Changing Nuclear Power Stations


Aug 18, 2007
Does anyone know the modifications necessary to make the following changes to nuclear power stations?

1 - Chance of meltdown = 0%

2 - Production bonus = + 75%

Nuclear power seems a bit underwhelming in CIV4 atm
Why should nuclear power increase production? Let's face it for anything but military purposes it's just another source of power. There's really no reasing that a city with a nuclear power plant should be more productive than one getting it's energy from oil or coal.

The meltdown chance is a bit high at the moment, but should stay IMO.

Can't tell you how to edit it, sorry. One thing though : Power Plants don't really give a bonus to production directly, they give power, which gives a bonus to production. Which doesn't depend on the source of the power. So to change this you would have to add an production increasing effect directly to the power plant.
Check the XML files under Improvments

Look for something calling itself production bonus, and make that 25
Look for something calling itself meltdown or explosion, and set to 0
Discovering Fusion should remove the chance of meltdown, like it did in Civ 2.

I did not realize that happened in Civ2. I understand the automatic upgrade for game simplicity; but imho instead of an automatic upgrade, a different Fusion Power Plant building could be made since the technologies are extremely different. Of course, by that time in the game, what's the point? The game is already won or lost. It would give me a building to make in my "someday" Future Mod though.
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