvements, Wonders, Wonder Splashes and Flags:

aaglo, ArbitraryGuy, Ares de Borg, Bjornlo, georgestow, Harlan, Heretic_Cata, Kyriakos, Lusikka755, mrtn, Plotinus, R8XFT, ronning, Rufus T. Firefly, Spincrus, SWalker, Ukas, varwnos, NeoT, Blue Lion / Civinator

Tech Icons:

BeBro, embryodead, Kal-el, Keroro, mrtn, ronning, Rufus T. Firefly, Storm Grunt, utahjazz7, Yoda Power, Blue Lion/Civinator


Telgar, AnthonyBoscia, konradregula

Civ 2 graphics (mainly used for resource-cities and unit32):

BeBro, kobayashi, fairline, Curt Sibling and lots of unknown other artists

If you find a piece of your work in the mod and you are not on the list, please let me know and I'll do my best to fix it.

Please have fun! :)
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This post is reserved for updates of CCM3 and links to other C3C mods and scenarios that use CCM3 files:

A. Links to other mods and scenarios that use CCM3 files:

- RARR: The use oft the CCM files reduces the upload from over 1GB to only 13,4 MB. The new biqs will come very soon. RARR doesn´t need the Flintlock mod, but of course it is a better gameplay, when the Flintlock mod is used. A new version of RARR is in work. More about it in the RARR thread.

- The epic mod Civ 3 Plus: Mod in work.

- SOE (Storm Over Europe): Scenario in work. CCM 3 holds the unit files needed.

- Worldwar2 Global Gold: Scenario in work. CCM 3 holds the unit files needed.

- A graphical units update and bug fix of the scenario AOI (Age of Imperialism)
(will become a normal post in the AOI thread. CCM3 holds many unit files needed).

-Two other projects are in the planning, that will use the CCM3 files.

B. Updated files for CCM3:

Below are soon in zipped format the new biq, the civilopedia text file and the scenario.c3x_config for the R18 and R18B version of the Flintlock mod for those civers, who have downloaded CCM3 before the opening oft he CCM3 thread. But also all civers who have downloaded CCM3 since the start of the CCM 3 thread should download and replace these files, as they also contain a fix for reported errors in the CCM3 thread (fix for worker upgrade of the civ Portugal, removing the unbuildable transport plane in an era 1 techbox and adding the civilopedia entry for the building monument).

Edit: Attached is the new pediaicons text file fixing the graphics for some WW II Dreadnoughts and having the entries for some wonder splashes. Simply replace the old pediaicons file in the CCM 3 text folder with the new one.

Edit2 (July 4,2024): The zip for the pediaicons file was updated to hold also the fix for the Zenta Class and the biq was fixed in the start techs for the Aztecs and Inca and in some units for Portugal. The biq is only useful for games that are started with that biq.


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The techtrees of CCM3:









Some of the era-specific different leaders with their different names and titles and partly different civ-names, that now with the Flintlock mod are possible in the screens of CCM3:

Era 1:

Era 2:

Era 3:

I had to break up that test game for the next version of the Flintlock mod and that is why I have no screenshots for the leaders of those civs in era 4.

Here are screenshots of resources in CCM 3, that I named virtual resources, as they can only appear in certain cities by certain buildings and are no part of the trade net of a civ:


Electric Power.jpg

Capital Ships.jpg
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Lord and behold is CCM3 finally here ? I check in now and then with some 3-4 month in between, and done so for I guess more than 2-3 years. I played your first version (I think) for years. The only game I had time to play. It was just great and expects a lot from this one. Never had time to DL that 2.5 v and been waiting for this "monster".
I understand it is probably a little rough around the edges just been uploaded, but you have been working on it for years so it must be top notch.
I have to catch up all the latest talk concerning this Flintlock program. When I read about it some 6 months ago it looked to really revolutionize gameplay.
Big thanks to you for putting this mod up, and happy to once more dive into a game this old that still stand the time.
Are we supposed to still have the same sounds when building worker houses, etc as CCM2.5? I'm trying to figure out why I'm getting a totally different sound.
Are we supposed to still have the same sounds when building worker houses, etc as CCM2.5? I'm trying to figure out why I'm getting a totally different sound.
The sound for finishing great and small wonders was changed to the more historical sound of the BBC 'V for Victory' and a thank you very much to all contributors in that linked thread. Sounds are always a matter of taste. With that historical background, I find the new sound for wonders much better than the old phantasy-one in CCM 2.5. Each version of CCM had its own sound for wonders.
to install CCM3 you need to install Flintlock mod?
Yes, as Arexander posted, a lot of features will be broken. The most serious one is, that AI workers will loose their strategy and not be used by the AI any longer.
A transport plane, needing oil, shows up in the Civilopedia being available at ancient age naval warfare?


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A transport plane, needing oil, shows up in the Civilopedia being available at ancient age naval warfare?
LKendter, thank you very much for reporting that error. :) The transport planes were disabled in CCM 3, as I needed the foot flag for limiting the new armies in CCM3 by excluding the old CCM 2 land artillery from being part of armies. The transport planes were normally disabled by setting them to the tech Game Mechanics (that no civ can have) and with that transport plane I clicked one line beneath that tech to tech Naval Warfare.

I will fix that bug. On the other side that error is not so tragic in started games, as no civ in CCM3 can build that plane. The civilopedia entry was not updated for units, that normally are no longer appearing in CCM3.
I can't figure out how to install СCM3 :shifty: I installed Flintlock but I can’t figure out how to install CCM3 because I don’t know English


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I can't figure out how to install СCM3 :shifty: I installed Flintlock but I can’t figure out how to install CCM3 because I don’t know English
You put CCM3 in correct place, inside \Conquests\Scenarios

Now start game using Civ3Conquests.exe in the \Conquests folder. In the game menu go to Civ Content; CCM3 is there.
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