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Character's List

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Demo Game IV: Citizens' started by ice2k4, Apr 12, 2008.

  1. ice2k4

    ice2k4 Emperor

    Feb 28, 2004
    Brooklyn, New York
    Since we're now allowing people to have multiple characters in game, I thought we might want to have a thread for people to list and describe their multiple characters. This is not a discussion thread.

    Please limit yourselves to one post per forum account (post should contain all characters you use.)

    You may want to include:

    Character Name:
    Character Age:
    Character Place of Birth:
    Physical Description:
    Other Information:
  2. ice2k4

    ice2k4 Emperor

    Feb 28, 2004
    Brooklyn, New York
    Update!: Added a second character.

    Character Name: Ice
    Character Age: 17
    Character Place of Birth: Arete
    Physical Description: 6'2 Athletic Build. Acqua-blue eyes with messy blonde hair.
    Other Information: Born in the poorer part of Arete, Ice never thought about becoming one of the higher ups in society. It never seemed like an option. At the age of 12 his father was murdered on a scouting trip by barbarians. All he left behind to Ice was a small hut in the center of the village, the Poverty Pub and a masterfully crafted sword. Trying to make ends meet to care of his brother and mother... [To Be Continued]

    Character Name: Lord Charles Rindleton
    Character Age: 22
    Character Place of Birth: Arete
    Physical Description: 6'1". Average build. Brown neatly trimmed hair. As a matter of fact, everything about him is neat.
    Other Information: A lord by blood line, Charles' family had it's land and title stripped from it when he was just a boy at the age of 12 due to corruption by higher powers. Enraged by his realization that his father was merely a pawn and never a true power player, he seeks to regain his rightful title and become what his father never could be.
  3. Seymoo

    Seymoo The Sexmaster General

    Mar 18, 2008
    Character name: Seymoo
    Character Age: 18
    Character Place of Birth: Arete
    Physical Description: 6' 1 Very slim with short, neat hair and a piercing stare
    Other Information: Bought up by mother, who was high up in society, and is now a landowner himself. An Aretan through and through, he is intelligent and a good speaker. Founder of the Minds of Arete.
    My primary character, all voting decisions made are as Seymoo.

    Character name: Yasush
    Character Age: 30
    Character Place of Birth: Village of the Sahashunas
    Physical Description: 5' 9'' Messy dark hair
    Other Information:Came to Arete with the Prochon Warband and rest of his village, but was disappointed by what he found there. Left for New Giruvegan with the Religious settlers
  4. Provolution

    Provolution Sage of Quatronia

    Jul 21, 2004
    Character name: Prochon, Master of the Hunt, and his sons (we covered 1200 years)
    Character Age: 57
    Character Place of Birth: On the hill we started
    Physical Description: 6' 4 Tall, strong and fearless and a leader of men, wiry survivalist with a good strategic and tactical mind, and a good heart for his men and people. Prochon was also instrumental in fighting out the civil war back when we all were nomads, before Arete.
    His descendant, Prochon the Walking Healer, is now guarding the religious exodus from Arete.

    Prochon,the Warband and his sons can be attributed the mapping of the lands around Arete, discovery of Agriculture, Animal Husbandy and Horseback Riding as well as acquainting Spain and Babylon. The Warband came back after a thousand year journey, and became the foundation for the Warlords Faction future city.
  5. civplayah

    civplayah fronter

    Sep 3, 2007
    North Carolina
    Character Name: civplayah
    Character Age: 35
    Character Place of Birth: the Pasture near Arete
    Physical Description: 5' 7", very slim, with fairly long brown hair
    Other Information: Archosandros of the Church of Giruvegan, Founder of the Faction Honor System, Voice of Faith for the Protecters of the Faith.

    Character Name: Mantia
    Character Age: 17
    Character Place of Birth: New Giruvegan
    Physical Description: 6' 2", with neat, blond hair
    Other Information: Drastically uncoordinated, servant of Antimedus.
  6. AluminumKnight

    AluminumKnight Conquistador

    Nov 7, 2004
    WI, USA
    Character Name: Aelbeorht
    Character Age: 46
    Character Place of Birth: Forest on the river near Arete
    Physical Description: 5'11" Graying, short hair. Wears long brown robes.
    Other Information: Head of the Protectors of Faith. Stayed in Arete while the Warband scouted our surroundings. Wishes to lead a band of Faithful to found a city dedicated to religion, but still allied with Arete.
  7. Lord Civius

    Lord Civius Emperor

    Mar 11, 2008
    Character Name: Lord Civius
    Character Age: 36
    Character Place of Birth: Nomad lands
    Physical Description: 6' 3" tall and a broad build

    Other Information: Lord Civius is the Steward of the Warlords Factions and Prochon Warband. He along with Timus were first to meet the Yassans and discover their art of agriculture. A warrior at heart he studies the art of warfare and is a master of the club. He has nicknamed his mighty club "the Negotiator" as he has yet to use it from the fear it instills in his adversaries.
  8. Diamondeye

    Diamondeye So Happy I Could Die

    Apr 20, 2007
    Dancing in the Dark
    I have two characters:

    Character Name: Diamondeye
    Character Age: 17
    Character Place of Birth: Among the tribesfolk, before the settling of Arete
    Physical Description: Tall, slim, balded (consciously), rather strong (for his age)
    Other Information: Hand Of Faith for the Protectors of Faith faction and member of the Monks of Magma, concerning Gems. Intelligent.

    Character Name: Sindar
    Character Age: 18
    Character Place of Birth: same as above
    Physical Description: Tall, rather broad build, long hair, usually in a ponytail, agile
    Other Information: Brother of Diamondeye. Mainly used in the Bertie's Blog thread.

    Info concerning both: Their mother died while giving birth to Diamondeye, who miraculously survived. His father swore to dedicate the sons life to the spiritual powers, and as such, Diamondeye was primarily raised by Aelbeorht, the village elder and Head Of Faith.

    New characters:
    Character Name: Mei
    Character Age: 19
    Character Place of Birth: Arete
    Physical Description: originally tall and beautiful with long black hair, Mei is now dressing more as a punk, and her hair is often shaped into shocking and ugly cuts, on purpose.
    Other Information: Used to be Sindars girlfriend, now solitairy.

    Character Name: "The Prophet"
    Character Age: 14
    Character Place of Birth: Unknown, rumours are heard that he is born in Giruvegan.
    Physical Description: Slim, with a bleaked blind eye. Looks thin and weak but is actually both stronger and more agile than he looks.
    Other Information: Orphan to Diamondeye, former leader of the Cult of the Firevulture.
  9. Seidrik_The_Gray

    Seidrik_The_Gray Seidrik The Gray

    Jun 26, 2006
    Oh my god...I seem to generate new characters like rain sometimes splinters off in a hundred different directions on your windshield...

    Political Entity: kwarriorpoet not really a character, just a strong voice in the currents of time...similar to what several of us have here.
    RP Entities:Seidrik, Gaiyut, and Turik
    History:Seidrik is a family name, given to the oldest Son since the founding of Arete. Alice is Seidrik's great great great great great great great...grandmother. The family currently lives in an estate loaned to them by the Triad Faction on the grasslands in the river valley west of Arete.
    Age: The Age of Seidrik is always between the age of 18 and 45 as represented in the stories, given the long tradition of the family name, and the low life expectancy in our ancient times. If this should ever improve, then the stories will reflect the age of the speaker more accurately if needed.
    Traits and Characteristics: Like most Aretans, his skin is olive complected, due to the people's evolution in the warm sub tropical climate typical of the Tintura Coastal region. Men of Seidrik's line generally reach 6' - 6'3" and tend to be relatively athletic in appearance with a slight gut from indulging in the fine spirits developed in the region and the excellent barbeque, for which Seidrik's family has been known for throughout history. The Family tends to be renouned for long stories, especially over a pint or two of their brew and for throwing huge barbeque parties twice a year.

    Gaiyut A famous hero of the first Aretan Warband. (His story is still up in the air in the Warband thread)
    Age: 28
    Born: Unknown, Died ????
    Hight: 5'9"
    Description: Wirery and dark, with the appearance of a man, who had lived in the outdoors his entire life, and dark hair that reached his shoulders. He also has several tribal tattoos on his chest, shoulders and back, which he says were omens of spiritual protections imbedded into his body by his tribal elder when he reached manhood. He has only 9 fully useable fingers, with his left pinky missing the third digit from a wolf bite he recieved in the wild. He also has several scars on his ribs from fighting Lions during his journey with the famouse Warband of Arete.

    As a tracker for the Aretan's first warband, Gaiyut is credited with exploring much of the region around the Tintura coast, and several meeting with local villages that resulted in Agriculture, Animal Handling, and Horseback Riding.

    Age: 17
    Height: 6'6"
    Size: Huge and Agile, 200 stones heavy, but an agile wrestler.
    History/Background: Gaiyut's Middle son. Chose to become a recruit for the Aretan Warband rather than continue with the rest of Gaiyut's clan as a scout with Blastoid.

    Age: Unknown
    Origin: Unknown
    Current location: Unknown
    Appeared one day to write these words in the beach of Arete as further evidence of devine providence for the founding of Arete and the bounty nearby and all of the great fortune that had been given to the Aretan people.
    "Where there is a will, there is a way. Faith is the way."
    This occured during the time when the Protectors of Faith faction was discussing where to found their holy city.
  10. Vandal Warlord

    Vandal Warlord Nazgûl

    Mar 3, 2008
    Philadelphia, PA
    Character Name:Teunoc, refered to as Vandal
    Place of BirthArete's undercity
    Physical DiscriptionLong red hair, 6"5, his eyes change color from yellow, to green to solid gray, long scar across his eye
    Other InformationAbandoned at birth by his mother, Vandal grew up under the care of Cylon, the leader of the Gael Clan. As Cylon's only son, Vandal was the only heir to his fathers throne. Later he found that his birth father led the the Gairis clan, and when his birth father died he enheirited the throne. Later Cylon retired and Vandal was given control of two powerful clans. He now works of achieving his dream, becoming the sole ruler of Arete. He has a son and daughter.
    Edit: Vandal now heads the first rebellion in the history of Arete!
    The rebellion has failed but has reshaped Aretes history.
    Now I have Character #2!

    Character Name: Cedric
    Character Age:25
    Character Place of Birth:Arete
    Physical Description:6"2 Long unruly Black hair, Green eyes
    Other Information:
    Cedric was born and raised as a criminal. His father payed attention only to his sister, Silvia, which caused him to live a life of secrecy. He always carrys a weapon.
    Cedric now lives in Spain in Hatshepsut's palace. He HASa secret love life with Hatshepsut.

    Characer number 3 WOOT!
    Character Name: Zekk
    Character place of Birth: Kassite
    Character Age: 16
    Physical Description: Long Black hair, green eyes, 6' 5" athletic build.
    Other Info:
    Zekk is part of the youngest generation of Vandal the Rebal's twisted bloodline. He was born in Kassite, when at age 4 was shiped off to his Uncle Cedric. Cedric raised him in Madrid, and then Seville. zekk was then transfered over to his brother in-law Bonno the Orthadox, a poor priest that was once married to Zekk's sister. From there Zekk grew up and became a hunter.

    I'm shooting out characters like mad!(I feel like kwarriorpoet Jr.)

    Character 4
    Character Name: Kei
    Character place of Birth: ????
    Character Age: 6
    Physical Description: small, 3"2, moon shaped scar on his head.

    Character Name: Iek
    Character place of Birth: ????
    Character Age: 6
    Physical Description: small, 3"2, X shaped scar on his head.

    Character #5!!! (goodthing there is no limit ;))
    Character Name: Dragano Teunoc
    Character place of Birth: Arete
    Character Age: 20
    Physical Description:Long red hair, 6"7, Solid gray eyes, scar in the shape of a dragon on his back.
    Other Info:
    Dragano is a son of Teunoc. He was born in Arete where his mother took care of him. He later found out that Teunoc was his father. Dragano has now set off to find Teunoc and confront him. Dragano wishes to be Soverign of Arete, no matter the costs.
  11. Shattered

    Shattered Lord of Utopia

    Jan 30, 2007
    GC, illinois
    Character Name: Shattered
    Character Age: 71
    Character Place of Birth: Western Plains
    Physical Description: He is bald, with a waist length white beard. He wears a feather robe and leans on a staff made from a petrified horse spine. A grin is permenantly pasted across his face.
    Other Information: Enlightened One of the Philosophers of the Legion, Ruler of Aretan. A great thinker and diplomat. He never leaves Arete, constantly debating and implementing new ideas and ways of thought.
  12. w00ter

    w00ter Warlord

    Mar 30, 2008
    The Netherlands
    Character Name: Waldheri
    Character age: 18
    Character Place of Birth: n/a
    Physical Description: About 1.80 meter in length. Still having a young and atletic body, he believes that a healthy mind has to go with a healthy body. His hair is washed in limewater and pulled back from the forehead to the nape of the neck, resulting in heavy, fair hair.
    Other information: A young Philosopher of the Legion who is eager for knowledge, although still learning.
  13. Ballazic

    Ballazic King

    Dec 6, 2003
    His fathers tent
    6' 2"
    Brown hair sort of long, he is a bit heavier set and quite muscler. He wears a white tunic with a gray cloak with blue stripes.

    He is a leader in the Legion, and has a lot more of a pragmatic approach to philosophy.
  14. Rex rgis of Ter

    Rex rgis of Ter Me I'm a Creator

    Jul 10, 2007
    Character Name: Rex the Wise
    Character Age: 56
    Character Place of Birth: The Western Jungle, near Spain
    Physical Description: Tall and old, but still fit. He has a moderate skin tone, similar to those of Mediteranean descent, and has dark hair/eyes.
    Other Information: Rex moved to Arete to join the Philosophers, seeking to improve the world. However, he found them too docile, prefering to philosophize than enlighten others. He left, leaving for Spain, to find if Hatsepshut's land is better, and perhaps to stay there.
  15. NZL

    NZL Proudly Flemish

    Mar 11, 2008
    Gent, Belgium
    Character Name: Nizol
    Character Age: between 35 and 50
    Character Place of Birth: unknown, found as an orphan baby in the city of Arete
    Physical Description: One of the few people with snowy white hair, which makes the mystery about the roots of Nizol even greater. Big pitch black eyes, unseen before in mankind. And his 2,30m length and 175kg muscles and bones makes everyone really wonder if Nizol is even from this world.
    Other Information: Little is known about this orphan, raised by the homeless poor people of Arete, but became a selfmade man who's talents were recognized by the nobility of Arete. First served under many noblemen as a personal bodyguard, he is as of last winter better known as the Leader of the Warlord Faction and Governor of the Warlord City. Not forgotten the respect he got from the Arete nobility in his bodyguard days, he now pledges to keep the entire Aretan populace safe from all kinds of dangers.
  16. Provolution

    Provolution Sage of Quatronia

    Jul 21, 2004
    Character Name:Provolion the Historian (descendant of Prochon)
    Character Age:43
    Character Place of Birth: Born near the Lost Cause Pig Farm, as the Warlord settlers headed for Thunderdome
    Physical Description: Strong, piercing grey, pale eyes, strong chin with a small white beard. Leathery skin and dark, thundering voice. About 6 feet tall, barrel-chested and with a toga surrounding is resilient and agile frame.

    Provolion the Historian is a Warlord intellectual, hardened by the ways of military life, interested in the earthly pleasures of Aretan short lives, he indulges in diets, women, war and political power. "There is nothing Greater than power and horses and women and war". Provolion is the father of many a child in the new Warlord City, and the one that collected all the histories into one great historical record of the Triad Aretan History from 4000 BC to 0 BC or so. Provolion was also a prophet spelling the impending doom of the Triad Dynasties by the coming of a new hero, KWarriorpoet, who was said to bring a new order (BKWP could be there instead of BC lol).
  17. Gnoman Empire

    Gnoman Empire Chieftain

    Mar 28, 2008
    Character Name: Sane
    Character Age: 29
    Character Place of Birth: Found in desert by the scouts
    Physical Description: 7"0 bald, Well muscled speaks Arab, used to talk wth Babylonians who don't speak Aretean(?)
    Other Information:
    Foundin a desert, Sane was raised by no one, And livedi n Babylon for 27 years, as a fisherman. He has recently moved to the Warlord city to find work in the new mines. He has 1 son named سلفرفيش (SilverFish in Arabic).
  18. blastoidstalker

    blastoidstalker The Geographer

    Feb 27, 2006
    The Blastoid

    Titles: The Georgrapher, The Follower of the Spoken Word, The Host of the Hall of Thundering Hooves.

    Age- nobody knows
    Height - 5'7
    Weight- 130 lbs
    Place of birth- Desert North of Arete

    A Sinewy and weathered man of indeterminable age. Has spent much of life wandering the land, making maps. He is a master of beasts, Founding the Hall of Thundering Hooves and training Ravens to cary messages back and forth from units in the wilderness. It is rumored that he can talk to wild beasts.

    The Blastoid was an early member of the Philosophers legion and has held the position of follower of the way of the spoken word. He has been a strong supporter of war with the Spanish in this role. He has often ranged from Arete taking part in the legendary thousand year march of the Prochon warband. Whether the man who returned was the same man or his progeny, no one knows for sure. He is now part of the scouting party discovering new lands.

    Clydus, The Steward

    Age : 45

    Clydus is The blastoids steward, who runs his land and speaks for him when he is ranging in the wilderness. Some say he talks to beasts in the wild who come with mesasages from The Blastoid.
  19. Badhron

    Badhron Warlord

    Jan 21, 2007
    The Great White North
    Character Name:Badhron
    Character Age:20 (approximately)
    Character Place of Birth:Arete
    Physical description:6' tall, medium-long black hair
    Other Information:An intelligent man, his family involved with the Philosophers since the founding of Arete.
  20. Ace of Gold


    Mar 17, 2007
    California, USA
    Character Name:Churchill
    Character Age:19
    Character Place of Birth:Arete
    Physical description:6'5. Tall, strong, blond hair and blue eyes.
    Other Information: Cautious, very Cautious. but intelligent also. Is the leader of the Way of the sheild.

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