Celebrate the Colors of Humankind with the Holi Event


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Oct 22, 2008

There's a new announcement at the games2gether forum about the upcoming Holi event, based on an Indian religious day. It's basically a follow-up of last year's Dia de los Muertos. It is again a timed-event, from March 17 until April 11.
The challenges for this period are the following:
  • Shrewd General: Force an Expansionist Empire that has Vassals to Surrender
  • Famous Accumulate 40 000 Fame over several games.
  • Smite the Wicked: Earn a level 3 Hero badge while playing as the Mughals.
For more in-depth information, please check the games2gether website: https://www.games2gether.com/amplit...e-the-colors-of-humankind-with-the-holi-event
Jul 3, 2021
I moved their tips over here, in case others balked at one or more of the challenges:
We know some of these challenges may seem a bit tricky, so here are some tips for you:
Shrewd General: Set up a game with many AI players, two or three of which should be aggressive (e.g. Agamemnon, Beowulf while the others should be peaceful (e.g. Tjilbruke, Midas, Makeda). You should also have about two to three times as many players as continents (don’t forget that the New World settings means one continent will be empty) to give the aggressive AIs a chance to vassalize their peaceful neighbors. Then you can declare war on them after they choose an expansionist culture.
Smite the Wicked: “Hero” badges are earned for declaring war against an empire with the “traitor” badge, so remember to include a Traitorous AI (e.g. Gilgamesh) in your game. You should play on slower game speeds so the badges last longer. Don’t forget, your war declaration must be justified, and you must not already be at war with somebody else! You only need to earn the third level of the badge as Mughals, and if you need more time, you can also transcend.
Famous: If you have trouble reaching the total Fame, consider playing on faster speeds to play an extra match or two.

In particular, I am somewhat skeptical of Smite the Wicked, having never gotten many "Hero" badges or often lacking the war score to declare war. Perhaps it would help to choose a militarist culture/earn two levels into the Mughals to have better odds.


Sep 7, 2020
This whole time I thought ANY level three badge would do, I bought every resource I could find trying to hit level 3 merchant . Didn’t even pull it off either.
Jul 3, 2021
Another chapter, only a few days late in making it over here...

The second chapter, called Festival of Colours, includes the following challenges:
  • Seven Colours: Earn at least one Era Star in each category during the same Era.
  • Everybody Get Together: Use the Agrarian affinity 30 times in the same game.
  • Houses of the Holi: As the Leader of the Hindu religion, have 10 Holy Sites in your Empire.

And tips, for any who care:
Everybody Get Together: Even if you use the Agrarian Affinity every chance you get, you will probably still need to play as Agrarian for multiple eras.
Seven Colours: Remember that you don’t have to immediately advance eras if you are close to earning the stars you still need. Otherwise, the Contemporary Era is a great time to earn at least one star in every category.
Houses of the Holi: Cultural Wonders that count as Holy Sites count for this challenge, but you may still not be able to reach 10 Holy Sites just through construction.
People seem to be sharing tips and strategies over on G2G if you are looking for more.


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Jul 24, 2016
The second chapter seems so much more fun and doable than the first. At least, you can try to grab all three in a single game and rely mostly on your own skills.
Jul 3, 2021
A conciliatory boon from Amplitude today:
The Holi Event is about to end. Many players were glad to see an in-game event based on a Hindu festival, while others were happy to return to individual challenges instead of community-based ones. But if we are honest, we have to admit that this second Humankind event was not without problems. Three challenges in particular were discussed at great length: Shrewd General, Smite the Wicked, and Houses of the Holi.

Shrewd General: Forcing another empire to surrender while they have a vassal is quite achievable for most of our players, but unfortunately the AI did not pick expansionist cultures as consistently as we expected based on our own experience.
Smite the Wicked: While getting a single Hero Badge is quite doable if you have a traitorous AI in your game, raising it to level three is much more difficult, and many players struggled with this challenge. Furthermore, some players have pointed out that the Mughals do not belong in an event themed on a Hindu festival, as they followed Islam. This was overlooked during our historical check of these challenges, and we apologize for this inappropriate choice of culture.
Houses of the Holi: Controlling 10 Holy Sites was a reasonable challenge to most players, but we noticed several discussions about this challenge, and it appears some Holy Sites were not properly counted towards completing this objective.

As a bug affected one of the challenges and two more were more difficult than intended, we will give the full set of rewards, including the persona, to any player who has completed at least three of the six challenges by Monday, so you still have some time to finish more of the challenges if you want to. The rewards will be unlocked early next week after the event ends, and you may still see the event at this time, but challenges completed after Monday will not count towards unlocking the rewards.

Going forward, we’ll be working more closely with our VIPs to make sure that future challenges are set at an appropriate difficulty.

Thank you for your understanding,

The Amplitude Team

It is nice to see them continue being responsive to community feedback. In short, this means completing the fame, era stars, and agrarian affinity challenges (or any three of the six) by Monday will suffice to earn all rewards.
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