Changing screen resolution hangs the game


Dec 30, 2001
Hi all. I've been having a problem with Civ 4 in recent months that I just haven't been able to figure out. I go into Options -> Graphics, and attempt to change the Screen Resolution size....

Spoiler :
The resolution changes, and I'm asked to confirm if I want to accept the new resolution. If I click yes, the game hangs. The mouse still responds and music plays but nothing else happens. I have to use task manager to kill the program.

I tried reinstalling Civ and updating my video card drivers to see if that would get rid of this issue, but it didn't work. Although after reinstalling the game defaulted to a different resolution than I'd had it set at before, any attmept to change it causes the game to hang.

It's not a critical problem, but I've also experienced random crashes since I first bought Civ years ago, and lately I've had some hard-to-describe display errors. This is the only reproducible problem I've found and I was hoping if I could resole it the other problems would stop too.

I'm running Civ IV 1.74 with the curent HOF mod. DxDiag attached.

I realized right after posting this that I should really try loading up the game without any mods and see if that would help. And it did. :blush: So apparently the HOF mod 1.74.002 was what prevented me from changing screen resolution.

I'm leaving this post here just in case someone with the same issue comes looking for answers.
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