[GS] Change start year

Vandal Thorne

Mar 26, 2008
This is more a hack question than a mod question per se, I've been fiddling around with the era data. It's easy enough to modify the era start years and their turn min/maxes. What I'm wondering though is if there's somewhere where the start year is set (obviously not in the eras xml in the base folder--I already changed it from -4000 to -6000 but that had no effect on the game's start year.

I'm wondering if I overlooked a data file somewhere that establishes this value or if we think it's hardcoded in one of the dll files.

I've been trying out a lot of mods and am mostly satisfied with the kind of research pacing of combining Extended Tech Tree, JFD's Rule With Faith, and Civic x2 [research time] but I've noticed that the Classical Era starts without fail at 1000 BCE (or when I'm about half-way through the ancient research cycle. Am also trying to avoid using mods like Historical Speed which is a bit too slow. Hence I though futzing with the start year might be the way to go (especially since year/time-to-turn quantities have a known progression based on the number of turns and not the era).
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