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Changelog V35

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Caveman 2 Cosmos' started by Faustmouse, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. Faustmouse

    Faustmouse Chieftain

    Jan 31, 2012
    IIRC in earlier versions every modder had his own changelog. I don't know why this was chanegd, but maybe that should be the way to go for the next release? Everyone could make his personal changelog and after the release I can combine them all in this first post.

    Changelog Faustmouse:

    - major review of Events -> They should be now more diverse in new game so that one event doesn't occour ever and ever again. Also, adjusted them to C2C.

    - Added CaptureModifier and CaptureResistence to Combat Classes, Units, Promotions and Civics.
    - Made new Promotions for capture modifier.

    New stuff:
    - Added various new buildings
    - Added various Resources, especially for Minerals
  2. SargontheGreat2

    SargontheGreat2 Modder

    May 17, 2012
    New Jersey, USA
    My Updates:

    Added Independence Hall: 15% GP Birth Rate and 25% Great General Birth Rate
  3. Sparth

    Sparth C2C Team Member

    Oct 6, 2013
    Guys I saw most animal units using big texture DDS files. Mostly 512x512 pixels. I can change those files to smaller ones and units.fpk files should be much smaller without any big change of graphics quality. What do you think? I can post some pictures of animals before and after resizing textures.
  4. Hydromancerx

    Hydromancerx C2C Modder

    Feb 27, 2008
    California, USA
    It depends upon what they look like. I won't want too much quality lost.
  5. Sparth

    Sparth C2C Team Member

    Oct 6, 2013
    Before this job I post some screenshots to judge it is worth.
  6. Sparth

    Sparth C2C Team Member

    Oct 6, 2013
    Here is the comparison between small and large textures

    Attached Files:

  7. 0100010

    0100010 Chieftain

    Mar 31, 2008
    I can't tell the difference. Plus smaller textures = less memory footprint
  8. SargontheGreat2

    SargontheGreat2 Modder

    May 17, 2012
    New Jersey, USA
    SVN7100: Added Giichi Nomura as a second Ainu leader
  9. Faustmouse

    Faustmouse Chieftain

    Jan 31, 2012
    @Sargon (and the others)
    I was more thinking that everyone keeps trakck on their own add ons and make a list of them, either here or at their own PCs. So probably better editing your post instead of doing it like you do right now. This info can be get from the SVN, too. I thought before the releease everyone can post a list like:

    New civs: XXX, YYY, ZZZ....
    New Improvements: AAA, BBB, CCC....

    instead of "Added new civ: XXX"
    "Added YYY as civ"
  10. Dancing Hoskuld

    Dancing Hoskuld Chieftain

    Jul 5, 2004
    Canberra, Australia
    by Dancing Hoskuld

    - use the new small icons by Nevets_. they show up in the resource part of the city screen and the hover over for discovery on some improvements.
    - recycle the Lumber Camp button from PEA V
    - added two buttons by Pie_at for the pre-mine and pre-quarry improvements
    - new python for the volcano events
    - Adjusted size of sabretooth tiger, Haast's Eagle and Goody Island
    - Added ability to display hero movies part 1. (Platyping's code.)

    Subdued Animals and Hunters
    - Master Hunter line now +1 str, +1 move over there Hunter line equivalent
    - Hunters and Master Hunters now target and defend first against animal units.

    - Animals
    -- Spawn locations for Kookaburra, Bongo and some others.
    -- added Parrot and Raven units.
    -- subdued horses, cows, ibex and mufloun can now be settled as resources in the correct terrain with the correct technologies.
    -- Megafauna lines now have the Heritage building that allows the units to be built in any city.

    - Myths and Stories
    -- added the three missing elemental myths Stone, Fire and Metal. All Elemental myths now work with Education property. Still need to link some buildings to these myths.
    -- Sea Critter myths can now be built in any coastal city if Sea Myth has been built.
    -- Myths that affect building costs can only be built in one city otherwise they give a cumulative reduction in cost.
    -- Elemental celebrations now require the myth of the same element
    -- Paleolithic Mammoth Myth now requires Oral Tradition like the rest
    -- Added in land form myths

    Unhealthiness mod
    - better design achieved
    - Malaria implemented without outbreaks.

    - removed because properties are not WoC compatible so only one modder can work on it at a time.

    Terrains, Terrain Features, Terrain Improvements and unit Builds
    - New terrain feature and improvement changes by 0100010 (see here for details)
    - tar gatherer can now be built on oil for those times you get the event that lets you see the resource early.

    - you now need two normal settled slaves for each specialist settled slave.
    - there is now a limit on how many slaves there can be in a city. It is about 10 times the population but you can add many more if you only add the non-specialist ones until you reach the limit.
    - Great People, and special units can now only remove Slavery etc when they are in your cities.
    - Freed Slaves can now join cities. They give a food boost.

    - Complete rewrite of Route page
    - Improvements to Bonus page.
    -- Manufacturing and Culture bonuses now list the buildings that provide them.

    Optional Modmod
    - Different types of concrete - useful but mostly a demonstration of the building requirement for studying a technology

    - All Currency civics from coinage on allow hurrying buildings with money.

    - Step 1 in making all Alt-Timeline modules fully optional.
    - Hunter unit line line moved into core
    - Super Fort mod moved into core.
    - Ls612 Early Units moved into core.
    - new icons for thatch cutter, wetlands camp and desert camp.
    - Fixes based on Rwn's work.
    - removed a couple of excess art defines schema files.
    - removed some duplicate text definitions
    - all mega fauna trainers now have a building at Heritage that lets you build the units in any of your cities.

    - Fixed XML code in Building Class Infos that was causing wonders and national wonders to not be able to be built by the units that they should have.
    - Barley added to Nature Legacy building.
    - Capital Administration building is no longer a national wonder. You, mostly, can only have one because it requires the Palace.
    - Code fixes to C2C_Aboria map script.
    - Code fix to BarbarianCiv
    - fix sign in trace print for chance to capture trace prints.
    - in multiplayer you don't see the other player's scores until you meet them
    - Platyping's efficiency improvements to CvAdvisorUtils.py
    - Removed Stone Tower from Super Forts component.
  11. Hydromancerx

    Hydromancerx C2C Modder

    Feb 27, 2008
    California, USA
    I cannot tell the difference so good job! :goodjob: Approved.
  12. Dancing Hoskuld

    Dancing Hoskuld Chieftain

    Jul 5, 2004
    Canberra, Australia
    Updated my list of changes. Note I am only putting in the top level not every change I make Ie there will only be one "Fixed volcano events" rather than a lot of updated this bit of volcano events.
  13. Hydromancerx

    Hydromancerx C2C Modder

    Feb 27, 2008
    California, USA
    Hydro's v35 Change Log ...

    - Fixed Fusion tech. It was in the wrong column on the tech tree.
    - Moved Cloning civic, Clone Worker and Cloning Factory to Mainstream Cloning tech.
    - Tweaked many of MrAzure's prehistoric buildings.
    - Renamed "Music" tech to "Musical Notation" tech.
    - Put the Prehistoric Games back in (ex. Hop Scotch, Capture the flag, etc) since people seemed to want to keep them.
    - Moved Stealth Fighter to Stealth tech and removed redundant tech requirements.
    - Removed redundant tech requirements from Stealth Interceptor.
    - Removed redundant tech requirements from Jet Naval Fighter.
    - Removed redundant tech requirements from Modern Naval Fighter.
    - Removed redundant tech requirements from Propeller Fighter.
    - Removed redundant tech requirements from Early Jet Fighter.
    - Removed redundant tech requirements for the Modern Fighter.
    - Removed redundant tech requirements from the Soviet MiG-29.
    - Added Semiconductors tech requirement to Jet Fighter and Jet Naval Fighter.
    - Removed redundant tech requirements from Jet Interceptor.
    - Removed redundant techs from Modern Interceptor.
    - Added Guided Weapons tech requirement to Stealth Fighter.
    - Added Composites tech requirement to Supersonic Bomber.
    - Added Communications Networks tech requirements to the Stealth Bomber.
    - Changed the tech requirement of the Recon Drone to Unmanned Air Vehicles tech.
    - Moved Hypersonic Recon Plane to Supersonic tech.
    - Removed redundant techs from the Jet Tactical Bomber.
    - Added Helicopter resource requirements to Attack Helicopter, Helicopter Gunship, Hybrid Gunship, Dropship, Medevac Helicopter, Modern Medevac Helicopter and Medevac Dropship.
    - Moved Propeller Naval Fighter to Advanced Flight tech.
    - Tweaked Automatons.
    - Fertilizer Plant, Rubber Plant, Rubber Factory and Biofuel Refinery now give +3 gold like all the other factories do.
    - Modern Armor can now upgrade into a Droid Tank.
    - The Helicopter Gunship now upgrades into the Stealth Helicopter.
    - Walker Droid can now upgrade into Droid Infantry.
    - Tweaked the Bronze buildings so there is no need for a Bronze Smelter.
    - Fixed problems with Recording Studio and Local Radio Station.
    - Fixed Glassblowers Guild from not having +5 culture like the other guilds do.
    - Changed Goth to require Mushrooms and Saxons to require Iron in their city vicinity.
    - Fixed Straw Gatherer, Geology Lab, Guillotine, Obelisk, Parking Meters, Polo Field
    - Moved Curare, Belladonna, Death Cap Mushroom and Poison's crafter's Hut to Obsolete at Chemistry instead of Alchemy.
    - Pollution (Blackened Skies) now replaces Sundial, Stargazer's Hut and Observatory.
    - Added the new resources to the Mine buildings.
    - Firepit, Ipu, Bonfire and Charcoal Burner now also produce Ash.
    - Soap Maker and Soap Factory now require Lye as well as Lard as an option.
    - Added a bonus from Potash to the Soap Maker, Soap Factory, Glass Maker, Glass Factory, Dye Maker and Fertilizer Plant.
    - Tannin Maker now upgrades to Tannin Factory.
    - Dye Maker now upgrades to Dye Factory.
    - Fixed Foxgloves.
    - Bug Catcher no longer goes obsolete (for now).
    - UNITCLASS_CATAPULT moved to Ancient Ballistics tech and UNITCLASS_SIEGE_ONAGER moved to Siege Warfare tech like they should have been.
    - Moved ACV and APV SAM to TECH_MILITARY_ROBOTS tech.
    - Fixed Furniture Maker.
    - Fixed Archery tech.
    - Tweaked the Guilds.
    - Added Akkadian, Anasazi, Aymara, Bulgarian and Castilian culture Wonders.
    - Added Columbian, Dzungar, Finnish, Gypsy, Jordanian and Konjo culture Wonders.'
    - Removed redundant tech requirement from Trench Calvary.
    - Tweaked Geology Lab to get science bonuses from more types of natural resources.
    - Removed Sports Mod text from the core since it was already in my Hydro Mods. Also moved Romanticism tech text to RoM Tech text file since it for some reason was in the old Sports mod text.
    - Removed some redundant text from the Civic Buildings mod from old RoM/AND.
    - Fixed MrAzure's Bird building text since he forgot to put _STRATEGY and _PEDIA tags.
    - Fixed MrAzure's Insect building text too.
    - Fixed more text from the Early Building and Civic Building mods.
    - Fixed a bunch of text problems in the Hydro mod.
    - Fixed Romanticism text.
    - Added 5 new Game Tips/Hints.
    - Fixed Plague Hospital text.
    - Added some more building bonuses to Charity Civic.
    - Tweaked Guild buildings.
    - Added Water Bottle and Wax text files since they were missing.
    - Added Pharmaceuticals resource text since it was forgotten when moved to the core.
    - Moved Carpentry and Woodworking text to the core.
    - - Moved Ancient Machinery tech to X34 Y5.
    - Moved Military Training tech to X33 Y7.
    - Moved Mail tech to X33 Y15.
    - Added icon/buttons for Moon Bases and Classical Lifestyle techs.
    - Moved Jovian Exploration tech to X97 Y3.
    - Added Lunar Bases tech.
    - Tweaked Lunar Colonization tech.
    - Tweaked Megacorporations tech.
    - Fixed pink icon/button for Lunar Bases tech.
    - Added Classical Lifestyle tech and did a major cleanup of the Classical Era techs.
    - Added Crucible Steel and Coal Mining techs.
    - Renamed Steel tech to Mass Produced Steel.
    - Moved Coal resource to Coal Mining tech.
    - Moved Steel Ingots and Steel Wares resources to Crucible Steel tech.
    - Moved Coal Mien building to Coal Mining tech.
    - Moved Steel Smelter and Steelsmith buildings to Crucible Steel tech.
    - Fixed more of MrAzure's broken text.
    - Tweaked Tidal, Wave and Wind Power Plants.
    - Moved New Free City mod to the Unloaded Mods as default since it has too many NIMBY buildings are made and unlike auto-build buildings there is no message to inform you that those buildings have been built in your new city. Nor can you look it up in the pedia.
    - Free New City Mod was split up into 2 mod; a YIMBY (Yes In My Backyard) and NIMBY (Not In My Backyard). The YIMBY is placed by default in the MyMods folder while the NIMBY is placed by default in the MyMod(Unloaded) folder. As the names suggest the YIMBY have buildings you would want built everywhere and NIMBY has buildings you probably don't want built everywhere due to their negative stats. Note one can manually move either mod so they are turned on or off. Hopefully this will be a compromise from just deactivating the original mod
    - Moved YIMBY.
    - Moved Gateway Arch to Civil Engineering tech.
    - Added Tourism property applied to Wonders by climat. Wonders should now generate Tourism Points. However they do nothing at the moment except for accumulate. Feedback is appreciated to see what levels they get to.
    - Set the following animals to only 1 animal shown; Snow Leopard, Wolf, Jaguar, Cassowary, Dire Wolf, Hyena, Cheetah, Penguin, Panther, Lynx
    - Fixed Haast's Eagle art.
    - Fixed animal group size again. (I did it wrong last time.)
    - Modeling Agency now requires Offices.
    - All Musical Instrument Makers now require Storage Pit OR Barter Post OR Trading Post OR Shopping District.
    - Tweaked building requirements for Apothecary Shop.
    - Tweaked Bug Catcher, Hunter's Camp, Apiary, Tree Nursery and Megafarm building requirements.
    - Balloon Rides now require Festival OR Fairgrounds OR Carnival OR Amusement Park OR City Park OR Airfield.
    - Tweaked Bed N' Breakfast requirements.
    - Dog Breeder now requires Raw Meat OR Bone.
    - Cat Breeder now requires Raw Meat OR Raw Fish.
    - Green Belts now require a Ranger Station.
    - Added Malayan Tapir and Subdued Malayan Tapir.
    - Removed Sea Serpent sounds from Mtapir.
    - Removed redundant icon/button from Mtapir.
    - Added African Elephant and Subdued African Elephant.
    - Renamed Elephant to Asian Elephant.
    - Renamed Subdued Elephant to Subdued Asian Elephant.
    - Changed Spawning of Elephant (now Asian Elephant) to Asia.
    - Added Mountain Tapir and Subdued Mountain Tapir.
    - Added Brazilian Tapir and Subdued Brazilian Tapir.
    - Fixed Asian Elephant icon/button to show an Asian Elephant instead of an African.
    - Added Pygmy Hippo and Subdued Pygmy Hippo.
    - Tweaked a bunch of animal spawning to be more accurate.
    - Added Opossum and Subdued Opossum.
    - Added Numbat and Subdued Numbat.
    - Added Cuscus and Subdued Cuscus.
    - Added Thylacine and Subdued Thylacine.
    - Fixed Cuscus spawning range.
    - Fixed the Art Defines for the new animals. (Thanks DH!)
    - Added Wombat and Subdued Wombat.
    - Added Brushtail Possum and Subdued Brushtail Possum.
    - Added Ethiopian Wolf and Subdued Ethiopian Wolf.
    - Added Fennec Fox and Subdued Fennec Fox.
    - Added Maned Wolf and Subdued Maned Wolf.
    - Fixed new Subdued Animals so they can move (I hope).
    - Added Glyptodon and Subdued Glyptodon.
    - Added Babirusa and Subdued Babirusa.
    - Removed Manned Wolf due to mesh problems.
    - Removed Glyptodon due to to mesh problems.
  14. Dancing Hoskuld

    Dancing Hoskuld Chieftain

    Jul 5, 2004
    Canberra, Australia
    Updated my list of changes and bump this thread so it stays near the top:mischief:
  15. Dancing Hoskuld

    Dancing Hoskuld Chieftain

    Jul 5, 2004
    Canberra, Australia
    Updated my list to remind other modders to update their changes.

    BTW when do you think our next release should be?
  16. Thunderbrd

    Thunderbrd C2C War Dog

    Jan 2, 2010
    Las Vegas
    v35 Changelog from Thunderbrd

    • Barred Barbarian cities from building wonders so as to hopefully cut them off from cultural wonders and other elements they shouldn't be developing. (Unless they've captured one of course.)
    • Banned Barbarians from getting Heroes. (May or may not be a successful adjustment at this time.)

    • Early Tech Cost rework - The first rungs of tech costs are a little higher now.

    Promotions Added and Adjusted
    • Removed Accuracy promotion access from Gatecrasher siege units.

    • Adjusted numerous promo prereqs for Strike Teams

    • Updated criminal lines so that there is more consistency with free promos

    • Updated Forest based promos with the additional forest types defined

    • Updated Recon CCs on many naval units that should've had it for proper promo access.

    • Added Art for Promotions (For my new ones and for the new Capture/CaptureResistance promos)
      • Ensnare I-III (was previously called Entrapment - renamed - Faustmouse please take note!)
        • art/Buttons/Promotions/Ensnare1Promotion.dds
        • art/Buttons/Promotions/Ensnare2Promotion.dds
        • art/Buttons/Promotions/Ensnare3Promotion.dds
      • Slave Master I-V
        • art/Buttons/Promotions/SlaveMaster1Promotion.dds
        • art/Buttons/Promotions/SlaveMaster2Promotion.dds
        • art/Buttons/Promotions/SlaveMaster3Promotion.dds
        • art/Buttons/Promotions/SlaveMaster4Promotion.dds
        • art/Buttons/Promotions/SlaveMaster5Promotion.dds
      • Take Prisoner I-V
        • art/Buttons/Promotions/TakePrisoner1Promotion.dds
        • art/Buttons/Promotions/TakePrisoner2Promotion.dds
        • art/Buttons/Promotions/TakePrisoner3Promotion.dds
        • art/Buttons/Promotions/TakePrisoner4Promotion.dds
        • art/Buttons/Promotions/TakePrisoner5Promotion.dds
      • Unquestioned Obedience I-V
        • art/Buttons/Promotions/UnquestionedObedience1Promotion.dds
        • art/Buttons/Promotions/UnquestionedObedience2Promotion.dds
        • art/Buttons/Promotions/UnquestionedObedience3Promotion.dds
        • art/Buttons/Promotions/UnquestionedObedience4Promotion.dds
        • art/Buttons/Promotions/UnquestionedObedience5Promotion.dds
      • Non-Lethal Force I-V
        • art/Buttons/Promotions/NonLethalForce1Promotion.dds
        • art/Buttons/Promotions/NonLethalForce2Promotion.dds
        • art/Buttons/Promotions/NonLethalForce3Promotion.dds
        • art/Buttons/Promotions/NonLethalForce4Promotion.dds
        • art/Buttons/Promotions/NonLethalForce5Promotion.dds
      • To The Death I-IV
        • art/Buttons/Promotions/ToTheDeath1Promotion.dds
        • art/Buttons/Promotions/ToTheDeath2Promotion.dds
        • art/Buttons/Promotions/ToTheDeath3Promotion.dds
        • art/Buttons/Promotions/ToTheDeath4Promotion.dds
      • Daring Escape I-III
        • art/Buttons/Promotions/DaringEscape1Promotion.dds
        • art/Buttons/Promotions/DaringEscape2Promotion.dds
        • art/Buttons/Promotions/DaringEscape3Promotion.dds
      • Harakiri
        • art/Buttons/Promotions/HarakiriPromotion.dds
      • False Tooth Poison
        • art/Buttons/Promotions/FalseToothPoisonPromotion.dds
      • Herding I-II
        • art/Buttons/Promotions/Herding1Promotion.dds
        • art/Buttons/Promotions/Herding2Promotion.dds
      • Predatorial Bloodlust I-II
        • art/Buttons/Promotions/PredatorialBloodlust1Promotion.dds
        • art/Buttons/Promotions/PredatorialBloodlust2Promotion.dds
      • Savage Beast (I already tagged these to the promotions so I'm not listing the art references.)
      • Sophistication (I already tagged these to the promotions so I'm not listing the art references.)

    • Two new Promotionlines, Savage Beast (attack bonus line for animals), and Sophistication (vsbarbs)

    • Adjusted pursuit line promo access CCs a bit.

    • Adjusted the Promotion evaluation AI mechanism so that it would average all feature bonuses/penalties and all terrain bonuses/penalties so that it doesn't get overly excited or repelled by promotions with multiple terrain and/or feature bonuses/penalties (only one type counts at a time anyhow)

    • Removed Barrage promotion line access from Gatecrasher siege (rams).

    • Added a tag to PromotionInfos (NotOnDomainTypes) and applied it to keep air and sea units from gaining access to those promotions that offer better movement on land terrains

    • Added Cargo Prerequisite to canKeep function

    • Bugfix for Size Matters Extra Strength calculations from promos.

    • An XML fix in barbar_hunter Promotions

    • New Promotionlines to support the Ranged Bombard rework project
      • Rain of Bolts - for Crossbow units - focuses most on improved accuracy and supporting additional damage and damage limit
      • Arrow Barrage - for Bow units - offers a balance of accuracy, damage and damage limit upgrades and at its peak adds another unit target
      • Lead Storm - for Rifle, Semi-Auto and Fully Automatic units - offers a bit more along the lines of balance between accuracy, damage and damage limit and it's last two add another unit target each
      • Sniper Beam - for Laser and Ion units - adds strong accuracy and some damage and damage limit and the second stage adds another tile range
      • Wide Beam - for Laser and Ion units - adds strong damage limit and some accuracy and damage and the second stage adds another unit target
      • Power Beam - for Laser and Ion units - adds strong damage and decent accuracy and damage limit
      • Mega Beam - for Laser and Ion units - singular, non promotionlined promo - adds very strong accuracy, damage and damage limit AND another range and unit target - achievable with the 2nd lvl of Power Beam and either the 2nd lvl of Sniper Beam or the 2nd lvl of Power Beam
      • Bolt Punch - for Ballista units - mostly accuracy, some damage, and a little damage limit as well as 4 added bombard rate each(for taking down city defense values) each level and an added range at the last step
      • Hail of Stones - for Launched Stone units - mostly damage, some damage limit, and a little accuracy as well as 5 added bombard rate each and an additional unit target at the final step
      • Pyrotechnics - for Firework units - Mostly damage limit, some damage, a little accuracy and an added target with each step as well as 3 added bombard rate each
      • Rolling Thunder - for Cannonball units - Mostly damage, some damage limit, a little accuracy and 6 added Bombard Rate each and an additional target at the final stage
      • Shrapnel Shower - for Shellfire units - A balance of accuracy, damage and damage limit, up to 2 total added targets and an added range at the final step as well as 8 added bombard rate each
      • Scorched Earth - for Medium and Long Range missile units - A stronger balance of accuracy, damage and damage limit, up to 2 total added targets and an added range at the final step as well as 10 added bombard rate each

    • Changed Sophistication promo prereqs a little - removed the need for each stage to require the equivalent stage of Combat promo

    • Added a tag for promotions: bRBombardPrereq meaning the promotion requires the unit be capable of ranged bombard

    • Promotions and the tags for them for Size Matters:
      • Sting: Increasing combat modifiers for each size category greater your foe is
      • Bully: Increasing combat modifiers for each size category less your foe is
      • Bottleneck: Increasing combat modifiers for each volume category greater your foe is
      • Swarm: Increasing combat modifiers for each volume category less your foe is

    • Fix for inappropriate naval access to Sidestep promo line

    • Fixed a few more promotions that were accessible to Sea units that shouldn't have been.

    • Fixed spies getting numerous promotions they shouldn't have been

    • Enforced that quality improving promos could only be selected if the unit was taking its last promotion of those it's earned with xp.

    • Took our Purple Elite promotions and gave them ALL of the first promotions of any of their promotionlines, TECH_SPECIAL_PROMOTION prereq to keep them from being selectable as a trained promo unless the unit has, for whatever special reason, been assigned the first promotion in that line. For now, some of these promos may be thus removed from any actual access. We'll take a look at how to craft access to these and rebalancing them (perhaps even stronger in some cases if they have special access) next cycle. At the moment, the majority of them are greatly imbalancing the promotion structure.

    • Fixed a few more promotion access issues

    Units and Unit Combat Adjustments
    • Tweaked the Brute unit (+75% vs non-animal Barbarians & halved the build cost)

    • Scouts now able to upgrade as recon units as well as hunters rather than only hunters.

    • Fixed bug with Double Move settings for units (needed to comment out all references and code regarding the Multiple Features mod... it had been disabled but the compiler wasn't reading the disabling correctly. This may fix a number of odd bugs.)

    • Another fix for Rams so that they will always be performing breakdown attacks each round

    • Updated Unit Upgrade costs under Size Matters

    • Made some tweaks to the new Deer Cavalry on it's withdrawal and fight or flight based tags

    • General unit updates due to review process

    • Tweaked Ambusher and Rogue units.

    • Fixed Health Care units so they cannot merge/split again (was set this way until someone removed them from the core unitcombatinfos.)

    • Gave Llama Workers the free Mountaineering promo

    • Aligned Size Matters Combat Classes for transports

    • Added the transport combat class to all units that can transport anything

    • Added the combatant combat class to those transports that had previously considered the transport CC to fill that primary CC slot.

    • Prerelease Unit Review complete

    • Fixes units with base withdrawal of 100+ to be able to promote again (some few games would've had a problem with this.)

    • Fixed Generals turning into Commanders and making sure they keep their combat classes and thus are able to select promotions and therefore level up.

    • Makes units with UNITCOMBAT_IDEA completely invisible and thus incapable of being attacked (or seen by opponent players though most (really should be ALL) IDEA units also can't explore or attack). (Tales of Units are examples of Idea units.)

    Combat Mechanism Adjustments
    • Adjusted XP award for units that withdraw due to combat limit (now 1 instead of .1)

    • Damaging terrain no longer allows a unit to heal

    • Fixed a bug in pursuit validity (Birds should properly no longer be able to be pursued when both size matters and fight or flight is on.)

    • Fixed some combat odds calculation errors.

    • Rams and any other units with the Breakdown attack ability will now be able to cause return damage during combat rounds when making breakdown attacks. For this reason, I also reduced ram strengths and lowered their combat limit a bit.

    • Major rework of Ranged Bombardment (Now Called Ranged Assault).

    • Made units that cannot attack usually incapable of Ranged Assault but there's an exception tag that can be given to a unit or unitcombat that allows the unit to deny this usual rule. Applied this exception, the bRBombardForceAbility tag to UNITCOMBAT_LAW_ENFORCEMENT and UNITCOMBAT_SIEGE

    • Fixed Dynamic XP withdrawal - made withdrawal xp awards for Dynamic XP the same as it is for the core which was a much improved system and already similarly themed to the spirit of Dynamic XP

    • Debugged the Capture mechanism - resistance and capture values cannot functionally give a value beneath 0 for a unit though may total less than 0 so that they still have those negative values to overcome to catch backup to a positive factor. (Ex: -10 from civics and +10 from a promo will mean a 0 still. -10 from civics and no promo will still return a 0 amount but giving it that +10 from the promo will still only counter the negative that's actually calculated on the unit.)

    • Fixed Zone of Control

    • Adjusted double move mechanic on terrains

    • Fixed a divide by zero bug in odds calculations

    • Another Major XP award system audit.

    • Fixes some rules on what units can attack what that were giving some odd loopholes and game effects by being incorrect. (Includes a fix for units in tunnels vs units outside of those tunnels such as naval units.)

    • Enabled hidden nationality transports to load non-hidden nationality units.

    • Removed XP from razing routes under dynamic XP.

    • ADDed XP for razing improvements (equal to the amount of gold obtained by the raze divided by 100) under non-dynamic XP.

    • Fix: stops the Air Raid Interface and Mission availability when the unit has taken its turn already.

    Game Options added and tweaked
    • Fixed a goof with making the Bee Bomb rely on the Heart of War option

    • Size Matters v2.0 (see forum thread for details - if you're familiar with Size Matters v1.0 just check out the What's New and the To Do list if you wish.)

    • Era limits for how many times units may be split or merged are now based on the core group volume of the unit on size matters. Maximum Merge steps AND split steps are 1 step away from the core group volume definition on the unit PER era now. This is still simpler than it will eventually become with specific military techs unlocking the ability to further split and merge but for now it's a much improved solution.

    • Debugged Unlimited Exception tag. (Fixes Unlimited National Units so that some units that should still be limited are now again limited.)

    • A number of new options, some of which visible and complete, others shells for future development.
      • GAMEOPTION_XP_FROM_ASSIGNED_SPECIALISTS: Now, if this is not on, population assigned specialists will not be able to give any xp by unit combat to units built in the city. If on, the game may retain this recently added ability from specialists. This option is visible and selectable and operates correctly now but it is not set to default on.

      • GAMEOPTION_MORE_XP_TO_LEVEL: Makes all units require twice as much xp to gain levels (and thus promotions.) This will be useful for players that enjoy dynamics like the above option but feel their units are getting too many promos. I think some players have been feeling that in general C2C has been giving too many promotions too easily and this option is for them. It's actually adjustable how much this modifies the requirement - there's a new global definition that represents a percentage multiplier to adjust all xp level thresholds. This allows players to customize - I suppose the option could even allow all units to gain levels easier if the player wants this sort of thing! This option is visible and works properly but is not on by default.

      • GAMEOPTION_ONGOING_TRAINING: This option is a shell for near future development of the planned Ongoing Training dynamic I've been talking about around the forum. In the first round of the Combat Mod commit I introduced the building tag for this but it's required a lot of the work that's taken place since then in the xml for multiple unit combats and still requires more xml to be in-play. So for now the tags rely on this option being on to operate so that they can be worked on while the option remains hidden in the background - it's not visible nor is it defaulted to on.

      • GAMEOPTION_NIGHTMARE_MODE: SO finalized his implementation of this option as well.

    • Added a BUG option (Infrastructure Ignores Improvements) to make workers using the infrastructure build automation refuse to build improvements at all and limit them to only roads

    • Fixes the codes controlling the rule that if a unit isn't unmerged or unsplit it can't perform a number of actions (Re-enables a number of missions that were previously erroneously banned from units on Size Matters - such as construct missions by animals.)

    • An addendum option for Size Matters (Size Matters Uncut) that gives a version that doesn't alter core game unit strengths ever.

    • To eliminate an unavoidable exploit, Size Matters disables the quest events that require a player to train (possess) a certain amount of a given unit type to succeed.

    • Fixed an issue with the old size matters updating to the new on a game in progress.

    • Fixes the original ability of Size Matters to load any land unit on any land unit carrying transport - special unit people designation returns to being a 'minor carrying capacity' designator rather than a limitation to what types of units it can carry.

    Improvements and Resources
    • Fix for non-fort improvements upgrading despite being unworked - now rightfully requires a plot is worked by city.

    • Fort building adjustments to AI that should make them much wiser about if and when they decide to put a fort inside city boundaries and when to remove it.

    • New game mechanisms for improvement upgrades. Major changes here as laid out in the Alternative Improvement Upgrades Project thread.

    • Explicitly prevent Mines and Quarries from being built on Peaks, even if the peak contains a bonus that makes building them there valid while allowing any improvement with bPeakMakesValid true to be built at any time by a unit that may move onto the peak.

    • It is now possible for the Stone Gatherer to be built on peaks before mountaineering and it may upgrade to a Mountain Mine while no other mine or quarry may be built on the peak.

    • If an improvement is on a plot with a bonus, it now may NOT upgrade to the next improvement IF that particular improvement DOESN'T have that bonus as a bonus that makes valid.

    • If the tech that unlocks the primary improvementupgrade hasn't been earned yet, it won't start the upgrade countdown yet.

    • The iCost of the most expensive existing build of an improvement will be charged to the player when an improvement upgrades and the upgrade will not take place until the player can afford it.

    • Major Audit of most Improvements, Base Bonus values and most Builds along the way of setting up the improvement upgrade pathways.

    • Added new tag nested within the Improvement's BonusTypeStructs tag: bObsoleteBonusMakesValid which enables upgrades and builds to only be valid on plots with obsoleted bonuses (and still may give some resulting yield benefit).

    • Fixed numerous improvement tech prereq and build access bugs

    • Fixed the Sea Tunnel build when Hide Obsolete Builds is on.

    • Fixed a bug with Shaft Mines and Mines (making mines unbuildable on Hide Obsolete Builds)

    • Added Hydro Dam build action to many worker units

    • Fixed Fossil Digsite

    • Worker Builds Audit (Not many real changes here, just better organized and filled in some skipped builds on some units.) A Document HERE now tracks this so should be updated if any builds are changed (this only applies to basic general application land worker units.)

    • Fixed problems with improvement builds on peaks

    Display and Text Adjustments
    • Level Prereq now shows on promotion information hovers

    • Reworked the Combat Class display mechanism on units to clean things up

    • A serviceable (though imperfect) fix for property modifiers from combat classes and promotions on unit displays.

    • Fixed filters on free promotions from buildings and on getting XP towards a specific Combat Class.

    • Updated texts pertaining to Ranged Assault

    • Fixed bug with Combat Help hover on units that are so penalized they have been reduced to an equivalent 0 power

    • Fixes all text duplicates in promotions and promotionlines

    • Repaired missing UnitCombat text references

    • Fixed Hero Narbona's text references

    • Sorted out the display routine for unworked bonuses on the plot hoverover

    • Added some text displays for the combat help hover for the new size matters combat modifier tags and adjusted the way they work which should resolve some potential bugs in the mechanism

    • Removed more hidden nationality giveaway messages

    • Fixed up some display issues for the Alternative Improvement Upgrades

    • Changed some references to Ranged Bombard to Ranged Assault in text file


    • Fixed the TXT_KEY_BUILD_WHALING_SHIPS missing txt reference.

    • Fixed a text display issue with improvement upgrades

    • Combined Hydro and My FPKs

    • Updated HydroAndTB.FPK with Faustmouse's new Goods Buttons.

    • Updated HydroAndTB.FPK with Faustmouse's files

    • Updated the Ranged Assault icon with a new symbol to help differentiate the action button

    • Updates and additional buttons by Whisperr for the Tales buttons.

    • Some Approved new buttons from Whisperr

    • Some Promotion Art re-creations

    • Fixed Some inaccurate button art references on settlers of various art define types

    • Added some new build action buttons(Fossil Dig Site, Desert Camp and Hydro Dam) that were using buttons in use for other game objects (Whisperr's contribution)

    • Fixes a bug in Worker promotion evaluations and other AI problems tied into the core problematic code.

    AI adjustments
    • Enhanced the AI's ability to generate more Rams for it's city attack stacks

    • Added a global variable so we can, via xml, adjust the point at which the AI considers itself in financial difficulty. Adjusted it from 50% to 40% for now. Looks like at one point this is what it had been set to. Reducing this value will make the AI a bit more cautious of gold deficits, more reactive to gold difficulties and less willing to spread when it's not sufficiently on top of its income vs costs.

    • Bugfix for an AI hang

    • A minor debug for Size Matters AI code

    • Updated a number of Promotion and UnitCombat tags with AI adjustments - mostly the most recently introduced ones that hadn't been included there yet.

    • Cut the value of specialist evaluations in comparison to plot working evaluations for population assignment AI by half to enhance the desire of city governers and AI players to get their populations working the land plots by a significant factor.

    • Removed the first attempts to build improvements on unworked bonuses by automated workers

    • Enhanced AI valuation of siege in city attack stacks (and added a global variable to give us an opportunity to enhance it even further or reduce if needbe. Siege is the most important thing to get balanced right in city attack stacks.)

    • Some bug fixes throughout the AI_Assault routines

    • Major bugfix review of AI promotion evaluations in CvPlayerAI::AI_promotionValue and unitcombat evaluations in CvPlayerAI::AIunitcombatValue.

    • Extensive adjustments to Ranged Assault AI

    • Thanks to a triggered Assert we caught an integer overload scenario in the AI unit evaluations.

    • Fixed a bug in Ranged Assault AI.

    • Makes all promotions that don't generate a negative valuation for AI selection processes gain a default minimum value.

    Other DLL fixes and tweaks
    • Numerous OOS fixes.

    • Fix for errors in Power and Asset calculations

    • A hearty attempt to find and fix all messages that may betray the nationality of a hidden nationality unit (Apparently some still remain in the python at least.)

    • Made an adjustment for the health bar size while on size matters so that will adjust it's size point of reference as eras advance.

    • Quick debug to building based free promos

    • Resolved a number of bugs and slowdowns in the new improvement upgrade mechanism.

    • Cache problem fix

    • Fixed a problem with negative free specialists totals

    • Fixed XP from specialists to work correctly with or without option.

    • Made it possible for human players to group units that are on transports provided they are grouped among the same transport and fixed a few unnecessary asserts this caused but otherwise seems bug-free under all tests.

    • Added OnGameOptions and NotOnGameOptions tags to EventTriggerInfos (will be applying them to events that are problematic on Size Matters over the course of the week.)

    • Cleaned up the XML regarding the now defunct iSMCargo tag.

    • Bugfix for Ranged Assault accuracy inaccuracy.

    • A fix to a unit where a unitcombat definition was used in the wrong tag brackets

    • Fixes a divide by 0 error.

    • Generated a current dll for 35 civs. Will keep this updated until the release, at which point it may be made the 'core' dll for the release by taking out the '.35civs' out of it's file name and renaming the current dll to '.50civs' and leaving it in the release for those who wish to be able to continue current games.

    • Updated all unit schemas

    • Reported some requested tags to python

    • Placed all core promotion name text references in one file

    • Placed all core promotionline text references in one file

    • Placed all UnitCombat text references in one file

    • Merged my module into the core

    • World Bank function adjustment to pull that super wonder back into the world of balanceable reasonability. All according to discussions in the What's left to be fixed thread.

    • Updated Changelog for v35 ;) (After all this, compiling the changelog was extremely time consuming!)
  17. Sparth

    Sparth C2C Team Member

    Oct 6, 2013
    Ok thats my list of changes for v35
    - new set of skins and models for egyptian, indian, greek, german, holy roman, goth, byzantium and minoan units.
    - new buttons for all units
    - new unit category icons
    - new skins for trained cats and dogs
    - general cleaning of C2C: ~15.500 files removed, 1290Mb less data,
    - fixing animation for mobster car and pioneer units
    - resizing potraits for some leaders
    - changed in units files, directiories and XMLs to help future modders understand mod structure
    - alternative terrain textures (modmod) http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=526926
  18. Hydromancerx

    Hydromancerx C2C Modder

    Feb 27, 2008
    California, USA
    I updated my chnage log I should be up to date now.

    Sadly I think this is one of my least productive cycles. :(
  19. Dancing Hoskuld

    Dancing Hoskuld Chieftain

    Jul 5, 2004
    Canberra, Australia
    Updates my change log.

    By definition there always has to be one if you have done work in more than one cycle.
  20. Hydromancerx

    Hydromancerx C2C Modder

    Feb 27, 2008
    California, USA
    Don't forget to keep your lists up to date guys.

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