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Changing the songs


Jul 14, 2002

I dislike the songs the game play on modern age, so I tried to replace the respective mp3 files by some classical music, but it didnt work perfect.

I just rename the files but some songs wont play, and one of them will play two consecutive times. Does anybody know how to edit and change correctly the songs - maybe changing some code or txt file or using some editor besides just renaming the files?

Thanks a lot.
Some songs only play in specific instances, such as playing during the diplomacy screen. This might be why you can only play certain songs while others wont play. You need to play the songs in a mp3 player, and match them with the songs in the game (i.e. listen to the music in the diplomacy screen, then find the one that sounds the same in the Sounds folder).

The songs that play as background music are in the sounds/build folder. You will see several eras in there to play with. The songs with "Full" at the end of the title (i.e. "MidECFull.mp3") are what you want to overwrite if you want to change the background music. I believe, not sure though, that there are a few songs that are blank or contain only ambient sounds (like birds chirping and dogs barking) that may make it seem like your songs are only playing twice, but this is just the game cycling through all the available songs. If i remember correctly, that blank song lasts for about 6 minutes.

If you are using C3C, this process is much simpler. Add the files you want to play to the sounds folder, you dont need to place them in a sub folder. you can then add a file called music.txt in the text folder of your scenario's custom folder. You can put your mp3's in the sound folder without overwriting them. Then in the text folder just add the name of the mp3. This allows you to add songs without overwriting. (example, if your song is called happy.mp3, put it in the sound folder, and add happy.mp3 in the text file music.txt)

Hope this helps.
Sometimes i just backup the original music files and than rename music that i like and replace the old music files
You have to use the original names in the folder. Take an MP3 and rename it exactly the same as the one you want to remove, first rename the original.

See here how I replaced the 'Techno MixFull' and renamed the original 'orgTechno MixFull'.

Looks like you are trying to replace the same song as me.

The new 'Techno MixFull' on my game happens to be Edgar Winter's 'Frankenstein', a good instrumental for the modern age.
Usually, I turn off Civ3 music and pop a CD into my CD player. I can pretty much listen to any of my favorite music while playing civ.;) I see no need to mess around with Civ3 filename.
I just run Media Player and turn off the music in Civ.
although I despise the Modern age music I do appreciate some of the Middle age songz, especially in conquests
The middle age songs are very beautiful in the original Civ 3. But the modern age ones are very annoying in my opinion, and I must replace it to play the game.

My list for the modern age:

Wagner - Ride of the Valkyries (10:07)
Tchaikovsky - Symphony No. 5 (6:06)
Strauss - The Blue Danube (10:05)
Beethoven - Ode to Joy (3:30)
Tchaikovsky - Waltz of the Flowers (6:23)
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