Oct 4, 2016
Hello everyone!
(i'm not a native speaker of english, so 'pardon' for any grammar mistakes i may commit)

I was wondering if some skillful modder could enjoy the following idea (for civ6 or civ5):
How about creating the ability to settle new cities and cede them to a new civilization?

Basically this is the ability to create new civilizations during ongoing games.
For example, a player settle a new city, and then one button may appear to choose 'cede to independency'. If a player clicks on it, one must choose the name of a new civilization, the name of its leader and colour. The leader-screen can just be a blackscreen showing the new names (doesn't need to be too much elaborated).
The newly created civilization must emerge with the current technological progress from its founder civilization.

Imagine if your game has become too easy or you just regreted that you didn't chose more civs to compete in your current game. This idea could be very interesting.
In Civ4, under Beyond the Sword's Vassal system, you could take groups of cities and create colonies out of them. The colonies would become an AI vassal; one could grant them independence and break the vassalage (maintaining vassals was an expense; granting independence was a large diplo boost. Unhappy colonies, could, iirc, try to break away, similar to how vassals had a mechanic to end the relationship.)

I've never used it personally, but Putmalk's "Civ IV Diplomatic options" mod for Civ5 does have vassals. I've not sure if it also has colonies, but it's one mod to check.
Thanks for the information, it's sure an interesting option. However i would like to have some way to rebalance ongoing games by placing new civilizations into it.
But thanks
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