Feb 24, 2013
In opening post you can find my goals for incoming updates, current development status and if I have already started working on next version there will be a changelog-in-progress with every change already implemented.
In second post there is a list of changelogs for previous versions.

Status said:
...just released new version.

Spoiler Dev Notes :

25-11-2023 Dev Note said:
There is no important changes queued for next version - some minor interface and balance adjustments. For 2024 I would like to finish polishing individual scenarios (ancient, medieval and renaissance left). 2023 seems successful, gamepedia is in satisfying (almost finished) state.
17-06-2023 Dev Note said:
Buildings' balance for each scenario. Many buildings are shared between medieval, renaissance and industrial scenarios. It will be no longer a case.
Academies, Holy Sites, Customs Houses and Manufactories will have their traits revisited.
I am gonna start polishing scenarios one by one. Next update will target modern and industrial scenario mostly.
03-03-2023 Dev Note said:
As I have started working on gamepedia, many older and more obscure mechanics will be cut or redesigned.
I have a lot of changes queued for next version.
Espionage calculations will be once again reworked in order to make display even simpler.
Religion needs work. There will be new gameoption to make it more dynamic. In addition I plan great overhaul of founder and enhancer beliefs.
There will be an annual check on innovations, social developments, wonders and ideologies.
Finally I plan on adding new subcultures (City-States in ancient scenario).
18-11-2022 Dev Note said:
I grew unhappy with Settler system and I have plans to simplify it.

The big goal for 2023 is writing a game-pedia to cover all new aspects introduced by a mod. I hope to release first topics by March.
31-07-2022 Dev Note said:
There is no much specific goals for v25, some UI, AI and balance changes.
For the gameplay I plan to make Natural Wonders' rewards scenario specific (so they are always useful).

I hope to create a refined final version for 2022 and then start writing game-pedia about basic concepts and mechanics.
21-04-2022 Dev Note said:
There is not much on my to-do list, mostly improvements to the code structure and UI. Therefore I shall make an annual revisit of existing traits (Social Developments, Ideology Tenets, Wonders, maybe Innovations).

Governors as a system matures with every version, I am now focusing to improve their interaction with foreign leaders for more spicy diplomacy.
09-02-2022 Dev Note said:
I have a lot of notes prepared for version 23. One of the oldest mechanics, civilian Great People, their migration, interface panel and database structure will be polished and overhauled to make it feel more fitting in current less-rpg direction of mod. Migration chances will be displayed in both City-View and GP Overview and it will now be heavily based on Charm.
Codex will be slightly reworked (again) to become a new area of competition and Intrigue Visibility will much likely be removed (Power will acquire its functionality).

AI behaviour, new scripts, improved code, new resolutions for leagues, further development of governors, and more. See you this june/july!
04-12-2021 Dev Note said:
Four big changes for version 22.
1. Buildings' costs in modern scenario will be assigned. Current system (always 1-turn build, no production overflow) is not really friendly for those who would like to min-max stuff.
2. Several Legal Actions will be nerfed on era conversion (National Day, Formalized Ranks, Codex, Standardized Alphabet).
3. Governors will got a "dream system", a scripted behaviour towards achieving certain goals in reasonable amount of turns.
4. Finally I am gonna touch National Unity, already done some math towards it. This indicator will be now a value from 0 to 100%, which should allow me to better balance penalties for low unity. The math formula will be also much simpler.
01-11-2021 Dev Note said:
  • Push stuff from lua to db and dll, a process that started with v20 will mostly affect performance and modability.
  • Localize strings.
  • Governors' behaviour and numerical balance.
  • Investigate and balance Trade-Routes' rewards.

Changelog v29
Last edited:
New version (v21) is available in downloads and on steam workshop.
This time there is no update to assets.
I have also uploaded first optional content (Palaces I) with five new palaces.

Spoiler Changelog v21 :

  • Script to construct assigned Wonders if AI ignores it for too long.
Automation (Council)
  • (New) Allows assigning AI to handle Palace upgrades.
Fixed Bugs
  • Initialization will no longer fail if any player had not assigned starting plot - instead they will be set to never alive (it happens if you put a lot of major/minor players on smaller maps).
  • Initialization will no longer fail if map has river ending on the edge.
  • Pledge of Protection's cost fixed.
  • Intrigue Visibility from Palaces was being calculated incorrectly.
  • DiploRelations code that could fail initialization if there was a "break" in major players iteration IDs.
  • In-game repeative bug: Pilgrims spreading religious pressure with great mosque of Samarra wonder was breaking the code. (Manual fix for v20: open "ITGSG_HappinessFunctions.lua" go to line "488" and change "iPlayer" to "dPlayer")
  • Bug related to Ideology #61 that causes to fail initialization or conversion to 5th era. (Manual fix for v20: open "ITGSG_IdeologiesEffects.lua" and comment out line 207 by adding "--" at the beginning)
  • In-game bugs related to invitations to disbanded leagues.
  • Tribe was able to conquer cities (further changes to mechanic in gameplay).
  • Great People granting Inspiration were on top of that providing free Academy.
  • Non-repeative error if all members of League of Nations proposed the same resolution.
  • Tadzreuli Cavalry had not assigned unique icon and alpha flag.
  • Luxor Temple bonus was not working when human player was choosing from more than one pantheon belief.
  • Free Engineer from Machinery in Trial Scenario was working only for Pagan culture type.
  • Free Scientist from Physics in Trial Scenario was working only for Pagan culture type.
  • UI - General/Admiral bonus not cleared quick enough on choosing Progress by Blood in Scenarios with paired Innovations.
  • Art Style was not applying to all cultural Great People.
  • Populism tenet had various issues.
  • Free Army social development was not working correctly.
  • New Kingdom (governors' action) could runtime.
  • Mercenaries that lost their status could not refresh unit flag properly.
  • Initialization will no longer fail if Nomads are present in trial scenario. (Manual fix for v20: open "'ITGSG_Database_1.lua" go to line "488" and change "iPlayer" to "g")
  • Fixed auto-assigment for Pagan subcultures.
  • Initialization will no longer fail while assigning wonder ruins if there is less major Cities than excepted number of ruins.
  • Trustful social development now properly unlocks Mint for Tribe and Pagan cultures.
Game Options
  • (New) Shuffled Ideologies - randomly rearranges position of tenets.
  • (New) Dynamic AI handicap - game will adjust AI handicaps every 5th turn based on player's situation.
  • (New) Blob Territories - alternative script for initial Cities, Forts and Holy Sites.
  • Trade-Routes now increase Culture and Science per turn rather than grant lump sum of those yields.
  • Anti-Tank Gun class units have now +5 Strength (base from 50 to 55, uniques from 55 to 60).
  • Negative Unit Supply will no longer affect Heal Rate, but production penalties have no longer max cap.
  • Railroads now can be created in foreign special control plots if adjacent to your territory and not at war.
  • Generals', Admirals' and famous Mercenaries' promotions revisited, added new ones.
  • Added several new sources of Meritocracy in medieval scenario.
  • (Sub)Cultures that could not conquer cities (triggered barbarian-like raid and forced peace instead) have now an access to "Can occupy X more Cities" in the tech tree. It allows to conquer Cities as long as you have occupied Cities under the limit. Limit is displayed in Top Panel.
  • Improved code related to discover X tiles (it will be now much more likely to dodge discovering big pile of... ocean).
  • Fighter class units production cost from 200 to 175.
  • Chance for Palace to be destroyed in Riots is now based on number of upgrades.
  • (New Action) Expedition - meets an unknown City-State.
  • Cities' trait providing extra defense against spies was replaced with +3/5/7% Production. This is due to general design for defense against spies to be global and fact that espionage does not have clear tooltips therefore +10 defense against spies is hard to evaluate.
  • Governors' actions now have an invidual max turn of triggering.
  • City View: Added Heal Rate info within Strength's tooltip.
  • Game Menu: adjusted details to not show useless information.
  • Unit Panel: Added detailed Heal Rate info within HealBar tooltip.
  • Unit Panel: Added special grid for Mercenaries that displays info about flee chance.
  • Demographics: added more information, reduced margins of error and improved code.
  • Assimilation law slightly changed.
  • Minorities law redesigned into Heavy Occupation (general concept is to remove Legal Power bonuses from law).
  • Support Ideology is no longer a proposable resolution. Instead it will be treated as special League of Nations' resolution and trigger during 41th turn.
  • (New) Condemn Espionage resolution for League of Nations (disables purchasing new Agents, increases turns needed for reorganization and reduces Votes for every Assassination, Coup and Money Forgery ever done).
  • Improved AI evaluation of City-States' scripted league's resolutions.
  • Fixed various typos.
  • Pushed more strings to database.
  • All database text is now in designated files/folder.
Mod Support
  • Added support for YnAEMP maps (I successfully initialized Giant Earth, not played though - too massive for my laptop).
  • Removed Legal Happiness debt (now Legal from Happiness will always be equal to average Happiness). Adjusted related traits.
  • Removed chance to generate unhappiness from legal matters (now spending Happiness on legal matters will simply increase Unhappiness in all Cities). Adjusted related traits.
Performance and Moddability
  • Pushed more variables to already existing tables.
  • Completed GovermentTypes table.
  • Created table for Espionage Actions.
  • Legal Actions' structure was improved.
  • Recoded caching nearby cities to any distance.
  • Pushed City Integers resetable on conquest to DLL (first table pushed to DLL, credits: whoward69).
  • Pushed Palaces to database.
New version (v22) is available in downloads and on steam workshop.
New version requires an update to Assets II (v3)!

Optional content:
Palaces I were updated to v2 (added icon atlas and better method to ensure proper load order).
Unique Units I were released.

Spoiler Changelog v22 :

  • AI will no longer beg for gold and luxury resources.
  • AI will no longer be concerned by religious conversions caused by initial script.
  • AI should now pillage much more.
Era Conversion
  • Codex is now not 100% guaranteed to pass (referenced amount of players will acquire it).
  • Codex Discount is now based on referenced values, but the roll is repeated if you had more discount in previous era.
  • National Days are now also based on referenced values with an extra chance to match amount from previous era.
  • Unified Alphabet is now not 100% guaranteed to pass (referenced amount of players will acquire it).
Fixed Bugs
  • Offshore platform is no longer pillageable.
  • Buyout City-States now keep all buildings.
  • Fixed units with 1-cost embark/disembark spending all movement to embark (affects Pilgrims and Archaeologists).
  • Cultural Presence Anchor from Alphabet was working... always.
  • Fixed a rare runtime error on centralizing power.
  • Promotion that should grant extra damage vs wounded units was providing less damage taken while defending instead.
  • Fixed runtime error when governor escapes before being executed while solving Into the War diplomatic action.
  • Fixed spending any amount of Happiness on Legal Action to spend all available Happiness.
  • Fixed issues with rebels' origin and against method.
  • Fixed African renaissance subculture being applied in medieval scenario.
  • Fixed delayed death of barbarian unit being able to block foundation of new city through Frontier ability in medieval scenario.
  • Fixed CHOOSE BELIEF not working and blocking next turn button. (Manual fix: in Scenario Generator (v 21)\InGameFiles\ActionInfoPanel.lua find "CHOOSE BELIE", add F and save.)
  • Crusaders will no longer jump outside target territory if a crusade triggered a war declaration.
  • Fixed a small bug in finding the best plot to spawn crusaders.
  • Trade Appeal during golden age from minor ideology tenet was not checking if player is in golden age.
  • Fixed several issues with Bow and Serve social development (great person switching players was not coded correctly).
  • Fixed Migration being able to leave City with 0 population.
  • New Management social development now spawns Trade-Routes on correct plot.
  • Fixed issues with iterating nearby cities.
  • Fixed Monumental Initiative to clear members' contributions even if treshold for wonder was not met.
  • Script to find new original capital when current one is legally claimed by other player could fail.
  • Removed workboats repair ability.
  • Fixed top panel not displaying average happiness correctly if it was affected by special modifiers.
  • Fixed strategic reserves not working correctly.
  • Fixed AI choosing veterancy promotions (bad check if promotion was available during current scenario).
  • Fixed issues with UI replacing social developments.
  • Predicted damage dealt/taken in EnemyUnitPanel is now properly considering unique modifiers to damage (ex. if unit takes 50% less damage at full HP).
  • Fixed runtime error on 1000AD special "event".
  • Abilities that were changing a stack type no longer affects units with natural omni-stacking (trade-routes/pilgrims).
  • Removed attack penalty against land units from Ballista.
  • Added costs to buildings in modern scenario (production overflow is enabled).
  • National Unity was heavily redesigned into 0 to 100% indicator. It is now based on unifying and dividing presence within your empire with following math: 100 * (Unify - Divide) / (Unify + Divide). All related abilities were adjusted or redesigned.
  • Unified Alphabet has now a base cost of 3 Legal Power (it increases with every created one up to 7).
  • Being backward in amount of adopted principles no longer reduces Great People points generation, instead it is now increasing Dividing Presence.
  • Innovations related to submarines were slightly rebalanced.
  • Governor Principle slot is now available since renaissance scenario.
  • Claim Religion legal action cost from 12 to 10.
  • Default chance to capture siege unit in industrial scenario reduced from 25% to 15%.
  • Creating Codex (legal action) now allows spending Happiness on it. Chances to start with initial codex are now based on scenario rather than culture type (values: 0/35/60/80/90%).
  • Legal Power from Codex new formula: +0.03 base and +0.01 per 20% strength (old: +0.01 per 10% strength).
  • Codex Strength is now being anually calculated every 5th turn. New Codexes start with 50% Strength by default.
  • The overall direction for Codex is to become something common in-game, especially with further eras (it unlocks half of the Principles). Further changes are planned for Codex Strength to become a next arena of rivalization; you shall ensure that world follows the one and the only rightful code of laws.
  • Mixed crop innovation will now spawn less resources, but it will instantly improve them with plantations if possible.
  • Mint power from internal expenses is now more interactive and capped at -200.
  • Yields of Templar buildings rebalanced, each building is now limited to one ''valuable'' yield.
  • Personnel - manufactory trait - now provides +3 Mint Power per Engineer (instead +1 Gold).
  • Base Morale Events are now considering current Morale in their chances. It should slightly reduce extreme values.
  • Creating and upgrading Settlements now contribute to Colonization in Stock Exchange.
  • Scouts can no longer pillage.
  • Beliefs providing local happiness nerfed to +1 max. Belief granting happiness to amphitheatres now also affects opera houses and museums.
  • Meritocracy Anchor will now only prevent dropping below its value (before this change it was also boosting Meritocracy to its level).
  • Added 8 turns cooldown on purchasing Manufactory in most scenarios. It also triggers when you notably loose a city with manufactory (it is to prevent a cascading creation of manufactories when player looses manufactory so the resources are once again available to fund new one).
  • Warfare-based economy (ideological tenet) values were quite heavily nerfed.
  • Added more scripted behaviour toward reaching dream goals in reasonable turn limit.
  • Initial Governor have now chance to be more mid-game like (starting with certain bonuses or abilities).
  • Governors are now slightly less likely to bend the knee in fragile situations.
  • Added paragraph about Railroads in industrial scenario.
  • Added paragraph about the most visited Trade Center.
  • Added paragraph about the most prestigious Academy.
  • Tithe has now a permanent effect (instead 15 turns of duration).
  • Tithe is now considering the fact that religion owner can change.
  • Fixed small bug with Tithe UI.
  • War on Schism is now only available if there is at least one member with different official religion.
  • Crusaders are now unable to attack right after spawning (giving some time to gather defense).
  • More strings were properly localized.
Map Scripts
  • Starting positions on very small islands will receive an extra land within 3-radius.
  • Formalized Ranks is replaced with Nominate Commander legal action (costs 2) that will allow you to instantly obtain a replacement for fallen general or admiral. Note: players now may start with fallen general or admiral ready to be replaced if they have no adequate initial commander. All releated traits changed or removed.
Performance and Moddability
  • A lot of data used only on era conversion is no longer being saved.
  • Graphs got their own database table and their data is now being saved in dll.
  • More City Integers were pushed to dll.
  • Pushed a lot of tables defining unitclasses and unittypes to the database.
  • Palaces' table has now IconAtlas and PortraitIndex (used only in leaders' notes).
  • Chateau is now an unique city task (before you were acquiring Chateau charges by upgrading palace in City with already fully upgraded palace).
  • Added warning to not start game with less than 6 major players. Small world sizes are now banned in advanced setup.
  • (CityView) Added a list of Great People currently there.
  • Transparent colours can no longer be used for leaders' graphs.
New version (v23) is available in downloads and on steam workshop.

Optional content:
Unique Units I were updated to v2 with a fix (Sepoy's ability was breaking EnemyUnitPanel interface display).

Spoiler Changelog v23 :

  • AI logic now ignores players without cities in most logics including counting active wars.
  • AI will now try to spend its Votes in leagues that will be broke by queued war declaration.
  • AI will be more likely to seek friendship if has no active DoF and knows at least 5 major civilizations.
  • AI is now more aware about Defensive Pacts while declaring wars.
Auction House
  • (New Special Deal) Patronage - allows you to bribe random foreign civilian Great Person to migrate to your empire and stay there.
  • (New Special Deal) Bribe Dignitaries - +100 Influence randomly distributed among City-States at peace (price is attractive in comparision to basic gold gifts; yet distribution is random).
  • Added some support for handling unit stacks.
  • While holding Ctrl upon click on following actions: Skip, Sleep, Alert, Fortify, Heal; all your unfortified of the same domain type on the same plot will also issue an order. Additionally holding Alt will ignore unfortified requirement.
  • The same behaviour is introduced for following Interface Modes: MoveTo, Rebase and Paradrop (hold Ctrl upon mouse-left-click). However, in this case secondary orders unfortunately happen on ButtonDown (so be careful) which makes them execute first. It will not work with right-clicking (MoveTo must be accessed from Unit Panel first).
Fixed Bugs
  • Fixed Scientific bonus not being chosen randomly when you have a chancellor.
  • Tithe (league resolution) could be proposed even when already active.
  • Fixed bugs related to Food Distribution law.
  • Fixed vision issues when Explorer couldn't find new plot to explore (also great people will not become explorers in last two scenarios anymore).
  • Fixed error in conflict outcome of revolution diplo note.
  • Fixed incorrect logic in check if plot belongs to certain water area (affected mostly social development New Management).
  • Fixed Goverment type not being properly passed on era conversion.
  • Fixed Cavalry requiring only 1 Horse instead 10.
  • Fixed abilities based on UnitMeetCiv event.
  • Fixed theoretically possible scenario in which player could obtain same development twice.
  • Gunman and Akofo Asafo were sharing an unit flag. Gunman is temporary using a musketman unit flag now.
  • Fixed various issues to Impi (not being available in first place).
  • Fixed LeagueOverview UI not working for leagues with more than 22 members (it will also now prioritize major players and show up to 34 members).
  • Fixed insufficient resource amount ending all export of this resource rather than validating each deal in order.
  • Fixed incorrect yield bonus from Labouring Class ideology tenet.
  • Added much better management of temporary modifiers to unit stack type; it should remove any plausible bad interaction.
  • Effects unlocking random unitclass will prioritize non-naval units if your civilization has no naval cities.
  • Removed special event that was firing at 1000 AD.
  • Coup will now increase player's influence to 50.
  • Reduced chances for buildings to be destroyed in Riots.
  • Minor changes to Social Developments.
  • Trade-Routes are now affected by negative modifier based on number of player's cities.
  • Barbarian units from uprising will now join their "original" player if this player is at war with city owner and has at least one military unit adjacent to them.
  • Changed veteran XP tresholds from 50/100/... to 25/50/..., veteran promotions can now be acquired at level 4/6/8... (100/150/200XP...).
  • Added 4 new veteran promotions for naval units.
  • Enhanced technologies with bonus strength for forts and citadels (it was only present in New World scenario tech tree before).
  • Charm now reduces speed of Great Person migration, which was recoded to make it less random. Chance is now displayed in UI (CityView/GreatPeopleOverview).
  • Added new modifier: Codex Influence. It affects how influential your laws' options are in determining the most popular choices (used in Codex Strength). Codex strength is now being calculated every 5th turn. Information about the most popular laws' options is now hidden (changing laws to the most popular ones was an easy way to create strong codex, now player has to invest in codex influence).
  • Added new principle slot: Secular. It is available once your state becomes secular (and religious slot is obsolete). It balances out the maximum amount of available principles. Rewards are related to culture generating, reducing cost of cultural bonus and an extra reward from having at least one Academy in top 3 in prestige ranking.
  • Temporary modifiers to currency power now lasts 10 turns (instead 5% fade each turn) - it mainly affects one powerful ideology tenet.
  • In industrial scenario max resource storage was added. Oil and Coal: 1000. Horse and Iron: 50 increased by 5 for every Stable/Forge.
  • City-States will no longer give you an unit if you lack unit supply (cooldown for the next gift is halved in this case).
  • (Promotion) Medic I now grants +10 Heal Rate outside friendly territory and +10 maximum HP.
  • (Promotion) Medic II now grants +5 Heal Rate to adjacent units and +15 maximum HP.
  • (Promotion) Air Repair from +20 to +15 Heal Rate.
  • (Promotion) Repair now graints +10 Heal Rate outside friendly territory and +15 maximum HP.
  • Impi now has 20% penalty vs Cities.
  • You no longer gain +0.02 Legal Power and +5 Great People per DoF. Now you gain +0.04 Legal Power and +7 Great People if you have at least one DoF.
  • Reduced Cultural Presence spread upon Missionary conversion.
  • Mercenary extra cost on being DoWed reduced from +50% to +25% (still fades over 5 turns).
  • Mercenary extra cost upon purchase reduced from +20% to +10% (still fades after 4 turns since last purchased unit).
  • Beliefs' options are now provided semi-randomly (some beliefs that depend on certain resource/feature/terrain/buildingclass/improvements may be considered of lower priority if your civilization cannot make use of them).
  • Principle slot related to National Days is now available since Industrial scenario (instead Renaissance).
  • Pillaging tile with strategic resource has chance to grant some amount of it (only during Scenarios in which resource storage is on).
  • Enlightened City-States now provide +2 Great People points and +2 Charm in all Cities per level of friendship (instead +5 Great People points).
  • Principles from ideology slot rebalanced a bit.
  • Propaganda (reward from cultural bonus) from +4 Happiness in all Cities to +20 Happiness distributed randomly (one city cannot gain more than 4 Happiness).
  • Legal Action providing Customs House now costs 3 and can be used only once per scenario.
Game Options
  • Tropical Subculture is now optional (disabled by default).
  • City Names Position is now optional (it tries to keep the same city name within specific areas upon era conversions).
  • It turned out Governors created a situation in which I caught myself counting distance between cities to check if it will be in range for governship. Various adjustments were made to change it.
  • Player contests all the cities for the governship, but provides no bonus from governship.
  • Governors are now less likely to bend the knee during diplo actions that is their scripted goal.
  • Meritocracy from ungoverned Cities changed: Capital and cities with placed governor counts as governed, you loose 1 Meritocracy per turn if amount of governed Cities drops below 25%.
  • Intrigue Visibility removed (see simplification).
  • Some diplomatic notes that can become obsolete by player's actions (ex: by purchasing building or declaring war) will now state that. In addition, those actions will automatically cleared upon becoming obsolete (affects action panel interface).
  • New Kingdom diplo note no longer becomes invalid if you declare war on city-state.
  • Governors having their scripted goal denied may now develop new scripted goal: to betray a player.
  • New Diplomatic Note: Governor offers to increase Codex Influence.
  • Added an option to Nominate governor to grand position (governor will choose randomly certain Yield Bonus, but will reduce the cost to acquire it by 15%).
  • New Diplomatic Note: Governor may provide empire with 2 Mercenaries.
  • Fixed bug related to espionage note.
  • Laws were overhauled which resulted in various changes (balance, extra options, etc.) to following entries: Academic Priviliges, Patronage of state, Corruption Regulation, Social Works, Conscription, Army Organization, Free Assembly, Food Distribution, Weapon Regulations and Heavy Occupation.
  • Scientific supervision, Supplies, National Parks, Standing Army and Expansion Politic were removed.
  • Laws that were increasing Gold expenses based on unit maintenance cost have now their own values.
  • Reduced AI biases towards condemning Espionage.
  • Fixed bug in AI bias towards suggesting Host Position.
  • Added Total War resolution in League of Nations. Can target players that occupy at least 4 cities and made at least 8 unique city conquests.
  • New action: Unify Laws. All other major members will have up to 3 laws changed to match your options.
  • New resolution in christian league: Indulgence. Grants extra reward from pilgrims and make them more likely to target host's cities and holy sites.
Map Script
  • Tropical Islands will be generated if game starts in industrial or modern scenario.
  • Ideological leagues have now players' distribution based on similiraties in chosen ideologies.
  • Initial Cities should be more likely to be coastal.
  • Rebalanced amount of starting units (should mainly affect Natives (New World), Empire and City-States (Age of Titans).
  • Added an extra "medium" method to populate map with initial Cities.
  • Initial amount of Great People is now based on Culture Types.
  • Added 20 new achievements.
  • Intrigue Visibility has proven to be redundant. Power is now singular yield related to governors:
    In basic diplomatic actions Power above 100 affects an outcome positively.
    In case of conflict your advantage over Governor's power affects an outcome.
    All traits and abilities related to Intrigue Visibility now affect Power.
Performance and Moddability
  • Trade Route log recoded to reduce amount of saving data.
  • Veteran promotions were recoded to not use base promotion system. Added database for them and pushed logs related to AI choosing those promotions to dll.
  • Created database table for great people.
  • Social Policies are obsolete. Cleaned dll code to not run iterations related to them.
  • Created database table for laws; polished UI using this data.
  • Polished code related to experience from combat in dll - no xp gained from barbarians will make progress towards GG and GA bonuses now.
  • Settler log expanded and polished (present in Settler tooltip).
  • Added a popup for Social Development solution.
  • Added a popup whenever your Yield Bonus is being chosen randomly.
  • In end scenario panel added a new Info panel which describes a process of era conversion for several game aspects (Social Developments, Goverment, Laws, Principles, Ideologies, Wonders).
  • Added tech quotes sound upon acquiring technology/innovations through interface bonuses.
  • In mini-map options several new checkboxes were added:
    <Float Trade> enables floating text of rewards from Trade-Routes and Pilgrimages.
    <Float Missionary> enables floating text of effects from non-manual Missionary actions.
    <Float Fishing> enables floating text of rewards from Work Boats.
    <Tech Quotes> enables playing sound of tech quotes upon obtaining techs/innovations.
    <Cultural Sounds> enables playing random Great Work of Music each time human player chooses reward from cultural bonus.
New version (v24) is available in downloads and on steam workshop.

Optional content:
Unique Units I were updated to v3 to match new unit vision rules (submarines in v2 will have 1-range vision instead 2-range).

Spoiler Changelog v24 :
  • Better understandment of Wonders and competive Projects (related to AI choosing Cities' orders).
  • Moving, rebasing and paradroping stacks are now new interface modes (work alongside existing system).
Fixed Bugs
  • AI could bypass Inspiration-type rules while choosing multiple inspirations in one turn.
  • Common Foe league action no longer can target players without Cities.
  • Malon Raider was not requiring Horses.
  • Recon could be used in friendly territory.
  • Fixed Condemn Espionage not blocking spy purchasing properly.
  • Fixed bug in calculating votes from Shared Healthcare resolution.
  • Fixed foreign governor offering a service breaking interface for human (and turn processing).
  • Fixed Mother River not adding city connections.
  • Fixed some era conversion issues with leagues.
  • Fixed issues with resources quantity related to "hidden" luxury resources.
  • Porcelain Tower effect can no longer grant innovations.
  • Fixed some processes collecting production in resistance or during epidemy.
  • Fixed Common Foe (league action) incorrect check if other member can declare war on target.
  • AI no longer bypass league action cooldown in some scripted behaviours.
  • Fixed bonuses to combat strength being applied to air units (which was messing with combat system).
  • Fixed bonuses to combat strength being applied incorrectly to embarked units.
  • Fixed a possibility of the same follower belief to be assigned twice while creating religion based on data from previous scenarios.
  • Gifting units to city-state received many bugfixes (no immobile, no trade-routes, etc.) and balance (unit must be at max hp, not spend any moves this turn), however ultimately it was disabled. Once I write a logic for AI this mechanic will be reintroduced.
  • Fixed bug introduced in v23: all modern innovations related to units were reducing cost of tanks instead of their respective unitclasses.
  • Flanking now only consider max 1 unit per tile and ignores plot of attacking unit (in other words it is adapted to unit stacking).
  • Host Position resolution was being repealed unproperly.
  • Bug in checking if Governor is available for some activities.
  • Happiness from Palaces were readded (gone missing when table was pushed to database).
  • Fixed error on era conversion from Ancient to Medieval Scenario if any city-state discovered Mathematics.
Game Options
  • (New) Limited Developments - limits social developments to random 16 options each scenario.
  • Healthcare Budget now provide +1 Health to random City per 50 gold contributed (one City can gain up to +5 Health, once no City is valid you gain +1 Meritocracy instead).
  • Propaganda Budget now provide +1 permanent Authority per 125 gold contributed if you are not first in Authority rank (+5 Power otherwise).
  • Prestige as a system was revisited, polished rules and code, added new interface and rewrote tooltips.
  • New legal action: Invite Governor (costs 1 Legal Power). Invites a chosen foreign governor from a civilization you have embassy at. Can be only used if you have contact with less than 5 foreign governors. 5 turns cooldown.
  • Legal Power can be purchased for 400 Faith in Secular State.
  • Unit Capture now only works if you are not out of supply (the general direction of abilities granting military units).
  • Trade-Routes will now ignore Cities within 7 distance if there are at least 3 valid targets in greater proximity (instead 1).
  • Gold modifier for Trade-Routes arriving to City based on amount of other Trade-Routes that arrived there in last 20 turns rescaled from 50/37.5/25/12.5/0% to 25/12.5/0% for 0/1/2+ previous Trade-Routes.
  • Gold modifier for Trade-Routes from number of Cities rescaled from (1-NumCities)% to min(50, 2 * (1-NumCities))%. Penalty doubled, capped at -50%.
  • Trade Appeal based on Trade-Routes lost when send to specific Player/City recoded slightly.
  • Modern culture type (affects all players in modern era) now has -50% defense modifier from garrisoned unit (about -11 defense from Infantry at 100% hp), but cities have +8 base defense. It should help AI.
  • Morale bonus from ancient ruins nerfed from 10 to 4-7.
  • Budget can no longer be assigned to Education if you have no Academies.
  • International Trade-Route gold modifier from Currency Bonus is now additive instead multiplicative.
  • Calculation of Currency Power from resource and stability is now greatly simplified.
  • Cooldown for actions/proposals in basic leagues increased from 1 to 4 turns.
  • A lot of free Great People and Improvements removed from tech tree.
  • Special deals in auction house are disabled if gold budget mode is on (modern scenario).
  • Power gain from Intrigue (espionage action) reduced by 50%.
  • Local Happiness now positively affects an amount of Happiness boost from Riots.
  • Rewards from festivals were rebalanced.
  • Mercenaries were greatly buffed, both flee chances and cost increases were reduced. Flee chance can now not exceed 20%, introduced my own method of calculating risk and simplified overall math.
  • Settlers treshold were rebalanced (set to 75 in medieval era) (+10 per 10 settler acquired in Ancient Era).
  • Grants (law) was disabled (affecting chances for new civilian great person type).
  • Breaking City Defense is now affecting defense from Garrison and many custom sources (used to affect only defense from buildings).
  • Ikanda can now be built only in non-occupied Cities.
  • Warrior cost reduced from 40 to 32 production.
  • More morale boosts are now under condition that current morale is below certain value (it will be a general direction for such bonuses in the future).
  • Siege Tower and Battering Ram promotions nerfed from +100% to +50% bonus vs Cities.
  • Foreign Governors can now be invited with Legal Power.
  • Foreign Governors may now offer Spy Protection (reduces chance to detect your spies by half during basic tasks like observation or infiltration).
  • Foreign Governors may now introduce you to unmet city-states.
  • Governors may now ask foreign players for support in Revolution, New Kingdom and Official Religion diplo notes.
  • Improved text.
  • Minor changes were made to 8 tenets.
  • 3 tenets were replaced.
  • Improved AI evaluation.
  • Improved text.
  • Minor changes were made to 18 Innovations.
  • New edict in caliphate: Exploration. Provides votes based on amount of revealed plots.
  • New resolution in papacy: Deus vult. Unlocks an extra reward option from religious bonus from three options (spawn Mercenaries near Capital / Legalize conquest of City
    / boost Morale).
Map Scripts
  • Rewrote script responsible for capturing cities, it is now sensitive to keep supposed balance in number of cities.
  • More jungles, forests and marshes should pass conversions to later eras.
  • "Random" slots were removed.
  • Printing Press, Radio and Computers no longer increase Meritocracy growth.
  • In renaissance scenario extra Meritocracy growth is reduced from 2 to 1.
  • Special Deal slot is now available since medieval scenario to modern one (in which it is replaced with Budget slot) and requires Codex slot filled now.
  • Secular Principles no longer provides bonus from having an academy in top 3 of prestige rank, instead they unlock an extra reward option from cultural bonus.
  • Some of rewards were rebalanced.
  • National Day and Governor slots were merged together.
  • Total amount of reward slots available at once were reduced from 11 to 7.
  • Customs Houses no longer have a customizable trait affecting trade-route destination. It was replaced with +15% gold modifier for trade-routes outgoing from City.
  • Exponent rewards from Stock Exchange removed (now all branches have base exponent of 1).
Social Developments
  • By general rule no Social Development will require a technology now.
  • Minor changes were made to 40 developments.
  • Replaced or heavily redesigned 18 developments.
  • Revisited AI strategies and evaluation.
Performance and Moddability
  • Implemented properly following rules: all units have base sight of 1, all non-air units can enter rival territory (it was coded before with unit promotions that are now removed).
  • Text related to leagues' resolutions was localized and revisited.
  • Great People once again have icons based on current era (pre-industrial and later).
  • Added a purely info panel in Trade-Route overview about specific Cities trade modifiers and targets.
  • Mod now imports an extra 200 UI files from base game (without changes made to them).
  • Updated text, fixed one incorrect icon, some minor adjustments.
  • Major changes affected 10 Wonders.
New version (v25) is available in downloads and on steam workshop.
It also requires updating Assets II to version 5.

Spoiler Changelog v25 :
Agenda (new)
  • New Gameplay mechanic available to some cultures (Empire, Tribe, Pagan, Tropical), linked to one ideology tenet and legal action. Allows you to choose an Agenda/Political Promise with an usual duration of 50 turns. Agenda grants bonus on adopting (happiness + various) and fulfilling (power), and penalty for failing (unhappiness, power loss and a cause). There is 32 different agendas right now: Conquer City, Appoint Governor, Expand Territory... and so on.
  • AI panic script pushed from lua to dll.​
  • AI will no longer embark units to recapture naval Colonies.​
  • Extra logic for AI spending resources on City-States' projects (affects production processes as well).​
  • Expanded AI logic for placing Forts.​
  • AI should ignore rebels and barbarians fighting against their enemies.
  • Damaging City below 1 HP with ranged or air attack will trigger a conquest if you have at least one military unit adjacent to target. (Does not work for guided missiles / suicidal units)
  • Naval units gain 1 more XP from any combat made.
Fixed bugs
  • Border growth expansion was inaccurate when Faith or Gold was contributing to it.
  • Fixed bug when league disbands in the middle of resolving resolutions.
  • Ironclad was referenced to wrong unitclass promotions.
  • Fixed new manufactory cost being affected by number of upgrades in 4th scenario.
  • Fixed(/changed) air sweep not generating any XP if intercepting unit is not of air domain. Note: such combat is not generating any damage, but it counts for intercepting limit per turn.
  • Issues with obtaining legal power with scientific bonus (unique reward from innovation).
  • Abilities reducing rebels' combat strength were not working.
  • Fixed several bugs related to morale events.
  • Fixed some ranged units in renaissance scenario having too great attack penalty against Forts.
  • Fixed CTD when player without a city completes nuclear project.
  • Fixed issues related to Governors not properly ending relations with foreign players in some cases.
Game scripts
  • Empire (culture group) got an unique scripts related to initial population, buildings and army to make them more in-check with other players.​
  • If game starts in later scenarios, influence anchor from politics will be assigned randomly.
  • Base chance to complete dig is always 1% if Archaeologists is not on max movement.
  • Heavy Digging (manufactory trait) now provides +3% base chance to complete a dig (instead digging twice a turn).
  • Gifting units to city-states is enabled (AI now may use it instead of disbanding units).
  • Proposing Declaration of Friendship is now only possible if both sides have at least one City.
  • Most criticals are now disabled against civilian units.
  • Minor changes to wonders, ideologies, social developments and innovations.
  • Nerfed the most powerful Customs House's traits.
  • In Ancient Scenario all Cities start with +3 base Production.
  • Aircraft attacking Cities now generate 75% damage for both sides (instead 67%).
  • Aircraft attacking Units now generate 1% damage less for each 4 damage on target up to -25% (instead 1% per 2 damage up to -50%).
  • Some wonders are now set to be of low priority for assignment late in scenario (95T+).
  • Doctrine (budget option) now also spreads 150 cultural presence to random foreign city each time you store 150 Gold in it.
  • Specializing Unit with scientific reward is now allowing player to choose an unique option (class is still chosen randomly from valid options). If a class cannot be trained due to lack of technology, it is unlocked, otherwise you gain 2 free copies of unique unit.
  • Propaganda (espionage action) now targets entire major civilizations instead a city (negative effect toned down).
  • Implemented new system for Natural Wonders' traits (in-border effect) with database and scenario-valid traits. Increased amount of traits to 40.
  • Some lesser legal actions were combined in the new one: Edict (costs 1 Legal Power, 30 turns cooldown) which allows you to choose from them and a new options.
  • In the Light of Hope scenario due to globalization effect player ultimately acquires all Innovations, which makes gameplay repeative. Innovations are now limited to random 12 (out of 20).
  • Many espionage related abilities were revisited (related to more detailed tooltips).
  • Replaced/removed on combat effects that were temporarily reducing enemy max hitpoints.
  • Destroyer now has +1 base sight (3) and movement (7) to balance out new "ranged conquest". In addition its class has an unique promotion tree (extra sight and movement replaced with completely new promotions).
  • Pledges of protection are now disabled in modern scenario.
  • City-states sharing your codex now have +8 influence anchor.
  • Archaeologists no longer costs unit supply.
  • City-States rewards from politics changed: "+1 Happiness in all Cities" to "4 Happiness distributed randomly among your Cities", and "All Cities acquire extra plot" to "+50 Border Expansion in all Cities".
  • Landlocked civilizations should not receive naval unique units on game initialization (modern era).
  • Riots no longer temporary reduce happiness chance (rebellions still do). Numerical changes to chance for rebels to spawn were made.
  • Morale Events were revisited (applied some balance changes).
  • Instant yield bonuses upon discovery of Natural Wonder are reduced by 50% in Ancient scenario.
  • Faith from Goody Huts is reduced by about 40% in Ancient Scenario.
  • Rebalanced templar buildings to reduce Wonder points from them to max 1.
  • Balance changes were made to 10 actions.
  • Simplified some calculations to make them based on common modifier "Content level". Governors unhappy with current situation have greater chance to trigger negative actions. This modifier is semi-exposed to the player (because it is affected by hidden variable - loyalty type of governor). Each governor type now has unique modifier that makes them more or less content.
  • Added a note for a player who faced the most rebels.
  • Added a note about fulfilling (or not) agendas.
  • Added a note if Governor was responsible for official religion.
  • New resolution - Preserve Identity - major players do not passively spread cultural presence to each other (on turn start), +1 Unifying Presence per major member with National Unity greater than you. Provides votes.
Performance and Moddability
  • Pushed more variables to dll.
  • Created a database table for Morale Events. Logs related to morale no longer save any strings.
  • Deals overview panel was adapted (shows turns properly now).
  • Introduced two new font icons (spy attack and defense), expanded tooltips related to espionage (player will be able to estimate outcomes) and improved current UI and text.
  • List of customs houses is now more compact.
  • Added font icon and a tooltip in the city view for border expansion.
  • Created popups for founding new religion and entering golden age.
  • Some modifiers were not displayed in enemyunitpanel while attacking city.
  • Map search can now be limited to controlled territory.
Victory Points
  • Fixed 250 Victory points from winning World at War not working.
  • Modern scenario: +0.25 (instead 1) Victory points per building constructed.
New version (v26) is available in downloads and on steam workshop.

Optional content:
(New) Unique Units II are available at steam and in downloads (22 new unique units, 12 unique infantry).
Unique Units I were updated to v4 to match new military might calculations and with fixes to two abilities.

What is more, the first version of gamepedia (pdf) is now uploaded. Work in progress.

Spoiler Changelog v26 :
  • Fixed an evaluation of incorporating city-state (used to be always 0 - ignored).
  • Added an extra behaviour script when AI has a lot of legal power.
  • Added logic for choosing unique units.
  • Military might being logarithmic does not fit some of the systems. New military might evaluation will be linear and cached only once a turn.
  • All players have 1 base might.
  • Atomic Bombs have preset might of 300.
  • Units' base might is greater of combat/ranged strength. They gain +1 might with each level above first. Some promotions now improve base might of the units (each no more than by 4).
  • Damaged units have reduced might (-1% per 1 HP below 100). Extra HP above 100 grant a positive modifier (1% per 2 HP). Immobile units have might reduced by 25%. Suicidal (guided missiles) units have might reduced by 75%. Total negative modifier cannot lower unit's might below 25% of its original value.
  • Cities have base might of 4, further increased by +1 per 5 defense and +1 per 4 population.
  • AI logic and some related evaluations were adapted to new calculation method.
  • Margins of errors were reduced for various demographics.
Fixed Bugs
  • Fixed Thyreophoroi starting with 4 random veteran promotions instead of Agema Spears.
  • Fixed runtime error when Buda Castle was controlled by City-State.
  • Fixed Ideologies obtained in modern scenario were not properly locked for further obtaining.
  • Fixed Hunters (social development) working while defending instead attacking.
  • (Unique Units I) Fixed Argyraspides ability not working.
  • Fixed CTD when conquering City with ranged/air attack while playing as Indonesia (achievement check assumed there will be an unit in city).
  • Workshop was not properly unlocked at Construction for Nomads (it was working for Vikings instead).
  • Fixed issues with Long Distance Warfare innovation.
  • Fixed fulfilling an Agenda working on all other Agendas of the same type (ex. multiple conquer Agendas).
  • Bad order of culture type assigning in Ancient scenario. Example: Religious City-State (minor civ trait) used not be always a Religious City-State (subculture).
  • Fixed an instance of error which caused to cached number of units on plot to be incorrect (related to rebel spawn of city-state that started scenario dead).
  • Fixed National Rebel Movement trigger passing wrong player index.
Game Options
  • Auto AI handicap will now not change referenced Supply handicap by more than 5% (recoded logic as well).
  • At least one embassy between civilizations is required to propose declaration of friendship.
  • Each embassy now grants +0.03 Legal Power per turn (up to 0.09), foreign embassies no longer provide Legal Power.
  • Rewards from goverment type were toned down.
  • By default Festivals will provide +7 Cultural Presence and +7% Happiness chance. Customized reward is moved from culture type to principle (new Spirit slot).
  • Worldwide Economy effect was removed (most of the times at least one player has negative gpt which made it redundant mechanic).
  • Eradicate Corruption (legal action) is now an option for Edict.
  • Great General and Admiral tresholds' increase reduced from 100 to 75 in Ancient scenario.
  • Settler points gained on population growth reduced from constant 1 to 0.2-1 (based on population).
  • Principles were rearranged and reworked a bit. Max amount of available principles per scenario changed from 3/5/6/6/7 to 3/6/7/7/7.
  • With the changes to Principles and Eradicate Corruption action an extra sources of Meritocracy and rules were added to balance it out.
  • Plundering a city-state will cause a drop of influence for players' that are at war with conqueror (up to -60). Triggers only if allied player is at war with the conqueror.
  • Festivals (charm and trade appeal manipulation) law is removed.
Map Scripts
  • Tropical Island generator will now also populate ocean with some extra 1-tile islands.
Scenario Rules
  • Empires and Tribes cannot establish Embassies between them (or start with an existing one).
  • City-States of different leagues cannot establish Embassies between them.
  • Changed a method of initial cultural presence distribution in industrial and modern scenario.
Settlers and Settlements
  • Base treshold to acquire a Settler is now 100 for all cultures and valid scenarios.
  • Settlement no longer requires 3 Settlers to create a city. Settlements claim one adjacent tile each turn if undamaged. After 6 such ticks or when you own all adjacent tiles a Settlement is automatically transformed into a City (at the start of your turn).
  • Settlers can no longer be used on existing cities. Instead they can be exchanged for various rewards in similar fashion to yield bonuses - as an alternative to creating new Cities. Human player can access bonus selection panel by right-clicking Settler point in info corner.
  • Cities can no longer "train" Settlers, this option was replaced with new process (exchanging production into Settler progress is now linear).
  • Adjustments to related traits and abilities were made to better fit new system.
Victory Points
  • (Industrial Era) +0.01 Victory Point per Cultural Presence (instead 0.015).
New version (v27) is available in downloads and on steam workshop.
It also requires updating Assets II to version 6.

Optional content:
Unique Units II were updated to v2 with fixes to two abilities.

What is more, the second version of gamepedia (pdf) is now uploaded.

Spoiler Changelog v27 :
  • Will stop making workboats if they loose too much of them.
  • AI should prioritize buildings and processes more when out of supply (fixed check and increased weights).
  • Ranged attacks provide temporary vision of the attacker's tile to attacked player.
  • At the turn start Radar (technology) grants vision of plots occupied by enemy aircraft that attacked you last turn.
  • Added 4 new subcultures for City-State culture type (Ideological, Enlightened, Traditional, Agricultural) to represent each minor trait type. Each comes with unique innovations and minor adjustments to differ them from other city-states.
  • New: Cassus Belli. When team has a cassus belli against other team, it can declare war without triggering defensive pacts.
  • Declaring a non-scripted war against City-State grants their protectors a Cassus Belli against aggressor.
  • Declaring a non-scripted war against declared friend (league betrayal) grants declared friend and their friends a Cassus Belli against traitor.
  • Now AI is instantly angry when you bully city-state protected by them (instead of asking to promise to never do it again).
  • Extra +15 Influence anchor toward all protected city-states.
  • Pledges of protection can no longer be removed by establishing new ones (new ones are disabled once limit is reached).
  • Split all actions into three types: Mission, Operation and Internal.
  • Only one spy can be assigned to counter-intelligence (general rule for internal actions).
  • Coup and Hostile Takeover preparation times reduced from 8 to 6 turns.
  • Unified espionage outcome calculations for attack and defense modifiers. Reworked the base calculations. Each action now has base, min and max attack success values. 250 attack vs 750 defense means 25% chance for success. Those base values are now modified by summed attack and defense modifier. For example 250 attack amplified by +33% is 332, 750 defense amplified by 20% is 900, which results in 26.9% chance for success. The goal is to make it more clear how various traits and abilities affect an espionage. Changes were made to existing abilities and interface to adjust to new calcs.
  • Low national unity decreases spy defense up to -20%.
  • Low meritocracy decreases spy defense up to -20%.
Fixed Bugs
  • Gesatea's ability runtime error (unique units II).
  • Scythier's ability runtime error (unique units II).
  • City States' cities will no longer start with pantheon followers in third scenario.
  • Religion sometimes was not properly assigned to Pilgrims.
  • Secret Pact with foreign Governor was not firing properly.
  • Manufactory trait was not spawning Guided Missiles.
  • Fixed incorrect display of random yield bonuses' UI (notifications were fine).
  • Academies' traits were not triggering on turn start (was affecting 4 abilities).
  • Upon incorporating city-state acquired land units will be properly embarked (an actual fix to vanilla Austrian ability).
  • Acquiring inspiration for palace and an ideology that ensures that buildings with inspiration are not destroyed upon city conquest was making incorrect capital status.
  • Penalty modifier from number of cities was increasing gold from trade-routes instead decreasing it.
  • Reworked Provinces law (now always provide a bonus for capital city at the expense of other cities). Affects Happiness, Charm or Work Rate.
  • Talent allowing Great Person to design World Wonder replaced.
  • Culture contributes toward base unifying presence even if City cannot work (ex. resistance). However max contribution is now capped by population (5 + 1 per 2 population).
  • Cities in resistance generate +20% dividing presence.
  • Settler generation is now affected by penalty based on number of cities (3%). Similar to other yields.
  • Nuclear Project has now base cost of 1500 Gold. Once first player complete it, the cost drops 50 Gold per turn (down to 500).
  • Polio Vaccine project total cost is now based on number of major civilizations (6000 to 10000).
  • New global project in modern scenario: Internet. Unlocked with Computers.
  • City-States' main quest (politics) types were revisited to make smaller civilizations more competive - extra points are now more sensitive to relative growth (percentage). Total number increased to 17.
  • 3 new actions: Host Tournament, Historical Research and New Agent.
Great People
  • Great Statesmen can no longer be assassinated, they now migrate like other civilian great people.
  • Average Happiness is now providing Great People points in 1:1 ratio.
  • Percentage of total population contributes to Great People points (percentage is based on Culture type). This value is affected by low meritocracy.
  • New resolution: Social Equality grants +1 Meritocracy per turn, -5 Authority and -33% Power for all major members. Available in League of Nations.
  • Some of resolutions in ancient City-States' leagues are now passed without voting (Olympic Games, Tournaments, Knowledge-Sharing and Seeking Seeker). Tournament will take place 8 turns after resolution is passed instead instantly.
  • Legal cost to establish official religion is reduced to 8 (5 if you have no official religion). Enforcing official religion on city-state now costs 3 legal power (instead 4).​
  • New game option - Dynamic Religion - upon various events total religious presence in a city is reduced while keeping respective percentage of invidual religions (3000 at city conquest, 5000 at epidemy, 10000 at missionary conversions).​
  • Founder beliefs now provide bonuses based on number of followers and cities (unified). Total amount reduced to 9.​
  • Enhancer beliefs are no longer removed in industrial scenario. Enhancer beliefs are now providing a basic religious pressure and an extra bonus for players that adopted this religion as an official one (unified). Total amount reduced to 10.​
  • Follower beliefs were simply overhauled to match and balance them around changes made in recent years. Total amount increased to 58.​
  • Pantheons focus on terrain, resources, features and improvements. Total amount increased to 49.​
  • Beliefs are now universal (available to all culture types during all scenarios). The only exception is ancient scenario with an restricted pool of follower beliefs (some buildingclasses are not yet available).​
Scenario Rules and Scripts
  • Peace prevention for wars between different cultures in Medieval scenario does no longer work on city-states. Declaring such war on major player grants +8 Meritocracy.
  • Chance to start as secular state in industrial era reduced from 70% to 50%.
  • Removed embassy block between City-States culture type in Ancient scenario.
  • Bonus founder belief modifier in medieval scenario replaced with +33% production towards Shrines and Temples and +1 Meritocracy if at least 80% of your Cities have temple.​
  • New script recreating Academies on era conversion (more fair distribution instead of copying it from previous scenario).​
  • Revisited Social Developments. Fixed 2 issues related to them. About 40 traits were adjusted or replaced.
  • Revisited Ideological Tenets. About 41 traits were adjusted or replaced.
  • Revisited Wonders. About 26 was changed.
  • Revisited Innovations. About 45 traits were adjusted.
  • 4 new innovations in industrial scenario.
UI and Visuals
  • Improved National Parks display. Currents display is now properly updated on player change (hotseat support).
  • Info corner shows incoming tournaments.
  • Principles have new icons.
  • All Social Developments got unique icons.
  • Added popups for projects in modern scenario.
Moddability and Performance
  • Created a table for players' integers. Started pushing integers to dll.
  • Data related to cities was cleaned up, more variables were pushed to dll.
  • Created tables for beliefs and religions (links to scenarios and cultures).
  • Some left-over data with culture-units info was also pushed to db.
New version (v28) is available in downloads and on steam workshop.
It also requires updating Assets II to version 7.

Optional content:
Palaces II were released.

What is more, the third version of gamepedia (pdf) is now uploaded.

Spoiler Changelog v28 :
  • Will no longer ask to withdraw from attacking protected city-state. Dialogue is redundant (replaced with Cassus Belli). Attacking protected city-state will instantly generate negative diplo modifier.
  • Has now better understandment about using ranged units to conquer cities.
  • Ranged units (that cannot/need heal) will try to attack any valid target instead passing a turn if possible.
Fixed Bugs
  • Fixed Recon being unusable (ability related to ideology).
  • AI was not using abilities that grant vision over area (error in function finding the best target plot).
  • +100% Coal and Iron from Dynamite (Industrial scenario technology) was not working.
  • Aisthetikos (Innovation) was providing +3% chance for next innovation instead +30% (changed to +20%).
  • Workboats will ignore zone of control.
  • Gold from fishing is now translated into per turn instead instantaneous.
  • Faith from pilgrimage is now translated into per turn instead instantaneous.
  • Reworked Trade Appeal from plundered trade-routes. Cities of foreign player have -1 Trade Appeal for each your Trade-Route that was plundered on its way to this player (x5 if any such Trade-Route was plundered in last 16 turns).
  • Cities now cache base Trade Appeal on turn start (less calculations).
  • Players with maxed out Art Style can now use cultural bonus to spread their cultural presence.
  • Cities will remove features with work rate only if there is an adjacent plot with the same feature (to keep more variety of territory).
  • Improvements will no longer have a chance to coexist with forests, jungles and marshes. It served very little purpose and had not enough visibility.
  • Trading Posts were added to the pool of basic improvements.
  • Minor balance changes to morale events and situations.
  • Surplus food growth no longer provides settler progress from any sources. Existing sources were transformed into Settler per population or raw Settler amount.
  • All basic buildings are now unique to scenario or culture type (copies in database) which allowed direct specific balance changes. In addition AI flavours were improved.
Great People
  • Simplified origin of newly ascended Great People. They will always originate from civilization that generated them.
  • Simplified great person type biases.
  • Improved database structure.
  • Rebalanced great people talents. Added 3 new talents.
Renaissance Scenario
  • Meritocracy from New Opportunities is now set of rules (instead basic +1 Meritocracy per 3 Principles). Focus is now on interaction between different cultures (which will be a new main theme of scenario).
Industrial Scenario
  • Removed max cap of resources stored. Stables and Forges will now consume Horses and Iron to provide extra yields (if stored resources are above 70).
  • New optional game mode: Great Game. Major players will fight for global hegemony in series of competitions.
  • Players gain +1 Meritocracy for each 5 created railroads and +5 Meritocracy when they create Academies, Customs Houses or Manufactories.
Modern Scenario
  • Manufactory cost increased from 2.5/4 to 3/5 Coal.
  • Players can now use General and Admiral bonus to acquire Innovation up to 3 times (instead unlimited). It is still disabled once all Innovations are acquired by at least one player.
  • Minor balance changes to technologies and innovations. Nuclear Fission (technology) received new powerful bonuses to make it more in line with other late game technologies.
  • Replaced/reworked 5 manufactory traits.
  • Rewards from Prestige rank slightly nerfed.
  • Academies' branches now provide traits on 5/15/25... development (instead 5/10/15...).
  • Reworked some Customs House traits. Added new ones. Total amount increased from 20 to 25.
  • 8 new Holy Sites' traits.
UI and visuals
  • Unit's flag will be properly dimmed when unit looses movement due to enemy attack.
  • Music that plays on obtaining cultural bonus is now linked to scenarios (so no modern pieces will play in ancient scenario).
Moddability and Performance
  • Pushed building data to database.
  • More data related to scenario rules, cities' and players' integers were moved to database.
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