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CFC: Fastest STANDARD SETTINGS Deity Diplomatic Victory


Jun 21, 2019
The Netherlands
Civ Fanatics Competition: Fastest STANDARD SETTINGS Deity Diplomatic Victory

Welcome to the Civ Fanatics Competition (CFC) where we will find out who can pull off the fastest deity diplomatic victory on a game with ALL STANDARD SETTINGS!

Everyone plays Civ with their own 'standard' I know, but the game gives some 'standard' settings to us and many of us will regularly play them. This competition is meant to see who can achieve the fastest victory on those 'standard' settings.


Start conditions

To participate, start and play a game that matches the following conditions:

  • #players: 8
  • Leader: Any
  • AI Leaders: Random
  • Ruleset: Gathering Storm
  • Version : September update or higher
  • Difficulty: Deity
  • Start Era: Ancient Era
  • Game Speed: Standard
  • #City States: 12
  • Disaster Intensity: 2
  • Map: Any map that is randomly generated (NOT: Earth, East Asia, Europe or any of the TSL variants of those three. Also: no custom build maps!)
  • Map Size: Standard
  • Resources: Standard
  • World Age: Standard
  • Start Position Standard
  • Temperature: Standard
  • Rainfall: Standard
  • Sea Level: Standard
  • Victory Conditions: All enabled
  • Advanced Options: All default
  • Mods: UI (only!) mods allowed, no other
  • Special conditions: Any random seed / map can only enter the competition once. Any player can join the competition multiple times, but always with a different map seed.


To make sure it’s a fair competition, make sure to:

  • Not cheat and/or use exploits (you know when you have, it’s that subtle feeling of shame when you post a score you did not earn fairly ). This off course includes using any cheat codes, restarting maps or playing maps you have seen others play, reloading previous saves after mistakes (not crashes, but even then you shouldn’t replay more than one turn exactly as you did before).
  • Follow the GOTM rules, especially the ‘what should we consider as exploits’ (see https://forums.civfanatics.com/forums/civ6-game-of-the-month.545/)
  • If you participate and anyone shows you accidentally or purposely violated the conditions or rules of the competition, your name will be crossed from the top 10.

Participate in the contest

To be eligible for a ‘top position’, post a reply to this thread where you:

  • Mention the number of turns it took you to win the intended victory.
  • Claim your position in the ‘top 10’.
    • End your post with the new ‘top 10’ with you in it (see below).
  • Add the first turn save game and the last turn save game (post victory).
  • Mention the game seeds.
  • For flavor: post screenshots of interesting parts of your game, or even make a video.
  • Describe (the more flavor the better) what your strategy was and how the game went.

Current Top 10

Copy and paste, and enter yourself into the top 10 list if your score is worthy!

  • 1st place: [player] - [number of turns] - [leader/country]
  • 2nd place:
  • 3rd place:
  • 4th place:
  • 5th place:
  • 6th place:
  • 7th place:
  • 8th place:
  • 9th place:
  • 10th place:

Have fun!
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I see standard settings are not popular for DV and people hope too much for emergencies. Anyway, disaster lvl2 here, so standard.

I am pretty angry because my first world congress in modern era was t206 and this should be the end if I had more luck in first congress. I lost 2 reslutions early - luxury policy - the one I never win, this time even not a chance, as everyone votrd against resource I haven't seen yet - and great person one, I need to do more research on it. Seasteds t223, so if I lost only one voting, the date would still be better. Finally I finished by winning world's fair,

I helped DV a litte by playing inland sea. IS and lakes are the best scripts for DV because except Maori, Indonesia, England, sometimes Dutch, noone is interested in settling coast and building harbors. Also inland sea gives the best control over Statue of Liberty

Basically, a lot of things against:
Very bad start location - flat, very little forest, no hope for any +3 adjecency for campus or holy site. 2 mountains and one reef, that was all I could benefit after settling expansions. Extremely low on pastures / camps. Settled tundra border for +5. At least Poundmaker can do well always if there are enough luxuries.
Just look at spawning area.
But I like such starts, offering more chellange when you are not ahead of Korea in classical age

Korea and Mapuche in game, so no hope for greaat scientists
Kongo in game, so no hope for GWs.
No hope for Artemis or Coloseum
Hopeless set of city states (no scientific, and close Armagh!, there was at least Kumasi, but allied to Kongo early and later internal routes were better, so still no use)
No hope for Okis rush - Scythia as the only posible target
Sandwiched by endless waves of barb swords and Xbows (at least Tomyris helped on one side), so very weak expansion pre t100

Not a single emergency! i don't know if sth changed recently, but I rarely had no emergencies even on lvl2 disaster few months ago, but last weeks I have maybe 0,1 emegency per game.

And some nice things.
OK, one nice thing: the easiest way I ever got Forbidden Palace: Tomyris built it few turns before her city rebelled :D How often you flip one of the best wonders in game?
No wars this game. Maybe except neverending religious war against Scythia. I did not want to lose culture from choral music because Tomyris decided to send multiple waves of 10 apostles



  • 1st place: enKage - 234 turns - Poundmaker/Cree
  • 2nd place:
  • 3rd place:
  • 4th place:
  • 5th place:
  • 6th place:
  • 7th place:
  • 8th place:
  • 9th place:
  • 10th place:


  • POUNDMAKER 235 1620 AD.Civ6Save
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  • POUNDMAKER 1 4000 BC.Civ6Save
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  • 1st place: monikernemo - 207 turns - Peter/Russia
  • 2nd place: enKage - 234 turns - Poundmaker/Cree
  • 3rd place:
  • 4th place:
  • 5th place:
  • 6th place:
  • 7th place:
  • 8th place:
  • 9th place:
  • 10th place:

T207 DV Peter / Russia

The usual suspect again, DotA + Work Ethics. First 3 eras focused on getting monumentality into heart beat of steam, and of course early Mahabodhi was synergistic to DV for two reasons; free apostles for unlocking Pagodas since early on, evangelising belief on a apostle sets your faith income back quite abit, and of course 2 DV points. Unlocking Mathematics early is key also, since you want to build the DQ early on to get free envoys and extra Diplomatic Favour. Key tactic is obviously spam Lavras and Pagodas and play as diplomaticallyt as possible. Was generating like ~40 Diplomatic favour per turn. Had 2000 points by the winning world congress and that was enough to help me achieve + 2 DV points. .

Looking back, wasn't as focused on science/culture as I should have been, had too many IZ and possibly too many CH. I think could certainly have held back in those departments and focused on more science/culture. If Antananarivo was in the game they would have been pretty vital. Abit of a wonder spam this game; no cultural CS so had to build many wonders to improve cultural yields.

Quite lucky, had one emergency due to natural disaster for Matthias in the classical era. Sold some early great works to get gold to help me win the emergency.
Now send aid gives about 200 points, instead of 50 points (IIRC) which might be worth doing the project a few times. Also, was suzerain of Hong Kong, which I think could have helped to make send aid more efficient.
Had + 2 for all world congress except for the first one where I had in sufficient points. Also, the first Nobel Prize was the one that awards no points. Sweden can screw things up.

Assuming one gets all 6 points from congress and finishes tech tree before 200 and builds all necessary wonders, you would have 6 + 7 + 2 = 15 points. To break the sub - 200 barrier, I think you need 3 send - aid competitions, which frankly, might be almost impossible unless you adjust the disaster intensity.

Early game was abit slower than usual because decided to settle near Paititi early game for extra culture boost. Usually by the classical era would have gotten a religion and 3 cities. But all was good in the end.
Mandatory Paititi - Petra - Alcazar Yield porn SS.


  • PETER DV.Civ6Save
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  • AutoSave_0208.Civ6Save
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I really didn't intend for this game to be a Diplomatic Victory, but then I started winning just about all the Congresses and I got 2 early Disaster Emergencies, one where I won with just a gift of 59 Gold and the other with a gift of 100. I missed founding a religion but got Potala and Statue of Liberty. Finished up by drowning Wilhemina in gold to be sure I won the Military Emergency. Turn 220 DiploV, 1409 Score.

Such a weird game for getting Surprise Warred by Spain AND Rome in the Classical. It's a little tricky taking two capitols and still maneuvering back to positive Diplomatic Favor. When I won a Congress by only casting my default vote with no extra DF to spend (+5CS Melee Units and a Trade Route for me), that's when I knew there was something there.

Just a few more turns and I could have had Breathtaking Oil Wells!

Spoiler :




  • BULL MOOSE) 15 cities 100 400 BC.Civ6Save
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  • BULL MOOSE diplo v 220 1545 AD.Civ6Save
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