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Change Log and Version History

Discussion in 'Civ4 - MongooseMod' started by LunarMongoose, Jul 5, 2010.

  1. LunarMongoose

    LunarMongoose Chieftain

    Jan 29, 2006
    Boston, MA, USA
    MongooseMod 4.2
    for Beyond the Sword 3.19

    The full Change Log is available in the mod's Documentation folder, but is too long to post here directly.
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2017
  2. LunarMongoose

    LunarMongoose Chieftain

    Jan 29, 2006
    Boston, MA, USA
    Version 4.2 Patch Notes - Part 1

    Spoiler :
    24 April 2014

    extended Mongoose BarbarianMod to make the minimum distance between Barb Ship spawns scale with World Size instead of using the XML global, and to only check for other units in the same water area (as opposed to any unit in the search area)

    26 April 2014

    fixed Silver/Gems/Gold tracking being wrong in the StatsMod, due to the addition of the Fossils resource earlier (oops)
    removed obsolete Marsh tracking, and added Bamboo, Swamp, Bog, and Savanna tracking on Feature Growth/Removal
    fixed bug where the Nuke Deaths stat was not being saved on game save or read back in on game load

    28-29 April 2014
    added Mongoose CombatStringMod to show experience gain in combat result messages

    30 April 2014
    turned off the bMechanized flag on the 4 monster units
    added SaibotLieh's Ice Golem as new land monster in Mysticism
    added Whaling promotion to Machinery
    added SaibotLieh's Humpback Whale as new sea monster in Improved Fishing
    updated Mongoose WorldSizeScalingFix to handle large values (greater than 8, assuming 8 world sizes) of unit limit quantities correctly
    extended Mongoose BarbarianMod to handle Ice Golem terrain native spawning and movement, and to add the Sandworm's 8-20 tile minimum area size check to the 4 sea monsters as well
    extended Mongoose UnitStringMod to handle Whale impassable terrain text properly
    extended Mongoose BarbarianMod to make Whales stop spawning once the Barbs get the Radar tech
    increased base gold kill reward on Sandworm from 200 to 300, Turtle from 20 to 25, and Serpent from 100 to 200
    added Ice Golem to the No Elite Units game option mouseover text

    1 May 2014
    extended Mongoose BarbarianMod to add a small chance for Whales to spawn once the Barbs have Improved Fishing, and changed the normal Barb Ocean spawn phase to start at Optics instead of Astronomy, since Kogge and Galleas can enter Sea at that point
    added SaibotLieh's melee combat animations for Rifleman, Redcoat, and Infantry
    added SaibotLieh's Beastmaster to War Dog unit
    shortened Discovery text lines in StatsMod, moved Great General line up, and added Monster Kill and Death tracking
    extended Mongoose NotificationMod to support global alerts for Ice Golem combat
    extended Mongoose CombatStringMod to show experience gain in attacker and defender withdrawal messages, and set it to use the original message instead of displaying " (+0 Exp)" in all cases
    added SaibotLieh's Medic skins for Infantry, Marine, and Mechanized Infantry
    updated titleplate for MM 4.2, StatsMod 3.4, and K-Mod 1.41b

    1-2 May 2014
    added SaibotLieh's Female Ninja as Assassin in Philosophy, and updated the Unit Tree code in Sevopedia accordingly
    added SaibotLieh's Medieval Spies skins
    added SaibotLieh's Swordswoman as ethnic Master Swordsman for African and Middle Eastern civs

    2 May 2014
    increased base gold kill reward on Kraken from 1000 to 2000
    increased scale slightly on Master Swordsman, European Maceman, Berserker, Samurai, and Modern Spy models

    3 May 2014
    added most of TheCapo's American, Celtiberian, Iberian, Spanish, Phoenician, Indian, and Korean units from his thread (with secondary credit to Mechaerik)
    put Archery models in their own category finally in the Unit Pak file, and set unit and icon folders to always start with the name of the unit
    added NikNaks' Davy Crockett as American Explorer

    4 May 2014
    fixed my XML and Pak layout to get SaibotLieh's Melee Combat Animations and Medic Visualizations working properly without breaking any of the custom models, and added the Medic effect to the MechanizedInfantry's Urban Camo skin
    upgraded to higher-quality versions of the "Axel F", "Terminator 2 Theme", and "The Wars of the Last Wolves" tracks encoded directly from CD, and added "In Memories: A Boy Meets the Man" to the Ancient Era soundtrack
    decreased volume on both Doctor Who S4 tracks from 80 to 75, and on both Doctor Who S5 tracks from 80 to 70
    increased volume on both Samurai X tracks from 80 to 90, Barber's Adagio for Strings from 120 to 130, Axel F from 100 to 110, both Oblivion tracks from 70 to 80, Across the Stars from 100 to 110, Autobots from 80 to 90, and Blade Runner Blues from 120 to 130
    added all of CoffeeJunkie's Native American land units

    5 May 2014
    increased Quinquereme withdrawal from 30 to 60%, matching land siege units
    decreased Gate of the Sun from 2 to +1 food
    increased Ice Golem speed from 1 to 2
    added Native Axeman as Stone Axeman UU for Native America, using the superceded vanilla Dog Soldier model
    reconfigured the Unit Tree code again b/c that changed the graph order for some reason, sigh
    added new icons for Atlatl, MasterSwordsman, Paladin, CityGarrisonEvent, CombatEvent, FlankingEvent, Hunter, Leadership, Tactics, Morale, ShockEvent, PinchEvent
    increased base gold kill reward on Rhinoceros from 40 to 100, and on Mammoth from 60 to 100
    increased Hunter bonus vs Wild Animals from 25 to +50%
    set StatsMod Python code to reference resource types by name instead of number in the CoughUp function
    fixed divide-by-zero error in new AI tech evaluation code from 6 Dec 2013 that caused a crash on turnover whenever any AI player had zero cities, such as ON THE FIRST FREAKING TURN (We played on this code briefly too before ending our 4.1b game! Sigh... Good thing I didn't release it afterall, lol. :p)
    made a slight efficiency improvement in the same function, and added a DbZ check for the WorldSize iTargetNumCities XML value
    added new icons for Terrain Crossing and Mountain Crossing
    extended Mongoose ValidPromotionFix to block Smart Bombs promotion from being available to Hawk, Condor, Biplane, Biplane Legend, Fighter, Fighter Legend, and all 4 Air Recon units

    6 May 2014
    added +25% vs Melee to Assassin

    8 May 2014
    set Native American and African art styles to use the Incan Castle instead of the Wood City Walls style Fort improvement for their Castle model, removing the ridiculous small, empty, and outside-the-city "Castle"
    increased scale on Incan Castle from 0.5 to 0.65
    fixed cargo domain tag on Canoe, Trireme, Dromon, and Galleas
    added ExploreSea and AssaultSea AI scripts on Privateer
    added PirateSea and AssaultSea AI scripts on Manta, moved ReserveSea AI script to disabled section, and added EscortSea to disabled section
    removed AttackSea AI script from Manta, and from Privateer's disabled section
    changed default AI script on Manta from AttackSea to PirateSea
    added new cargo category for Mercenaries, set Mercenary and Bounty Hunter to use it, and set Manta to be able to carry 4 of them
    increased scale on Bounty Hunter model from 0.7 to 0.8

    9 May 2014
    got the Infantry Melee + Medic combination working finally (thanks SaibotLieh!)
    extended Mongoose CargoLoadFix to fix bug with Privateer and Manta not being able to load Pirate and Mercenary units (can't believe nobody ever reported the Pirate problem! sigh :p)
    added Can Enter Rival Territory ability to Pirate
    added Missionary AI script in main UnitAI section to all Missionary and Executive units
    removed SettlerSea AI script from Transport
    added MissionarySea and SpySea AI scripts to Quinquereme and Clipper
    updated AI tech evaluation from era-change to use better target counts than just iTargetNumCities from the WorldSize XML

    13 May 2014
    tested the updated StatsMod coughup tracking
    fixed epic bug with Mongoose FeatureGrowthMod, where certain features could grow into tiles with certain improvements present that don't allow them there, due to the absurd case-by-case-basis integer-value hardcoding I used back on 22 May 2009 as part of MM 3.2.4, which was obviously hopelessly messed up at this point; it now PROPERLY just checks if the improvement allows the feature with its XML settings, sigh (thanks EnormousD!)

    14 May 2014
    updated minor XML stats on Assassin

    15 May 2014
    added Mongoose RevoltMod to make cities look at tile ownership in all fat cross plots, rather than just the 8 adjacent ones, when determining revolt strength
    updated Mongoose CultureDecayMod to scale with gamespeed, resulting in slightly faster decay rates on Quick up through drastically slower ones on Eternal
    made update pass for iCultureGarrison and iAdvancedStartCost values on all units

    16 May 2014
    increased iAdvancedStartCost scale factors on all Prehistoric techs from 100 to 200%, on the first column of Ancient techs from 100 to 150%, and on all remaining Ancient techs from 100 to 125%, to make the Prehistoric Era less of a freebie in Advanced Start mode due to its low costs, and to still keep the costs increasing afterward
    increased tech costs significantly in mid-Medieval through late-Renaissance, moderately in Industrial, and slightly in Modern
    added SaibotLieh's custom Whip sound to the Beastmaster unit that I had skipped earlier

    17 May 2014
    added C2C's custom Gorilla and Boar sounds

    17-18 May 2014
    added sound effects to the Floating Fortress from C2C, and added custom sound effects to the Snake

    17-19 May 2014
    added sound effect to the Serpent from C2C

    18-19 May 2014
    added sound effect to the Falcon/Hawk/Condor from C2C
    added a large number of missing sound effects to the Constructor, Drone Fighter, and Drone Bomber from Final Frontier, and fixed several bugs with the Drone Fighter sounds

    19-20 May 2014
    adjusted a number of sound effect volumes

    20 May 2014
    added sound effect to Drone Bomber from Final Frontier
    changed StatsMod hotkey from U to Y to fix conflict with Unload command if a unit in a transport in a fort or city is currently selected
    added Rubber resource to Pottery and Chemistry, and set it to be required by Motorcycle, Jeep, Humvee, Biplane, Fighter, Fighter Legend, Fighter-Bomber, Interceptor, Bomber, and Freight
    changed "on" to "if" in Prolific effect description to be more clear

    21 May 2014
    fixed Horses entry, added missing Sulphur and Rubber entries, and added Stone exclusion entry in resource placement function in CvMapGeneratorUtil.py
    increased iConstAppearance on Rubber, Coal, and Aluminum from 100 to 110
    increased iAITradeModifier on Pigs, Coffee, Barley, Wine, Silver, Gold, and Gems from 0 to 5, on Stone, Marble, and Ivory from 0 to 10, on Horses from 0 to 15, and on Iron and Aluminum from 10 to 15
    decreased iAITradeModifier on Rubber from 10 to 5, and decreased iMaxLatitude on Rubber from 90 to 60

    21-22 May 2014
    added Mongoose ResourceDoublerCappingMod to apply the following new rule: happiness and health doubler bonuses from buildings are now capped at 1 less than the maximum possible for each resource subcategory, as follows:
    Forge Silver/Gems/Gold max +2, Market Silk/Furs max +1, Market Ivory/Pearls max +1, Market Walrus/Whales max +1, Broadcast Tower and American Mall Hit Dramas/Hit Singles/Hit Movies max +2
    Granary Corn/Wheat/Rice max +2, Grocer Apples/Bananas max +1, Grocer Barley/Wine max +1, Supermarket Bison/Cows/Pigs/Sheep/Deer +3, Harbor Fish/Shrimp/Clams/Crabs max +3

    22 May 2014
    moved Shrimp ahead of Clams and Crabs in the Tsukiji Fish Market list, as they should be
    made some efficiency improvements in Mongoose BuildingFunctionalityMod, AnimalMod, BarbarianMod, PirateMod, and GlobalWarmingMod involving XML indexing inside loops
    extended Mongoose PirateMod to allow barb Mantas to spawn with cargo using the new Mercenary cargo type

    23 May 2014
    studied the C2C tech tree

    24 May 2014
    renamed Physics to "Physics, Geology"
    renamed Ancient Temple to "Ancient Relics" (thanks C2C!)
    moved Ancient Relics from Optics to Mountaineering
    added Martial Arts, Fundamentalism, Alchemy, and Naval Ordnance techs from C2C
    added new icons to Falconry, Military Training, Writing, Rice, Spices, Hemp, Bison, Salt, Iron, Gold, Marble, Ivory, Via Appia, Flamethrower, Culverin, Early Rocket, Galleas, Freighter, and Condor from C2C
    added new icon to Cruiser from RoM
    added new icon to Moat from Afforess
    changed Knight Champion icon to old Master Swordsman one
    removed Pirate upgrade paths to Marine and Flamethrower
    added Shaolin Temple and King Richard's Crusade wonders from C2C
    added Heavy Crossbowman, Monk, Crusader, and Corsair units from C2C
    moved old Falconry icon to Falcon unit
    moved Privateer and Frigate from Compass to Naval Ordnance, and Culverin from Chemistry to Naval Ordnance

    25 May 2014
    added new icons to Metallurgy, Sheep, and Gems from C2C
    added Ancient Flamethrower, Organ Gun, Big Bertha, and Sloop from C2C
    moved Clipper from Compass to Naval Ordnance
    added +10% City Attack to Culverin, and +25% City Attack to Cannon, Artillery, Mechanized Artillery, and Rocket Artillery (thanks C2C!)
    added +25% Forest Attack package to Flamethrower (thanks C2C!)
    increased strength on Dutch East Indiaman from 8 to 9, and on Clipper from 7 to 8
    decreased Splash Damage targets on Culverin from 4 to 3, and increased it on Korean Hwacha from 3 to 4, on Great Bombard from 4 to 5, and on Rocket Artillery from 5 to 6
    removed varying bonuses vs Mammoth from all Siege units (the mouseovers are readable now!), and added -25% vs Siege to Mammoth and Rhinoceros (which was missing before, sigh)
    added -50% vs Mounted to the Bombard and Great Bombard, and increased their bonus vs War Elephant from 50 to +75%, matching Catapult and Trebuchet
    added 1 FSC to Privateer
    increased cost on Clipper from 80 to 90, and on Privateer from 80 to 85

    26 May 2014
    decreased cost on Kogge from 60 to 55
    removed Alchemy requirement from Chemistry, and added it to Gunpowder
    moved Flying Machine from Gunpowder to Alchemy, Sulphur from Invention to Alchemy, and Tech Trading from Guilds to Invention
    added EE2 Carrack from C2C as new Sloop since the simple Privateer flag change wasn't good enough heh
    added Assassin from C2C as a visual unique for the same civs that get the Desert Mercenary skin
    added new Panda Bear model from C2C
    added Python, Moon Bear, Snow Leopard, Wildebeest, Zebra, Giraffe, Penguin, Crocodile, Gavial, Chimpanzee, Platypus, Hippopotamus, Musk Ox, and Caribou units from C2C
    added Clockwork Golem, Ornithopter, and Assault Ship units from C2C
    added new icons to Deer and Carrier from C2C
    added Early Bombard as visual unique for Ottoman, Lorenzo di'Medici as visual unique Musketman for Rome, Soviet Carrier as visual unique Carrier for Russia, and Shan Warrior, Vietnamese Cuirassier, and Viet Cong as visual unique Musketman, Cuirassier, and Machine Gun for Khmer, all from C2C

    27 May 2014
    added Prime Timber (woohoo!), Prickly Pear (woot!), Titanium (finally!), and Cotton from C2C
    added Prime Timber requirement to all wooden ships beyond Raft/Canoe except those already requiring Sulphur, and to all wooden Siege units
    increased iAITradeModifier sequence from 5-10-15-20-30 to 20-40-60-80-100
    added King's Tournament wonder from C2C as Great Tournament wonder
    added new icon to Native Axeman from C2C
    extended Mongoose BuildingFunctionalityMod to implement the Great Tournament's free Horses and Iron effect
    updated Mongoose ResourceDoublerCappingMod to put Bison and Cows in a "Red Meat" category separate from Pigs/Sheep/Deer, and to add a Hemp and Cotton "Staple Fiber" category
    increased Paladin from 10 to +20% City Strength

    28 May 2014
    fixed sad, pathetic bug with Mongoose GamespeedScalingFix from 15 Feb 2013 where the Heroic Epic and West Point unit level requirements were being RAISED on short gamespeeds and LOWERED on long gamespeeds, and where things were being FURTHER messed up when the No Barbarians option was in use, sigh
    extended Mongoose BuildingFunctionalityMod to implement the King Richard's Crusade effect of granting a free Crusader every 1.0 to 5.4 turns, scaling with gamespeed
    added First Strike Immune to Elite Maceman and Heavy Crossbowman
    moved Potatoes from Herbalism to Agriculture, Prime Timber from Wood Working to Fine-Edged Tools, Furs from Wood Working to Leather Working, and Marble from Fine-Edged Tools back to Exploration
    changed Naval Warfare requirement to Naval Ordnance on Ironclad, Cruiser, Destroyer, Stealth Destroyer, Dreadnaught, and Naval Supremacy

    29 May 2014
    added new colors for the Rennaisance, Industrial, Modern, and Future eras in the Tech Advisor, and updated it to version 2.4 as a result
    based on lengthy phone discussion, made the following land resource requirements:
    changed AP Mech, Assault Mech, and Scout Mech from "Oil and Aluminum" to "Uranium and Titanium"
    changed Heavy Mech from "Oil and Aluminum" to "Titanium and 'Oil or Uranium'"
    changed Modern Tank and Behemoth from "Oil and Aluminum" to "Oil and 'Iron or Titanium'"
    changed Stealth Tank, Wraith, and Banshee from "Oil and Aluminum" to "Oil and Titanium"
    changed Helicopter from "Oil and Iron" to "Oil and Aluminum"
    changed Gunship from "Oil and 'Iron or Aluminum'" to "Oil and 'Aluminum or Titanium'"
    changed SAM Battery from Oil to "Oil and Rubber"
    changed Early Rocket and Guided Missile from Nothing to Aluminum
    and water resource requirements:
    changed Destroyer from Oil to "Iron and Oil"
    changed Stealth Destroyer from 'Oil or Uranium' to "Iron and Uranium"
    changed Missile Cruiser from 'Oil or Uranium' to "Iron and 'Oil or Uranium'"
    changed Floating Fortress from "Aluminum and 'Oil or Uranium'" to "Iron and Uranium"
    changed Manta from "Aluminum and Uranium" to "Titanium and Uranium"
    and air resource requirements:
    changed Biplane and Biplane Legend from Rubber to "Prime Timber and Rubber"
    changed Fighter, Fighter Legend, Fighter-Bomber, Interceptor, and Bomber from "Oil and Rubber" to "Aluminum and Rubber"
    changed Modern Fighter, Stealth Fighter, and Stealth Recon from "Oil and Aluminum" to "Oil and Titanium"
    changed Drone Fighter and Drone Bomber from "Uranium and Aluminum" to "Uranium and Titanium"
    changed Assault Fighter from "Oil and Aluminum" to "Oil and 'Iron or Titanium'"
    changed Flying Machine from Sulphur to "Prime Timber and Sulphur"
    changed Airship from 'Coal or Oil' to "Prime Timber and 'Coal or Oil'"
    changed Heavy Bomber and Stealth Bomber from "Oil and Aluminum" to "Oil and 'Aluminum or Titanium'"
    (thanks EnormousD!)
    decreased iConstAppearance on Copper from 130 to 125
    increased iConstAppearance on Prime Timber from 100 to 200, on Iron from 130 to 150, on Sulphur from 125 to 150, on Oil from 125 to 200, and on Titanium from 110 to 125
    decreased iConstAppearance on Prickly Pear from 200 to 100, and increased its iTilesPer from 32 to 12, matching half of Incense
    increased iAITradeModifier on Stone and Marble from 40 to 50, on Rubber from 20 to 40, and on Iron and Titanium from 60 to 80
    decreased iMinAreaSize on Walrus from 3 to 1
    decreased iMaxLatitude on Cotton from 70 to 60
    decreased iUnique on Prime Timber from 6 to 0 (oops, heh), and on Prickly Pear from 3 to 0
    removed Grassland and Tundra FeatureTerrainBooleans from Aluminum and Titanium, since Marsh is no longer a feature, sigh
    added missing Dunes FeatureTerrainBoolean to all 9 resources with Flood Plains that didn't have it except Incense, since it doesn't have a Dunes TerrainBoolean
    added missing Lush FeatureTerrainBooleans to Oil, Uranium, Gems, and Thermal Vent (sigh)
    fixed Prickly Pear being allowed to spawn on Desert Peaks, sigh
    changed Paratrooper from Oil to "Aluminum and Rubber", matching all WW2 air units
    changed Freight from Rubber to "Oil and Rubber", no clue why this was set wrong, sigh

    30 May 2014
    changed Tactical Nuke and ICBM from Uranium to "Uranium and 'Aluminum or Titanium'"
    changed Artillery from Nothing to Rubber
    changed Big Bertha from Nothing to Rubber and Iron
    changed Manticore from Oil to Uranium
    removed custom Deer icon
    made full update pass on fScale, fInterfaceScale, fShadowScale, and iGroupSize for all animal units (it's really nice having the animal shadows set properly - can't believe it was neglected this long! sigh)

    1 June 2014
    renamed Mongoose UnitGoldValueMod to UnitKillValueMod, and extended it to support Research on Kill bonuses
    added Mongoose EventResearchReportingFix to fix a vanilla bug with reporting to other team members when a player gets a Breakthrough or Setback event
    set stats on all new animal units, and removed No Defense Bonuses penalty from Gorilla (matching Orangutan and Chimpanzee)
    added +5 Research on Kill to Chimpanzee and Gorilla, and +25 to Panda Bear and Polar Bear
    extended Mongoose UnitStringMod to fix bug with Clockwork Golem's standalone -25% Jungle Strength effect not showing up in its unit text
    fixed bug with Mongoose WithdrawalMod where cargo units and air units could be used to qualify for defensive withdrawals
    extended Mongoose WithdrawalMod to allow defensive-only animal units to escape to valid adjacent tiles as a second form of Defensive Withdrawal, simulating prey animal flight
    as a result, increased Withdrawal on Orangutan and Chimpanzee from 0 to 50% (matching Gorilla), and set Withdrawal values on all new animal units
    changed native terrain on Gorilla from Jungle to "Marsh, Forest, Bamboo", on Orangutan from Jungle to "Jungle, Swamp", and on Chimpanzee from Jungle to "Forest, Bamboo, Jungle"
    removed Can Only Defend stat from Chimpanzee, moved Orangutan up past Gorilla in the list order, and swapped Zebra and Wildebeest list order

    2 June 2014
    increased fScale on Gorilla from 0.55 to 0.58, on Orangutan from 0.5 to 0.58, and on Chimpanzee from 3.2 to 3.4
    added +5 Research on Kill to Orangutan, and Can Only Defend to Gorilla (helps to actually read Wikipedia, sigh)
    increased First Strikes on Gorilla from 2 to 3, and on Orangutan from 1 to 2
    increased Research per Kill on Panda Bear and Polar Bear from 25 to +50, and added +2 to Platypus
    added Lush, Grassland, and Plains natives to Grizzly Bear, and Bamboo native to Moon Bear
    increased First Strikes on Snow Leopard from 1 to 2, on Lion from 2 to 3, on Grizzly Bear from 0 to 1, and on Cave Bear from 2 to 3
    increased Withdrawal on Wildebeest from 30 to 40%, on Zebra from 30 to 50%, and on Musk Ox from 20 to 30%
    removed free Amphibious promotion from Moon Bear, and added +20 Gold per Kill
    added +10 Gold per Kill to Boar
    added +10 Research per Kill to Cave Bear
    added Scrub native to Wildebeest, and Peak native to Boar, Grizzly Bear, Caribou, and Musk Ox
    added Can Only Defend to Cave Bear

    2-3 June 2014
    rebuilt resource section in both GameFont files to use the custom XML order (at last!), and to include the 4 newest resources

    3-4 June 2014
    updated the Pedia Unit Upgrade Chart AGAIN for all the new units, and finally set the water, air, and civilian graphs to use the same alignment as the land ones

    4 June 2014
    decreased cost on Flaming Pig from 15 to 10, and on Clone Worker from 225 to 150
    made a new amalgamated screenshot of the full MongooseMod 4.2 tech tree

    5 June 2014
    updated cost and minor stats on all new units, iAdvancedStartCost on Condor (oops), and iPower on several existing units
    decreased cost on Culverin from 105 to 100, and on Viking Kogge from 60 to 58
    increased cost on Viking Longboat from 40 to 42
    increased range on Condor from 3 to 4
    removed +25% vs Bombard from Cuirassier (since they don't need it anyway!), and updated Mongoose UnitStringMod to group Culverin and Organ Gun into one text line as a result
    increased strength on Freighter from 20 to 21, on Transport from 16 to 17, on Carrier from 18 to 20, and on Sea Mine from 18 to 19
    increased scale on Master Swordsman from 0.46 to 0.48, on Freighter from 0.5 to 0.52, on Floating Fortress from 1.0 to 1.1, on Manta from 0.8 to 0.85, and set scale on all new units
    increased subunit count from 1 to 3 on Raft, Canoe, and Assault Ship, and from 1 to 2 on Galley, Trireme, Dromon, Quinquereme, and Transport
    updated fInterfaceScale values on a number of water units, and a few other new ones

    6 June 2014
    set the Martial Arts, Fundamentalism, Alchemy, Invention, and Space Exploration techs to be untradable due to their special-unit-unlocking properties, matching Sedentary Lifestyle, NanoTech, and FutureTech
    set costs and minor stats on the 4 new techs and the 3 new wonders
    changed Trafalgar Square from Sulphur doubler to Prime Timber and Sulphur boosters
    added Prime Timber doubler to Globe Theater, Prime Timber and Stone boosters to Himeji Castle, and Prime Timber and Marble boosters to Forbidden Palace
    added Titanium to the Aluminum tracking item in the StatsMod (since there's no room to make it separate)
    updated No Elites game option text again for all the new units
    added Hunter from C2C as Northern European ethnic Scout, and Gaul, Assyrian, and Nubian Javelineers from C2C as ethnic Atlatl's
    added Poison Dart Frog from C2C
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2016
  3. LunarMongoose

    LunarMongoose Chieftain

    Jan 29, 2006
    Boston, MA, USA
    Version 4.2 Patch Notes - Part 2

    Spoiler :
    7 June 2014
    went through the C2C unit graphics folder-by-folder checking for anything I missed in-game

    8 June 2014
    switched to improved Davy Crockett model from C2C
    removed Loon and replaced it with Pigeon from C2C
    reinstated TheConquests' J10A Chengdu as Modern Fighter for China (replacing SU37) and Persia, and added SU37 to Carthage
    made icon for J10A
    added VUs from C2C: American Carrier as Carrier for Native America, Aztec, Maya, Inca; German Carrier; Zuikaku as Carrier for Japan; U31 as Submarine for Germany; Viking Caravel as Longboat model; Dragon Pirate as Asian Trireme; and Papyrus Boat as Raft for Greece, Rome, Carthage, Egypt, and Ethiopia
    reversed ancient decision from many years ago and switched to two-mast version of Asian Galleas with team-color-striped sail from C2C
    reversed ancient decision from many years ago and moved Meso Quinquereme VU from Trireme to Quinquereme
    added Meso Trireme, Meso Galleon as Meso Frigate, and Meso Ship of the Line models from C2C
    added Native America to the Meso ship series
    increased cost on Quinquereme from 50 to 52
    added Decareme from C2C as an elite unit (nice!), and updated the No Elite Units game option text and the Pedia unit upgrade chart again as a result (sigh... I THOUGHT I was done with this stuff already!)
    cleaned up and centered several of the new Carrier models and all of the old advanced submarine models (sigh)

    9 June 2014
    added English, German, and Russian Grenadier skins from C2C
    removed "Damage Smoke" effect from Russian Carrier entirely to fix the weird triangular gray fog on one segment of the wooden deck at full health
    updated CIV4UnitArtStyleTypeInfos.xml to remove remaining massive quantity of redundant vanilla Middle and Late tags that made it much harder to keep things organized
    added VUs from C2C: Ra Fist as Paladin and Ra Knight as Knight for Egypt; Chinese Maceman as Paladin, Chinese Horseman as Marauder, Chinese Axeman (Halberd!), Pikeman, War Elephant (GORGEOUS!!!), Knight, and Infantry (nice!); Gothic Huskarl as Viking Swordsman (THANK YOU!!!); and Pakistan Rajput as Indian Paladin (very nice!)
    reversed ancient decision from many years ago and switched Chinese Archer and Chinese Spearman from Mongol versions back to vanilla custom models with Chu-Ko-Nu armor
    increased strength on Trench Infantry from 20 to 21 (thanks Rakete4!)
    added all of Germany's VUs to Holy Rome except the Infantry/Trench Infantry/Machine Gun/Cavalry set which remains Albanian

    10 June 2014
    added VUs from C2C: Italian Elmeti as Knight for Rome; Arsonist Grenadier as Middle Eastern Grenadier; War Mammoth as Northern War Elephant; Asian Explorer; Arab Marine as Middle Eastern Marine; African Musketman (Impi version); Ethiopian Heavy Footman as African Paladin, Ethiopian Heavy Cavalry as African Knight, and Ethiopian Cuirassier as African Cuirassier; African Horse Archer; American Grenadier as French Grenadier; African Maceman; and African Longbowman
    added VUs from Three Kingdoms: Swordsman Lvl 1 as Chinese Swordsman; He Qi, Yue Jin, and Zhang Ren as Asian Master Swordsman; Zhang Liao and Gan Ning as Asian Pirate; Sanguo Archer as Asian Archer; and Sanguo Longbowman as Asian Longbowman
    switched Egyptian Archer, Axeman, and Horse Archer from vanilla Middle Eastern to vanilla Egyptian versions, which have lighter metal colors and orange skin instead of pale brown skin
    centered Meso Carrier and de-smoked German Carrier (sigh)
    added Khmer Cuirassier to the other 5 Asian civs
    added Meso Quinquereme icon from Three Kingdoms, and moved the existing icon to Meso Trireme
    changed vanilla Asian Archer to Mongolian Archer, and let India keep it for now
    added Charlemagne Heavy Swordsman as German Paladin
    swapped Ottoman Bombard and Great Bombard models, adjusted their scale, and fixed the latter's .nif file (sigh) and centered it
    changed Chinese War Elephant to Asian War Elephant, and existing Asian War Elephant to Mongolian War Elephant
    added Paratrooper, Marine as Special Forces, SAM Infantry, AT Infantry, and Humvee from Chinese Modern Troops from C2C, and cleaned up the .nif's

    11 June 2014
    changed Indian Machine Gun to Middle Eastern Machine Gun
    added VUs from C2C: Carthaginian Axeman, Spearman, Swordsman, Crossbowman, and Longbowman; Cathaginian Chariot as African Chariot; Viking Warrior, Axeman, Spearman, Swordsman, Pikeman, Archer, Crossbowman, Longbowman, Chariot, and Knight; Viking Horseman as Viking Marauder; Turkmen Turkoman as Ottoman Knight; Arabian Heavy Swordsman as Middle Eastern Paladin; Menelik II as African Rifleman; Tibet Gurkha as Middle Eastern Musketman; USMC as American Marine; and Hernan Cortes as Northern European Cuirassier
    removed unused Celtic Chariot definition
    changed Greco-Roman Spearman to Byzantine Spearman, and removed it from Greece and Rome
    made TrainSound update pass to fix numerous units using AS2D_UNIT_BUILD_UNIQUE_UNIT that shouldn't have been, and to add it to all water UUs, all Great People, and most newer elite units in the mod
    decreased gold-per-turn cost on Hawk from 2 to 1, and on Ornithopter from 3 to 2 (thanks Rakete4!)
    increased gold-per-turn cost on Clockwork Golem from 3 to 4
    removed Great Prophet glow from all Asian Master Swordsman and Asian Pirate subunits
    moved standard pale-yellow Environment_FX_GreyMetal.dds, standard Environment_FX_BlueMetal.dds, and standard Environment_FX_Bronze.dds to the Shared .pak file
    added Zenspiderz's Yumi Samurai as Japanese Longbowman (thanks C2C!)
    fixed the broken Arrow.nif links due to the earlier move of all Archery units to their own folder in the .pak file (sigh)
    replaced Taoist Missionary Monk with Tibet Dob Dob, also from C2C
    added Karolin Musketman skin from C2C as vanilla Musketman skin replacement (YES!!!)
    added Taureg Camel from C2C as Arabian Camel Raider UU
    added Pirate Captain and Cui Ranger from C2C as Barbarian Pirate UU
    set better XML sound on Pirate and Dread Pirate
    added Ghost Ship from C2C as Barbarian Galleon UU
    increased scale on Galleon and Ghost Ship from 0.14 to 0.15, Royal Galleon from 0.152 to 0.16, East Indiaman from 0.16 to 0.18, Clipper from 0.15 to 0.18, Privateer from 0.18 to 0.21, Frigate from 0.19 to 0.2, and Meso Frigate and Meso Ship of the Line from 0.14 to 0.15

    12 June 2014
    decreased scale on Man of War from 0.175 to 0.17
    cleaned up and centered the Man of War's .nif file
    added Pirate Archer, Crossbowman, Longbowman, Musketman, Warrior, Axeman, Spearman, Swordsman, Maceman, Chariot, Knight, Scout, and Explorer from C2C as Barbarian VUs
    added Pirate Axeman from C2C as Barbarian Stone Axeman VU, Pirate Spy from C2C as Barbarian Assassin VU, and Blackbeard from C2C as Barbarian Paladin VU
    added Attila from C2C as Barbarian Horse Archer VU
    changed Mongoose BarbarianMod to allow Barbs to spawn Scouts and Explorers, while still blocking all Missiles (including Flaming Pig!) and all Civilian units
    changed Mongoose PirateMod to allow Barb Quinqueremes, Caravels, Clippers, Submarines, and Attack Submarines to spawn Scouts and Explorers as cargo
    added UNITAI_ATTACK to Scout, matching Explorer, to allow it to spawn as Barb cargo
    removed Mammoth bonus on Flaming Pig (missed this earlier, sigh), and decreased it from 150 to +50% vs War Elephant
    added SaibotLieh's Mermaid as second type of water animal, with Animal Stealth and +50 Research on Kill, that stops spawning at Scientific Method
    extended Mongoose BarbarianMod to add Disables Spawn line in the Scientific Method and Radar mouseover text
    changed Research on Kill sound from gold to unit-gifted "Ooh"
    switched to Xenomorph's update version of the Freighter, and increased its scale from 0.52 to 0.54

    12-13 June 2014
    added Medevac from C2C as elite unit
    added Ambusher from C2C as new Ranger model, replacing Legolas
    added Babur from C2C as Ottoman Swordsman VU

    13 June 2014
    cleaned up non-zero secondary collateral damage stats on all Mounted and Helicopter units (probably from early mod work, heh)
    changed Wraith and Banshee from "Oil and Titanium" to "Titanium and 'Oil or Uranium'" (oops)
    changed Stealth Tank from "Oil and Titanium" to "Uranium and Titanium"
    added Animal Stealth detection to all Helicopter units (except Dragons) so Poison Dart Frogs and Mermaids wouldn't potentially become unkillable later on
    fixed the Pedia Unit Upgrade Graph order one final time (grr)
    renamed Whale unit to Humpback Whale
    added Ottoman Swordsman and Knight VUs to India
    added Legolas model back in as Viking Ranger VU
    moved the Ranger Arrow effect to the Effects folder, and made a Viking Arrow effect to get the Viking and Celtiberian Archers working properly
    set Khmer to use Mongolian Archer, unused Eurasian Horseman as Byzantine Marauder, unused Peltast as Slinger,
    changed existing Slinger to South American Slinger
    set Greece, Rome, and Byzantium to use the unsused Greco-Roman War Elephant (oops)
    renamed Eurasian Spearman to Asian Spearman
    set Pirate Longbowman to use a better arrow effect
    set the Viking Arrow and Ranger Arrow effects to use unique filenames to fix bugs with their units permanently switching to carrying and shooting normal arrows at random times
    added VUs from C2C: Thutmose III as Egyptian Marauder; Theseus as Greek Swordsman

    13-14 June 2014
    added VUs from C2C: South American and African Stone Axeman; Viking, European, African, and Middle Eastern Stone Spearman; African and Middle Eastern Slinger
    added VUs from Ethnic Diversity by way of C2C: African Archer, Axeman, Cannon, Crossbowman, Explorer, Grenadier, Machine Gun, Marauder, Paratrooper, Pikeman, SAM Infantry, Scout, Spearman, Swordsman, War Elephant, and Warrior

    14 June 2014
    full overhaul of CIV4ArtDefines_Unit.xml to fully merge and sort the vanilla and custom VU systems
    moved Oromo Warrior, Dog Soldier, Holkan, Numidian Cavalry, Immortal, and Cataphract up in the unit order to match the mod's standard civ order
    added unused Mongol Mounted Swordsman as Mongolian Marauder, and added it to Ottoman
    moved Assault Ship, Stealth Destroyer, and Missile Cruiser up in the unit order
    decreased scale on Humvee from 0.52 to 0.5
    changed Ottoman Marauder to Asian Marauder, and added Mongolian War Elephant to Khmer
    added TheCapo's Khmer Rifleman and Cavalry

    14-15 June 2014
    added King Arthur from C2C as English Knight VU

    15 June 2014
    added TheCapo's Medieval American Crossbow, Longbow, Maceman as Paladin, Pikeman, and Knight
    increased scale on European Pikeman from 0.42 to 0.44 (wtf? lol), and decreased it on Greco-Roman Pikeman from 0.44 to 0.43
    added VUs from C2C: Arok as Khmer Axeman, Francisco de Moranda as South American Rifleman, Tiradentes as South American Cuirassier, Luis Alves as South American Cavalry, and Huitzilopochtli as South American Explorer
    changed existing European Axeman, Spearman, Swordsman, Chariot, and Horse Archer to Celtic
    changed France and Celtia from European to Greco-Roman Knight
    copied in art files from their original sources on KrugerPritz's Modern Arabian Infantry and Zerver's Modern Chinese Troops
    added Zerver's Modern Brazilian Troops and Modern Russian Troops (yes!)
    added VUs from C2C: Ogodai as Chinese Horse Archer, and Chulalongkorn as Asian Rifleman
    replaced new Chinese Knight model with Guan Yu, also from C2C

    16 June 2014
    added VUs from C2C: Afonso Henriques as Portugese Knight, Meso Crossbowman as Mayan Crossbowman, Andean Musketman as South American Musketman, Meso Medieval Cavalry as South American Marauder,
    changed Middle Eastern Musketman back to Indian Musketman
    removed Medieval Native American Spy since it was the same model as in the Settler, and added the Female Native American Settler model to the South American Settler
    added Modern European, Middle Eastern, and Asian Spy VUs from C2C, and adjusted scale values on all Spy units
    added VUs from C2C: Medieval Great Prophet; Ancient African and Pirate Settler; Modern African Settler; and Ancient Pirate and Modern African Worker

    16-17 June 2014
    added Great General VUs from C2C: Ancient Chinese, Egyptian, Greco-Roman, and Middle Eastern; Medieval American, Chinese, French, Malinese, and Spanish; and Modern American, Asian, and South American

    17 June 2014
    changed Middle Eastern Musketman and Middle Eastern Medieval Great General to Malinese
    updated Titleplate one final time to fix the Tech Advisor version number (2.2 when it should be 2.4, sigh), and add the Domestic Advisor (gah! how could this have been left out?!)
    removed the disabled full-size Titleplate files from the Art/Interface folder since the compressed format is actually better anyway
    removed redundant Environment_FX files from the huge round of unit model additions

    18 June 2014
    set TXT_KEYs on all new resources, techs, buildings, and units
    increased cost on Clone Worker from 150 BACK to 225, since I forgot the work rate increase they have (sigh)
    changed African Band, Tribe, and Settler to use the standard Male model with a bag on his back and a team-colored walking stick, rather than the version with only a wood spear
    changed Indian Mumakil to use vanilla's Middle Eastern rider skin, rather than the default Caucasian one
    moved Pedia Missile graph down from the bottom of the land units to the bottom of the air units where it belongs (despite the Flaming Pig's presence, heh)
    increased strength on Storm Drake from 60 to 70 (due to the presence of Leviathans and especially Floating Fortresses, which are new since the Great Dragon Expansion)
    extended Mongoose AnimalMod to implement the bAquatic tag, and added it to Crocodile, Platypus, Hippopotamus, Penguin, and Polar Bear (finally!)
    removed Food Production effect on Clone Infantry, Cyborg, Mercenary, and Bounty Hunter (weird...)

    19 June 2014
    updated Native settings on Pigeon (since it's not a Loon anymore), and increased its speed from 3 to 4
    added movie files (still pictures in .bik format) for the 3 new wonders from C2C
    increased maximum quantity limit on Heavy Crossbowman from 1 to 2; on Condor from 2 to 3; and on Biplane Legend, Fighter Legend, and Jet Fighter Legend from 1 to 2
    decreased maximum quantity limit on Clockwork Golem from 2 to 1, on Flying Machine from 4 to 2, and on Floating Fortress from 4 to 3
    increased Gold per Turn on Great Bombard from 3 to 4, on Big Bertha from 0 to 6 (oops), on Floating Fortress from 5 to 15, and on Manta from 15 to 20
    decreased Gold per Turn on Condor from 3 to 2

    21 June 2014
    added 1 FSC to Ranger
    increased Gold per Turn on Valkyrie and Master Swordsman from 2 to 3
    added Mongoose CargoBuildFix to prevent Workers from being able to build routes and tile improvements while they being are carried in transports that have entered land tiles with Forts on them

    24 June 2014
    added splash damage to Ship of the Line and Man of War
    added Military Training requirement to Marine and Mercenary
    added Martial Arts requirement to Special Forces and Bounty Hunter
    moved Titanium enabler from Metallurgy to Advanced Construction

    5 July 2014
    added Mongoose MedicHealFix to block land medics being carried as cargo from healing anything else, and to allow helicopter area-effect medics to heal across land/water boundaries and across same-domain area boundaries
    added Population Specialists parenthetical to the Population column, removed redundant max(0, 1) format in mode 0 getCurrentDefense() call, and updated Domestic Advisor to version 2.1 as a result
    tested the various (weird) specialist-counting DLL functions, and made a few notes in the code
    changed booster on Lunar Colonization and Martian Colonization, and doubler on Starship Hull Section and Starship Docking Bay, from Aluminum to Titanium
    changed doubler on Dimensional Portal from Aluminum to Iron, and added explicit Superconductors requirement
    changed Large Hadron Collider from Aluminum doubler to Copper and Titanium boosters
    added Aluminum doubler to Starship Stasis Chamber

    7 July 2014
    fixed centering on King Richard's Crusade model (without changing the Medieval Mediterranean Fort, which it is now a copy of)
    decreased non-Imperial Settler founding city population in Future era from 5 to 4.5, so that a starting border increase is unnecessary at the end

    7 August 2014
    updated Titleplate for Domestic Advisor 2.1 and K-Mod version typo (1.41b was supposed to be 1.42b, heh)
    private soundtrack: removed Leaving Hogwarts; added Game of Thrones Main Title and The King's Arrival to Medieval, Requiem for ****ooland and Emmett's Plan to Modern, and Hope and Tris to Future

    8-10 August, 15-17 August, 20-21 August, 9 Sept, 15-x Sept 2014
    full code merge of K-Mod DLL (thanks Karadoc!)

    15 August 2014
    updated Mongoose MPRandomFix slightly

    16 August 2014
    replaced Mongoose FeatureDamageMod and TerrainDamageMod with TileDamageMod in CvUnit.cpp, cleaning up the code and fixing minor bugs with the after-combat tile damage warning and heal-turns-needed calculation
    removed unnecessary and probably-bad Mongoose NewUnitTileDamageFix line from CvCity.cpp

    24 August 2014
    private soundtrack: added Team D4 to Classical, and Fortress and Owen's Theme to Renaissance

    14 Sept 2014
    added No Defense Bonuses to Clockwork Golem
    added free Sentry 1 to Falcon, War Elephant, and Clockwork Golem
    increased penalties on Clockwork Golem from -25 to -50% on Jungle and Permafrost, from -50 to -100% on Ice, and added -25% on Tundra
    removed Amphibious from being available to Siege units, and added free Amphibious to Falcon and all Helicopter units
    increased speed on Scout from 2 to 3
    added Engineering requirement to Clockwork Golem, Ornithopter, and Flying Machine
    added Optics requirement to Clockwork Golem
    restored correct secondary collateral damage stats on all Mounted and Helicopter units that were stupidly removed on 13 June 2014, since they're part of the Flanking system and that got forgotten
    fixed bug (and cleaned up some code) with Mongoose TileDamageMod where the Ignores Ocean Storms effect, which is automatic on all Submarine units, was ignoring all feature damage (including Shallow Coral, Deep Coral, Reef, and Sea Ice), rather than just the Ocean Storm features
    fixed bugs (and cleaned up some code) with Mongoose TileDamageMod where AI decisions about when units should stop and heal, and AI valuations of tiles they'd end on with an attack, were ignoring both Animal and Monster tile damage immunity, and the relatively-new tile damage reduction modifiers
    fixed bug with Mongoose FeatureDefenseMod where Ocean Storm defense penalties were still being applied on all Submarine units, including Sea Monsters ("No Defense Bonuses" was assumed to cancel them out but it actually doesn't, and this modifier was removed from these units earlier anyway heh)

    14-15 Sept 2014
    extended Mongoose BuildingFunctionalityMod to make the Hubble Space Telescope effect travel west by default, and to move and reflect vision properly in maps with Flat and Spherical world wrap settings (the original implementation was correct for Toroidal, heh) (thanks EnormousD!)
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2016
  4. LunarMongoose

    LunarMongoose Chieftain

    Jan 29, 2006
    Boston, MA, USA
    Version 4.2 Patch Notes - Part 3

    Spoiler :
    17 Sept 2014
    added Bagdemagus' Kelt as English Swordsman

    17-18 Sept 2014
    discovered that 95% of the awesome units harvested from C2C a few months ago were all made by one person, Bakuel; downloaded almost his entire library which was LONG overdue, sigh

    18-19 Sept 2014
    changed Middle Eastern Paladin to Islamic Crusader, German Paladin to European Paladin and vice versa (I DEFINITELY thought these were backwards for some reason, sigh), Middle Eastern Pikeman to Persian Spearman, and Middle Eastern Spearman to Egyptian Spearman
    changed Malinese Musketman to Arabian Musketman and Middle Eastern Grenadier to Arabian Grenadier (as Bakuel intended!)
    removed Middle Eastern Javelineer
    added Bakuel's Hospitaller, Celtic Heavy Footman, Byzantine Musketman, and Holy Roman Cuirassier
    added Bakuel's Persian Javelineer, Musketman, Cuirassier, and Al-Mutawakkil;
    and Islamic Persian Archer (Late), Crossbowman, Swordsman (Samanid), Afghani Pikeman, Cavalry (Sword), and Heavy Footman (Late)
    added Bakuel's Egyptian Crossbowman, Longbowman, and Pikeman; and Mamluk Musketman, Rifleman, Grenadier, Cuirassier, Cavalry, and Cannon
    added Bakuel's Arabian Lakhmid Archer, Chariot, Axeman, Spearman, Light Swordsman, and Swordsman;
    Abbasid Heavy Footman, Crossbowman, Abna Infantry (Archer), Abna Infantry (Pikeman), Cavalry; Umayyad Maceman;
    Arabic Rifleman, Bedouin Camel Archer, Cuirassier (Alternative), Cavalry, and Cannon; and Proto-Arabic Worker, Javelineer, Warrior, and Scout
    added Bakuel's Karolin Blue and Yellow, and Viking Age Swordsman
    added Bakuel's Rus Slavic Worker and Post-Mongolian Worker; Slavic Russian Javelinman, Archer, Axeman, Spearman, Swordman, and Chariot;
    Kievan Rus Crossbowman, Bowman, Druzhina (Axeman Red Shield), Pikeman (Militia), and Heavy Cavalry;
    Vladimir-Suzdal Light Infantry, Heavy Footman (Maceman), Heavy Footman (Swordsman), Pikeman, and Heavy Cavalry (Gilded Armor);
    Pre-Petrine Hand Gunner (UnArmored), Horse Archer (White Padded Armor), Tsar Cannon (Wooden Casing), and Cannon;
    and Cossack Zaporozhian Rifleman (Black Coat), Zaporozhian Rifleman (Bue Coat), and Siberian (Explorer)
    added Bakuel's Russian Orthodox Priest, Great Merchant, and Aleksey Mikhailovich Romanov

    20 Sept 2014
    changed Mayan Crossbowman to Mayan Heavy Crossbowman, South American Explorer to Incan Explorer, South American Stone Spearman to Incan Stone Spearman, and collapsed a number of other South American entries to specific races
    added Bakuel's Mayan Archer, Crossbowman, Longbowman, Warrior, Axeman, Swordsman, Pikeman, Heavy Footman, Chariot, Horseman, Heavy Cavalry, Scout, and Explorer; and Aztec Spearman as Mayan Stone Spearman
    added Bakuel's Incan Archer, Crossbowman, Longbowman, Musketman, Grenadier, Axeman, Swordsman, Pikeman, Heavy Footman, Chariot, Horse Archer, Knight, and Cannon; and Andean Heavy Spearman and Early Heavy Horseman
    added Bakuel's Aztec Heavy Footman and Grenadier
    set the Incan Pikeman to use the Incan Paladin's gold chest armor

    20-21 Sept 2014
    added TheCapo's Swedish Rifleman, Grenadier, Cavalry, and Cannon, and Turkish Explorer Piri Reis, back in despite the green hair and forked beard issues, heh
    switched to source version of Bakuel's African Light Horseman (as Marauder), and added Bakuel's Zulu Chariot
    added Bakuel's Sumer Archer (no more darker-skinned Egyptian Archer, YES!), Crossbowman (no more Chinese Crossbowman, YES!), Explorer, and Warrior as Stone Axeman
    added Bakuel's Sumer Chariot, Horseman, Heavy Cavalry, Scout, Longbowman, Spearman, Swordsman, Heavy Footman, and Pikeman
    switched to Bakuel's Arabic Industrial Rifleman (Ottoman Palestinian Levy)
    added Bakuel's Seljuk Turkish Bowman (Plain Fancy Dress) as Ottoman Archer, and Seljuk Turkish Crossbowman; and Ottoman Janissary Archer (Chainmail Helmet)
    added Bakuel's Persian Archer, and moved vanilla Middle Eastern Chariot to Persia and Longbow to Babylon (pending its future demise)
    added Bakuel's Makuria Heavy Footman (no more sucky Middle Eastern Swordsman, YES!) and Ayyubid Maceman (Chinese Maceman dumped on Babylon, woot)
    added Bakuel's Abbasid Abna Infantry (Swordsman) as new Arabian Paladin, moved Lakhmid Swordsman from there to Arabian Swordsman, and removed the Lakhmid Light Swordsman as a result
    moved Umayyad Maceman to Arabian Elite Maceman, and added Bakuel's Abbasid Maceman as new Arabian Maceman in its place
    moved Islamic Persian Heavy Footman (Late) to Persian Elite Maceman, and added Bakuel's Islamic Persian Heavy Footman (Ghazid) in its place

    21-22 Sept 2014
    changed skin on Incan Slinger
    changed Egypt from Middle Eastern to African versions of Prehistoric units
    found the original author of the Carthaginian unit set on the forum - Danrell, and switched the Swordsman back to the Maceman despite the shield glare
    removed Phoenician Archer and Chariot (woot), added Danrell's Carthaginian Archer, and removed his Carthaginian Crossbowman and Longbowman
    added Bakuel's Carthaginian Crossbowman, Longbowman, Chariot, Spearman (Chainmail) as Pikeman, Spearman (Sacred Band) as Spartan, Axeman as Maceman, Swordsman as Paladin, Heavy Footman as Master Swordsman, Heavy Cavalry, and Algerian Spahi as Cavalry
    added TheCapo's Celtiberian Horseman as Marauder; and his Iberian Horseman as Marauder, and his Iberian Archer we were missing
    created a new Iberian Slinger
    added Danrell's Carthaginian Knight as Marauder
    cleaned up the Sumer Chariot nif, and fixed the shader version of the Incan Spearman after a long failed attempt yesterday (WOOT!!!)
    added Bakuel's Arabic Infantry, Machinegunner, SAM Infantry, and Anti-Tank Infantry that we missed earlier, heh
    added Bakuel's Custom Incan Maceman

    23 Sept 2014
    added Bakuel's Indian Scout, Warrior as Stone Axeman, Archer, and Clubman (Small Gada) as Warrior; Indian Ancient Javelineer, Chariot, Spearman (Barehead) as Stone Spearman, and Axeman;
    Deccan Vakataka Cavalry (Sword) as Marauder; Dravidian Crossbowman (Turban), Maceman, Spearman (Turban) as Spartan, Chola Heavy Infantry as Swordsman, and Vijayanagara Horse Archer;
    Pre-Muhgal Heavy Cavalry as Knight, Heavy Cavalry (Chainmail Gold Plate) as Knight Champion, and Spearman; Rajput Spearman as Pikeman, and Bowman (Red Turban);
    Maratha Musketman Early (Blue), and Heavy Footman as Master Swordsman; Mughal Cuirassier (Chainmail and Turban); Dravidian Mysore Infantry (Blue) as Rifleman, Early Gernadier, Cavalry, and Cannon;
    Indian Modern Machinegunner, and Sepoy Infantry (WW1); Dravidian Great Generals: Ancient Chola, and Medieval Vijayanagara; and Indian Workers: Ancient Dravidian, Medieval Hindi, and Modern Dravidian
    added Bakuel's Indian Pre-Mughal Horsearcher (Turkic) as Sumerian Horse Archer (no more darker-skinned Egyptian Horse Archer, YES!)
    saved all Civ Unit Display maps as WorldBuilder maps, and as a result, finished removing the two Beastmaster units from the mod (woohoo), and added the Fast Gatherer UU for India

    23-24 Sept 2014
    added Bakuel's Turkish Axeman, Chariot, Spearman, and Ancient Swordsman;
    Ottoman Janissary Officer as Master Swordsman, Heavy Footman as Paladin, Deli Cavalry as Marauder, Deli Cuirassier, and Armored Janissary;
    and Seljuk Pikeman, Heavy Footman as Elite Maceman, Seljuk Turkish Maceman, Heavy Cavalry as Knight, and Horsearcher (Fancy Dress)
    moved existing Ottoman Knight to Knight Champion
    added Bakuel's Ottoman Worker, Mehmed II, and Ataturk
    added TheCapo's Industrial Turk Rifleman, Grenadier, Cavalry, and Cannon
    added new unit class Horseman, and moved Persian Immortal UU to it
    added Charlemagne Light Cavalry as European Marauder, and changed existing one to Greco-Roman Marauder
    moved Iberian, Celtiberian, and Carthaginian Marauder to Horseman
    added Danrell's Ottoman Horseman
    moved Portugese and Russian Knight to Knight Champion, and Russian Marauder to Knight
    added Bakuel's Indian Rajput Heavy Cavalry Early (Scale Armor) as Marauder, and moved existing one to Horseman
    added Bakuel's Viking Heavy Cavalry Armored Horse as Knight, moved existing one to Marauder, and moved existing Marauder to Horseman
    added Bakuel's Russian Pre-Petrine Cavalry Polearm (Helmet) as Horseman, and Oprichnik as Marauder

    24 Sept 2014
    added Bakuel's Egyptian Fatimid Cavalry as Marauder, and moved Marauder to Knight and Knight to Knight Champion
    added Bakuel's Egyptian Fatimid Heavy Cavalry as Persian Knight, and moved existing one to Knight Champion
    added Bakuel's Arabian Abbasid Heavy Cavalry as Knight Champion, and Early Islamic Bedouin Chief as new Camel Lancer UU
    switched to Bakuel's Arabic Cuirassier
    moved Numidian Cavalry to Horseman
    added Equites from C2C as Roman Horseman, and changed the skin
    switched to Phoenician Axeman on Sumeria and Babylon (no more darker-skinned Egyptian Axeman, YES!)
    added Bakuel's Persian Light Horseman as Babylonian Horseman, and switched Persia and Arabia to it

    25 Sept 2014
    added Bakuel's Egyptian Makuria Bedouin Light Cavalry as Horseman, and Fatimid Sudanese Guardsman (Spearman) as Spartan
    moved Makurian Swordsman to Master Swordsman, and added Bakuel's Egyptian Ayyubid Guardsman as Spearman (no more darker-skinned Egyptian Spearman, aww), and Ayyubid Heavy Footman as Swordsman
    added Bakuel's Egyptian Makuria Maceman as Elite Maceman
    added Bakuel's Arabian Umayyad Crossbowman as Persian Heavy Crossbowman, and Egyptian Fatimid Crossbowman as Arabian Heavy Crossbowman
    added Bakuel's Egyptian Fatimid Ahdath Militiaman as Arabian Spartan, Makuria Heavy Cavalry as Knight Champion, and Makuria Spearman (Tribal) as Stone Spearman
    added Bakuel's Ottoman Seljuk Turkish Swordsman as Carthaginian Master Swordsman, moved existing one back to Paladin, changed its shield skin, and removed the existing Paladin
    added Bakuel's Spanish JavelinThrower, Crossbowman, Heavyfootman as Paladin, Pikeman, and Heavy Cavalry (Armored Horse) as Marauder
    set Charlemagne Light Swordsman as European Master Swordsman
    added Bakuel's Spanish Horseman (Spiked Helmet) as European Horseman
    added Bakuel's Aztec Horseman, and moved Mayan Marauder to Horseman
    added Bakuel's Khmer Vietnam Archer, Crossbowman, Longbowman, Spearman, Swordsman, Heavy Footman as Paladin, Pikeman, Chariot, and Horseman
    added Bakuel's Indian Indo-Saka Heavy Cavalry as Khmer Knight

    25-26 Sept 2014
    added Bakuel's Mongol Crossbowman, Longbowman, Warrior, Axeman, and Chariot; Spearman and moved existing one to Spartan, Swordsman, Ancient Warlord Subutai, and Medieval Warlord Timur; Pikeman and Explorer; and HeavyCavalry as Knight, and Worker
    added Bakuel's Chinese Horseman, and Indian Kushan Light Horseman as Mongolian Horseman
    added Bakuel's Turkish Ancient Worker as Ottoman Ancient Worker, and moved existing one to Medieval
    moved Byzantine Marauder to Japanese Horseman where it SHOULD be, sigh
    moved Keshik from Knight to Marauder UU
    added Bakuel's Indian Gupta Cataphract as Khmer Knight Champion
    added Bakuel's Korean Longbowman (Joseon Dynasty), Warrior as Stone Axeman, Spearman, Horse Archer, Scout, and Explorer;
    and Archer, Crossbowman, Chariot, Heavy Cavalry as Knight, Axeman, Swordsman, Heavy Footman as Paladin, and Pikeman
    moved old Korean Pikeman (vanilla Mongolian) to Chinese Spartan, and added it to Japan, Korea, and Khmer

    27 Sept 2014
    fixed Carthaginian Archer's arrow effect, cleaned up unused Archer, Crossbowman, Longbowman, and Horse Archer arrow nifs and SAM Infantry missile nifs, and turned off and cleaned up Thumbs.db files in Windows 8.1, grr
    added Chinese Crossbowman (under Chu-Ko-Nu!) to Chinese Heavy Crossbowman, and added it to Japan, Korea, and Khmer
    added Russian Christian Orthodox Missionary to Byzantium, Egypt, Ethiopia, and India
    added Bakuel's Arabic Modern Infantry Irregular as Barbarian Infantry, Russian Cossack Urban as Barbarian Rifleman, Indian Ancient Cavalry (Small Plate) as Barbarian Horseman, Indian Gupta Cavalry as Barbarian Marauder, and Indian Mughal Heavy Cavalry (Green Jacket) as Barbarian Knight Champion
    changed scale factors on a number of Mounted units
    added Bakuel's Indian Mughal Maceman and Grand Bombard
    added Bakuel's Arabian Lakhmid Light Swordsman back in, moved existing Swordsman to Master Swordsman, moved existing Master Swordsman to Paladin, and removed existing Paladin (b/c I couldn't freaking stand it any more, lol)
    added Bakuel's Arabian Abbasid Swordsman (Common) as Master Swordsman, and removed existing one (b/c he kinda sucked too, heh)
    finally searched for all threads started by Danrell, and downloaded most of his library
    switched to source Danrell versions of Persian Swordsman (Immortal) and added missing animations; Portugese Knight Champion; Chinese Axeman and added missing animations, Marauder, Paladin, and Pikeman; Islamic Crusader; and Chinese Infantry
    applied TheCoyote's animation fix to Chuggi's Japanese Cavalry, which I probably wasn't using before though I can't be sure with all-2012 modification dates on the nif file
    added Danrell's Chinese Cavalry and Cannon; French Rifleman and used its skin to correct the Grenadier, and Knight as Knight Champion; Dutch Knight as Marauder, and Maceman as Paladin; and Portugese Maceman as Paladin

    28 Sept 2014
    finally figured out what was going on with Danrell's vanilla animation files: he must've included them b/c they were only in a scenario at the time, since they're only available as a linkable vanilla source in BTS
    removed unnecessary animation files from Persian Swordsman, Chinese Axeman and Pikeman, French and Portugese Knight Champion and moved them back to Knight, Islamic Crusader, Dutch and Portugese Paladin, and Native American Cavalry (using the Cuirassier's copy now)
    added Danrell's French Spearman as Pikeman, and Maceman as Paladin; Roman Chariot as Greek Chariot; and Middle Eastern AT Infantry
    added Danrell's Workers: Medieval Caucasian, Modern Asian, Celtic, Slavic as Ancient Viking, and Medieval African
    added Danrell's Japanese Archer and moved existing one back to Korea; Crossbowman; Spearman as Pikeman; Swordsman (no more sucky vanilla version, woot); Musketman and added it to Mongolia, China, and Korea; Chariot; Horseman as Marauder and added it to Korea; and Cuirassier and added it to China and Korea
    added Bernie14's Chinese Grenadier, and added it to Mongolia, Japan, and Khmer
    added Danrell's Older-Version Japanese Crossbowman as Heavy Crossbowman, and added it to China, Korea, and Khmer; and Old-Version Japanese Horseman, and added it to Korea
    decreased scale on all 3 Great Bombard models from 0.6 to 0.56, and fixed centering on the new Indian one
    adjusted scale on all the Bombard, Culverin, and Organ Gun models, and removed the Musketman from the Culverin model, matching Bombard and Organ Gun (woot! that had been SERIOUSLY bothering my subconscious for a long time now, heh)

    28-29 Sept 2014
    set new stats on Horseman, Numidian Cavalry, Immortal, Camel Lancer, and Keshik

    29 Sept 2014
    changed Mayan Holkan from First Strike Immunity to 1 First Strike and free Hunter promotion
    added 10% Withdrawal to Zulu Impi and French Musketeer
    removed free Hunter promotion from Incan Quechua
    decreased cost on Babylonian Bowman from 25 to 21
    decreased Holy Roman Landsknecht from 25 to +20% vs Melee
    decreased maintenance reduction on Courthouse, Aztec Sacrificial Altar, and Sumerian Ziggurat from -50 to -40%, on Holy Roman Rathaus from -75 to -60%, and on Zulu Ikhanda from -20 to -15%
    improved unit order and cleaned up spacing in the XML files (including moving defensive gunpowder down below melee)
    added Byzantine Cataphract Champion UU
    cleaned up some folder names in the Unit pak file, moved the remaining 3 Missionaries there as they should be, further cleaned up the unit XML files, and added some ethnic VU icons from the Warlords Atlas
    fixed the Pedia's Unit Tree and Unit panes to show ethnic unit icons from VUs by copying the icon code from the Tech Advisor (the main catalog lists still use base unit icons only), and updated Sevopedia to version 3.2a as a result
    updated CvMainInterface.py to apply the same icon fix to the PLE code (woot!)
    added +25% vs Animals and +10% vs Recon to Incan Quechua, restoring the effects of its free Hunter promotion at half strength
    updated Titleplate again for the new Sevopedia version number
    removed First Strike Immune and +25% City Attack from Chariot, added limited Splash Damage as standard effect, and set Egyptian War Chariot to be a simple strength-5 version of the normal one
    downloaded WolfshanzeMod 2.85 again b/c it wasn't still in my archives for some reason - grr - and added 3 icons from it
    changed Chariot from +40% vs Axeman and +10% vs Melee, to +50% vs Axeman and Swordsman; and changed Stone Spearman from +40% vs War Dog and +60% vs Mounted back to +50% vs both as a result
    added free Blitz to Motorcycle, Jeep, Humvee, and Scout Mech, and free Drill 1 to Russian Cossack in addition to its existing Blitz, which allows it to use the tank upgrade path without penalty

    30 Sept 2014
    added +100% vs Ice Golem to Firebat (duh! lol)
    added +1 Culture to Sumerian Ziggurat, and increased its Maintenance reduction from -40 to -50% (in addition to its existing Priest slot and 2/3 build cost)
    added -5% Maintenance to Viking Trading Post
    increased Persian Apothecary from 20 to +25% Gold
    increased War Weariness reduction from -25 to -50% on Indian Mausoleum
    decreased cost on Chinese Pavillion from 50 to 33, and increased it from 3 to +4 Culture
    restored the plain Theater's +1 Happiness from Dyes on the Byzantine Hippodrome, and added +1 Mounted and Armor experience
    added +5% Production to Egyptian Obelisk
    added Merchant slot to Native American Totem Pole
    shelved the Great Courthouse Nerf of 2014™ until next version, setting it back to -50%, Ziggurat to -60%, and Rathaus to -70% Maintenance

    30 Sept - 1 Oct 2014
    added Danrell's Babylonian Maceman as Paladin, Spearman as Pikeman, and Knight as Marauder

    1 Oct 2014
    added Bakuel's Byzantine Crossbowman, Longbowman, Maceman, Heavyfootman as Paladin, Pikeman, Horseman (Armored Horse) as Marauder, Cataphract, and Cuirassier
    added Danrell's Byzantine Crossbowman as Heavy Crossbowman, Maceman as Master Swordsman, and Horseman
    moved existing Roman and Byzantine vanilla Spearman models to Spartan
    added Bakuel's Roman Thraex as Master Swordsman, and Spearman
    added Danrell's Byzantine Axeman, Spearman, Swordsman, and Chariot
    added Roman Gladiator as new Master Swordsman UU using the new Thraex VU
    added Bakuel's Andean Medieval Swordsman as Incan Master Swordsman, and added new Aztec Jaguar Alpha UU using the existing Aztec Master Swordsman "Green Jaguar" vanilla model
    added a number of new VU icons
    renamed Spartan unit class to Elite Spearman, and added Greek Spartan as new UU

    2 Oct 2014
    renamed Elite Maceman to Heavy Maceman, and Heavy Crossbowman to Royal Crossbowman as a result of the Spearman change
    made a full standardized set of WorldBuilder saves for comparing all civs' VUs
    made a German Rifleman using the German Grenadier skin
    added Danrell's Iraqi Republican Guard as Babylonian Marine
    downloaded some more files from the Unit Graphics forum, and switched to archive copies of Refar's EE2 Papyrus Boat (Raft) and Carrack (Sloop), and Coffee_Junkie's Viking Warrior
    added Coffee_Junkie's Viking Axeman as new Armored Berserker UU; Bakuel's Viking Age Spearman as Elite Spearman, Viking Axeman as Stone Axeman, and Crossbowman as Royal Crossbowman;
    and Asioasioasio's Finnish Infantry, Machine Gun, SAM Infantry, AT Infantry, and Paratrooper
    hooked up the Warlords Mongolian Javelin Thrower
    added Sezerith's Khorne Berserkers as new Barbarian UUs Raging Axeman (Heavy Maceman) and Blood Knight (Knight Champion)
    added Aranor's Seleucid Elite Spearman Thorakitai as Babylonian Elite Spearman
    hooked up the Warlords Eurasian Archer as Mongolian Ranger
    moved existing Celtic Paladin down to new UU Gallic Master Swordsman

    2-3 Oct 2014
    added some more VU icons
    added Bakuel's Celtic Spearman as Stone Spearman, Swordsman (No Shirt) as renamed UU Gallic Swordsman, Heavy Footman as Paladin, Pikeman, Crossbowman, Longbowman, Heavy Cavalry as Knight, Cuirassier, and Musketman

    3 Oct 2014
    added new UUs Mayan Elite Holkan, Zulu Elite Impi, and Chinese Royal Chu-Ko-Nu, and updated the WorldBuilder saves and Civ4 saves again as a result
    added Bakuel's Portuguese Crossbowman, Longbowman, and Heavy Infantry as Maceman; and Portuguese Spearman as Celtiberian Elite Spearman and Swordsman as Celtiberian Master Swordsman
    moved existing Incan Spearman to Elite Spearman, and restored Bakuel's Inca Spearman
    moved existing Aztec Pikeman to Elite Spearman, and added Bakuel's Aztec Pikeman, and Heavy Cavalry as Knight Champion
    added even more VU icons
    set UnitAIs on the 11 new EUUs, and increased iPower on Falcon from 2 to 3
    added 1 FSC to Raging Axeman, and re-checked all new unit stats
    increased cost on Shadow Demon from 310 to 550 and set its iAsset and iPower values, all of which were still cloned Behemoth values, SIGH
    set up the organized staging folder for Bakuel's African models

    4 Oct 2014
    switched to Bakuel's African Grenadier, which is slightly different than the existing C2C one (beard instead of helmet strap, face not split in half vertically, identical body)
    switched to source copies on Bakuel's African Machinegun Askari, SAM Infantry, and Modern Worker; and Ethiopian Heavyfootman (as Paladin), Heavy Cavalry (as Knight), Cuirassier, and Rifleman
    added Bakuel's Malinese Senegalese Tirailleurs (Machinegun), and Senegalese Tirailleurs as Infantry
    added Bakuel's African Askari as Infantry
    renamed African Marauder, Longbowman, Horse Archer, and Maceman to Zulu; and African Paladin and Knight to Ethiopian
    finally found the source of the missing Zulu units on the Unit Graphics forum (woohoo!), and switched to Polycrates' source copies of Zulu Maceman and Longbowman, as well as his Spearman and Crossbowman (which we weren't specifically looking for as Zulu units, heh)
    switched BACK to the C2C African Grenadier, since it turns out the head isn't fully connected to the body in Bakuel's version, heh
    added Polycrates' Zulu Javelin as Atlatl, and Knight
    added Bakuel's African Heavy Spearman as Elite Spearman, and Maceman as Heavy Maceman
    moved existing Zulu Marauder to Horseman, and existing African Spearman to Zulu Elite Impi
    added Bakuel's Ethiopian Archer, Crossbowman, Longbowman, Axeman, Spearman, Swordsman, Pikeman, Grenadier, Chariot, Horseman, Cavalry, and Cannon
    added Bakuel's Egyptian Fatimid Nubian Spearman as Malinese Pikeman, Nubian Heavy Cavalry (Byzantine Style Armor) as African Marauder, Nubian Heavy Cavalry (Native Armor) as Zulu Marauder, Mamluk Heavy Cavalry (Turban) as African Knight Champion, and Mamluk Heavy Cavalry as Malinese Knight
    added Bakuel's Malinese Crossbowman, Longbowman, Axeman, Spearman, Swordsman, Heavyfootman as Maceman, Musketman, Rifleman, Grenadier, Chariot, Horseman, Cuirassier, Cavalry, and Cannon
    added Bakuel's African Early Swordsman as Master Swordsman, Horse Archer, and Modern Infantry as Marine
    added Bakuel's Egyptian Makurian Archer as Malinese Archer

    5 Oct 2014
    added Bakuel's African Cavalry, Rifleman, and King's African Rifles as Zulu Infantry; and Mongol Heavy Footman as Maceman
    moved Babylonian Maceman (vanilla green) to Persian Heavy Maceman, existing Persian Heavy Maceman to Maceman, and existing Persian Maceman to Sumerian Maceman
    changed Indian Knight Champion to Bakuel's Mughal Heavy Cavalry (Green Jacket), matching their Heavy Maceman (woohoo!)
    added Splash Damage Immunity to Ranger
    found the author of the missing War Elephants on the forum, switched to source copy of Chuggi's Chinese War Elephant, and added his Arabian War Elephant as Middle Eastern, and his Japanese War Elephant (YES!!!)
    found the author of the Guan Yu Chinese Knight on the forum, and switched to Siam's source copy of it
    re-activated the BTS "Plain" War Elephant as European since it turns out it doesn't suck like the Vanilla-Vanilla one we can't seem to stop remembering, renamed the existing BTS European War Elephant to Celtic and dropped it down to only being used by Portugal and Celtia, and re-activated the vanilla Middle Eastern War Elephant as Indian, which is suppressed under the Mumakil but still available with the editor, heh

    5-6 Oct 2014
    added SaibotLieh's Amazon Swordsman (Asian) as Chinese Master Swordsman but used by Japan, Korea, and Khmer

    6 Oct 2014
    added SaibotLieh's Amazon Ancient Spy as Celtiberian Ancient Spy
    switched to source copy of Polycrates' Zulu Pikeman (missed this before in all the confusion over trying it as the Elite Impi, heh)
    downloaded Mamba's Diversica 1.95 (previously I had version 1.00 of it in my archive, heh)
    added NikNaks93's Arabian Explorer Ibn Battuta
    added by way of Diversica: Avain's German Explorer, Chugginator's European Explorer, TheCapo's Indian Explorer, x
    added Bernie14's Iroquois Grenadier
    added Polycrates' African Ancient Spy
    added Bakuel's Persian Chariot, and renamed the existing one to Babylonian to match the (vanilla Middle Eastern) Longbowman, and also the gold-helmet Bowman UU and its new Paladin, Pikeman, and Marauder gold-shield variants
    added Bakuel's Perisan Immortal (Armored Dark) as Elite Spearman (woops! hehe), and Horse Archer (Achaemenid)
    modified the Indian Explorer textures

    7 Oct 2014
    activated BTS Vanilla Settler as Roman, and moved existing Greco-Roman Worker (BTS Vanilla ie "White") to Roman
    added by way of Diversica: CoffeeJunkie's Zulu Male Settler, and Ottoman Male Settler;
    Chugginator's Ancient Germanic Settler, Medieval Germanic Settler as European, Slavic Settler as Viking, Medieval and Modern Asian Settler, Industrial European Settler as Modern, and Meso Settler as Aztec;
    Ambrox's Celtic Settler, Nubian Settler as Ethiopian, and Hellenistic Settler as Greek;
    Unknown's Arabian, Egyptian, and Indian Settler; and TheCapo's Medieval African Settler (Female and Child only!) as Ancient Zulu
    added by way of Diversica: Chugginator's Ancient Germanic Worker, and Hellenistic Workers as Ancient Greek and Roman Workers
    activated Warlords Mongol Settler
    added by way of Diversica: AchillesZero's Iroquois Scout as Aztec Stone Axeman, and improved the animation setting on several existing Stone Axeman entries; Ambrox's Celtic Scout; Total Realism's Meso Scout as Incan;
    CoffeeJunkie's Egyptian Scout; Chugginator's German Scout; Ambrox's Nubian Scout as African, and Persian Scout; and ModFreak's Roman Scout as Greek
    switched to Chugginator's Celtic Worker by way of Diversica
    removed the Great Prophet glow from the Barbarian Witch Doctor model
    restored +50% vs War Dog on Barbarian Shaman, and decreased it from 100 to +60% vs Mounted, and from 25 to +10% vs Melee
    increased Barbarian Witch Doctor from 2 to 2-3 First Strikes, and decreased it from 50 to +10% City Attack

    8 Oct 2014
    updated the display save library again to show Battering Ram, Artillery, and Christian Missionary, and to move the Great Merchant and Aztec Settler to better locations
    fixed XML bugs from yesterday with Celtic Gatherer and Mongolian Band and Tribe, and changed Mali, Ethiopia, and Barbarian to Primitive Ram VU, as a result
    added by way of Diversica: Chugginator's Medieval Meso Male Settler as Aztec
    added SpillsAndStains' Middle Eastern as Arabian, New World as South American, and Steppe as Mongolian Modern Workers (NICE!!!)
    added by way of Diversica: Chugginator's Ancient and Medieval Meso Worker as Aztec, and Medieval Middle East Worker as Persian; and Ambrox's Ancient Babylonian Worker as Sumerian
    added Bakuel's Arabic Muslim Worker as Medieval Arabian (thanks Diversica for reminding me I'd forgotten this one!)
    added Primitive Ram VU to Celtia (oops, heh)

    9 Oct 2014
    added by way of Diversica: Ambrox's Germanic, Hellenistic as Greco-Roman, Meso as Indian, and Middle Eastern Ancient Spies; and Unknown's African Ancient Spy as Malinese
    removed most Medieval European Civilian VU entries for non-strictly-European Civs
    made a number of last-minute tweaks, fixes, and improvements to Civilian VU sharing settings and fScale values, and fixed several icon links on new African and Arabian Scout VUs
    added Environment_FX_RedMetal.dds to the Shared PAK folder, and cleaned up all extra GreyMetal, BlueMetal, and Bronze files from the new unit graphics
    fixed broken Sith Lord train sound link (holy carp! how did THAT not get set properly when I shortened the name a long time ago, SIGH)
    removed SaibotLieh's Female Ninja custom kfm set, and set it to use the new Amazon Swordsman (Asian) kfm set instead, which it turns out has "normal" combat sound links instead of Armor and Knight ones (in addition to the female sound effects present in both)
    added by way of Diversica: Chugginator's Ancient African Warlord, and Polycrates' Medieval and Modern African Warlords (woohoo!)

    21 Oct 2014
    set Sumeria to use the Persian (Vanilla) Heavy Maceman and Knight Champion VUs

    21-22 Oct 2014
    moved Russian Pikeman VU to Elite Spearman, and added Bakuel's Russian Pre-Petrine Pikeman in its place

    22 Oct 2014
    moved Russian Master Swordsman VU to Heavy Maceman, and added Bakuel's Russian Kievan Rus Druzhina (Swordsman) in its place

    22-23 Oct 2014
    added Bakuel's Russian Vladimir-Suzdal Crossbowman as Royal Crossbowman
  5. LunarMongoose

    LunarMongoose Chieftain

    Jan 29, 2006
    Boston, MA, USA
    Version 4.2 Patch Notes - Part 4

    Spoiler :
    23 Oct 2014
    moved Viking Ranger (Legolas) to Celtic Ranger, and added it to Portugal and Russia
    added Bakuel's Viking Archer as Ranger, and Arabian Early Islamic Bedouin Archer as Barbarian Ranger
    added as new EU Elder Longbowman: Bakuel's Viking Longbowman, Russian Vladimir-Suzdal Archer (Armored), Spanish Longbowman, Aztec Longbowman, African Medieval Bowman, Arabian Abbasid Bowman, Indian Rajput Bowman (Scale Armor), Indian Pre-Mughal Archer (Turkic) as Egyptian, Italy Longbowman as Roman (default for all civs), Indian Pre-Muhgal Archer (Armored Turk) as Ottoman, Andean Medieval Bowman as Incan, and Arabian Umayyad Bowman as Persian
    moved Korean Longbowman to Elder Longbowman, and added Bakuel's Korean Longbowman (Hwarang) in its place
    moved Chinese Longbowman to Mongolian Elder Longbowman and added it to China, and added Danrell's Chinese Longbowman in its place
    added Danrell's Byzantine Longbowman a Elder Longbowman, and Japanese Knight
    moved Japanese Longbowman (Yumi Samurai) to Elder Longbowman, and added Danrell's Japanese Longbowman in its place
    added Bakuel's Arabian Early Islamic Archer as Archer, replacing his existing VU (which was too indistinguishable from the Worker VU)
    added Bakuel's Indian Pre-Muhgal Bowman as Ranger, and activated existing Byzantine Archer from Oct 1, ARGH!!!
    added Bakuel's Greek Cretan Archer (Armored) as Longbowman, Crossbowman, Heavyfootman (Hypaspistai Silver) as Paladin, Agrianian Skirmisher as Atlatl, and Macedonain Pikeman
    added Walter Hawkwood's Persian Foot Knight, by way of Bakuel's Persian Medieval Sassanid pack, as Mongolian Paladin
    added Fundamentalism requirement to Fascism
    decreased cost on Martial Arts from 700 to 500, and on Fundamentalism from 1000 to 600
    fixed the Pedia unit upgrade graph again
    added Elder Longbowman icon, and 2 more Mongolian VU icons (Explorer and Crossbowman)
    decreased Elder Longbowman Hill Defense from 45 to 35%, and gold cost from 3 to 2
    downloaded a few missing Bakuel zips (sigh), and added Bakuel's Russian Halych-Volhynia Bowman as Ranger, and Greek WW1 Infantry and MachineGunner

    23-24 Oct 2014
    moved Great Generals: American Medieval to Ancient, and Ottoman Ancient to Medieval
    added Great Generals by way of Diversica: Bernie14's Union as American Medieval;
    Modfreak's Ancient Asian; AsioAsioAsio's Montgomery as English Modern;
    Chugginator's Medieval English, deGaul as French Modern, Ancient Incan and Mayan;
    AchillesZero's Native American Ancient and Medieval, and Ancient Vietnamese as Khmer;
    and Bakuel's AlpArslan as Ottoman Ancient, Svyatoslav as Russian Ancient, and ElCid as Spanish Ancient

    24 Oct 2014
    swapped Longbowman and Elder Longbowman VUs on Spain and Arabia
    added Bakuel's Holy Roman Frankish Archer as German, set it to default, and moved existing European Archer (vanilla) to Celtic
    added Bakuel's Holy Roman Frankish Crossbowman as German
    moved existing European Crossbowman (vanilla) to Roman
    moved existing Roman Elder Longbowman to Longbowman, and set it to default
    moved existing European Longbowman (vanilla) to English
    added Bakuel's Holy Roman Frankish Longbowman as German Longbowman
    moved existing Papal Longbowman to Elder Longbowman
    added SaibotLieh's Amazon Longbowman as European Elder Longbowman, and set it to default
    added Danrell's Greek Crossbowman as Royal Crossbowman, and Greek Longbowman as Elder Longbowman

    25 Oct 2014
    added Danrell's Greek Maceman as Master Swordsman, and Greek Knight as Knight Champion
    moved existing Greek Knight (vanilla Sword) to French (AS IT SHOULD BE, sheesh, wtf, HELLO Fleurs?!), set Greek to use it, and set existing German Knight (vanilla Lance) as default
    moved existing English Knight (King Arthur! yay woohoo) to Holy Roman as it should be, and set English to use it
    added Danrell's French Swordsman as Master Swordsman
    made a basic custom Greek Horse Archer VU
    switched to source copy of Bakuel's Holy Roman Frankish Heavy Cavalry (King Arthur Knight)
    added Bakuel's Holy Roman Musketman (Habsburg Spainish Regular) as Spanish Musketman
    renamed Royal Crossbowman (heavy leather with fire bolts) to Spanish Royal Crossbowman
    set European Pikeman to default, renamed Roman Pikeman to Papal, and added it to Dutch and Holy Roman (under Landsknecht)
    added Bakuel's Holy Roman Frankish Horseman as Marauder, Axeman, Spearman, Pikeman as Elite Spearman, Swordsman, Heavy Footman as Master Swordsman, and Chariot
    set the new Holy Roman units to be the defaults, rearranged the Celtic melee units in preparation for weapon swapping, and made a few other VU assignment tweaks
    added Zerver's American Horseman as Marauder
    added Sezereth's CATHAY Archer of the Wall as Chinese Ranger, and Celestial Cavalry Officer as Chinese Knight Champion

    26 Oct 2014
    added Danrell's Dutch Archer, Crossbowman, Longbowman, Axeman, Spearman, Swordsman, Chariot, and Horseman
    added Ambrox62's Horse Archers: Goth as Viking, Briton as English, Gaul as French, Iberian, German, and Greek
    added Celtic Chariot, Stone Axeman, and Stone Spearman VUs back into England
    fixed the arrow texture on the Chinese Ranger
    added Aranor's Scythian Half Cataphract as Barbarian Horseman
    added CoffeeJunkie's Carthaginian Horseman as Barbarian Marauder, moved existing one back to Indian Marauder, and reskinned the Indian Elder Longbowman
    added Ambrox62's Horse Archers: Carthaginian, Nubian as Ethiopian, and Babylonian
    swapped a few horse skins around
    found and switched to source version of Sezereth's Generic Hunter (Northern European Scout)

    26-27 Oct 2014
    moved existing African Warrior to Ethiopian
    added Sezereth's Warriors: Malinese, Zulu, Germanic Set as German and English, Celtic, and Turk as Arabian

    27 Oct 2014
    renamed Flight Research tech to Military Research, and added new EU Advanced Tank and UEU German Tiger Tank in it
    moved American M26 Pershing and Russian IS2 Tank VUs to Advanced Tank
    added Snafusmith's American M4, Arabian M3, Aztec M3, Carthaginian T34, Celtic Valentine, Chinese PzKpfw2, Egyptian M4, Ethiopian T85, Holy Roman Turan 2 as Hungarian, Indian M4, Japanese Type 95, Portuguese Vickers 6, Russian T85, and Sumerian T34 as Tank VUs
    added Snafusmith's German PzKpfw6 as Tiger Tank VU
    added AsioAsioAsio's British Centurion as Advanced Tank, and Snafusmith's Iraqi T55 Enigma as Babylonian Modern Tank
    switched to Ambrox62's Persian Horse Archer (sorry Bakuel! heh)
    removed Sumerian Horse Archer (sorry again Bakuel! lol) since the model is now represented by the Egyptian Elder Longbowman, moved existing Babylonian Horse Archer to Sumeria, and added it to Babylon
    fixed Holy Roman (Frankish) Archer's arrow effect
    added Bakuel's Persian Sassanid (Daylami) Javelineer as Babylonian Atlatl, Archer as Babylonian Ranger, and Levy Spearman as Babylonian Stone Spearman

    28 Oct 2014
    renamed Middle Eastern Stone Spearman to Arabian
    added Babylonian Stone Spearman VU to Persia
    added Babylonian Modern Tank VU to Egypt, Mali, Ethiopia, Zulu, Sumeria, Persia, and Arabia
    fixed Assault Ship icon, activated 3 icons found by searching unit folders, and cleaned up the EnvironmentFX files from all the new unit graphics again
    added Bakuel's Persian Sassanid Heavy Footman as Master Swordsman, and moved existing "Swordswoman" VU to Babylonian
    added Danrell's English Cavalry, and moved existing "British" VU to Industrial+ only
    added Roman Swordsman to Rome, America, and France, since I forgot to hook it back up earlier

    29 Oct 2014
    swapped Viking Master Swordsman and Paladin VUs
    moved Mongolian Horseman VU to Khmer Marauder, and Mongolian Marauder (vanilla) to Horseman where it should be (woohoo)
    moved Babylonian Atlatl, Stone Spearman, and Ranger back to Persian where they should be, and Persian Atlatl (red armor) to Babylonian (no choice at the moment, heh)
    moved Babylonian Paladin down to Swordsman and Pikeman down to Spearman, and set Babylon to borrow Persian VUs for these and also its Maceman (instead of Sumeria's Mamluk-esque import), and Heavy Maceman and Knight Champion (instead of default European - blech!)

    30 Oct 2014
    added Ambrox62's Slavic Slinger as Russian
    found source version of Arabian Slinger (Ambrox62's Stone Age Iberian Archer), and made new skin for it
    moved existing German Horse Archer to European
    added Ambrox62's Horse Archers: Assyrian as Babylonian, Illyrian as German, Kolch as Holy Roman, and Scythian as Portuguese
    renamed existing European Atlatl to French, and moved GrecoRoman Archer (vanilla) to Roman Ranger
    added Ambrox62's Bronze Age Archers: Briton as English, Gaul as French, Greek, Illyrian as German, German as European, Roman, and Nubian Hero as Ethiopian Ranger

    31 Oct 2014
    moved Sumerian Horse Archer back to Babylonian (replacing Assyrian), and added Ambrox62's Hittite Horse Archer as Sumerian
    added Ambrox62's Chariots: German as European, Briton as English, Gaul as French, Iberian (replacing Danrell's, sorry!), and Illyrian as German
    found and switched to Ambrox62's Javelineer (Atlatl) source copies on African (Nubian v1) and renamed it to Ethiopian, and French (Gaul v1)
    added Ambrox62's Javelineers v1: German as English, Briton as Celtic, Illyrian as German, Hittite as Sumerian, Babylonian, Phoenician as Carthaginian, and Roman
    added Ambrox62's Javelineers v2: Egyptian, Goth as Viking, and Scythian as Celtiberian
    added Ambrox62's Bronze Age Archers: Hittite as Sumerian Ranger, and Babylonian as Ranger
    moved existing German Warrior to Holy Roman
    added Ambrox62's Warriors: Gaul as French, Iberian, Scythian as Celtiberian, Illyrian as German, Greek, Roman, Phoenician as Carthaginian, Egyptian, Hittite as Sumerian, Babylonian, and Persian
    renamed Middle Eastern Warrior and Persian Red Armor Atlatl to Ottoman
    moved Egyptian Spearman to Sumerian Elite Spearman, and Sumerian Maceman to Heavy Maceman
    moved Ethiopian Axeman to Stone Axeman, and Spearman to Stone Spearman
    added Ambrox62's Axemen as Stone Axemen: Iberian, Scythian as Celtiberian, Illyrian as German, Greek, Roman, Minoan as Carthaginian, Babylonian, and Persian
    added Ambrox62's Axemen as Axemen: German as European (and set it to default), Briton as English, Gaul as French, and Nubian as Ethiopian
    added Ambrox62's Axemen as Maceman: Hittite as Sumerian
    added Ambrox62's Spearmen as Stone Spearmen: Iberian, Scythian as Celtiberian, Illyrian as German, Greek, Roman, Minoan as Carthaginian, Hittite as Sumerian, and Babylonian
    added Ambrox62's Spearmen as Spearmen: German as European (and set it to default), Briton as English, Gaul as French, Egyptian, and Nubian as Ethiopian
    found and switched to Ambrox62's Viking Spearman (Stone Spearman) source copy, restoring its missing shield and non-shader .nif file in the process
    added Bakuel's Persian Sassanid Crossbowman, moved existing one (Islamic Persian Crossbowman) to Arabian Royal Crossbowman, and moved existing one (Fatimid) back to Egypt where it belongs
    added Bakuel's Egyptian Ayyubid Crossbowman as German Royal Crossbowman
    added Bakuel's Islamic Persian Archer as Arabian Elder Longbowman, and moved existing one (Abbasid Abna Infantry (Archer)) to Babylon
    added Ambrox62's Javelineers v1: Medes as European (and set it to default)
    added Ambrox62's Spearmen as Spearmen: Illyrian Hero as German (and edited it slightly)

    2 Nov 2014
    deleted the hideously ugly shield on the Babylonian Stone Spearman
    found and switched to source copies of Ambrox62's Scouts: African (Nubian) and renamed it to Ethiopian, and Persian (the Briton as Celtic one had been modified so we kept the existing newer version)

    3 Nov 2014
    found and switched to source copies of Ambrox62's Settlers: Briton as Celtic, and Greek

    3-4 Nov 2014
    moved existing Ancient Babylonian (vanilla) Worker to Medieval
    added Ambrox62's Workers: German as English, Goth as Viking and moved existing one to Medieval, Hittite as Sumerian and moved existing one to Ancient Babylonian, Nubian as Ethiopian, Persian and moved existing one to Medieval, and Phoenician as Carthaginian
    added Ambrox62's Settlers: German as English, Goth as Viking and moved existing Child to Medieval, Hittite as Sumerian, Babylonian and moved existing vanilla one to Medieval, Persian, and Phoenician as Carthaginian

    5 Nov 2014
    swapped Mongolian Horseman (vanilla) and Keshik models
    added Ambrox62's Kolch Javelineer v2 as Atlatl, Axeman as Stone Axeman, and Spearman as Stone Spearman for Holy Rome, matching its Horse Archer

    7 Nov 2014
    renamed European Atlatl (Medes) to Dutch, and European Warrior (vanilla) to American
    set Dutch to use default (Dutch) Atlatl instead of French, and added Ambrox62's Medes Horse Archer and Warrior as Dutch

    added Bakuel's Arabic Modern Cavalry as Industrial+, Russian Vladimir-Suzdal Light Cavalry as Horse Archer Medieval+, and Ottoman Turkish Horsearcher as Medieval+
    added Bakuel's Indian Ancient Cavalry (Small Plate) as Horseman Ancient, Indian Kushan Horsearcher (Leather Cap) as Ancient, and moved existing ones to Medieval+
    set China to use Korean Horse Archer VU, and moved existing one (note: found earlier in Diversica to be made by Bernie14!) to Mongolian Medieval+ (woohoo!)
    set Barbarian Marauder to use GrecoRoman default VU, moved existing one to Carthage WHERE IT FREAKING BELONGS, and moved existing one to Sumerian
    added Bakuel's Indian Kushan Cataphract (Gold Armor) as Babylonian Knight, and Indian Kushan Cataphract (Fancy Helmet) as Babylonian Knight Champion
    moved "mongol_weapons.dds" to Shared folder to fix pink cup on Carthaginian Marauder
    added Bakuel's Russian Chernye Klobuki Horsearcher (Metal Mask) as Sumerian Medieval+, Indian Kushan Horsearcher (Noble) as Babylonian Medieval+, and Indian Indo-Saka Horsearcher as Persian Medieval+

    8 Nov 2014
    switched to source copies on Chuggi's Workers: Arabic as Medieval Persian, Medieval African, Caucasian Medieval as European, Modern Asian as Chinese, Ancient Germanic as German, and Ancient Slavic as Medieval Viking (oops...)

    swapped new Medieval+ Horse Archers on Sumeria and Persia
    added Ambrox62's Workers and Settlers: Scythian as Celtiberian, Medes as Dutch, and Kolch as Holy Roman
    added Sezereth's Ungol Horse Archer (Variant 1) as Chinese, and Ungol Raider (Variant 2) as Chinese Horseman and moved existing one to Medieval+
    added by way of Diversica: TheCapo's Native American Female and Child Settler as Mayan
    added by way of Diversica: Coffee_Junkie's Berber Male Settler as Arabian Ancient
    added by way of Diversica: Chugginator's Germanic Male Settler (Variant 1) as Holy Roman, and Slavic Male Settler as Viking Medieval+ (reluctantly cuz it looks pretty bad, heh)
    added Bakuel's Arabic Cavalry Modern Irregular Bedouin as Sumerian, and added it to Babylonian and Persian
    added by way of Diversica: Avain's Hungarian Female Settler as Medieval Viking
    moved Sumerian Stone Axeman to Warrior (reluctantly since it's now pending a weapon swap, heh), and Maceman to Stone Axeman WHERE IT FREAKING BELONGS (woohoo!)
    added Bakuel's Arabian Abbasid Maceman (Ruffian) as Sumerian

    8-9 Nov 2014
    renamed existing Ancient Asian Settler (vanilla) to Chinese, and existing Medieval Asian Settler (Male and Female only) to Japanese
    added by way of Diversica: added Chugginator's Ancient Asian Settler group as Ancient Asian (Male 1 and both Children), and as Medieval Asian (Male 2 and Female)
    added by way of Diversica: Bakuel's Ancient Hun Worker as Medieval Mongolian

    9 Nov 2014
    set Russia to use Pirate Female Settler instead of Medieval Viking one
    found and removed Indian Female Settler since it was just a near-identical copy of the Medieval Babylonian (vanilla) one

    10 Nov 2014
    added Bakuel's Vietnam Heavy Cavalry as Korean Marauder, Khmer Crossbowman as Royal Crossbowman, and Khmer Longbowman as Elder Longbowman
    moved Mongolian Spearman to Stone Spearman, Elite Spearman to Spearman, and Chinese Elite Spearman (vanilla) to Mongolian WHERE IT FREAKING SHOULD BE! (woohoo)
    added Bakuel's Chinese Pikeman as new Elite Spearman
    added Bakuel's Chinese Axeman as Stone Axeman, and moved Japanese Axeman to Stone Axeman to match
    moved Khmer Marauder to Horseman Medieval+, Knight to Marauder, and Knight Champion to Knight
    added Bakuel's Khmer Heavy Cavalry as Knight Champion
    added Bakuel's Khmer Axeman as Stone Axeman, Spearman as Stone Spearman, Pikeman as Elite Spearman, and Heavy Footman as Heavy Maceman
    moved Japanese Pikeman to Spearman where it was intended to be, and added Danrell's Japanese Axeman, Pikeman, and Maceman
    finally learned how to do basic, limited weapon and body swapping (thanks to Doomwyte's mini-tutorial for breaking my mental logjam :))
    made custom versions of Korean Warrior, Stone Spearman, and Maceman; Chinese Stone Spearman and Royal ChuKoNu; Khmer Maceman; Japanese Stone Spearman, Axeman, and Pikeman; and Mongolian Stone Axeman

    11 Nov 2014
    made custom versions of Sumerian Warrior; French Warrior, Stone Axeman, and Stone Spearman (YES!!!); and Ottoman Stone Axeman
    swapped Ottoman Longbowman and Elder Longbowman VUs, and moved Japanese Spearman to Elite Spearman
    made custom versions of Japanese Spearman, Elder Longbowman, Musketman, Horseman, Royal Crossbowman, Samurai, and Maceman
    moved Mongolian Maceman to Heavy Maceman, and set it to use new Korean Maceman
    made custom version of Khmer Horse Archer
    added Bakuel's Guan Yu Warlord as Chinese Elite Spearman (replacing terrible existing one, woot :))
    restored orange skin on Khmer Musketman "Shan Warrior", tried again to find its source on the forum but failed (weird thing to poof, heh), and set Mongolia, China, and Korea to use the existing red version instead of the Japanese Musketman (woohoo)
    added Bakuel's Barbary Pirates v2 as Pirate VU for Ottoman
    made custom versions of Korean Royal Crossbowman and Elite Spearman, and German Axeman
    reverted to source copies of Bakuel's Frankish Swordsman as Holy Roman Master Swordsman, and Frankish Heavy Footman as Holy Roman Heavy Maceman
    made custom versions of Holy Roman Swordsman and Heavy Maceman; Celtic Gallic Swordsman, Axeman, and Heavy Maceman; and Aztec Stone Axeman
    moved existing Aztec Stone Axeman to Native American Scout as it was intended, and moved existing one to Medieval+

    12 Nov 2014
    completely reorganized the Unit pak files to group land units by individual civ or by region, and learned how to use basic regular expressions in the process (woohoo! :))
    added Bernie14's Germanic as Holy Roman: Knight as Knight Champion, Paratrooper, and War Elephant; and Spearman as German Elite Spearman
    added Wolfshanze's Germanic Knight Reskin as German Knight Champion
    switched back to default European War Elephant VU on Netherlands
    added Danrell's Native American Maceman as Master Swordsman, and Knight as Horseman (YES!!!)
    made custom version of Native American Paladin

    13 Nov 2014
    cleaned up a couple unused vanilla-override files in the art pak (Asian War Elephant nifs, and the red Samurai skin which is now in the full custom version)
    further cleaned up the Sezereth troop pack nifs and shared skins
    made custom version of Albanian Trench Infantry
    added Danrell's German Infantry as Holy Roman
    moved Middle Eastern AT Infantry to Sumerian, and Middle Eastern Marine to Arabian
    made custom versions of Indian AT Infantry, Khmer Infantry, Sumerian SAM Infantry, Arabian Trench Infantry, Indian Trench Infantry, and African Special Forces
    added J_Mie6's African Marine skin (with Medic functionality, woohoo!)
    made custom version of African Trench Infantry (also with Medic functionality, a Trench first!)
    activated dormant vanilla Modern AT Infantry as American, matching Marine (which I'd SOMEHOW managed to NEVER see before, EVER, in the history of all things Civ4... dang)
    made custom versions of African AT Infantry and Babylonian Trench Infantry (Iraqi RG, woohoo)
    added NikNaks93's German Explorer v2 (replacing Avain's one) and Incan Explorer v3
    added AchillesZero's Ski Patrol as Viking UU (doooood...)
    added AsioAsioAsio's Spanish Infantry, Machine Gunner, SAM Infantry, AT Infantry, Marine, Paratrooper, and Cavalry (yuss!)
    made custom version of Spanish Trench Infantry

    13-14 Nov 2014
    added Coffee_Junkie's Japanese Infantry, SAM Infantry, AT Infantry, and Marine

    14 Nov 2014
    made custom version of Japanese Trench Infantry

    14-18 Nov 2014
    did a significant amount of work moving texture files to the Shared folder and removing duplicates, but got slowed down by the discovery that the items in the Shared folder STUPIDLY get priority, at least some of the time seemingly randomly, over local versions (much remains to be done on this, and on nif-cropping and non-FX nif removal, for a future version anyway hehe)

    15 Nov 2014
    made custom versions of Asian Atlatl, Chinese Warrior and Atlatl, and Korean Atlatl
    moved Chinese Crossbowman (suppressed/hidden) to Royal Crossbowman, matching Royal ChuKoNu

    16 Nov 2014
    moved existing Chinese Modern Worker to Khmer, and made custom version of Chinese Modern Worker
    added Zerver's Swedish Marine and Humvee
    performed mass deletion of all non-FX .nif files in all cases where both versions were present, and updated CIV4ArtDefines_Unit.xml accordingly, including disengaging all non-FX <NIF> links on all ArtDef entries for vanilla units (since all vanilla units come with both versions automatically)
    fixed BurgerWorld CEO not having the emblem on his briefcase (sigh)
    switched to high-res textures on Sandworm

    16-17 Nov 2014
    as a result of the great mass deletion, manually went through and removed the "_FX" suffix on all .nif files with associated custom .kfm files to fix crashes when selecting units

    17 Nov 2014
    switched Babylonian Master Swordswoman to use the newer Chinese one's non-heavy-armor-clanking sound effects (also matching default female Ninja VU for Assassin)
    switched to high-res textures on Northern European Cuirassier
    made damage texture for the Mechanized Infantry's Urban Camo skin (hard to be a more longstanding problem than this one, lol)
    made custom versions of German and African Humvee; and Sumerian, Chinese, and Khmer Jeep
    added by way of WolfshanzeMod: Vietnamese Musketman as Chinese
    swapped black dude who was first, and commander who was third, subunit ordering on American Rifleman

    18 Nov 2014
    added by way of WolfshanzeMod: Vietnamese VietCong as Infantry

    18-19 Nov 2014
    added by way of WolfshanzeMod: Asian Marine as Chinese, and Infantry and Machine Gun as Korean; and Chinese Horse Archer as Japanese

    19 Nov 2014
    fixed missing gloss file on UH1 Huey
    made custom version of Chinese Trench Infantry, and added new Korean Machine Gun VU to China
    after finding it in WolfshanzeMod, found and downloaded the source version, and added Snafusmith's Chinese Type 99 MBT as Modern Tank
    made custom version of Korean Jeep
    after finding them in WolfshanzeMod, made custom versions of Korean Cuirassier, and Asian Cuirassier as Chinese
    made custom skin for Chinese Rifleman, and moved Chinese Musketman and Rifleman to Mongolian
    added Danrell's Chinese Rifleman, and Asian Musketman from WolfshanzeMod as Chinese
    added Bernie14's German Marine Grenadier as Industrial+ version
    after finding them in WolfshanzeMod, found and downloaded the source versions, and added TheCoyote's Eurocopter Tiger, with Bernie14's reskins, for France, Spain, Celtia, Holy Rome, and Germany
    added Nautil's FW190 as German Fighter Legend (wow... HUGE oops for this oversight for like, forever, heh)

    20 Nov 2014
    finally cleaned up and organized the custom CIV4EffectInfos.xml entries, and moved all effects still remaining in their local unit folders (Mermaid, Shadow Demon, and Holy Roman Archer) to the Effects folder
    fixed XML paths for custom Missionary activation effects (oooops...)
    fixed missing arrow effect for Canoe combat (oops...)
    added Ambrox62's Javelineer animations from source, and went through and set all Atlatl VUs individually to use the correct animations based on their model files (either these, the vanilla Skirmisher, or the vanilla Mongolian JavelinThrower animations)

    21 Nov 2014

    22 Dec 2014
    removed Military Science requirement from Leviathan, and added it to Biplane Legend, Fighter Legend, and Jet Fighter Legend
    swapped Indian Swordsman and Master Swordsman VUs
    swapped Native American Native Axeman and Dog Soldier icons
    decreased cost on Biplane Legend from 90 to 86, and on Fighter Legend from 130 to 128

    3 Jan 2015
    switched to Xenomorph's version of the SB2C Helldiver (for TBF Avenger animation), and moved it from America to Greece Fighter-Bomber VU
    added ArdRaeiss's TBF Avenger as America VU to replace it
    added names to most air units in the .pak files, and moved the V1 Flying Bomb from "^Air - Assault" to a new Missiles folder
    added Gloster Gladiator Biplane VU to China, Viking, Babylon, Carthage, and Greece
    added P47 Thunderbolt Fighter VU to Aztec, Maya, and Inca
    added P51 Mustang Fighter Legend VU to Zulu and Korea
    added F4 Phantom Jet Fighter VU to Egypt (doubly overriden below), Greece, Persia, Korea, Spain, Byzantium, and Ottoman
    added F35 JSF Stealth Fighter VU to Byzantium (matching Ottoman)
    added MiG21 Jet Fighter Legend VU to India, Khmer, Egypt, and Babylon
    added Eurofighter Typhoon Modern Fighter VU to Rome and Arabia
    added MiG29 Modern Fighter VU to Babylon
    removed Su37 Modern Fighter VU from Carthage, and added it to Zulu
    added F35 JSF Stealth Fighter VU to Viking
    added DH98 Mosquito Fighter-Bomber VU to China, Viking, Zulu, Byzantium, and Ottoman
    added Ju87 Stuka Fighter-Bomber VU to Spain
    added IL2 Shturmovik Fighter-Bomber VU to Mongolia
    added Breda Ba65 Fighter-Bomber VU to Babylon, Inca, and Portugal
    added Su25 Frogfoot Assault Fighter VU to Babylon, Ethiopia, and Inca
    added B17 Flying Fortress Bomber VU to Inca, Viking, France, and Portugal
    added Tupolev TB3 Bomber VU to China
    added He111 Bomber VU to Spain, Byzantium, and Ottoman
    added SM84 Bomber VU to Babylon
    added Nautil's P40 USA skin as America Fighter VU (leaving P51 Mustang as Fighter Legend)
    added Danrell's P38 Lightning (based on Nautil's original) as Interceptor model, and moved Dornier Do335 to Holy Roman and German VU
    added Nautil's MiG15 Russian skin as Russia Jet Fighter VU
    added F4 Phantom Jet Fighter Legend VU to Germany and Japan
    added Snafusmith's original F4 Phantom skin for America and Korea, and JF00's F4 Phantom skins for Germany, Greece, Iran, Japan, Spain, and Turkey
    added AsioAsioAsio's F86 Sabre as America and Korea, F86 Sabre Generic as default, Dassault MD450 Ouragan as France and India, Caproni Campini N1 as Rome, and Nakajima Kikka as Japan Jet Fighter VUs
    set MiG 15 Generic as Jet Fighter VU on Carthage, China, Egypt, Babylon, Khmer, Mali, and Mongolia

    4 Jan 2015
    added Wolfshanze's Saab 17 as Viking and Ethiopia Fighter-Bomber VU
    added TheCoyote's Saab 35 Draken as Viking Jet Fighter Legend VU
    added Snafusmith's Fokker GI as Netherlands Fighter-Bomber VU, and Fokker TV as Netherlands Bomber VU
    added Nautil's Hawker Hurricane (Brown) as England Fighter VU, and Nautil's Spitfire Mk1 as England Fighter Legend VU
    added TheCoyote's Fairy Swordfish as England Biplane Legend
    added Snafusmith's Mirage 2000 as France Modern Fighter VU

    4, 12 Jan 2015
    added Danrell's Leopard2 as Holy Roman and German Modern Tank, and T90 as Russia Modern Tank

    4, 17 Jan 2015
    added Danrell's Su76 as Russia Mechanized Artillery

    12, 17 Jan 2015
    added both versions of the Leopard2 Modern Tank VU to Inca, Viking, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Byzantium / Ottoman, and Khmer
    added T90 Modern Tank VU to Carthage, Ethiopia, and India
    added Su76 Mechanized Artillery VU to Holy Rome / Germany, Byzantium / Ottoman, China, Korea, and Khmer
    added ML20 Artillery VU to Viking, Holy Rome / Germany, Carthage, Egypt, Byzantium / Ottoman, Babylon, China, Mongolia, and Khmer
    added SB2C Helldiver Fighter-Bomber VU to Khmer
    added MiG21 Jet Fighter Legend VU to Carthage
    added MiG29 Modern Fighter VU to Carthage
    added Su25 Frogfoot Assault Fighter VU to Zulu
    added P40 Warhawk Fighter VU to Viking, Egypt, Khmer, Zulu, and Byzantium / Ottoman
    added MiG 15 Generic Jet Fighter VU to Byzantium / Ottoman
    added Mirage 2000 Modern Fighter VU to Egypt and Greece

    18 Jan 2015
    increased Fighter-Bomber from -100 to -50% vs Helicopter, decreased it from +50 to -100% vs Water, and removed -150% vs Submarine (matching Bomber)
    decreased Interceptor from 50 to +25% vs Water, and removed -150% vs Submarine (matching Bomber)
  6. LunarMongoose

    LunarMongoose Chieftain

    Jan 29, 2006
    Boston, MA, USA
    Version 4.2 Patch Notes - Part 5

    Spoiler :
    18-19 Jan 2015
    added new unit Torpedo Bomber in Flight
    moved TBF Avenger VU from America Fighter-Bomber to default Torpedo Bomber, and set them to use the F4U Corsair VU instead
    moved Fairy Swordfish from England Biplane and Biplane Legend to Torpedo Bomber
    added Nautil's P40 Warhawk Russia skin as Russia Fighter VU
    added Wolfshanze's Korean Air Force pack (Ki10, Ki61 Hien, B5N Kate, and Ki21 Sally) as Korea Biplane Legend, Fighter Legend, Torpedo Bomber, and Bomber VUs
    added DutchKing's Nakajima B5N Kate (Xenomorph's Update) as Japan Torpedo Bomber VU
    moved Gloster Gladiator to default Biplane Legend
    added Snafusmith's Nieuport 17 as Biplane VU for France, Netherlands, and Viking
    added Snafusmith's SPAD XIII as Biplane VU for Inca, Greece, Rome, Japan, Russia, Khmer, Spain, and Byzantium / Ottoman
    added JF00's F4 Phantom skin for UK as Jet Fighter Legend default (leaving Royal Navy skin as England)
    moved vanilla Fighter model to default Fighter Legend VU, and added Nautil's Hawker Hurricane (Gray) as default Fighter VU

    19 Jan 2015
    added TheCoyote's F104 Starfighter v2 as Jet Fighter Legend VU to America (leaving the ugly tan default F4 Phantom skin still in use on Korea), Netherlands, and Rome
    added new unit Attack Fighter in Jet Flight
    added Saschkin's Westland Wyvern as default Attack Fighter VU
    added Saschkin's Douglas A2D Skyshark as Attack Fighter VU to America
    added TheCoyote's Horten Ho229 as Attack Fighter VU to Holy Rome / Germany
    added TheCoyote's Ki61 Hien as Fighter Legend VU to Japan
    added SPAD XIII, Zero, and Val VUs to Korea, matching Japan due to their occupation at the time
    added DutchKing's Ki10 as Biplane Legend to Japan by way of WolfshanzeMod
    added ArdRaeiss' Mitsubishi G4M3 Betty as Bomber VU to Japan
    added Snafusmith's Sopwith Camel as Biplane VU to England
    added Snafusmith's Albatros D3 as Biplane VU to Holy Rome
    added Nsftpoeopas' Fieseler Fi167 as Torpedo Bomber VU to Holy Rome / Germany
    added Danrell's Type97 as Advanced Tank VU to Japan and Korea

    20 Jan 2015
    switched back to Xenomorph's gloss/damage update of the SM84 model
    added Nautil's Gloster Gladiator Germany skin as Biplane Legend VU to Holy Rome
    went through and switched to source copies on a number of air units, collapsed a few air unit .dds files to the Shared folder, and switched to using all of Xenomorph's Modified Fighter-Bomber versions
    changed titleplate from a list of contributing major mods with version numbers, to a "Special Thanks:" list with individual usernames from the CFC forum
    renamed original 5 Great People units in XML, Python, and the SDK to have the "GREAT_" tag as part of their name, matching the Great Spy and Great General units
    as a result, fixed bug with the "Great General.dds" generic-type birth image not being found, and thus the ultimate fallback "Great Person.dds" one being used instead, for Great Generals with names that don't have specific event portraits
    moved Netherlands from between Viking and England down to between Celtia and Holy Rome in the civilization list, now that I know where it actually IS in real life (sigh)
    moved Khmer from between Korea and Barbarian up to after China in the civilization list
    moved Korea from between Japan and Barbarian up to after Khmer (and before Japan) in the civilization list

    20-21 Jan 2015
    adjusted scale sizes on all new unit models

    21 Jan 2015
    found and added JF00's TBF Avenger skin (interesting...)
    switched BACK to original, non-gloss version of SM84 Bomber VU
    fixed centering on A10 Warthog (how did I never notice this? bah)
    switched to TheCoyote's update of Danrell's P38 Lightning that uses Mosquito animations
    removed A2D Skyshark, and added TheCoyote's A7 Corsair 2 to replace it
    added the new A7 Corsair 2 Attack Fighter VU to Khmer, and JF00's skins of it to Portugal and Greece
    adjusted vertical position and rotor offset on UH1, AH64, Fa223, Mi1, Mi24, Mi28, Wraith, and Banshee
    removed Mi24 Hind from Persia, and added it to Carthage, Mali, Byzantium / Ottoman, and Mongolia
    added GFO_Anubis' Mi24 Hind skins to Ethiopia, India, Khmer, Maya, Inca, Zulu, and Babylon
    made customized versions of the UH1 Huey and AH64 Apache skins
    added Cr42 Falco Biplane Legend VU to Viking, Spain, and Netherlands

    22 Jan 2015
    made custom non-teamcolor skin for the Japanese B5N Kate VU to replace the missing DutchKing original file (Diversica had a scaled-down and compression-artifacted copy of it, but eh who cares lol)
    decreased strength on Fighter-Bomber and Interceptor from 32 to 16, on Attack Fighter from 40 to 20, and on Assault Fighter from 64 to 32, and heavily updated the combat bonuses on these units
    added 10% Interception Chance with 25% Interception Lethality to Dreadnaught, which somehow didn't have any all this time (oops, heh :))

    23-24 Jan 2015
    added AsioAsioAsio's Bell P59 Airacomet as Jet Fighter VU to America
    added AsioAsioAsio's deHavilland Vampire as Jet Fighter VU to England, Inca, Viking, Aztec, Portugal, Zulu, and Arabia
    added Saschkin's Junkers Ju122 as Heavy Bomber VU for Holy Rome / Germany
    added new unit Early Bomber in Radio
    added Snafusmith's Gotha G4 Early Bomber VU to Holy Rome / Germany
    added Snafusmith's Caproni Ca3 Early Bomber VU to Rome, Inca, England, and America
    added Snafusmith's Caudron G4 Early Bomber VU as default
    added Snafusmith's Sikorski Ilya Muromets Early Bomber VU to Russia
    added Snafusmith's Anatra DS Biplane VU to Russia (replacing SPAD XIII)
    moved Metallurgy, Steel, and Combustion left one column each, added new tech Mechanized Warfare, and adjusted a number of tech and air unit stats as a result
    added new unit Early Fighter in Combustion
    added Snafusmith's Handley Page Type O/100 as Early Bomber VU to England, China, and America (somehow missed this one before, heh)
    added Snafusmith's Nieuport 11 as Early Fighter VU to France
    added Snafusmith's Airco DH2 as Early Fighter VU to England
    added Snafusmith's Fokker E3 as Early Fighter VU to Holy Rome / Germany and Byzantium / Ottoman
    added Snafusmith's Morane-Saulnier Type H as Early Fighter VU to Netherlands and Russia
    added Snafusmith's Morane-Saulnier Type L as Early Fighter VU to Inca and Viking
    added Snafusmith's Bleriot XI as Early Fighter default
    updated the VU display WorldBuilder and save files, and the Pedia unit upgrade tree chart graph thing, one FINAL freaking time (sigh)

    24 Jan 2015
    increased strength on Flying Machine from 8 to 9
    moved Aluminum from Metallurgy (Enable) and Flight (Reveal) to both in Combustion

    25 Jan 2015
    moved Horses enabler from Animal Husbandry back to Sedentary Lifestyle, Copper enabler from Mining up to Bronze Working, Iron enabler from Mining up to Iron Working, Sulphur enabler from Mining up to Alchemy, and Coal enabler from Mining up to Steam Power
    moved Flamethrower from Industrialism to Military Research, and added Industrialism requirement
    reordered the Corporations in the XML again (to Sushi Burger Cereal Ethanol Mining Creative Jewelers Aluminum)
    made last of daily scale factor tweaking on newer units, focusing this time on the P38 Lightning, both Heavy Bombers, and several of the Tank VUs
    made minor update pass on tech stats: iAIWeight (split Cybernetics and Shielding), iCost (new techs, and a few cheap/expensive adjustments in surrounding columns), iAsset (couple stupid bugfixes), and iFlavor (new techs)
    made moderate update pass on tech stat iPower (checked most of the major points of interest but far from a full sweep, and started a text file to record explanations for each)
    decreased AP Mech from 100 to +75% vs Gunpowder, and added -25% City Strength
    increased Cyborg from 50 to +75% City Attack
    added XML and Python setup for Global Warming widget, and picked the "Zhao_Xian.dds" icon for it
    moved the remaining Fighter, Bomber, and Gunship vanilla textures to the Shared folder, and deleted the redundant copies

    26 Jan 2015
    fixed the javelin positions on the Asian, Chinese, and Korean Javelineer VUs (at last!)

    28 Jan 2015
    added JF00's Spanish Ju87 Stuka skin

    28-30 Jan 2015
    adjusted volume settings on the 9 newest tracks in the private soundtrack

    30 Jan 2015
    added Chinese Hand Cannon Bombard VU to Khmer, Korea, and Japan

    5 Feb 2015
    added Asian Galleas VU to India and Mongolia, matching Asian Trireme and Caravel assignments

    9 Feb 2015
    private soundtrack: added Tragic Battle to Industrial, Moon Prism Power Make Up! to Modern, and Sailor Mercury's Theme to Future; and set their volume

    21 Feb 2015
    added by way of Diversica: Polycrates' Ancient African Great Merchant, Great Engineer, and Great Scientist; and Polycrates' Medieval African Great Artist as Ancient
    added by way of Diversica: Polycrates' African Buddhist, Christian, Confucian, Hindu, Islamic, Jewish, and Taoist Missionaries; and Polycrates' African CEO set with BurgerWorld CEO added

    22 Feb 2015
    switched to source versions on all of Polycrates' existing African units
    added Polycrates' Ancient African Great General, and moved existing one to Zulu
    added Polycrates' African Modern Great Scientist, Great Merchant, Great Engineer, Great Artist, and Great Spy
    added Polycrates' African Modern Spy
    added Rabbit,White's Boer Commando as Zulu Cavalry Modern VU
    added DonalPanko's Native Armored Warrior (Pacific Northwest - Haida) as Native American Heavy Maceman

    27 Feb 2015
    added Charle88's Post-Apocalyptic Advanced Flamethrower as Desert VU, matching Tyson/Rios Urban/Desert Mercenary VU assignments
    added Sakhr's Flying Carpet as Persia Valkyrie VU
    added SaibotLieh's Female Ancient Warlord as Greece Ancient Great General VU, and switched to source version of SaibotLieh's Female Great Prophet as Medieval VU
    added Bakuel's NEW!!! Javanese Mataram: Javelinman as Khmer Atlatl, Keris Buda Warrior as Warrior, Axeman as Stone Axeman (replacing ugly old one!), and Spearman as Stone Spearman (replacing ugly old one!)
    added Bakuel's NEW!!! Javanese Majapahit: Swordsman (Horn Armor) as Khmer Master Swordsman
    added Bakuel's NEW!!! Javanese Early Islamic Sultanates: Early Cannon (Lantaka) as Khmer Bombard, and Early Cannon (Siege) as Great Bombard
    added Mechaerik's Modern Infantry as Special Forces Urban VU, matching Tyson/Rios Urban/Desert Mercenary VU assignments

    28 Feb 2015
    updated Single Player and WorldBuilder save file sets to display the 6 remaining vanilla Missionaries, 1 Executive (BurgerWorld), Valkyrie, and Flamethrower

    1-4 March 2015
    added SaibotLieh's Female Missionaries as Medieval Settler subunit VUs: Nagual as South American, Yoruba as African, Hellenism to Greece, Islamic to Persia, Druid to Celtia, Baal to Carthage, Andean to Inca, Kemetism to Egypt, and Sikh to India
    added SaibotLieh's Female Missionaries as Modern Settler subunit VUs: Scientology as European, and Shinto to Japan

    1-2 March 2015
    added SaibotLieh's Shaman Female Missionary as Barbarian Shaman (and retired existing VU even though it's good, and part of a set with white-chest-paint Ethiopia Warrior and wolf-helm Zulu Axeman, b/c it doesn't fit anywhere sadly)
    added SaibotLieh's Voodoo Female Missionary as Barbarian Witch Doctor, replacing glow-removed African Great Spy
    added Polycrates' Ancient African Great Prophet
    added by way of Diversica: Siam's Ancient African Great Spy
    moved Zulu Settler white-loincloth-and-leopard-pelt subunit VUs from Ancient to Medieval as intended by the artist (woohoo!)

    3-4 March 2015
    added Desert Banshee skin (at long last)

    4 March 2015
    added SaibotLieh's Female Missionaries as single-civ Missionary replacement VUs: Christian to America, Asatru to Viking, Jewish to Babylon, Hindu to India, Buddhist to China, Taoist to Khmer, and Confucian to Korea
    added Xenomorph's gloss update of Snafusmith's B52 Stratofortress, Teamcolor European Explorer, and Updated Warlords Zeppelin as Airship VU to Holy Rome / Germany

    5 March 2015
    added by way of Diversica:
    Meso America: Ermelinho's Great Merchant, Chuggi's Modern Great Spy
    Middle East: Bakuel's Great Artist, Great Engineer, Great Spy, Great Merchant, Great Prophet, Great Scientist
    Native America: TheCapo's Cannon
    Universal: Krugerpritz's Future Armor as Stealth Tank Desert VU

    used existing skin to make Celtic Modern Spy, and added it to Portugal and Celtia
    added teamcolor to Green Banshee and Black Wraith skins
    reverted to standard version of B52
    updated Single Player and WorldBuilder save file sets AGAIN, to display Asen Missionary, Stealth Tank, Banshee, and Airship

    6 March 2015
    added SaibotLieh's Young Witch as Valkyrie VU to America and England

    added by way of Diversica:
    Asia: TheCapo's SAM Infantry, AT Infantry, and Paratrooper to Korea; GarretSidzaka's Marine to Korea
    Vietnam: TheCapo's AT Infantry to Khmer
    Khmer: TheCapo's Infantry and Machine Gun to Inca; Zerver's Marine and Paratrooper to Khmer
    MesoAmerica: Chuggi's Infantry, Machine Gun, and SAM Infantry to Native America, Aztec, and Maya; and Chuggi's Marine to Native America, Aztec, Maya, and Inca
    MesoAmerica: Chuggi's Great Artist; and Ermelinho's Great Engineer

    switched from Young Witch to Witch, and added it to France, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Holy Rome, and Germany
    made custom versions of Chinese Machine Gun (YEEEESSS!!!), and South American, Khmer, and Korean Trench Infantry (woohoo!)

    7, 10, 15-16 March 2015
    added by way of Diversica:
    Africa: Chuggi's Modern Spy, and moved existing one to Zulu; Bakuel's Crossbowman as Ethiopian Royal Crossbowman; and Unknown's Longbowman as Ethiopian Elder Longbowman
    Zulu: CoffeeJunkie's Axeman as Stone Axeman; Bakuel's Cuirassier; and Krugerpritz's Oliphant as Modern Tank
    Holy Rome: AsioAsioAsio's AR234 as Heavy Bomber
    Germany: Bernie14's SAM Infantry
    MesoAmerica: Zerver's Cuirassier as Incan
    Middle East: CoffeeJunkie's Infantry (despite losing Medic helmet ability, heh), Machine Gun, and Marine as Sumerian; and Cuirassier as Carthaginian, matching Marauder (woohoo!)
    Universal: Unknown's Donkey to South American Settler, and Pack Horse to Mongolian Settler; and Snafusmith's Liberty as American Freighter
    Vietnam: TheCapo's Grenadier as Mongolian
    Viking: Snafusmith's J22 as Fighter, and Saab 18 as Bomber

    downloaded and added GeneralMatt's SanAntonio as new unit Modern Transport (thanks Diversica!)

    10, 15-16 March 2015
    added by way of Diversica:
    added missing .kfm to the Gato files
    switched to FX version of the M26 Pershing nif that isn't in Snafusmith's original zip
    added generic dark gray teamcolor version of Snafusmith's M26
    added Snafusmith's Brooklyn Class as American Destroyer
    added a couple of icons (Stealth Tank Desert, San Antonio)

    reinstalled source version of Danrell's Dreadnaught
    downloaded and added GeneralMatt's Iowa as American Battleship, and Graf Spee as Destroyer to Holy Rome / Germany (thanks Diversica!)
    downloaded and added GeneralMatt's Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya as Russian Battleship, and HMS Warspite as English Dreadnaught
    added Wolfshanze's Helgoland as Dreadnought to Holy Rome / Germany
    added Danrell's Avenger as generic Carrier, and moved Essex to America
    reinstalled source version of GeneralMatt's Early Yamato; and added GeneralMatt's Late Yamato as Japanese Leviathan, and switched to source icon (thanks Diversica!)
    reinstalled source version of Wolfshanze's Bismarck, and moved it from generic Leviathan to Battleship VU on Holy Rome / Germany
    added Snafusmith's Bismarck as Leviathan to Holy Rome / Germany, and non-swastika version as generic Leviathan

    15-16 March 2015
    added Xenomorph's update of GeneralMatt's Kuznetsov Carrier as Russian Modern Carrier
    added Danrell's Reskin of GeneralMatt's HMS Hood as English Battleship
    switched to Xenomorph's Typhoon Nuclear Submarine teamcolor skin (even though it doesn't work with the original model, sigh :)), and updates of Dreadnaught, and Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya Battleship
    downloaded and added Snafusmith's Tornado GR1 as Modern Fighter to Holy Rome / Germany (thanks Diversica!)

    16 March 2015
    downloaded and switched to source copy of Xenomorph's update of AsioAsioAsio's B47 Stratojet, and added icon
    tried AsioAsioAsio's Ju88 by way of Diversica as German Bomber, but there is no version with spinning props, sigh
    downloaded and switched to source copy of Bakuel's African Crossbowman, and Early Cavalry as Zulu Cuirassier (thanks Diversica!)
    added ArdRaeiss' Tu95 as Russian Heavy Bomber
    replaced Snafusmith's Akula submarine with Refar's newer version
    updated height on Los Angeles and Typhoon, and centering and height on Ohio; and switched them to the Nuclear Submarine animation
    updated centering on Iowa Battleship model
    made custom versions of AT Infantry for England, France, Celtia, Germany, Rome, Ottoman, and Holy Rome based on TheCapo's Holy Roman AT Infantry (thanks Diversica!)
    added missing spare rockets to Bakuel's Arabian AT Infantry model
    made custom Sumerian Trench Infantry with CoffeeJunkie's Middle Eastern Marine skin

    17 March 2015
    split Infantry, Trench Infantry, Machine Gun, and Cavalry Packs into individual Region and Civ folders in the UnitsMain .pak file
    added Stab animation variant to all Rifleman and Redcoat users that didn't have it, and removed StabMedic animation variant from Khmer and Korean Infantry (oops, heh)
    added Sezereth's American, British, French, Austrian, German, Russian, and Italian Grenadiers as Industrial VUs (wow, finally!)

    added by way of Diversica:
    Middle East: SAM Infantry as Middle Eastern, and made custom Middle Eastern Trench Infantry and Marine using its skin
    Middle East: Unknown's Grenadier as Middle Eastern
    Japan: KrugerPritz's Type 90 as Modern Tank

    updated Pedia Unit Chart again for the Modern Transport (significant amount of work required this time for some reason, heh), and improved Submarine section of the Warships graph
    added -60% withdrawal to Atlatl, matching Catapult (hopefully a good balance tweak to make this unit awesome without making it OP!)
    downloaded all missing TheCoyote submarine models, and added Redoubtable to France, B1 to Japan, and Type 212 as Attack Submarine to Holy Rome / Germany and Rome

    downloaded all Ambrox62 Classical (and "Imperial Age") files:
    added Middle Eastern War Elephant as Sumerian
    added Phoenician Heavy Cavalry as Sumerian Knight Champion, and Hittite Bowman as Sumerian Elder Longbowman
    moved European Horseman to Spanish Medieval (yuss!), and added German Heavy Cavalry to replace it
    moved Babylonian Marauder to Medieval Horseman, added Assyrian Heavy Cavalry to replace it, and added Persian Heavy Cavalry as new Horseman
    added Egyptian Heavy Cavalry as Medieval Horseman, Greek Heavy Cavalry as new Horseman, and Nubian Heavy Cavalry as Ethiopian Medieval Horseman
    added Gaul Heavy Cavalry as French Medieval Horseman, and Illyrian Heavy Cavalry as German Medieval Horseman
    made custom versions of Light Cavalry: Briton as English Horseman, Gaul as French Horseman, Kolch as Holy Roman Horseman, and Illyrian as German Horseman
    added Gaul Hero Swordsman as French, Illyrian Swordsman as German; Medes Swordsman as Babylonian Assassin, Persian Swordsman as Assassin; and Nubian Swordsman as Ethiopian Master Swordsman
    switched to source version of Goth Swordsman as Viking Paladin
    added Iberian Heavy Spearman as Elite Spearman
    moved Roman Spearman to Elite Spearman, and added Roman Hero Heavy Spearman as Spearman
    moved German Axeman to Stone Axeman and Spearman to Stone Spearman, and added Illyrian Heavy Spearman as German

    17-18 March 2015
    Ambrox62 Classical files continued:
    added Bowman as Elder Longbowman: Briton as English, Gaul as French, Illyrian as German, German as European, Assyrian as Carthaginian, and Scythian as Celtiberian
    added Heavy Spearman: Briton as English Spearman, and Nubian as Ethiopian Elite Spearman
    added Heavy Horse Archer as Medieval Horse Archer: Briton as English, Gaul as French, Illyrian as German, German as European, Assyrian as Carthaginian, and Scythian as Celtiberian
    added Heavy Horse Archer as Medieval Horse Archer: Egyptian, Greek, Goth as Viking, Iberian, and Nubian as Ethiopian

    18 March 2015
    Ambrox62 Classical files continued:
    removed Viking and Iberian Medieval Horse Archers (their armor is just too ugly, heh)
    added Kolch Heavy Horse Archer as Holy Roman Medieval Horse Archer
    added Iberian Swordsman as Master Swordsman
    switched to Scythian Hero Horse Archer as Celtiberian Medieval Horse Archer
    added Persian Heavy Spearman as Stone Spearman, replacing Bakuel's white-cloth tower shield one (much as I love it, it just doesn't fit in)
    added Egyptian Infantry as Assassin (WOW at how good this unit looks!), and Persian Infantry as Sumerian Master Swordsman
    Pedia Unit Chart: improved early section of the Archery graph, and Axeman section of the Melee graph
    removed the javelin quiver from the Malinese Horseman, which he clearly couldn't use without dropping his spear first (this de-clutters the unit, and gives it some nice contrast with the Skirmisher UU as well!)

    18-19 March 2015
    moved African Ranger (Makuria) to Egypt; Marauder to Ethiopia; and Stone Axeman (Numidia), Stone Spearman (Numidia), Elite Spearman, Master Swordsman, and Elder Longbowman to Mali
    added Bakuel's Egyptian Makurian Tribal Bowman as Zulu Longbowman, and moved existing one to Elder Longbowman; and Crossbowman as Malinese Royal Crossbowman
    added Bakuel's Egyptian Nubian as Zulu: Spearman as Stone Spearman; Swordsman, and moved existing one to Master Swordsman; Archer as Ranger; Crossbowman as Royal Crossbowman; and Heavy Footman as Maceman, and moved existing one to Heavy Maceman
    added Bakuel's Egyptian Fatimid Nubian Archer as Malinese Ranger
    moved Crusader Hospitaller from Europe to Germany

    19 March 2015
    added by way of Diversica:
    Mongol: TheCapo's Cuirassier, Cavalry, Musketman, Rifleman, Infantry, and Machine Gun
    Mongol: Snafusmith's TuSB as Bomber
    Mongol: Unknown's Grenadier as Japanese

    used TheCapo's Mongolian skin to make a fresh Modern Troops Pack (thanks Diversica!)
    downloaded Bernie14's Mongol Horde pack, switched to source copy of Medieval Horse Archer, and added Knight as Knight Champion (thanks Diversica!)
    made custom Khmer Grenadier

    19-20 March 2015
    made custom Mongolian Trench Infantry and Marine using TheCapo's skin (thanks Diversica!), but decided not to use them (not quite enough oomph visually, heh)

    20 March 2015
    added Flying Carpet Valkyrie VU to Egypt, Sumeria, Babylon, Arabia, and India
    removed Zulu Cuirassier and set them back to using the Ethiopian one (same mistake I made a while back with not noticing the huge skin color difference between the neck and head at first lol - oops!)
    made custom Dutch Medieval Horse Archer VU
    made custom Jeep VUs for Spain and Mongolia using their Infantry skins
    added Ambrox62's Medes as Dutch: Axeman as Stone Axeman, and Spearman as Stone Spearman (woohoo!)
    moved Motorcycle, Jeep and Humvee from Recon to Europe
    made custom Humvee VUs for Sumeria and India
    made custom Motorcycle VUs for Finland and Holy Rome
    made custom Jeep VUs for Inca and Japan
    downloaded and added Refar's Bronenosets as Russian Cruiser (thanks Diversica!)
    added Xenomorph's update of TotalRealism's Pallada Class as Russian Dreadnaught
    Pedia Unit Chart: improved Siege section of the Artillery graph
    switched Japan from Korean back to Chinese Explorer
    changed Flak Cannon, SAM Battery, and Manticore from Default to Machine formation (oops!)

    20-21 March 2015
    added DarkStyx's Corean Galley as Asian, and Explorer as Khmer Assassin
    added DarkStyx's Corean as Korean: Knight as Horseman, Gaemamusa as Knight Champion, Crossbowman as Royal Crossbowman, Pikeman as Elite Spearman, Maceman as Heavy Maceman, and Swordsman as Assassin
    made custom Khmer Cannon based on DarkStyx's Corean Cannon, adjusted skin on Korean Elite Spearman, and modified Gaemamusa model
    improved head position on Chinese and Khmer Grenadiers
    tried making a Mongolian Cannon based on the new red-and-blue Rifleman VU, but failed mierably; tried moving Korean Master Swordswoman back to China, but didn't like it there

    21 March 2015
    fixed standard XML tags for female sound effects on all Archers (lots of copy-paste mistakes, grr) and Swordswomen, and on the Amazon Longbow, Ninja, Pirate, Witch Doctor, and Shaman (only the Mermaid, Valkyrie, Witch, Missionaries, and Spies were set correctly for some reason, sigh)
    added missing XML tags for pirate sound effects to Barbary and Chinese Pirate VUs, matching Dread Pirate
    added Danrell's French Infantry as Portuguese, despite probable inaccuracy (sorry, but I'm tired of not using it, and it fits in with their overall color scheme!)

    21, 23 March 2015
    added by way of Diversica as Mechanized Infantry:
    Snafusmith's CV9040 as Viking; M8 as Native American; and M113 as American, German, Greek, and Egyptian
    Bernie14's VAB as French
    downloaded and added as Mechanized Infantry (thanks Diversica!):
    KrugerPritz's Warrior as English, Marder as Holy Roman, and Type89 as Japanese
    Snafusmith's BRDM2 as Ethiopian, and BMP3 as Russian

    21, 25 March 2015
    added vanilla Mechanized Infantry variants using ZedderZulu's NATO Forest skin (downloaded 10 March); and Rabbit,White's Olive skin (looked at but stupidly skipped 21 March, went back and downloaded 22 March)
    made custom damage textures for both skins

    22-23 March 2015
    downloaded and switched to source version of Baal_Isidro's Chinese Modern Infantry as Marine, and Bernie14's German SAM Infantry and Marine
    downloaded Danrell's 13 Anti-Tank Infantry pack, added Roman SAM Infantry, and made a custom Jeep VU from it
    downloaded and added TheCoyote's update of KrugerPritz's Tunguska as Russian SAM Battery, and added it to India, Mali, and Carthage
    downloaded Modfreak's British RPG Infantry, made a custom version using the normal SAM launcher, and made a custom Jeep VU from it
    updated Single Player and WorldBuilder save file sets AGAIN, to display SAM Battery and significantly improve Civilian, Scout / Explorer, Pikeman / Paladin, and all water unit placements

    23 March 2015
    moved Raft model to South American Galley VU, and made new Raft model by removing the sails and shrinking it
    switched Viking Kogge from using Kogge model to larger version of Viking Longboat (in lieu of any better options, heh)

    24 March 2015
    launch of Sylvanas patch for Heroes of the Storm - VACATION DAY!!!

    25 March 2015
    made custom Khmer SAM Infantry, and Carthaginian Infantry, SAM Infantry, and Jeep
    made custom Olive Jeep, and added it to Native America, Aztec, Maya, Celtia, and Ottoman
    added a couple more icons from Diversica (Sumerian Master Swordsman, Barbarian Horse Archer) and WolfshanzeMod (German Spearman)

    26 March 2015
    downloaded Sepamu92's African Infantry skin, made custom African Jeep with it, and added it to Mali, Ethiopia, Zulu, and India
    downloaded and switched to source version of Rabbit,White's Nubian Archer as Zulu, and Chamaedrys' Zulu Musketman
    downloaded Coffee_Junkie's Modern England Units set, and added Marine

    26-27, 29-31 March 2015
    downloaded Coffee_Junkie's Ethnicae 1.2 mod and went through all the unit graphics
    swapped Native American Archer and Longbowman
    swapped Babylonian Horseman and Medieval Horseman
    moved Babylonian Longbowman to Ranger
    moved Ethiopian Cuirassier to Zulu, and Cavalry to Industrial Cavalry
    moved Zulu Archer to Malinese Ranger, and Malinese Ranger to Elder Longbowman
    swapped Zulu Crossbowman and Royal Crossbowman, and moved Master Swordsman to Paladin
    moved Holy Roman Cavalry to Industrial, and German Cavalry to Industrial
    moved Korean Horseman to Medieval, Knight to Marauder, Maceman to Mongol, Heavy Maceman to Maceman, and swapped Elite Spearman and Pikeman
    moved Spanish Longbowman to Archer
    moved Roman Cavalry to Industial
    moved African Modern Worker to Zulu, and Explorer to Mali
  7. LunarMongoose

    LunarMongoose Chieftain

    Jan 29, 2006
    Boston, MA, USA
    Version 4.2 Patch Notes - Part 6

    Spoiler :
    27, 29-31 March; 1-5 April 2015
    added by way of Ethnicae:
    Transports: America, Germany, Japan, and Russia; and Europa as Native American, and added it to Aztec, Maya, Celtia, and Mongolia
    Arabia: Scout
    Aztec: Crossbowman as Royal Crossbowman; and Knight as Mayan Knight Champion, and Pikeman as Elite Holkan (YES!!!)
    Babylon: Axeman, Crossbowman, Longbowman, Maceman, Pikeman, SAM Infantry, Scout, Spearman, and Swordsman
    Celtia: Horseman as Medieval Horseman, Knight as Knight Champion, and Male Settler as Medieval
    China: Longbowman as Elder Longbowman, and made a custom version of the Pikeman as Heavy Maceman
    England: Horseman as Medieval Horseman, and Knight as Knight Champion
    Ethiopia: Cuirassier, and Cavalry
    France: SAM Infantry and Marine with lighter head texture, and Crossbowman as Royal Crossbowman
    Germany: Cavalry to Holy Rome / Germany
    Greece: Knight as Knight Champion, Rifleman, AT Infantry, and Marine
    Holland as Dutch: Horseman as Medieval; and Rifleman, Machine Gun, and Cavalry with lighter head texture
    Inca: used Crossbowman body texture and gloss to snazz up existing Pikeman and Paladin, and gloss on existing Maceman
    India: Crossbowman as Royal Crossbowman
    Nihon as Japan: Explorer (wow!), Galley (cute, heh), and Knight
    Khmer: Scout
    Korea: Horseman, Knight, and Maceman as Heavy Maceman
    Leon as Spain: Archer as Longbowman
    Mali: Crossbowman as Royal Crossbowman, and Swordsman as Paladin
    Maya: Swordsman as Master Swordsman
    Mongolia: Knight as Medieval Horseman, Marine, and Swordsman as Master Swordsman
    Norse as Viking: Longboat as Trireme
    Ottoman: Machine Gun, and Marine
    Persia: Horseman as Marauder, and Rifleman with different body skin
    Rome: Knight as Medieval Horseman, Rifleman, and Cavalry
    Russia: tried Warrior on 3 April but removed it
    Spain: Male Settler
    Sumer as Sumeria: Crossbowman as Royal Crossbowman, Longbowman as Ranger, Male and Female Settler as Medieval, and Spearman as Elite Spearman
    Kwazulu as Zulu: Horse Archer as Archer, and Swordsman as Master Swordsman
    Africa: Modern Worker, and Galley; Worker as Medieval Ethiopian, Explorer, SAM Infantry, AT Infantry, and Marine
    Meso as Aztec: Warrior as Assassin
    Europa: Male Mediterranean Settler as Medieval Spanish
    Middle East: Rifleman, Infantry, Machine Gun, and AT Infantry; Musketman as Sumerian; and Cavalry as Persian

    29 March, 6 April 2015:
    added French Paratrooper as Tan, and added it to England, Carthage, Egypt, Sumeria, Babylon, Persia, and Japan
    added English Paratrooper as Green, and added it to France, Portugal, Celtia, and Ottoman
    added Native Paratrooper as Gray, and added it to Netherlands, Arabia, and Byzantium

    31 March; 1, 3 April 2015
    added Bakuel's Indian Rajput Katara Warrior as Assassin
    added Bakuel's Indian Ancient and Modern Great Prophet, Artist, Merchant, Engineer, and Scientist

    1 April 2015
    moved Native American Warrior to Spearman and Spearman to Stone Spearman, and removed their Longbows and Quivers
    moved Native American Scout to Assassin
    added Ambrox62's Carthage Warrior and Scout v2 as Native American
    swapped Mayan Elite Holkan and Pikeman
    swapped Aztec Horseman and Marauder
    made custom Native Axeman, and added shield to Dog Soldier and Native American Spearman
    added by way of Ethnicae: Aztec Scout with accessory layer removed
    changed Japanese PoleFlag colors around again: Cuirassier from Blue to Fire, Longbowman from Yellow to Dark Orange, Maceman from Light Red to Black, and new Knight and Galley to Light Red
    fixed centering and angle on Babylonian Maceman shield and mace, and removed ugly gold shield on Stone Axeman (LONG overdue, heh)

    3 April 2015
    made custom version of Indian Warrior using Bakuel's Indian Ancient Tamil Archer
    moved Indian Axeman's shield to Stone Axeman, and added the shield from Bakuel's Dravidian Nayar Swordsman to Indian Axeman
    made custom version of Indian Ranger using Bakuel's Indian Vakataka Light Infantry (Bare Headed)
    made custom version of Indian Royal Crossbowman using Bakuel's Indian Vakataka Longbowman (Armored)
    moved Celtic Medieval Horseman to Marauder
    added icons to Chinese Heavy Maceman and Elder Longbowman from 3K, fixed Indian Modern Great Engineer yellow glow centering, and fixed Chinese Elder Longbowman bow position
    made custom version of English Knight Champion

    4 April 2015
    made custom version of English Medieval Horseman
    fixed horse textures on England, France, Carthage, Netherlands, and Sumeria; and moved generic Knight Champion to European
    made custom version of Greek Knight Champion
    switched to Leon Longbowman as Spanish
    made custom version of Mongolian Master Swordsman using plain wooden shield from Ethnicae's Spearman, and fixed position and angle
    made custom version of Mongolian Medieval Horseman
    made custom version of Zulu Archer
    swapped Zulu Stone Spearman and Impi, and Ethiopian and Zulu Cuirassier
    added Ambrox62's Iberian Settler Female and Child as Ancient
    tried swapping Sumerian Spearman and Elite Spearman, then tried swapping just their weapons, and failed miserably
    added Knight Champion icon, moved existing one (old Master Swordsman) to Jaguar Alpha, and moved existing one to Aztec Assassin
    added icons for Babylonian Scout, Impi, Elite Impi, and Helgoland

    5 April 2015
    made custom French Jeep, Mongolian Trench Infantry, and Ottoman SAM Infantry
    made custom Babylonian SAM Infantry, moved existing one to Persian, and made custom Marine and Trench Infantry from it
    went through and cleaned up most of the file names in the Shared folder, and updated a ton of units to match (sigh)
    made custom Ottoman Jeep, Celtic Jeep and SAM Infantry, French Special Forces, Greek SAM Infantry, Italian Trench Infantry, and moved existing one to Marine
    made custom Ethiopian Jeep and Trench Infantry; African SAM Infantry; Zulu Trench Infantry, AT Infantry, and Marine; and Middle Eastern Jeep
    moved Celtic SAM Infantry to Portuguese, and made custom AT Infantry, Marine, and Machine Gun

    6 April 2015
    made custom Celtic Trench Infantry, Zulu Humvee, and Korean Humvee
    moved Italian Marine back to Trench Infantry (as Sezereth intended!), made custom Italian Marine, and fixed Zulu AT Infantry
    moved Celtic Jeep to Portuguese (oops, heh), and fixed Mongolian Marine / Trench Infantry head position
    reinstated old African SAM Infantry as Zulu, and made custom Holy Roman Machine Gun
    cleaned up Transport VU assignments, scale factors, and names
    added Zerver's American SAM Infantry, Marine as Special Forces, Paratrooper, and Humvee (bit overdue, sorry heh)
    updated Mongolian Master Swordsman again to shrink its shield so it fits properly on its arm this time, and repositioned it accordingly

    4, 6-7, 9-10 April 2015
    went through Ethnicae's full list of unit icons, and added a number of them to France, German to Holy Rome, Teutonic and Modern German to Germany, England, India, Mongolia, Africa, Zulu, Sumeria, Babylon, and Arabia

    10 April 2015
    converted 6 custom unit icons (Trebuchet, Monk, Missile Cruiser, Assault Ship, J10 Chengdu, U2 Dragonlady) from .tga to .dds
    made custom Flying Carpet icon, moved Gatherer icon to African Settler, added Community Garden to replace it, and added old Outpost icon as African Worker

    22 April 2015
    added Ethnicae unit icons to Greece, Rome, Byzantium, Ottoman, and Korea

    23 April 2015
    added Ethnicae unit icons to Middle East and South America, and some final misc ones
    swapped Warrior and Swordsman line in Pedia Unit Chart to make it line up with the Paladin

    24 April 2015
    nudged German Zeppelin forward slightly, and added masks to Desert Special Forces and Sloop icons

    9 Oct 2015
    decreased size on Galley (0.13 to 0.125), Dromon (0.1 to 0.92), Quinquereme (0.1 to 0.096), and Decareme (0.22 to 0.21), and increased it on African Galley (0.14 to 0.142) and Yamato Battleship (0.82 to 0.83)

    11 Oct 2015
    decreased size on Quinquereme (0.094) and Decareme (0.2) again, and on Viking Longboat (0.14 to 0.13) and Trireme (0.104 to 0.1)
    decreased Dromon sail size (yes!) and moved them forward, and increased its size back up to 0.1 as a result
    added -10% Slow to Decareme
    added +10% Withdrawal to Trireme, and +20% Withdrawal to Galley
    increased Manta from 30 to +40% Withdrawal
    decreased size on Kogge from 0.18 to 0.16
    moved Aluminum from Combustion to Metallurgy (Reveal) and Electricity (Enable), free Great Merchant from Corporations to Combustion, Bomb Shelter from Electricity to Advanced Construction, Titanium from Advanced Construction (Enable) and Advanced Flight (Reveal) to Flight, and changed ICBM from "Aluminum or Titanium" to Titanium

    12 Oct 2015
    renamed Decareme to Deceres, and updated the WorldBuilder and save templates
    cleaned up Galley-related texture files
    added Prime Timber to Creative Constructions, and decreased its multipliers from 0.24 to 0.2 as a result
    added Titanium to Mining Co., and increased its multiplier from 0.27 to 0.3 (giving it 25% extra due to the large number of resource types required to max it out, and the loss of 3 potential competing corporations instead of 0 or 1 everywhere else)
    updated GameFont for current corporation order in the XML (about freaking time... sheesh :()
    decreased size on South American and Asian Galleys from 0.12 to 0.115, and on Japanese Galley from 0.12 to 0.11
    switched Big Bertha Pedia description from Wikipedia's "Paris Gun" article to the correct entry (oops, heh), and added Wikipedia's SR-71 summary to Stealth Recon
    moved Bunker from Electricity to Radio
    updated all Corporation yield values (with a snazzy text chart this time to make sure it's all correct!) using lower total value (2.4 down to 2.0), and adjustments for free or blocked Corp slots, resource generation, and variety of yield effects

    13 Oct 2015
    renamed Great Tournament to Grand Tournament (thanks Hearthstone!)
    increased size on Queen Elizabeth Dreadnaught from 0.8 to 0.84

    23 Jan 2016
    fixed Y-key opening of StatsMod window from interfering with Control-Y toggling of Yield display (thanks EnormousD!)
    removed onUnitCreated() and onUnitKilled() Beastmaster code in MongooseEventManager.py, which was still running even though it wasn't doing anything (and SHOULD have been triggering an error with its attempt to add a now-invalid leader type to every War Dog unit created, sigh)
    increased tech cost increases per extra team member from 50 to +100% in GlobalDefines_MongooseMod.xml (thanks EnormousD!)
    increased size on Ju87 Stuka German and Spanish skins from 0.51 to 0.52
    fixed pink Monk texture link (possibly not for the first time either, lol)
    added TheCoyote's Shchuka Class as Russian Submarine VU despite empty window walls on the upper tower (sigh)
    added TheCoyote's Type VIIc as German U-Boat Submarine UU using Screw Propeller icon, keeping existing U31 WW1 design as Holy Roman Submarine VU
    added Japanese Yumi, Elder Yumi, Yamato Class, and Heavy Yamato UUs using existing Longbowman, Elder Longbowman, Battleship, and Leviathan VUs, respectively
    added TheCoyote's Type XXIII as Electric Submarine in Military Research using C2C's UBoat icon
    updated Pedia Unit Upgrade Tree AGAIN, lol
    removed Can Use Impassable Terrain from Submarine and UBoat
    decreased tile damage on Sea Ice from 5 to 2%

    23-24 Jan 2016
    got everything set up again for compiling the DLL, for the first time in a year and for the first time on Windows 10, woohoo! :)

    24 Jan 2016
    increased cost on Electric Submarine from 142 to 165, and decreased its Coast penalty from -25 to -20% Strength
    set scale sizes on the 3 new submarine models, and set Shchuka to use the Gato animations since its included ones were crashing and Gato works fine (including torpedo graphics - I checked!)
    changed "Consumed when Used to Attack" unit effect text to "Consumed When It Attacks"
    increased Ghost Ship withdrawal from 50 to 60%, and First Strikes from 1 to 2

    25 Jan 2016
    tracked down crash in D's game to AI_updateRouteToCity() in CvCityAI.cpp for some VERY strange reason, and disabled it for now (hopefully the K-Mod code's bugfixes in this section will apply to this, heh)
    updated MM 4.2 pre-merge codebase from 7 Aug 2014 to include 2 of the 3 normal blocks of work done shortly afterward (skipped MPRandomFix for now): TileDamageMod and BarbarianMod's isMonster() function (CvUnit.cpp, CvUnitAI.cpp, CvUnit.h, CvGameCoreUtils.cpp, CvPlot.cpp); and Hubble Space Telescope updates for all 3 types of world wrap (CvGame.cpp, CvGame.h)
    fixed display bug in the Survival tech's Terrain Enable mouseover due to hardcoded Executive first and last numbers of 3 and 7 not having been updated to 2 and 6, heh
    fixed bug in CvPlayerAI::AI_techValue() where the last remaining "TERRAIN_COAST" and "TERRAIN_OCEAN" references were messing up bOnlyWaterBonus evaluation
    fixed Smart Bombs promotion not being blocked on Ornithopter, Early Fighter, and Torpedo-Bomber in CvGameCoreUtils::isPromotionValid()
    extended Mongoose FeatureDamageMod and FeatureDefenseMod to fix all remaining (and still numerous) issues with submarine and helicopter units not handling the damage, defense, and movement effects of underwater features and ocean storms correctly

    28 Jan 2016
    extended Mongoose FeatureDamageMod to read in the bIgnoreOceanStorms field in CIV4UnitInfos.xml (added a couple days ago), and updated the mouseover text and new centralized function to use it instead of checking for being of UnitCombatType Submarine
    removed terrain impassables and added terrain natives for the 5 sea monster units, and updated Mongoose AnimalMod to group full sets of Coast, Sea, and Ocean in the Native list mouseover text
    removed Prime Timber requirement on Galley and Viking Longboat (thanks EnormousD!)
    updated Mongoose BarbarianMod to use native settings for all monster units, allow Can Only Defend monsters to spawn (oops...), and improve code efficiency
    fixed Mining Corp not reading in all 10 bonuses now that Titanium has been added, simply by updating NUM_CORPORATION_PREREQ_BONUSES in GlobalDefines_MongooseMod.xml, and NOT with a code update! (sigh, lol)

    29 Jan 2016
    added Mongoose DemolishOwnCitiesMod fix from merge-codebase shortly after 7 Aug 2014 to correct hardcoded great people list order, and the non-Spy names missing "GREAT_"
    decreased Mongoose DemolishOwnCitiesMod minimum time since founding from 50 to 30 turns; and increased normal building gold refund and city population, culture, and greatness from 50 to 75% of their Migration-source values
    increased Mermaid player limit from 3 to 8, and Humpback Whale scale from 0.2 to 0.24 and sub-unit quantity from 3 to 4
    optimized monster area size search code, decreased enormous shadow size on Scorpion from 0.08 to 0.04 (sigh, lol), and switched Mermaid from melee to ranged wave (sigh)
    removed bRenderBelowWater on Sand Worm and Ice Golem

    29-30 Jan 2016
    read up again on how Route speeds work, and fixed bug with Mongoose RailroadMod not applying tech speed increases to flat component of Maglevs, matching Railroads
    rewrote CvGameTextMgr::buildMoveString() and CvPlot::movementCost() for efficiency

    30 Jan 2016
    added Ignores Terrain Movement Costs to Sand Worm, and decreased Ice Golem speed from 2 to 1
    decreased Maglev flat speed from 9 to 8, and added +1 Railroad speed to Advanced Construction, and +1 Maglev speed to MegaEngineering and Shielding (holy carp - yuss!!!)
    fixed bug in CvGameTextMgr::buildMoveString() where route speed increases shown in mouseover text were often +1 too high due to comparing then rounding up, rather than rounding the old and new values seperately then comparing (oops, hehe)
    fixed bug in CvTechChooser.py with only the last speed boost widget button showing up in the tech tree when multiple techs boost the same route type
    added link for the route name in the route speed increase mouseover
    moved second requirement option for final unrestricted Barb water spawns from Combustion to Mechanized Warfare, matching new Destroyer and Submarine location (oops, heh)

    30 Jan - 1 Feb 2016
    added full XML and DLL support for SpawnDisableTech, and DLL support for bGlobalWarmingPopulation and iGlobalWarmingModifier tags, to replace their hardcoded implementations (woohoo!)
    updated CvTechChooser.py to display associated widgets for each

    31 Jan 2016
    tracked down new SECOND crash in D's game to CvUnit::doTurn() calling setMoves(0) on the last line, then doing "m_iMoves = iNewValue", which makes absolutely NO SENSE whatsoever (sigh)
    got missing 4.1b XML and Python folders via full mod folder sent back from D, and found and fixed old divide-by-zero crash in CvPlayerAI.cpp
    applied 4 other major bugfixes from 4.2 development (bOnlyWaterBonus also in CvPlayerAI.cpp, DemolishOwnCitiesMod with 75% returns, FeatureGrowthMod "Epic Bug!", and GamespeedScalingFix backwards high-level-unit requirement)
    made new updated 4.1b private source code archive; version 4.1b public update (1.5 years overdue - sorry!)

    1 Feb 2016
    added missing stream->Read and stream->Write sections for the long-existing Mongoose UnitSpeechMod and GlobalWarmingMod tech tags in CvInfos.cpp (wtf? grr...), the former of which was used to place the tech tree widget but which were otherwise unused
    updated Mongoose PowerPlantMod code for efficiency, UnitSpeechMod for full implementation with no hardcoding, and GlobalWarmingMod for iGlobalWarmingBuildingModifier tag, renaming existing one to iGlobalWarmingPopulationModifier

    2 Feb 2016
    updated Mongoose TileDamageMod and FeatureDamageMod to not wake units that have a -100% tile damage modifier or greater on damaging terrain or feature change
    decreased size on Chimpanzee from 3.4 to 3.1, Gorilla from 0.58 to 0.55, Orangutan from 0.58 to 0.57, Python from 25.0 to 22.0, Cobra from 0.12 to 0.1, and Musk Ox from 25.0 to 24.0
    decreased shadow size on Penguin from 5.0 to 2.1, Polar Bear from 1.035 to 0.6, Musk Ox from 0.04 to 0.03, Caribou from 0.06 to 0.03, Neanderthal from 3.0 to 1.6, and Cheetah from 1.8 to 1.4 (sigh)
    updated MongooseMod_Techs_Effects.xml and CvGameTextMgr.cpp to use a different text color for positive Global Warming effects (moving both over to the DLL matching vanilla and most existing custom text handling), and settled on Winter Lodge icon for them after trying several options
    updated CvTechChooser.py and CIV4ArtDefines_Interface.xml to use different color versions of the Afterworld right-arrow icon for Railroad and Maglev speed increase widgets
    updated CvDLLWidgetData.cpp to get Spawn Disable links working with right-click from the tech tree, and set route speed effects to use the standard hightlight color and Spawn Disable to use the standard yellow unit color
    fixed Pedia Corporation and Concepts categories crashing, and Exit buttons not working on Pedia and all advisor windows (must leave vanilla widget order intact and only add on to the END of the widget list in CvEnums.h and CyEnumsInterface.cpp, damnit! this definitely happened a long time ago with WIDGET_HELP_MOUNTAIN_CROSSING too!)
    fixed Pedia Tech category crashing when accessed on the main menu due to the new SpawnDisableTech loop (must check bPlayerContext before calling something like GET_PLAYER(BARBARIAN_PLAYER), damnit!)

    3 Feb 2016
    increased Mermaid player limit from 8 to 16
    split CvPediaHistory.py into CvPediaConcept.py and CvPediaBTSConcept.py to fix bug with Pedia concept links crashing (specifically on Nuke-related entries)

    4 Feb 2016
    added "HQ" names for the corporation headquarters wonders to eliminate confusion and fix Pedia bug with "Incorporates" links going to the building pages and not the corporation ones
    cleaned up CvScreensInterface.py for missing Animals category and current list order, matching CvScreenEnums.py
    added getSortedNonGraphicalOnlyList() in CvPediaMain.py to hide Land/Water Worked entries in Improvement category
    renamed Pedia Specials category back to "Special Buildings", and set it to use the Great People icon from the Specialists category just below it in the list

    5 Feb 2016
    made full update pass on Pedia category icons
    discovered the concept link fix from 3 Feb 2016 also fixes crash on "Can Build Railroad"-type tags and enables a link; set matching left-click text link to Concept Movement for route speed modifiers as a result
    set left-click text link to Terrain Peak entry on "Enables Mountain Crossing" tag, and updated CvDLLWidgetData.cpp and CvTechChooser.py to support the right-click link from the tech tree for it, and to fix bug with resource obsoletion right-click links only opening the resource category without selecting an entry
    updated Pedia version from 3.2a to 3.3, and updated titleplate as a result, and also to add EnormousD to the Special Thanks list
    changed icons on Free Tech to vanilla Future Tech orb guy, Martial Arts promotion from battle droid to Warlords black asian building with red background with sword, and Extractor from literally-correct version to deep sea lab

    6 Feb 2016
    changed Pedia category icon on Features from Prime Timber to Hemp, and on Resources from Iron to Titanium
    changed Military Training icon from red sky hill dueling pair to Fundamentalism-rejected crossed scimitars on red background

    21 Feb 2016
    rewrote small section of Mongoose UnitStringMod to fix bug with Elite Impi's All Defense line being fully written out due to its combination with Desert Strength (woohoo - at last!)
    fixed very old bug with Mongoose ReligionMod where a player who had already founded their limit of 2 religions and then researched other founding techs before anyone else, while correctly not founding more religions, would also block anyone else from ever founding them afterward (thanks EnormousD!)

    22 Feb 2016
    updated Mongoose UnitStringMod to show the specific type on unit Invisibility text lines

    24 Feb 2016
    updated Mongoose ReligionMod to clean up and optimize CvTeam::setHasTech() and CvGame::doHolyCity(), to properly block Barbs from founding Religions and Corporations in the normally-impossible event that they are the first to any founding techs, and to fix several bugs where Teams and Players were not always being checked for having at least one city
    updated Mongoose BarbarianMod to further optimize CvGame::createBarbarianUnits(), and Mongoose AnimalMod to slightly optimize CvGame::createAnimals()

    25 Feb 2016
    cleaned up and optimized the very messy and badly-written vanilla CvGame::doHeadquarters() function, even though it's not currently used except for the initial checks which should run slightly faster now
    made major update pass on MongooseMod_Units_Effects.xml to add links to Aquatic, No Bad Results from Goody Huts, Wild Animals, Ignores Ocean Storms, Can Cross Mountains, (Until Tech), and SDI, and to fix numerous bugs with broken or missing links in Terrain / Feature "Strength / Attack / Defense" text tags and their multi-entry variants
    made major update pass on MongooseMod_Techs_Effects.xml to add Concept links to Centers World Map, Reveals World Map, and +1 Moves for Water Units; to add highlight color to the links in Enables Map / Tech / Gold Trading, Enables Open Borders, Farms Spread Irrigation, and Can Build Farms without Irrigation; to remove dead link in Enables Trade on Rivers; and to add highlight color on and support the new code for Enables Trade on Coast and Sea, and on individual Ocean types
    fixed the OTHER set of TXT_KEY_UNIT_COAST_STRENGTH etc calls (in CvGameTextMgr::setUnitHelp() I'm pretty sure) that were stupidly overloaded with the normal getTerrainInfo().getTextKeyWide() argument (the first set was fixed sometime in the last couple weeks, but AGAIN was something that didn't make it into the notes, sigh)
    fixed bugs with Mongoose UnitStringMod where the Cannot Enter and Cannot Enter (until Tech) lists had broken Coast, Sea, and Ocean Pedia links; and added checks for the +1, +2, and +3 Terrains in each consolidation also being Impassable, and not just having a TerrainPassableTech
    fixed bug with Mongoose AnimalMod where the "Native to" text list had broken Coast, Sea, and Ocean Pedia links
    rewrote CvGameTextMgr::buildTerrainTradeString() to fix numerous bugs with Mongoose TechStringMod where "Enables Trade on" was stupidly using different code for the mouseover and full Pedia versions; where neither was using consolidated Coast and Sea groups; and where the full Pedia version was stupidly using the consolidated Coast and Sea names for Tropical Coast and Tropical Sea, broke their links as a result, was listing the Subtropical and Temperate Ocean entries twice, was using unnecessary hardcoded lookups for all 3 entries in the Warm Ocean list, and was not using any separators EXCEPT in the Warm Ocean list (ugh...)
    extended Mongoose TechStringMod to use the new TXT_KEY in CvGameTextMgr::buildRiverTradeString() to remove dead link in Enables Trade on Rivers

    26 Feb 2016
    updated Mongoose RailroadMod to halve or quarter AI tech valuation of Route speed increases (updated from 1000 to 400 in MM 4.1b, probably on 6 Dec 2013 though it isn't in the notes, oops heh) if the And and/or Or resource requirements to build that Route type exist but are not available
    fixed stupidly broken Cave Painting Pedia text link, which was using "TXT_KEY_NEW_BUILDING_" matching the Warlords Monument Pedia text update (probably inherited from Stone Age Mod as a Monument copy, sigh heh :))

    27 Feb 2016
    removed several redundant TERRAIN_TROPICAL_COAST etc hardcoded lookup groups in if conditions in CvGameTextMgr.cpp

    29 Feb 2016
    extended Mongoose UnitStringMod to add a text line to water units with Always Hostile to indicate they collect blocked commerce as gold when blockading (prompted and inspired by reviewing Blockade mechanics due to phone questions - thanks EnormousD!)

    29 Feb, 2 March 2016
    extended Mongoose TechStringMod to add a second line to the "Can Chop/Remove" widget mouseover (to keep Bronze Working from overflowing, sigh) for allowing Routes to be built in Features, and to add a standalone widget for it when no Removal build is present (currently used in Steam Power)

    3, 8 March 2016
    added iWarmingPerCity xml tag, set Industrialism civic to value 4, and extended Mongoose GlobalWarmingMod to support it, replacing existing hardcoding

    8 March 2016
    added Maintenance and Corporations concept links, and Palace building links, to 7 Civic text keys; Specialists concept links to 1 Civic and 3 Building "Free Specialist" text keys; Borders concept link to Environmentalism text key; Barbarians and Borders concept links to Great Wall text key; Movement and Borders concept links to Via Appia text key; and Great General unit links to 2 Civic "Emergence" text keys
    changed link color on "Active Vision" from Building to Highlight, and on "Spawns a Crusader" from Highlight to Unit, as they should be (sigh)

    9, 18 March 2016

    17 Apr 2016
    [installed new Seagate Makara 6TB drive in IcyDock Blizzard external enclosure, updated backup zips, and copied "6, 7, 17 Apr 2016" set to it]

    27 Apr 2016
    [updated backup zips]

    29 Apr 2016
    [reformatted interim RAID as single drives ("E,-,D1+F" to "P,-,M,E") and copied backup zips to them]

    30 Apr 2016
    [installed new pair of Seagate ES3 Constellation Megalodon 4TB drives as third and final Data RAID, and unpacked archive zips onto it]
    phone update from EnormousD covering 5 points (canal access, lake access, pillage safe improvements, Musketman quest text "hail of bullets", and still no fix for Savanna commerce)
  8. LunarMongoose

    LunarMongoose Chieftain

    Jan 29, 2006
    Boston, MA, USA
    Version 4.2 Patch Notes - Part 7

    Spoiler :
    1 May 2016
    added Mongoose OpenBordersCanalAccessFix to implement a special case of Friendly Territory (normally self, Team members, Vassals, and Master with Open Borders) that allows ships to enter Canals, ie Coastal Forts, of all players you have Open Borders with (thanks EnormousD!)
    updated Mongoose PillageOwnImprovementsMod to restore the vanilla ability for pillaging one's own Improvements in the special case of ones that don't ever harvest any Resources, and cleaned up previous code which was a mess (thanks EnormousD!)

    4 May 2016
    changed new CvPlot::isCity() optional argument in Mongoose OpenBordersCanalAccessFix to a full copy of the function to fix bug with unit selection causing game to crash (thanks EnormousD!)

    5 May 2016
    copied last 2 items, which were written in 4.1b for D's current game, to 4.2 codebase

    5-6 May 2016
    reverted to vanilla code in CvUnit::canMoveInto() where I had STUPIDLY removed a vanilla condition due to a BLIND MISREAD that made me think it was redundant and broken when IN FACT it was a DIFFERENT check that prevents transports in 2 adjacent water tiles from transferring cargo (tagged as "MongooseMod 4.2" but never recorded in notes apparently), and left a comment in the code to prevent it ever happening AGAIN (sigh)

    6 May 2016
    checked all other instances of "MongooseMod 4.2" code tags for any other problems, but didn't find any
    updated Mongoose AnimalMod and BarbarianMod in CvUnit::canMoveInto() to fix bug with Sea Monsters ignoring new Terrain Native settings when moving, removing Sandworm and Ice Golem hardcoded names there from earlier
    added new CvUnitInfo::isNativeTo() function to collapse, replace, and unify code in canMoveInto(), createAnimals(), and createBarbarianUnits(), fixing Monster spawn and area checks not having full set of Native requirements, and movement checking Barb Mountaineering instead of Peak Native for Monsters on Peaks, and Aquatic for everything
    increased deep-water chance in Barb ship Improved Fishing tier from 5 to 10% to relieve some pressure on Mermaid and Humpback Whale spawns
    removed iWorldSize truncation on PlanetaryMongoose to increase area-size requirement for Monster spawns on that size from 20 to 22, and added numerical sequence comment to the 2 places in the code that generate the scaling Lake size value of 4-18
    added speed optimization to Monster spawn area-size check
    changed "Guns not Butter" quest completion text from "hail of bullets" to "hail of lead" (thanks EnormousD!)

    7 May 2016
    updated Mongoose OpenBordersCanalAccessFix to attempt to fix Open Borders Canal tile being an invalid red mouseover and GoTo to Lake behind it working initially but then teleporting the ship out: CvUnitAI::AI_plotValid() fix allowed unit to stay, made very minor code efficiency improvement in VERY old 12monkeys TeleportingIntoLakeFix in CvUnit::jumpToNearestValidPlot(), and set AI to hopefully use new Canal access for MISSION_MOVE_TO_UNIT in CvSelectionGroup::continueMission() (thanks EnormousD!)
    updated Mongoose OpenBordersCanalAccessFix AGAIN after third emailed DLL from previous line from early afternoon still didn't work completely: CvSelectionGroup::isAmphibPlot() took 3 hours not only to find but also to get around to testing since it seemed unlikely to matter, but turned out to be the fix for Open Borders Canal tile being an invalid red mouseover; CvPlot::isValidDomainForLocation() was found and fixed first, which made GoTo Lake behind Open Borders Canal use the correct 2 movement instead of draining all movement points for some reason; and also updated CvPlayerAI::AI_getPlotCanalValue() early on, which may only be used for an AI's own territory, but if not it'll keep AI Canal valuation correct in all cases (thanks EnormousD!)
    copied changes over to 4.2 codebase, again
    found HeroicFort's new unit graphics thread, and downloaded his High Elf Paladin, Pirate Musketmen, and Native American Infantry 1 and 2 and Machine Gun rar packs

    7-8 (Horse Whispering only - bad neck/chiro period), 9 (all the rest) May 2016
    updated help text on Warships quest from "arrive at the Renaissance" to "reach the Medieval Era" to match actual obsoletion techs
    changed obsoletion techs on Elite Swords and Warships quests from "Engineering, Theology, Philosophy, Feudalism, Machinery" to "Mountaineering, Engineering, Theology, Philosophy, Feudalism, Martial Arts, Machinery" to match Medieval Era condition in vanilla and updated TXT_KEYs
    changed obsoletion techs on Horse Whispering, Classic Literature, and Master Blacksmith quests from "Nationalism, Gunpowder, Printing Press, Astronomy" to "Education, Drama, Nationalism, Scientific Method, Compass, Gunpowder" to match Renaissance Era condition in vanilla TXT_KEYs
    changed obsoletion techs on Harbormaster quest from "Corporations, Steel, Steam Power" to "Democracy, Corporations, Railroads, Electricity, Medicine, Refining" to match Industrial Era condition in vanilla TXT_KEY
    changed obsoletion techs on Sports League quest from "Radio, Refrigeration, Plastics, Ecology" to "Advanced Refining, Sanitation, Semiconductors, Mass Media, Jet Flight, Rocketry" to match Modern Era condition in vanilla TXT_KEY
    updated help text on Best Defense quest from "Rifling, Railroad, Economics" to "Chemistry, Rifling, Economics" to match actual obsoletion techs
    updated help text on War Chariots quest from "arrive at the Classical Era" to "reach the middle of the Classical Era" to match actual obsoletion techs
    updated help text on Guns Not Butter quest from "(Rifling or Railroad" to "(Chemistry or Rifling" to match actual obsoletion techs
    changed obsoletion techs on Noble Knights quest from "Drama, Nationalism, Scientific Method, Compass, Gunpowder" to "Gunpowder, Education, Military Tradition", and updated help text from "advanced firearms (Military Tradition, Rifling, or Railroad" to "firearms or pass beyond the Age of Chivalry (Gunpowder, Education, or Military Tradition" to match
    updated help text on Overwhelm quest from "." to ", or if you discover AquaEngineering or Shielding", and changed its Done trigger from "Satellites, Shielding" to "AquaEngineering, Shielding" to match its Event Trigger (oops...)

    9 May 2016
    updated Mongoose BuildingFunctionalityMod to fix bug with Tenacious no-pillage-gold effect where pillaging Improvements in neutral tiles was causing OOS errors in multiplayer games, and probably also unpredictable results in general (oops, heh :p); and copied change over to 4.2 codebase and remade updated private 4.1b code zip archive... AGAIN, lol (thanks EnormousD!)
    updated Mongoose TechStringMod to add a " (QUEST)" tag after quest names in the Enables, Helps Enable, and Obsoletes event lists in Tech mouseovers

    10 May 2016
    renamed canTriggerBlessedSea2 to canTriggerBlessedSeaDone, swapped Holy Mountain quest Done and Reveal events in the XML, and reordered quest functions in CvRandomEventInterface.py to be consistent, and make more sense with the Trigger ones always first
    corrected "in to" to "into" in 11 event TXT_KEYs, and fixed a double-space in 1
    rewrote Noble Knights help TXT_KEY to list Gunpowder separately with "firearms", to explain completion requires qualifying for at least one reward option, and to explicitly state that the first reward option requires a State Religion (for the latter two: thanks EnormousD!)
    checked all other quests for potentially-unavailable reward option sets, but didn't find any
    removed bogus links to non-existent Callback, CanDo, and Help Python functions in EVENT_OVERWHELM_DONE_1, since they don't exist in vanilla either and are thus clearly erroneous (and might cause Python exceptions, who knows)
    added Modern Transport, Corsair, Sloop, Assault Ship, and Electric Submarine to Bermuda Triangle trigger list
    added Modern Transport, Deceres, Corsair, Sloop, Leviathan, Assault Ship, Floating Fortress, Electric Submarine, and Manta to Experienced Captain trigger list
    added Royal Crossbowman to Stronger Fittings; Torpedo-Bomber to Long Range Fighters; Deceres to Reinforced Hull and Warships Reward 2; and Dreadnaught, Leviathan, and Torpedo-Bomber to Overwhelm Reward 1
    changed Warships Reward 2 from Combat Event to "Drill 1 and Drill Event"
    removed Fighter Legend, added Torpedo-Bomber, and fixed old name on Interceptor-Bomber in canTriggerOverwhelmDone

    10-11 May 2016
    changed Pasture Built event from "Cows, Pigs, Horses, Sheep" to "Horses, Bison, Cows, Pigs, Sheep" to fix missing Bison and to use the current correct XML order
    fixed bad grammar in Stronger Fittings global news TXT_KEY
    updated Overwhelm help text to list all 4 qualifying Fighter units individually rather than using their vague SpecialUnit category name

    11 May 2016
    rewrote Overwhelm quest Python functions to make 2 speed optimizations in canTriggerOverwhelm(), add WorldSize scaling (4-2-3-9 to "4-2-1-3 to 8-4-3-9"), add support for using UU names in the Quest Log text when active, and fix getSpecialUnitInfo() calls that were leftover from the previous version
    updated TXT_KEY_EVENT_OVERWHELM_HELP_1 again to change "Oil for the planes" to "Iron and Oil for the ships and Aluminum and Rubber for the planes", and to fix %s9 number on Manhattan Project name argument
    reworked Overwhelm quest AGAIN to change Battleship requirement to "Dreadnaught or Battleship", matching promotion reward; tech requirement from "Military Research and Naval Supremacy" to "Assembly Line or Mechanized Warfare"; and obsoletion techs from "AquaEngineering or Shielding" to "Jet Flight, Rocketry, or Nuclear Power", preventing any possible lockout due to advancing past the required Destroyer, Carrier, and/or Fighter types

    12 May 2016
    updated TXT_KEY_EVENT_OVERWHELM_HELP_1 again to use the updated obsoletion techs, and to separate out all the commas, and's, and or's from the special color tags rather than being lazy about it like the rest of the event text still is, sigh :)
    downloaded HeroicFort's French Musketeer and Ethiopian and Zulu Infantry 2 rar packs, and to check for use as source copies, his Mexican, Incan and Argentinian Rifleman, and Ethiopian and Zulu Infantry 1 and Machine Gun, rar packs

    12-14 May 2016
    updated Mongoose OpenBordersCanalAccessFix to clean up the code a little in a number of places, rewrite and significantly optimize CvSelectionGroup::isAmphibPlot(), and add 2 coastal land checks and make a major vanilla code bugfix in CvPlayerAI::AI_getPlotCanalValue()
    updated Mongoose LakeSizeMod to move lake size calculation to a single location and simplify it; and to clean up and optimize CvPlot::canTrain() code, remove allowance for Water Cities in size-1 lakes to train Workboats and Constructors, and to change Water City allowance for training all other water units from anywhere to requiring ocean size and obeying the unit minimum area size argument

    14-15 May 2016
    extended Mongoose OpenBordersCanalAccessFix to rewrite the "bPrereqBonuses" Unit-XML-tag section of CvPlot::canTrain() to improve efficiency of Water Cities training water units, handle Water Cities training land units correctly which was completely missing (sigh), and make ANOTHER vanilla code bugfix that doesn't currently matter but WOULD BE critically important if Workers were like Workboats and only had resource-harvesting builds available
    changed bPrereqBonuses on Constructor from 1 to 0 to fix bug with it not being able to be built in smaller bodies of water that don't have any resources
    further improved the bPrereqBonuses same-domain check to not count a bonus in the tile itself if there's a city there, since workers can't build anything in city tiles
    extended Mongoose OpenBordersCanalAccessFix to allow Work Boats and Constructors to enter any city tile, and to explicitly block all other water units from being able to enter lake tiles

    15 May 2016
    extended Mongoose LakeSizeMod to add isSeaWorker() helper function
    changed LAKE_MAX_AREA_SIZE global from 4 to 6, and updated new Mongoose LakeSizeMod function to change result from "4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18" to "6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 19"
    changed iMinAreaSize on all military ships from 20 to -1, matching Workboat and Constructor, to fix a bridging coastal city still being able to make and/or send warships into a relatively small, ie "7 to 20" but still less than 20, size inland sea while a non-coastal player on the same inland sea STILL can't make warships to defend, and also to remove the last non-scaling water element
    updated Mongoose BarbarianMod to change monster spawn area size requirement from "8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22" to "7, 9, 11, 15, 19, 23, 27, 33", based on new lake size definition

    16, 21 May 2016
    extended Mongoose BuildingFunctionalityMod to allow multiple FreeBonus entries in a Building XML entry, added NUM_BUILDING_FREE_AND_BONUSES XML global and set it to 5, and moved all the 2 and 5x Wonders from DLL hardcoding over to the new system (FINALLY!!! been trying to get this done for months, geesh...)

    21 May 2016
    extended Mongoose BuildingFunctionalityMod to add getNUM_BUILDING_FREE_AND_BONUSES() Python access, updated Pedia Resource page and canTriggerIndependentFilms() to work with the new system, and optimized the latter
    updated Museum Template saves AGAIN lol, and updated the archive zip for them once and for all (YAY!!!)
    increased size on Japanese Yamato Class from 0.83 to 0.84 (one last adjustment tweak to celebrate!)

    21-22 May 2016
    major rewrite of the Resource and Improvement Pedia pages

    26 June 2016
    partially reverted 4 lines of BetterAI code in CvCityAI::AI_bestPlotBuild() to fix crash on city capture in D's current multiplayer game (thanks EnormousD!)
    doubled all Corporation yield and commerce output values, and decreased each one's maintenance value from 100 to 50 (thanks EnormousD!)
    updated private version to 4.1b4

    13 Nov 2016
    re-read recent notes, started getting organized and refamiliarized with everything again, and tested D's Russia crash game and three October crash games, which except for the second (by filesize) October one worked with PlotGroup stuff disabled, so there's clearly only one possible conclusion sigh

    14 Nov 2016
    finished full WinMerge comparison of 4.1b4 vs 4.2 codebases just to refamiliarize with everything and double-check that the latter had everything it was supposed to have; and made private zip of 4.2 source through 26 Jun 2016 (whew, geez)

    14-15 Nov 2016
    decreased Corporation maintenance from 100 to 50, and doubled their yield and commerce outputs, roughly matching the new 4.1b values but still based on the new 4.2 output system (thanks EnormousD!)
    *** went through and reverted to vanilla code on all Mongoose RiverLinkFix blocks, leaving it commented out for future reference, to fix multiple persistent crashes in D's 4.1b games that were clearly PlotGroup-related (grr... oh well hehe) (thanks EnormousD!)

    15 Nov 2016
    updated StatsMod to add separate Titanium coughup tracking instead of annoyingly lumping it in with Aluminum (long overdue, heh)

    15-16 Nov 2016
    StatsMod: fixed counts going to the wrong land/water type on all 4 combat outcomes in hybrid battles ie Helicopter vs Battleship (though it's still not perfect b/c Total Land Battles is just the sum of the Land Attacking and Land Defending sums) (thanks EnormousD!)
    cleaned up combined Retreat/Withdrawal tracking allocations
    cleaned up Python tag names, compacted dialog text in the highest/lowest odds sections, and fixed "Retreat" and "Withdrawal" names being backwards in the Fighter Battle Odds line
    removed attacker and defender retreat chances from average and extreme combat odds, since what you actually WANT is the raw victory/defeat chance in the actual combat itself (and the latter wasn't checking whether a safety unit was present to enable the withdrawal either which would've needed to be fixed had it stayed, heh)

    added 1 missing RiverLinkFix comment block and code reversion in CvGameCoreUtils.cpp, and 4 in CvPlot.cpp, which finally got it compiling again, woohoo

    17 Nov 2016
    added Mongoose CaravanValueFix to set Tech, Tech Monopoly, Unit, and Disband values for Caravan and Freight, and Tech Monopoly values for Worker and Settler class units as well, all of which were zero in the vanilla code and needed to be updated for the mod's Tech and Unit content

    18 Nov 2016
    checked all "Programming 1" versus "Programming 2" files and folders as needed against the Corrupt Files list from 6 Apr 2016 (1 folder + 7 files) to make sure everything was intact and valid, and nothing was missing, and collapsed/consolidated/merged them back down to just one main working Programming root folder AT LAST
    rebuilt all 9 .pak files to perfectly synchronize with the slightly-updated source files (any problems with them are now guaranteed to show up in-game and not get missed)
    StatsMod: fixed Retreat and Withdrawal outcomes going to the wrong Land/Water category on the other player (ie the winner) in hybrid battles, and removed "Combat" from the "Average Land/Water/Air Combat Odds" lines to prevent overflow (plus it looks better this way anyway, heh)
    updated Titleplate for still using BBAI 1.02b + UP 1.6 codebase and not K-Mod yet, and the small center orange subtitle matching 4.1's version
    switched Fossils resource from 3D white ribcage on grass icon to pterodactyl stone block icon
    added Methane Ice symbol to the larger main GameFont by shrinking the main resource icon, since it is in fact used by the Extractor Pedia entry text and it was getting pretty annoying not having it there
    made full update pass on all Animal shadow sizes since only a few were worked on before (29 Jan, 2 Feb 2016) and most were still horribly far off lol, and improved Hippopotamus shadow by basing it on the Rhinoceros one

    19 Nov 2016
    added 2 missing isMonster() call replacements in CvUnit::maxCombatStr() (from random accumulated notes below - thanks! lol)
    added Mongoose ResourceStringMod to add obsoletion techs to the bottom of resource mouseovers (from random accumulated notes below - thanks! lol)
    updated Mongoose BarbarianMod to allow Barb cities to train air combat units with collateral damage, ie bombers
    tested Mongoose NewUnitTileDamageFix to make sure units in Desert cities do indeed spawn healthy with it, and that they still spawn wounded without it, in both SinglePlayer and MultiPlayer games, since D emphasized recently how those work differently on the turnover (MP does cities then units both at end of player turn; SP does cities at end of player turn then units at start of NEXT turn)
    extended Mongoose TileDamageMod to clear orders and wake from sleep on units that will die on the next turnover if they take the same tile damage that they just received on this turnover, in addition to the alert that is already provided
    updated tech costs again to further increase Renaissance through Future relative to the last 4.2 version, and cleaned up the tech costs notes file significantly (thanks EnormousD!)
    added Drill 5 and Drill Event to Metal Decks event
    added Combat Event 2, Overwhelm Event, Pinch Event 2, and Flanking Event 2 promotions, and swapped them in on Stronger Fittings and Harbormaster, Overwhelm, Guns Not Butter, and Noble Knights respectively, to prevent not getting any rewards in certain cases (thanks EnormousD!)

    20 Nov 2016
    switched to source version on Mechanized Warfare icon (slightly larger filesize - grr at missing these things heh)
    added Combat Event 3 at +6% Strength; increased Overwhelm Event from +5 to +6% Strength, Pinch Event 2 from +10 to +12% vs Early and Modern Gun, and Flanking Event 2 from +5 to +6% Withdrawal; and added +2% Healing to Overwhelm Event
    moved Harbormaster Done1 from Combat Event 2 to 3, and Rifled Cannon from Combat Event 1 to 2, to accomodate the new (since last night, lol) 3-prong system
    changed Harbormaster Done3 from Flanking Event 1 to 2, matching Noble Knights quest reward and potency; and War Chariots and Elite Swords from Combat Event 1 to 3, matching Harbormaster Done1 quest reward and potency
    added Civ3 Parachute icon to Paradrop mission, fixing duplicate with Military Research using vanilla Paradrop icon
    went through the C2C icon folder fully, and stored zip collections almost fully, looking for better options on a few things, and cleaned up and organized the icon working folders a bit
    added C2C icons: ModernArtTheatre as Sydney Opera House replacing my custom-made one (for now at least), and ChemistryLab as Pinch Event 2 replacement
    moved Leadership promotion icon to Combat Event 1 and Combat Event 1 icon to Combat Event 3, added ivory greek head engraving icon to replace the former, and added white reactor core icon as Combat Event 2 (this design sounds bleh on paper, but turns out to be niiice :))
    renamed Biplane Legend to Advanced Biplane, Fighter Legend to Advanced Fighter, and Jet Fighter Legend to Advanced Jet Fighter, matching Advanced Tank design and fully eliminating the annoying notion that these elite units were somehow related to the Ace promotion series (looong overdue, not sure why I never signed off on this change before heh)
    switched from VerticalFarming back to OrganicCity icon on Hydroponic Farm building, and changed Mass Transit icon from small personal monorail-type-thing to white and yellow double-bus
    switched from .dds BACK to .tga versions of Monk, Special Forces (Desert), and Trebuchet; Sloop, Missile Cruiser, and Assault Ship; and U2 Dragon Lady and J10 Chengdu icons (at self: freaking idiot thinking .dds's to "blend in" with existing icons would ever be a GOOD idea, sigh...)
    found the good-quality version of the orange/pink/red longboat icon I was desperately looking for for hours a long while back while going through the C2C icon folder yet again, updated it to add a mask and standard border, and swapped it in on the Viking Kogge (holy carp - YUSS!)

    21 Nov 2016
    updated template WBs for the 3 air unit name changes, and template saves for hopefully the LAST time on this version lol
    increased size on Indian Medieval Female Settler subunit from 0.41 to 0.42, and finished what was I'm guessing a change from 2014-15? where 3 Medieval Asian Settler subunits were missing their hat texture, probably b/c I was going to try them with the vanilla ancient one and removed it from Shared, but stopped all work before getting around to updating the .nif's? (sigh, lol)
    added HeroicFort's High Elf Paladin as generic Crusader, and added it to Viking, Celtia, and Sumeria
    moved Alien Worship icon to new generic Crusader, added C2C's LunarMegastructures icon to replace it, and added yellow-and-red Islam symbol icon to Islamic Crusader VU
    added HeroicFort's Native American Infantry v2 (the one with the brown hat - nice!) and Machine Gun
    switched to source version on the .nif only of HeroicFort's Argentine Rifleman since it uses a unified model with no separate head, used it to also update the Swedish Rifleman, and added his Mexican Rifleman as South American to Aztec and Maya
    added HeroicFort's Pirate Musketman 4 as a First Mate subunit in the Barbarian Dread Pirate UU, and reduced its Sailor quantity from 3 to 2 to make room

    22 Nov 2016
    reverted 18 Rifleman and 10 Redcoat Stab animations to their normal vanilla .kfm links that had been stupidly "upgraded" sometime in 2014-16? as part of 4.2 development?, fixing bugs with those units leaving their rifles suspended high in mid-air while doing the stabbing motion and also after they die but before the entire combat for their unit finishes
    moved 2 more texture files over to Shared, fixing 1 missing gloss file on the China Rifleman model in the process
    tested the new system that lets buildings provide multiple resources at once properly in the XML, and King Richard's Crusade's passive Crusader spawning ability
    tested the Hubble Space Telescope's updated orbiting vision system (omg, FINALLY - took FOREVER to get to this, the code was written on 14-15 Sept 2014 sigh), and made 4 major updates:
    on Flat maps it now bounces when the center hits an edge, rather than when an edge of the vision area hits an edge, to avoid leaving permanently unreachable areas in the corners; and overflow lighting was added as a result (matching the other 2 map types) even though this makes no sense on a Flat map, since it wouldn't be fair to lose up to 3/4's of the active vision area some of the time
    the vision area itself was updated from a fixed circle to an oval that scales based on the current map's width/height ratio, to provide an even and equal coverage experience on any map shape
    the code was rewritten to make geometry calculations directly instead of relying on plotDistance(), which eliminated rounding errors that made the edges of the vision area look terrible, and the int argument and kludged "float * 1.1" radius check were removed as a result, which improved the shape of the active vision area from approximating circular curvature to generating it exactly
    numerous radius and speed combinations were tested before finally settling on values that were similar to before but slightly higher; and learned the actual value of the y/x speed ratio is critical to continuously sweeping across the whole map rather than pathing along a fixed 4-line route over and over, as well as to how efficiently and consistently it does so

    23 Nov 2016:
    posted update in the MM subforum for the first time since January (sorry...), and downloaded 4 zips from the new CastorTroy unit graphics thread as well as the 2 for the new K-Mod 1.45 release (wow, heck of an update from 1.42b, and he even has the Event OOS's in the 1.45 notes!)

    24 Nov 2016:
    made minor city turnover speed optimization in Mongoose SiegeMod, and removed 1 BBAI and 9 of MY completely unnecessary "GC.getGameINLINE()." calls in CvGame.cpp, lol
    updated passive Crusader spawning ability to scale based on map size in addition to the existing gamespeed scaling, to range from 1.0 to 15.0 instead of 1.0 to 6.0 turns between spawns, and to use a single consolidated function for the scaling calculation (sigh)
    moved Metal Decks obsoletion from Composites to Nuclear Power, and Long-Range Fighters obsoletion from Composites to Jet Flight
    removed applyTowerShield(), applySmokelessPowder(), applyStrongerFittings(), applyFiringPins(), applyRifledCannon(), applyMetalDecks(), applyLongRangeFighters(), applyHalberd(), and applyReinforcedHull() callback links since these functions don't exist (and probably aren't in vanilla either, sigh)
    added +50% vs Mounted to Machine Gun (thanks K-Mod!), and Jet Flight requirement to Modern Carrier (thanks EnormousD!)
    moved Mass Media obsoletion on Sports League to Lasers (nice!)
    extended Mongoose NewUnitTileDamageFix to make new units trained in cities ignore the first round of tile damage that hits them, and reinstated the vanilla safety call as a result (don't have to worry about healing strength always being sufficient this way, and it's probably better NOT disabling vanilla safeguards when you have a choice... lol)
    redid Template WB (just tweaking 2 options for the heck of it heh) and save files for the Hubble and TDFix code updates (good thing I have this routine down to 12 minutes, hehe), and updated Titleplate one last time just to tweak the orange text a little
    added CastorTroy's Tripoli Squire as Carthaginian Crusader, and Hospitaller Cannons Warrior icon to existing Hospitaller Crusader model (nice - thanks!)

    25 Nov 2016:
    added Bakuel's Javanese Islamic Bowman as Khmer Longbowman
    added upgrade option from AT Infantry to Mechanized Infantry (thanks EnormousD!)
    increased size on Egyptian Medieval Female Settler subunit from 0.42 to 0.43
    added Carrier-related cargo restriction notes on a few units in their Pedia text (thanks EnormousD!)
    added +5% Neutral Healing to Combat 3 (Air), and +5% Enemy Healing to Combat 4 (Air), for Carrier use which apparently wasn't considered before, heh
    decreased Neural Interface from 4 to +3% Research, 20 to +15% Culture and Great People Rate, 80 to +60% Great General Rate, and Very High to High Upkeep
    added +50% Domestic Great General Rate to Mercantilism, and increased it from Low to Medium Upkeep
    Pedia Unit page: Movement hidden when displaying a Range line, Range line swapped up above Production Cost to be in the same place Movement is, and Tribe/Settler production cost no longer hidden b/c MM is using the normal system for it now albeit with a second multiplier for some reason heh
    fixed bug with Domestic Advisor where, with cities named "Bird" and "Birdnest", the former's specialist +/- buttons along the bottom were showing up on both of them (thanks EnormousD!)

    26 Nov 2016:
    extended NewUnitTileDamageFix to apply to Crusaders spawned by King Richard's Crusade the same way it does for normal trained units and tested it, which does indeed trigger the brief red-circle-indicator on turnover spawn in Single-Player - nice!

    27 Nov 2016:
    renamed FreeUnit to AutoSpawnUnitClass as it freaking SHOULD be (ugh); moved Mongoose BuildingFunctionalityMod Crusader autospawn building search out of the city turnover loop, which also allows current production to be reset whenever the type is changed; and moved Mongoose SiegeMod Palisade removal when Walls are present out of the city turnover loop, which also allows the removal to take effect immediately rather than on the next turnover
    updated Mongoose BuildingStringMod to display a "Removes Palisade" line on Walls, matching the "Removed by Walls" line on Palisade, and to properly use civ-specific building names on both (sigh)
  9. LunarMongoose

    LunarMongoose Chieftain

    Jan 29, 2006
    Boston, MA, USA
    Version 4.2 Patch Notes - Part 8

    Spoiler :
    29 Nov 2016:
    redid the template saves again for the new AutoSpawn type slot on each city (...)
    set Civic Advisor to use smaller fontsize on detail text when window is less than its maximum size, and on Theocracy, Ancestor Worship, Industrialism, and Environmentalism regardless, and updated version to 2.2 as a result
    rewrote a large number of civic detail strings, both existing in the mod and still from vanilla, to add highlight colors, make things more succinct and consistent, and fix one missing link from the previous pass, greating improving readability across the entire Civic Advisor (note to self: declaring to self before that leaving everything alone as a solid wall of white text was a GOOD thing, was idiotic, and just an excuse to be lazy)
    extended Mongoose CivicStringMod to cover the entire parse function rather than just a few small bits and pieces, finally organizing everything and making the code readable, improving the list order on a number of civic effects, and copying the new "Worker Work Rate" string out to its matching tech and wonder lines
    updated titleplate for the new version number and to add HeroicFort's name to the list for his 6 unit models now in use, which ended up triggering a reordering of the bottom 4 lines, fitting it in without adding an extra line and making much better use of the available space heh

    4 Dec 2016:
    added Mountain Mine weight to Putin matching his Mine entry; Mountain Village weight to 19 leaders matching their Town entries; Woodland Cottage and Forest Preserve weight to Logan and Sitting Bull; Lumberyard and Lumbermill weight to Montezuma; Extractor weight to Churchill, Franco, Maria II, Hannibal, and Hirohito; and Floating Town weight to Harald, DeWitt, Hannibal, and Marcos
    fixed PlotLSystem bug with Mountain Mine not updating to Modern Mine model in Modern Era like Mine does (re-referencing the Mine art files DOES work, but you have to specify a scale value HERE TOO, not just in the ArtDef!) (thanks EnormousD!)
    updated No Elite Units game option mouseover text for Deceres and Advanced Biplane/Fighter/JetFighter name updates (dang, almost missed this, yikes), and to add "*** " indentation to the start of each list (woohoo!)
    removed latitude requirement on Hubble Space Telescope (thanks EnormousD!)
    added F15 Eagle as Modern Fighter UU for America once again!, matching... Civ3, I think? lol, and filling out their "miscellaneous" very-late-game UU arsenal which was feeling a bit thin (yay!)
    updated F15 to use teamcolor, which was really bothering me since the circle areas were already there so it looked even WORSE not having it, and moved the main wing circles further in as well
    updated the internal XML names of the other 3 American UUs for consistency, and, yes, redid the template saves again for this and the F15 (......)

    5 Dec 2016:
    downloaded Xyth's new posting, at my request (and subsequent PM prompting, hehehe), of Bakuel's missing Filipino Medieval, Malaysian Medieval (Post-Melaka), and Aceh Medieval (Early Sultanate) zip packs
    added Bakuel's Filipino Armored Horseman as Khmer Marauder, moved existing one BACK to Knight, and reluctantly retired existing Knight model (imported from India)
    added Bakuel's Javanese Islamic Heavy Cavalry as Khmer Horseman (Medieval), and retired existing one (also imported from India)
    added Bakuel's Post-Melaka Silat Warrior (Keris) as Khmer Assassin, and moved existing light-green robe model to China, loosely matching Korea (woohoo)
    added Bakuel's Filipino Japanese Mercenary (Naginata), Filipino Early Hand Cannon (Moro), Post-Melaka Crossbowman, and Post-Melaka Musketman (Snap Matchlock) as Khmer Pirate subunits
    added Bakuel's Malay Scout (Senoi) as Khmer Scout, Aceh Sultanate Orangkaya Swordsman as Khmer Explorer (niiice!), and Malay Post-Melaka Bowman as Khmer Ranger

    6 Dec 2016:
    added AsioAsioAsio's Yokosuka MXY-7 Ohka as Early Rocket VU for Japan, cleaned up the .nif a little, and used it to add a few effects to the V1 model, even though they still don't dive and disappear like the Guided Missile sadly

    7 Dec 2016:
    increased size on vanilla Fighter from 0.54 to 0.55, Modern Armor from 0.58 to 0.62, first Leopard 2 model from 0.4 to 0.41, T90 from 0.54 to 0.56, T55 from 0.56 to 0.57, Oliphant from 0.42 to 0.43, Type99 from 0.34 to 0.36, and Type90 from 0.34 to 0.35
    added TheBladeRoden's Urban Modern Armor skin, and set Rome and Korea to use it
    added the unused Olive Modern Armor skin bundled with 2 existing VUs that were just using its treads, and set Aztec, Maya, and Celtia to use it
    made custom damage texture for the new Modern Tank (Urban) skin

    7-8 Dec 2016:
    made custom damage textures for the existing Stealth Tank (Black) and Manticore models, and a proper gloss texture for the Olive Modern Tank treads
    fixed the teamcolor circles on the front of the turret on the new Modern Tank Urban and Olive skins, and the tread color on the Urban skin

    9 Dec 2016:
    decreased size on Stealth Tank (Black) from 0.5 to 0.49, and on Stealth Tank (Desert) from 0.56 to 0.55

    10 Dec 2016:
    moved +1 Food on Igloo from Improved Fishing to Early Fishing, and +1 Commerce on Snowman from Priesthood to Exploration
    added +1 Commerce on Igloo to Refuge Building, and -1 Commerce on Igloo to Advanced Hunting
    added Can See Invisible Animals, and Starts with Commando and Medic 1, to Ancient King
    rewrote Prolific +1 Food text lines slightly for better clarity
    added missing Mobile unit category to free Aggression promotions
    added +50% Production on Royal Crossbowman and Chinese Royal ChuKoNu, Clockwork Golem, Big Bertha, and Advanced Tank and German Tiger Tank to Aggressive
    added +50% Production on Elder Longbowman and Japanese Elder Yumi, Monk, Shadow Demon, Medevac, and Ornithopter to Tenacious
    added +50% Production on Medevac and Deceres to Seafaring
    changed all Aggression and Tenacity units from 50 to +40% Production

    11 Dec 2016:
    added +50% Production on Falcon, Helicopter, Gunship, Wraith, Banshee, Ironclad, Assault Ship, and Electric Submarine to Seafaring
    added +40% Production on War Dog to Charismatic, and +40% Production on Scout to Expansive
    changed land Seafaring units from 50 to +40% Production
    rewrote Expansive No Improvement Gold Costs text line slightly for better clarity
    updated Mongoose TraitFunctionalityMod to change Seafaring carried unit survival health from 100%-50%-1% to 95%-48%-1%
    added a large number of links and color tags to the Trait detail strings, and a few to the related SDK code as needed; fixed a few final broken links in the Civic strings; and made one major speed optimization and a number of negligible ones in CvGameTextMgr.cpp
    greatly extended Mongoose TextColorMod to provide different name colors for National Units, UUs, UNUs, and UBs, matching Buildings, Projects, and Wonders! (omg HOLY CARP yes!!! - but why wasn't this done ages ago? rofl sigh)

    12-17 Dec 2016:
    further extended Mongoose TextColorMod, and added a massive number of links and color tags, to the Building, Tech, Unit, Promotion, Terrain, Feature, and Improvement detail strings, to fully implement text colorization
    made numerous minor formatting tweaks to improve various strings and make them consistent

    19-20 Dec 2016:
    extended Mongoose UnitBuildingClassPrereqMod to fix bug with Assassin, Paladin, and Crusader still being trainable in inland cities after Grenadiers have been unlocked, and only removed if Paratrooper or higher is unlocked (since that's the only sequence that can supercede Pirate), since Pirates require a building (Lighthouse) that is automatically unavailable in inland cities, blocking upgrade set completion (thanks EnormousD!)

    21-22 Dec 2016:
    further extended Mongoose UnitBuildingClassPrereqMod, and rewrote the previous section slightly, to make Pirate completely hidden in the production options for inland cities, matching all water units, rather than showing up disabled

    22 Dec 2016:
    fixed weapon position on Korean Maceman and Medieval Horseman models

    23 Dec 2016:
    added normal icon border and mask to England Swordsman icon
    made major efficiency improvement in 2 places with the hardcoded type references for the +%vs pair string displays on units
    added missing colorization to the Veteran/Ace and Amphibious effects, and missing links to the Amphibious and Mobility effects (oops, heh)
    extended Mongoose WorldSizeScalingFix to flatten corporation generated resource output quantity with multiple input types, and to add WorldSize-based scaling, for a result of one from the first input, then one for every "1 to 2.75 times number of types" total inputs, which was actually difficult given the feedback loop the vanilla function implements, heh (thanks EnormousD!)

    24 Dec 2016:
    updated Mongoose AirLethalityMod to add strength ratio scaling to air lethality chance and non-lethal damage dealt, as well as to the unused negative value non-lethal damage cap specifier (thanks EnormousD!)
    fixed VERY longstanding bug with the intercepting unit using the defender's extra lethality chance from promotions, rather than their own (what, the actual... are you KIDDING me? ... sigh. sorry guys lol)
    increased Hawk from 1 to 3 AirStrength, 25 to 30% Interception, and 25 to 60% Lethality as a result
    fixed ANOTHER very old bug, this time with how interceptDamage() is CALLED when the defender wins an air combat - this didn't matter before, but would've caused a big problem now that strength ratios are being used (...)
    StatsMod: improved "Features Grown/Cleared" to "Growths/Cleared", and changed "Forest" to "Forest/Bmb" and "Swamp" to "Swp/Bog" to specify tracking that seems hidden or missing otherwise
    fixed bug with StatsMod tracking not registering Feature Clears (thanks EnormousD!)
    added and updated color on a bunch MORE miscellaneous strings, including Goody Hut results, the First Palace and Contact Espionage reminders, and the City View H/H mouseover components

    25 Dec 2016:
    extended Mongoose FeatureGrowthMod to use the feature variety that is most present in a growth's cardinal-adjacent source tiles, rather than always using the default variety (No more pine trees freaking EVERYWHERE - yay!!! Can also soften rigidly-straight latitude threshold lines, and will handle map generator altitude and temperature settings, and regional maps, correctly!)
    added Platyping's Sydney Opera House, Dead Hand as Manhattan Project, and Great Firewall as The Internet single-frame .bik's (thanks EnormousD!)
    replaced existing single-frame .bik's with Platyping's ones on Nazca Lines and Serpent Mound
    replaced existing single-frame .bik with RoM's movie on King Richard's Crusade

    26 Dec 2016:
    removed Manhattan Project and The Internet single-frame .bik's since it turns out vanilla DOES have these 2, even though it doesn't play movies AT ALL for ANY other Projects, sigh lol
    replaced existing LunarColonization single-frame .bik with Platyping's Mont Saint Michel (LOL, but still WAY better than a generic Space Shuttle frame that doesn't even REFERENCE the moon in any way, plus it's a good picture AND doesn't look super-redundant with the Space Shuttle launch part of the ISS movie!)
    fixed bug with Manhattan Project having an empty gray movie window since the redundant second XML entry for it was using a mod path ("Project" folder) to a file that obviously didn't exist (and doesn't once again! lol), and was superceding the earlier vanilla entry with it (oops, heh) (thanks EnormousD!)
    decreased Hawk from 3 to 2 AirStrength, and 100 to +25% vs Archery; and increased it from 60 to 65% Lethality

    27 Dec 2016:
    added color tags on the StatsMod strings, and the unit and civic +Gold Support Cost strings
    added +2 Experience on Air Units to Hangar to give them 2 normal building sources, matching Mounted Units
    set Pedia to use the real value strings on +Free Units on Tribal Law and Vassalage, and to use a player's UB for +Building H/H civics, when in a game, matching the Civic Advisor (but left generic State Religion strings in use in the Pedia when in a game)
    added K-Mod's CvGame::calculateSyncChecksum() update, and CvRandomEventInterface.py .sort() fixes - not sure if this will fix ALL the event OOS's D encountered, but it should help at least some :)

    28 Dec 2016:
    added some final color tags on the Can Perform Paradrops, Heal Building and Promotion, Terrain Movement Cost, and Speed Promotion strings; changed the latter from "+1 Movement Range" to "+1 Moves" with link, matching Refrigeration effect; and compacted "1 Extra" to "+1" on the FS/FSC Promotion strings
    fixed bug with the Pedia Forward history not being preserved, even though the Forward button remained available, when selecting a main category (without a real item specified) at the beginning of or in the middle of a history sequence (the Back button does NOT correctly become available if used at the beginning of one, but it still works to jump back to the real first entry heh - will fix this later, probably in the planned big Pedia update)
    added +2 Experience on Corsair and Privateer to Harbor, and Lighthouse requirement to Corsair and Privateer, matching Pirate
    changed UnitBuildingClassPrereqMod to UnitBuildingClassPrereqFix, and rewrote it to use a modified XML entry directly, matching everything else, rather than manually extracting the Building entry's BuildingClass
    fixed bug with the UnitBuildingClassPrereqFix implementation from a week ago, where the function was only completely hiding units that require water buildings in inland cities, rather than in all inland plots, matching all water units
    updated Mongoose BarbarianMod to remove explicit Sandworm requirement when trying a Bombard command/mission on animals and monsters, since all other types are blocked immediately anyway, AND since other types SHOULD be allowed to IF they are ever given iBombardRate stats, heh
    rewrote old heal-related Mongoose AnimalMod code in CvUnitAI.cpp to fix several bugs and make several optimizations (sigh), and extended it to replace iCost -2 with bMonster tag in the XML
    extended Mongoose BuildingFunctionalityMod to move Silk Road's InlandTradeRoutes, Nuclear Plant's NukeProductionModifier, and Harbor's +2 Experience from DLL hardcoding over to the XML (whew! think that's the last of it, finally)
    fixed bug with missing the CvBuildingInfo constructor when adding the GlobalDomainFreeExperiences array a while back - WHOOPS! argh/grr/wtf/sigh
    updated Pedia Unit page to support PrereqBuildingClass, which fixes Lighthouse instead of Trading Post showing up on the Pirate entry when playing Vikings, for example

    29-30 Dec 2016:
    rewrote the DLL code that actually uses the 5 new XML effects

    29 Dec 2016:
    fixed bug with... I'm assuming BBAI since vanilla doesn't have the bGlobal version of the function heh, but anyway, where CvCity::getProductionModifier() was putting local MilitaryProduction effects in its global total (though this only matters if its 2 halves are ever called separately anywhere, which I don't have time to check heh)
    updated the Pedia Unit page for the new BuildingClassPrereq field (which it turns out was the only thing affected outside the DLL, woohoo :))

    30 Dec 2016:
    added color to a bunch of final things, including Monster "Can't Attack Cities" extended to "Attack, Capture, or Enter", "Inland / Coastal Trade Routes in All Cities", and all Great People "Birth Rate" and Great General "Emergence" strings
    added variable color to "Free Building in Every City"
    changed name on the "Industrialism" Tech to "Industrialization", and on the Monarchy, Democracy, Communism, and Fascism Techs to their vanilla Civic names to eliminate all remaining possible link bugs in the Pedia from duplicate names, and b/c using the generic names in the TechTree matches the rest of the content there SO much better!
    added missing ITMC to Ice Golem, and missing +100% vs Ice Golem to Flamethrower

    31 Dec 2016:
    completely removed the brand-new UnitClassExperience XML field and all related DLL code, and added PirateExperience to replace it, to avoid killing the mod with horrible savefile size (quickly estimated at +5MB for a mid-to-late-game save using a very large map size, JUST FOR THIS ONE FREAKING FIELD argh/sigh)
    cleaned up CvAdvisorUtils.py (which handles "Feat" stuff, which I've never actually seen before lol) for the mod's current Unit (Privateer) and UnitCombat (Gun, Siege, Naval) types
    rewrote CvCityAI::AI_experienceWeight() to include all main (ie non-Pirate, heh) Experience sources, and to fix bug with it using the old invalid vanilla UnitCombat type "Gun"
    fixed AI evaluation for Nuclear Plant +100% Nuke Production effect; and added completely missing AI evaluation for Harbor +2 Pirate Experience, and Silk Road +2 Inland Trade Routes in All Cities, effects (wtf? sigh)
    added color to Era display on the MainInterface (YES!)
    cleaned up "Nuclear Protest" Python functions to remove direct Tactical Nuke and ICBM unit references by name
    fixed bug with old Mongoose TraitFunctionalityMod code (obviously preceding the big final round of Trait updates, heh) where it was checking and displaying Trait +FreeHammers in all city yield mouseovers, rather than using the right yield type in each (wtf? lol)

    1 Jan 2017:
    added color to the Yield, Culture, and Great People mouseover component lists, tweaked a few of the strings for consistency and clarity, expanded the Leader strings to use source Trait names, and set both the specific and generic Building and Unit strings to use the correct color for each type
    finally figured out how to allow Animals to roam freely inside player borders, which works great with the greater movement restrictions on most Animal types which allows units to flee and improvements to be safe much more easily, the larger number of Animal types which dilutes the presence of the few dangerous ones, and the fact that Animals can't pillage so improvements don't actually have to be actively defended (though this wasn't checked until the next day heh)
    changed Mermaid and Humpback Whale from UNITAI_EXPLORE_SEA to UNITAI_ANIMAL now that I actually bothered to CHECK and know that the former has all kinds of AI-player ship logic stuff in it that is unwanted for animals, AND that AI_patrol() works fine for water units

    2 Jan 2017:
    removed old "&& (!isAnimal() || canMoveInto())" extra condition from main loop in CvUnitAI::AI_anyAttack(), which was completely unnecessary and slowed things down slightly (sigh)
    changed Turtle from UNITAI_ATTACK_SEA to UNITAI_ANIMAL to make it less deadly, which is much more appropriate for an early-game sea monster
    extended Mongoose GoodyHutMod to also add some limited active deterrence to AIs grabbing Goody Huts with non-good-results units before having contact with any rival civs, rather than just not activating the beeline value while still allowing them to go there randomly (which they still can, just with slightly less chance)
    fixed bug with the new isMonster() system where Monsters wouldn't have been able to spawn at all due to their now-standard -1 production cost (OOPS! heh; sure glad I caught this one in time...)
    verified that Animals and Land Monsters all along, and now also the CanOnlyDefend Sea Monsters plus the Turtle!, can't pillage at all, which works out perfectly for game design as it turns out :)
    changed from "Coast" to "Coastal" in Terrain CityReq and Unit Aquatic strings to be (much) more clear, since the former is also used as an ACTUAL Terrain type in Native lists for monsters and Entry lists for ships!
    updated Mongoose SiegeMod to fix old Gunpowder Tech XML references in loops in CvUnitAI::AI_seaBombardRange (sigh)
    filled in these main notes from 29 Dec to here from secondary notes, since I got a bit overwhelmed (and wasn't feeling great chiropracter/neck-wise either) and tunnel-visioned in for 4 days straight heh

    3 Jan 2017:
    completely removed the dominant incentive to choose neutral tiles when patrolling, which was already disabled for Animal and Monster roaming above, to allow normal Barbs to wander/raid around in player borders in the rare case where the borders are coming from a different landmass across a narrow channel, so that there's nothing to actually beeline toward attack-wise
    added +1 River Commerce to Savanna, and added Mongoose RiverCommerceOverloadFix to block Forest Preserve, which doesn't Chop Savanna!, from double-counting it (thanks EnormousD!)
    (Note: This also works fine as-is with the 5 Improvements that DO Chop normally but NOT on Savanna - Outpost, Workshop, Mine, Watermill, and Pasture - (as well as on the 2 that don't EVER Chop, but also don't provide any RC restoration in the first place - Fort and Camp - for obvious reasons heh, and the other 3 standard Forest ones besides the Preserve aren't even ALLOWED in Savanna) since while they don't provide any RC restoration, they don't NEED to on Forest b/c they Chop it and then the Terrain underneath restores it, and on Savanna it stays put, but it also now restores RC itself baseline, so they don't have to there either.)
    fixed crash when entering WorldBuilder in the Barbarian template by adding the handful of missing non-null checks on all the Civ-specific Unit and Building calls added in the current version, mostly in the last 2 months and mostly in CvGameTextMgr.cpp, though there were a few exceptions (interestingly, I actually DO remember running into this EXACT same problem once a long time ago as well, heh)
    after THAT little 3-hour-delay hiccup, updated the private template saves one final time as the official 4.2 set (yay!)
    performed, for the first time ever!, full sweep tests on each template, ie just holding down the "W" key for about 10 seconds heh, and actually found one crash! wow holy carp; added a second copy of the Ottoman Bombard .nif with a different name to keep its stupid custom .kfm happy (grr), and remade the Units3.fpk archive as a result heh
    end version 4.2; public update
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    Dec 29, 2003
    Been playing some 6, still have 4 installed and will definitely give this a go when you feel like the new version is ready.

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