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CFC Parliment Party Agenda Thread

Discussion in 'Model Parliament' started by downtown, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. downtown

    downtown Crafternoon Delight

    Jun 11, 2004
    The Parliment floor thread is starting to look like a frat row, with all the new parties popping up.

    There is more than just a name that makes a party. Party Leaders, please post a brief party agenda here, so possible MPs can decide who to join.

    Before you post, make sure there isnt a reduntant party. I know everybody wants to be a leader, but c'mon.

    I present to you, the COMMON SENSE PARTY (CSP), or the Centrist Party.

    The CSP:

    *seeks to stop radicalism and extreamism in their tracks.
    *seeks responsible, measured spending for certain public goods, so long are they are held accountable, and create results. The fields are things like Education, Transportation and Heath Care
    * the CSP does not support welfare for people who are uninterested in helping themselves
    *We support programs that invest in our communities to help make them better
    *We support the enviroment
    *We also support the free market. We won't want to bog down our smartest citizens from starting businesses, or making inventions, with silly regulations.
    * We don't think we're a good authoirty on social matters. We think that your church, your spouse, your family, and you are much better judges that us silly MPs can be.
    * We are not a party of big government. we are not a party of small government. We are, above all else, a party of GOOD government. If it works, we'll keep it. If it doesn't, we'll suck it up and get rid of it, or fix it.
    * We are the party of policy wonks, or laid back newspaper-readers, and a real open tent. Come you jokers, we put the party in political party. Come you realists, you intellectuals, you centrists, we welcome you with open arms.

    We seek to bring to government what has been lacking for years.


    party members:

    downtown [Party leader]
    The Yankee
  2. JohnRM

    JohnRM Don't make me destroy you

    Apr 18, 2004
    Death Star

    John HSOG
    Acting Chairman
    Conservative Party

    I believe that conservatism is about personal responsibility. We believe in a free market where ideas can be freely exchanged at the demand of the consumer. We believe in small government, low taxes, strong national defense, and a non-interventionalist role. The conservative party, from my point of view, would be a big tent party, welcome varying points of view, but focused on several common viewpoints.

    Party Membership (16)
    Gaius Octavius
    John HSOG
    Lord Olleus

    07/01/07 (11:30 AM EST): Our membership is now ten members! We are now voting on the current proposal for party charter and it is likely that it will pass within the next twenty-four to forty-eight hours. Once the charter is passed, it will be posted on the board for public viewing. We will thereafter proceed with elections for party chairman and vice-chairman.

    07/01/07 (12:17 PM EST): Our membership is now eleven members! Godwyn has been appointed acting Vice Chairman of the Party until the charter passes and we get to the business of electing our party leadership.

    07/02/07 (12:18 AM EST): The Conservative Party membership is now at 12 members! We have also passed a motion to accept a proposal for the First Conservative Party Charter. This document is available for reading at the following URL. http://z7.invisionfree.com/ConservativePartyCFC/index.php?showtopic=22

    07/05/07 (7:01 AM EST): The Conservative Party has called for the establishment of the first party leadership elections to take place this coming weekend. We have also adopted a new amendment to its charter prohibiting the use of identity fraud in spying. http://z7.invisionfree.com/ConservativePartyCFC/index.php?showtopic=30&st=0&#last

    07/06/07 (12:58 PM EST): The First Conservative Party leadership election has been pushed back one day in order to grant more time for members to declare their candidacy. Elrohir has been appointed as the Conservative Party Liaison to the Common Sense Party.

    07/11/07 (11:39 AM EST): The First Conservative Party leadership election has been certified! The members of the party have elected to remove the "acting" portion from both Chairman John HSOG and Vice Chairman Godwynn's titles. The Conservative Party is also, once again, the largest party in the government, with 16 members.

    Conservative Party Headquarters
    Conservative Party Press Releases
    Conservative Party Official Documents & Filing
    Conservative Party Inter-Party Relations Office

    The Conservative Party reserves "Navy Blue" as our color.
  3. Zarn

    Zarn Le Républicain Catholique

    Apr 14, 2002
    New Jersey/ Delaware Valley
    Libertarian Republican Party (LRP)

    Our agenda will be based upon the a mixture of the viewpoints of anyone who has a libertarian leaning (not conservative or liberal) viewpoint on politics and has joined the party. That way the party can truly represent its members.

    Libertarians generally favor less control from the government in both economics and society. Social welfare and universal health care are considered a burden and are unneeded.

    Party Members
    Zarn [Acting Party leader]

    LRP Headquarters -If you are a member, please sign up here. Ambassadors should also sign up here.
  4. Splime

    Splime Regular Lurker

    Jun 15, 2005
    SF, CA, USA

    CFC Socialist Party

    (Headquarters Here)

    - Splime [Party Leader]
    - Trajan12
    - Canuck3
    - CCA
    - Urederra
    - BirraImperial
    - zjl56
    - Samuelson
    - deanjack
    - dimaliok
    - Joe Harker
    - West 36
    - Leif
    - Propeos Tzu
    - Nuclear kid

    Here is a list prepared by Canuck3 of things we believe, in a sentence form:

    CFC Socialist Party stands for the right to see a doctor and receive medical treatment no matter what your social standing is. With Public Funded Healthcare we can make sure people don’t have to choose between seeing a doctor and paying bills.

    CFC Socialist Party stands for having public funded drug plan so everyone has a chance to receive proper treatment for his or hers illnesses. We believe that not just the privileged should have access to medicine.

    CFC Socialist Party stands for having a national Childcare policy so that parents can go to work not to just pay off the daycare. So that families can have the option of two incomes coming into the household instead of one parent staying home to take care of the kids.

    CFC Socialist Party stands up for environmental protection against polluters. With environmental regulations on industries we can curb our environmental impact on the world. With environmental regulations we can help put environmentally safe products out onto the markets.

    CFC Socialist Party stands up for labor reforms so that workers can have better job security. We can make sure we have job protection from being outsourced or being shipped overseas.

    CFC Socialist Party stands up for a decent livable minimum wage. We believe in having a minimum wage that puts workers wages over the poverty line. We believe that workers shouldn’t have to choose between paying rent and buying food to put onto the table. We believe that the only way to achieve that is to have a livable minimum wage.

    CFC Socialist Party stands up for free Post Secondary education so that we can have a strong, educated workforce. We believe that a person has the right to enhance his or hers education.

    CFC Socialist Party stands up for National Public Energy network so that the people control the nations energy not greedy corporations.

    The CFC Socialist Party believes that the free market cannot act in the interest of the workers unless it is somewhat regulated and reformed.
  5. Equuleus

    Equuleus King

    Dec 5, 2006

    Progressive Libertarian Party


    What do you want to know?





    Platform still under construction.


    The Progressive Libertarian Party ......

    Progressive Libertarian Party Economic Positions.

    The Progressive Libertarian Party is for capitalism and free enterprise.
    We are for the promotion of social justice and fighting poverty.
    We are for a social safety net.
    We are against corporate control of government, monopolies, and abuse of workers/consumers.
    We are for protecting Fanatican industry from outsourcing with protectionist policies and a generally fair trade policy.
    We are against all deficit spending except in cases of national emergency.
    We want to put real money, rather than borrowed money, in the Social Security Trust Fund. We also are against raiding the Social Security Trust Fund.


    Progressive Libertarian Party Environmental Positions.

    The Progressive Libertarian Party believes that global climate change is a matter of national security. And if elected will act swiftly to reduce New Fanatica's carbon footprint in the world by passing legislation that caps emissions, and lead the fight against global deforestation.
    We are for for a mandatory reduction of greenhouse gases of 30% by 2030, 60 % by 2060, and 90% by 2080.
    We are for having 30% of all cars hybrid by 2020.
    We are for the Promotion of geothermal, solar, wind, wave and hydrogen power over coal, gas and oil.
    We are for a solar bank to give home owners loans to buy solar panels to power their homes, the home owner would then sell electricity to the local power company to pay back the loan.
    We are for Requiring Loggers to replant an appropriate tree for each they cut down.
    We are for tax deductions for companies that lower their emissions below the mandatory amount.
    We are for the promotion of recycling in all aspects of industry and society.


    Progressive Libertarian Party Education Positions.

    The Progressive Libertarian Party believes that Education should remain secular, there should be no discrimination based on race, gender, or sexual orientation and is for free education primary through college.


    Progressive Libertarian Party Health Care Positions.

    The Progressive Libertarian Party is for free universal heath care.
    Unnecessary plastic surgery is not included in our heath care plan.


    Progressive Libertarian Party Immigration Positions.

    The Progressive Libertarian Party policies on Multiculturalism.
    No preference for specific culture - all must learn official language - no breaking laws - tolerance for all cultures .
    The Progressive Libertarian Party is for a points based immigration system, as well as a sped-up process for refugees.


    Believes that the government should always act in the interests of the people not in the interests of special interests or foreign interests.

    Is a center left party.

    Is a strong civil libertarian party.

    Is for a non-interventionist foreign policy.

    Believes that all just power comes from the consent of the people.


    Progressive Libertarian Party reserves this color.




    Equuleus [PLP Chairman]
    Ball Lightning [PLP Minister of Environmental Protection][PLP Vice-Chairman]
    taillesskangaru [PLP Minister of Science]
    tonyf12 [PLP Minister of Defense]
    flamingzaroc121 [PLP Minister of the Treasury]
    j_eps [PLP Minister of Foreign Affairs]
    El Cid [PLP Minister of Labor Protection]
    IronMan2055 [PLP Minister of Public and Parliament Relations]


    Why should you join?

    The Progressive Libertarian Party is ready for you!

    We believe the government should always act in the interests of the people not in the interests of special interests or foreign interests. We will fight to defend and extend our civil liberties, promote fair trade, protect our workers, save our fragile environment and promote better education and health care for all.

    To join the Progressive Libertarian Party, declare your intention to do so [link] and visit our message board at www.CivWorld.co.nr

    Join us, and let's make New Civfanatica a better place to live.

    The Progressive Libertarian Party: peace, liberty, justice



    Party logo created by d.highland.
    Party Agenda Page Designed by Ball Lightning
    'Why should you Join?' written by Tails

  6. The Ninja

    The Ninja Secretary of Defense

    Apr 27, 2007
    Space, the final frontier...
    The I.O.N. Party (International Order of Ninjas)

    Preliminary Platform: (may change.)

    Social Issues:
    *Promoting Ninja Rights (right to self defence, especially against a pirate, the right to carry weapons, the right to carry concealed weapons, the right to keep themselves hidden, etc.)

    *Nin-ternships. All students will be offered a chance to take a course in all things ninja, followed by a possible nin-tership with a master ninja.

    *Government Funding for a cure for Hidey's disease.


    *Strong National Defence (all troops trained in ninja arts and armed with swords.)

    *Government funding towards the advancement of Techninlogy.

    *Preventing the alteration of time. (Temporal Security Agency.)

    *Free Market (capitalism, free enterprise, fair trade.)

    *Merge Black (ninja supplies) market with Main Market

    *To preserve, protect, and defend ninja-kind against the viscious character-attacks that are bound to come from the piratical menace.

    Order of the Ninja:
    The Order of the Ninja is an award presented by the ION party for one of the following reasons:
    -The individual has shown exemplary Ninja traits.
    -The individual has supported many ION stances on issues corresponding to ninjas.
    -The individual has preformed an important task that may or may not be ninja related.
    (Extra qualifications may be added at any time)

    The Order of the Ninja is classified into 3 levels of descending importance:
    -Order of the Ninja 1st Class
    -Order of the Ninja 2nd Class
    -Order of the Ninja 3rd Class

    To receive the Order of the Ninja, a person must be nominated. The nominator must be a member of ION, but no such restriction is placed on the nominee. Any ION member wishing to nominate a person for the Order of the Ninja must PM the leader of the party stating who they wish to nominate. All nominations must be approved by the leader of the party.

    Awardees of the Order of the Ninja:
    Order of the Ninja 1st Class
    -The Ninja
    ION Party Reserves THIS color
    List of Members:
    The Ninja - Party Leader
    Nuclear Kid
    Turquoiseninja (Hasn't posted yet, but PM'ed me that he is in.)

    EDIT: How do you attach a photo so it displays like the ones on the parties above?
  7. e350tb

    e350tb Stupendously Illogical Englishman

    May 24, 2007
    The Britcave
    Party of CFC Workers

  8. D'Artagnan59

    D'Artagnan59 The Gascon

    Mar 4, 2006
    New England
    Peter Griffin's Drunken Necromantic Skiing Sumo Wrestlers on Steroids Party

    What We Promise For You All:

    World Peace
    One-Day Workweeks
    Two Sunsets Per Day
    Free Alcohol
    Alcohol Age Decreased to 5
    Man-made skiing mountains
    Less gravity
    Civil rights for everything that ever existed
    Legalization of Graffiti
    24/7 Family Guy Network
    Other Things
  9. Hitti-Litti

    Hitti-Litti Deity

    Sep 8, 2006
    Please, someone delete this post.
  10. Cuivienen

    Cuivienen Deity

    Nov 26, 2003
    Liberal Democracy​

    Color: Gold

    Liberal Democracy is a party for the free economic and social future of our great nation. Its platform is designed to encourage sustained and effective development in all spheres of the economy and society, and to promote the rights and freedoms of the individual as paramount.

    *Liberal Democracy advocates international free trade and globalization as essential to the future of our economic and technological development. Liberal Democracy opposes all tariffs and all import and export barriers.
    *Liberal Democracy is a strong supporter of international cooperation and of the need for international political and legal organizations, putting international and human interests above petty nationalism.
    *Liberal Democracy seeks to provide pragmatic public spending on essential services that aid individuals suffering from non-self-inflicted problems. These include, most importantly, public education and public health care, the two key programs to a successful economy and a successful society
    *Liberal Democracy opposes programs which seek to solve self-inflicted problems for individuals. Liberal Democracy does not believe there is an excuse for laziness.
    *Liberal Democracy supports environmental regulation and protection in order to ensure that our economy remains sustainable in the forseeable future. However, Liberal Democracy also acknowledges that such regulation should be minimalistic and uncomplicated.
    *Liberal Democracy believes in social liberty and freedom, and therefore supports all policies which expand the rights of the individual without coming at the expense of others. Such policies are too many to list here.

    Cuivienen (Acting Leader)

    [OOC: The logo is derived from the European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party, with which this party is very ideologically similar.]
  11. TheBladeRoden

    TheBladeRoden Deity

    Oct 16, 2005
    The Middle West
    Pirate and Boudica Anti-Defamation Party

    That's right, no simple color names for you!


    Our Mission Statement lol
    We all know that the internet is serious business, and nowhere else is that more true than at the CFC OT, what with all the abortions and creationing and god-killing and muslim-bashing going on over there.

    But there are those who choose to rise above it all...
    or sink below it all...
    either way, they avoid addressing the issue at hand and instead choose to make a tactical strike with a pithy one-liner that may or may not be relevant and then dissapear into the night! Those guys are ME!

    But not just me! Anyone who joins this party can be part of the effort to slowly chip away at a serious discussion and insject a little humor so that when frozen, the humor expands and busts apart the topic!

    Anyway, here is our platform...

    -To get the GM to finally change our party name in the party list.

    -To preserve, protect, and defend pirate-kind against the viscious character-attacks that are bound to come from the Ask a Ninja Party.

    -To worship and glorify the auburn-haired washed-up ex-hippie war-losing spicey cougar that is Boudica and her bountiful bosom that is rarely found in antiquity for some reason.

    -To get more members!:assimilate:

    -To convince Perfection to come back into the fold.

    -To get at least three smilies into every post :lol:

    -To be the spearman to everyone else's tank :spear:

    Go now, for death and glory, honor and blood, I present to you this iron cross! We will not go quietly into the night! En taro Adun! For wrath and ruin! Keep on truckin! Arrrrrr!
  12. Red Door

    Red Door Man of Mayhem

    May 29, 2005
    USA #1
    Cosa Nostra Party

    Color = Medium Turquoise
    Shorthand = CNP/Cosa Nostra

    The Cosa Nostra Party is to serve and protect all Italian/Italian descended members on CFC.

    The CNP is pro-Capitalist and will welcome funding or friendship from any pro-Capitalist members. Those who become my friend will find themselves very richly awarded.

    The CNP will promise to provide provide health services to all those who need it, without cost to them, as long as they are on of Don Red Door's friends.

    The CNP will keep a cultural Catholic hierarchy to keep good relations with the Vatican, but members are not required or even suggested to be Catholic.

    The CNP will help all of the Don's friends run their businesses and even start new one's, whatever the cost may be.

    The CNP strongly supports the independence of Sicily from the Republic of Italy.

    Remember, when you join the CNP, you will become one of Red Door's friends, and he will protect you, and lead this site into a new level.

    Red Door (Don Red Door)

    (I'll make you an offer you can't refuse. ;) )
  13. JohnRM

    JohnRM Don't make me destroy you

    Apr 18, 2004
    Death Star
  14. NYHunter

    NYHunter King

    Apr 14, 2007
    Technocratic Party

    The goal of this party is too promote long term investment goals for the future of the nation in the CFC parliament. Such goals include investment in national defense, environmental protection, technology and space exploration..

    General Unofficial Platform
    * We support preparing the workforce in skills to compete in the market as machines replace traditional work.
    * We support investment in technology for the future including innovations in labor, healthcare, national defense, counter-terrorism and environmental protection.
    * We support preparing for climate change and defense against natural disasters in general.
    * Foreign policy depends entirely on the situation and members may disagree over general policy.
    * We support research for the exploration of space
    * We do not support wasteful bureaucracies.

    Technocratic Party HQ

    Current Members
    NYHunter- Acting Chairman and Communications Director
    ArneHD- Vice Chairman

    Things that need to be done
    *Vote on platform planks and better define the party
  15. Stylesrj

    Stylesrj Tabitha SEAL

    Jul 7, 2006
    New LA, Planet Mira
    The Fascist Party:

    Our main domestic goals are to:
    *Reduce taxes on business
    *Remove all regulations on business (or most)
    *Reduce taxes on the people
    *Privatisation of several government industries
    *Let the free market take it's course on the people
    *Promote a sense of nationalism
    *Increase military spending
    *Reduce crime and terrorism in the country
    *Build more nukes!
    *Clean up the country, remove the litter problem by shipping it elsewhere
    *Increase the national treasury
    *Build up a large offensive force. Best defensive is a good offensive!

    Our main international goals are to:
    *Stop terrorism at the source- Invade poor countries
    *Work on strong alliances with the stronger, larger nations
    *Invade the weakest, smallest nations for resources
    *Spread capitalism to other countries that have little
    *Blackmail our enemies with nuclear war (if we have nukes that is)
    *Ship rubbish off to vassal states we conquer

    But of course, we're just a small extreme party at the moment, but we can dream...
  16. pinjerro

    pinjerro Chieftain

    Jul 5, 2007

    We're a party that thrive for education and business.
    - a better educational system. The kids are WAY behind in maths, sports and Science.
    - modernize the country. we're sick and tired of our old buildings and no fiberoptic cables is to find everywhere.
    - making business more effective. We want to make the country and all the cities thrive (especially Isthmus City) via trade.
    - lower taxes. when the taxating is done, even water is a luxury.
    - The business navy of Civilitas needs a huge reform too.
    - The public transportation in Civilitas is a joke. it takes half an hour to get from one block to another (in car of course)
    - more universities. PERIOD.

    Education for business, and business for education. MARSHALL'S

    07/09-07: the party was Ex Sapientia Modus(re-)united by Pinjerro
    08/13-07: a chocking new have reached the the medias of Civilitas. Pinjerro was an upcoming politician which formed his own party, but He was bribed by Russian activist who wanted to have control over Civilitas via the Ex Sapientia Modus Pinjerro accepted but only one week ater the formation he cancelled the deal and was taking prisoner by the activists. now American officials have eliminated the activists and Pinjerro is talking about a big reformation of Ex Sapientia Modus. it will even change name, and focus more on trade and less on millitary.
  17. Ball Lightning

    Ball Lightning www.sporedum.net

    Apr 2, 2006
    Thunderstorm, Melbourne, Australia
    Could any party please PM me when they update their Party Agenda so i can also update it on the Sign up/info page. This would really help me and you and people will see your latest news.


    Ball Lightning
  18. Provolution

    Provolution Sage of Quatronia

    Jul 21, 2004
    Technopolitical Manifesto - Our Ocean

    Our Ocean, more than two thirds of our planet is covered by water, more than half of our own bodies comprise of water and we all know that water will be the new oil of the 21 Century. Our nation, Civilitas, is surrounded by water, this water is part of Earths Greatest Ocean, the Pacific Ocean. This ocean is surrounded by four mighty nations, one mightier than the other, America, China , Japan and Russia. These four mighty neighbors could either be our four mighty allies, four mighty titans or the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. We do not know. But what we know, is that Civilitas is straddling the ocean between them and that we are left to fend for ourselves.

    In order to retain and sustain our sovereignty, Civilitas must remain vigilant, and ascertain her naval rights. Our fine realm does not stop by the city gates, or the beaches or even the horizon, our realm ends where the recognized economic zone of Civilitas ends. Our Ocean will enforce the territorial presence needed to keep that boundary well-respected and Our Ocean will stand by our international rights made possible by international law.

    Civilitas means the civilization or civilized nation, and that core identity is what we are, and what we need to keep close to our heart. Having a sound constitution, a parliamentary system and basic citizen rights are something we all want to have, and we will fiercely defend those rights.

    Civilitas is a home for several cultural and ethnic groups, and it is the combined talents of these groups that makes our nation strong and thrive, and it is the political diversity that keeps the nations mentality strong and healthy.

    Crime is a massive violation of a citizens core duties and privileges, and contribute to the degradation and societal collapse we all fear. Civilitas should persecute crime with fervor and enthusiasm, and bring violators to justice, be it a short sharp shock or the very final justice. Civilitas must under no circumstance go down the slippery slope of apologizing vile acts, and must be
    protective of the weak and supportive of the strong, in dealing with those who finds privilege for the taking, and not for the earning.

    Environment is what we live for, and live by. Tools is what separates man from beast. Civilitas needs to use the most progressive tools that exist on Earth to solve environmental problems, and make the creation of those tools profitable. Civilitas should not make a personality cult, a revolution, a large mob hurling stones and bottles and a movement of retardation and spartan ways - but work constructively for sheltering the environment with technology.

    Religion is what the people believed in at a stage, and we still have religious groups believing in ancient gods. Civilitas should not change that. However, personality cults or oppressive institutions allowing polygamy, economic exploitation, tampering with the medical field or in general crossing the line between magic and science should be forbidden. Religion should have no say in the restricting of research and commercialization of new research.

    Free Speech is the core of the human liberties, and Our Ocean would stand by that principle. Free Speech should be accepted to a point, where tampering of the truth to assassinate a mans character, where tampering with societal fears to gain easy access to our democratic and executive powers should be considered a violation of the privilege. Free Speech is a common privilege, but may be taken away if that privilege is severely abused.

    Civilitas is an international community, but nevertheless, we need to communicate effectively as a society, hence, English is the only official language.

    Economic policies is what drives our economy, and for massive projects of national importance and national security importance, the state should have a natural role, and to be given priority above private players.

    National security is paramount, and Our Ocean consider our future to lie in the ocean. Surrounded by powerful neighbors, our only hope is in the navy. If we have lost the seas, we have also lost our homes, the contact with the outside world, our subsistence, our soul and our entire national character.
    Our Ocean firmly believes that the Civilitan Navy should be of the highest national priority. Without a navy, our economic zones will falter, and our enemies will come knocking at our doorsteps. Our Ocean our Navy Party!.
  19. Provolution

    Provolution Sage of Quatronia

    Jul 21, 2004
    Please add this to the party agendas, the above post, so people can see we got an agenda.
  20. Ball Lightning

    Ball Lightning www.sporedum.net

    Apr 2, 2006
    Thunderstorm, Melbourne, Australia

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