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CFC betting game - Survivor S8G1


Mycro Junkie
Mar 17, 2013
Welcome (back) to my little extra contest for Sullla's AI Survivor Season 8 :)

An intro what we are doing here..everybody who wants to play starts with 2000:gold:
That gold can be placed on outcomes with odds, and you decide how your :gold: is spent.
For example you could put all on AI X wins, or all on one victory condition. Or (more likely) you spread around your :gold: on several bets.
To make my work easier later: Please use amounts like 200, 250 etc..not something like 287.

When it's all over i will check which picks win or lose, and you will carry over all :gold: you have now into the next game.
If there's nothing left don't worry..everybody gets fresh :gold: for each new game.

What's the big difference between here and Sullla's official contest?
You can win much more if you pick outcomes that i consider unlikely (also called underdogs).
While if you bet on the official contests favorites less :gold: will be paid if they win.

An explanation for the American odds system used:
Spoiler :
+100 reflects a 50:50 chance..risk 100 to win 100.
+200 = 33% or risk 100 to win 200.
+300 = 25% or risk 100 to win 300.
And so on :)

Neg. numbers like -200 would indicate strong favorites (very rare), here you would risk 200 to win only 100.

If you are still unsure now on how everything works - no problemo, just pick what you like and things will become clear soon.
And now your offers for game 1.

Which AI will win?
Kublai +300
Churchill +500
Mao +500
Hammurabi +600
Peter +700
Boudi +800

Which AI comes second?
Churchill +400
Mao +500
Peter +600
Boudi +700
Hammurabi +700
Kublai +800

First to die?
Hammurabi +400
Peter +500
Mao +600
Boudi +700
Churchill +700
Kublai +1000
No AI dies +10000

Victory Condition?
Space +250
Domination +300
Culture +900
Diplo +3000

Barbs raze or capture an AI city +1000
Barbs capture an AI capital +8000
Dogpile! 3 or more AIs are at war with the same opponent +500
Holy Fanatics! No less than 5 AIs follow the same religion on any turn +1500
Strangely quiet: no wars before T100 +800
Facepalm. The Pyramids Builder adopts Universal Suffrage +600
But I want a favorite bet..okay: 6 or more wars -200

GL & Have Fun
To win:
- Kublai 200g
- Churchill 400g

- Mao 200g
- Churchill 200g

- No one 100g
- Boudicca 300g
- Hammurabi 300g

- Face palm 300g
I am completely new to this, but "everybody gets fresh gold for each new game" certainly sounds like an invitation.

I'll bet 1000 on a dogpile.
300 Hammurabi first to die.
200 Churchill win.
350 Kublai win to hedge my bets.
And since I'm almost out, why not? Last 150 on a Diplo victory.
Victory Condition
-Culture 300g

-Barbs raze or capture an AI city 200g
-Holy Fanatics! No less than 5 AIs follow the same religion on any turn 300g
-Dogpile! 3 or more AIs are at war with the same opponent 1200g
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