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Chat: Peace? Republic?

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Game of Democracy II' started by GaryNemo, Nov 13, 2002.

  1. GaryNemo

    GaryNemo Settler from None

    Feb 14, 2002
    Ohio, GMT-4
    GaryNemo (3:29 PM) :
    260AD. All quiet. Penguin Flats, please. When might you move?
    MonkE (3:31 PM) :
    Did Penguin Flats win? ... I expect to move somewhere around 6:30 - 7:00 Central.
    GaryNemo (3:32 PM) :
    It went back and forth. 7PM Central is in 4.5 hours? Are you going to immediately request Peace, and let FA build the Caravan?

    MonkE (3:33 PM) : Did you see my post in the War thread?
    GaryNemo (3:33 PM) :
    No, I'll look, then I'm going to post this when we're done. ok?
    MonkE (3:34 PM) : Sure.
    GaryNemo (3:36 PM) :
    Yes, I did see it, and the Duke agrees with you. But you didn't mention if you were going to immediately sue for peace? I don't follow this agressive expansion, but others seem to becuase they are not contradicting you.
    MonkE (3:36 PM) : Are you referring to the city bribe scheme?
    GaryNemo (3:37 PM) :
    Bribing an enemy city seems extremely agressive to me, yes. I am Chicken Little.
    I do not mean to recommend against it, just curious.
    MonkE (3:38 PM) :
    What is the downside to taking their city? Immediate recapture? We would sue for peace right away.
    GaryNemo (3:39 PM) :
    I don't know, and I wish I could help you. It merely seems to me, Duke agrees, other people have seen this morning and not contradicted that plan. It's been 8 hours since that post.

    GaryNemo (3:40 PM) :
    Every time, you make 4 moves and we seem to explode! You are a good President.
    MonkE (3:41 PM) :
    I think the idea is to be aggressive. They keep sending troops to our continent. If we turn the tables, won't they be more likely to turn their attention to their own continent?
    GaryNemo (3:41 PM) : I know you posted that, too. It staggers me, is all.
    MonkE (3:41 PM) : Do you mean 'explode' in growth or in controversy? :)
    GaryNemo (3:42 PM) :
    Explode in growth. The new islands, stuff like that. I like it. More cities to micromanage, THAT I can do.

    GaryNemo (3:43 PM) :
    Btw, when you build some caravans, you are likely to see Dehli pop up in Demand. take it.
    GaryNemo (3:43 PM) :
    You know, the items on the right, Silk Silver, pay more than Copper etc, eh?
    MonkE (3:44 PM) :
    Monk's Towne Dye for example. I saw a post once about which commodities have the best payoffs.
    MonkE (3:45 PM) :
    If you want more cities, I think the Vikings can provide some. ;)
    GaryNemo (3:45 PM) :
    Dye is not great. Just touch F5 and look at the chart. The Right is best. Gems and Gold are both superior. Any demand is better than no demand. Dye is nothing special.

    MonkE (3:46 PM) :
    I just thought of a possible flaw in the bribe plan. The city could be Trondheim!
    GaryNemo (3:46 PM) :
    Well, you can explore and sue for peace whenever, right?

    GaryNemo (3:46 PM) :
    Here is the list: prefer Wine Silk Silver Spice. Better yet: Gems Gold.
    MonkE (3:47 PM) : Could you include the list in your summary?
    We can sue for peace anytime.
    GaryNemo (3:47 PM) :
    I'm going to post this. The poor ones are: Salt Coal Copper Dye. Even worse: Hides Wool, Beads, Cloth.
    MonkE (3:48 PM) :
    If we can grab a city first, that's preferable. It slows their economy and puts them on the defensive.
    GaryNemo (3:48 PM) :
    Oh yes, taking Roskilde and Udal weakened them, for sure.
    MonkE (3:49 PM) :
    Hopefully they don't have any junk tech to slow our research. There wasn't a choice to refuse taking a tech.
    GaryNemo (3:50 PM) :
    I just captured a city in gotm22. Destroyed it, but still was paid $15 and Iron Working.
    GaryNemo (3:50 PM) :
    I don't think there is a refuse choice, but don't worry. We'll take their tech, it won't matter much now, actually be better.
    GaryNemo (3:50 PM) :
    The problem with junk tech is before Monarchy.
    MonkE (3:51 PM) :
    If it's not on the 'preferred' tech path, I don't want it.
    GaryNemo (3:52 PM) :
    Sure, but if there is no choice ... I prefer everything, in the end.
    MonkE (3:52 PM) : Eventually. :)

    GaryNemo (3:53 PM) :
    One thought. Maybe no Elephants, delay until Crusaders. Many people have mentioned that. Could be just another 6 or 12 turns.
    MonkE (3:54 PM) : Yes, crusaders are much preferred.
    GaryNemo (3:54 PM) :
    I hope Republic is next on our list after Monotheism Mike's !? I'm ready!
    GaryNemo (3:54 PM) :
    The people agreed w Count Goldberg about the Elysium MarketPlace.
    MonkE (3:55 PM) : Was Republic chosen as a tech priority?
    I don't remember that it was.
    GaryNemo (3:56 PM) :
    I can't even find a Science poll on the first screen. Maybe in Turn 200AD?
    MonkE (3:56 PM) :
    We have so few trade routes, I'm not sure we're ready for Republic anyway.
    GaryNemo (3:56 PM) : We are ready.
    MonkE (3:58 PM) : With a high enough lux rate, OK.
    GaryNemo (3:59 PM) :
    Look at Long Term Science Goal. Monotheism, Invention, Gravity, then Republic in the basement with junk. A shame, which we must rectify. Perhaps the Earl of Machiavelli will write. We have Temples, unit supports fair, Republic will work. Clear the Vikings from our soil and it's off to the races.
    MonkE (4:00 PM) :
    Jayne posted a Science report in the Turn 120AD thread. Republic was on the 'second list' - to get if the other 3(?) paths are unavailable.
    GaryNemo (4:01 PM) :
    Herr Psychologist gives the data, there are two problem cities, captured from the Vikings. Well, I will one will not criticise choosing Republic. Once we get Monotheism, that's all that matters. And, we must beat the AI to Leonardo. Republic may be the key.
    MonkE (4:02 PM) :
    Even with lux rate, Republic won't hurt us for science but probably help. But there are the support loads and military unit unhappiness concerns.
    GaryNemo (4:02 PM) :
    We have 43 units, and F11 Mfg=96. So, Republic will cut our production in half.
    MonkE (4:03 PM) :
    Ouch. If it's that bad, we may need to disband some to support production. They are no use as police anymore.
    GaryNemo (4:06 PM) :
    Yes, that will help. So fewer than 43 units. Checking: Mord is trouble, MD, DH, TFalls, Reneaux. The Udal and Roskilde are ghastly. Everything else will be fine.
    GaryNemo (4:07 PM) :
    I'm about out of time, and need to post this then go. Anything else? You'll do fine.
    MonkE (4:08 PM) :
    :crazyeye: Domestic planning is the biggest job in our empire. Thanks for all your contribution.
    MonkE (4:08 PM) : We can end here.
    GaryNemo (4:10 PM) : Maybe a new thread. eh? We were looking forward.
    MonkE (4:10 PM) : That would be fine. :)
  2. Zwelgje

    Zwelgje Deity

    Nov 20, 2001
    About disbanding units when getting to republic:
    We've got immense amounts of warrior police walking around which are really of no use anymore. When we shuffle the units around we can easily get each city defended with one good unit and the big cities (RC, Elysium) with double defense.
    By disbanding the warriors in cities we will add shields to the production of the new unit/improvement/wonder as well so nothing's lost, really....;)
  3. MonkE

    MonkE Primate Philosopher

    Jul 23, 2002
    Minnesota, USA
    Well stated, civ1-addict! I agree.
  4. GaryNemo

    GaryNemo Settler from None

    Feb 14, 2002
    Ohio, GMT-4
    There is an art to disbanding units, coordinated with micromanagement. More on that when the time comes...

    I can't wait to see the next move!
    What will we be researching?
    Will MonkE build a Warrior in Penguin Flats?
    Will we loose the Udal?
    Will the Vikings sail North, off our soil?
    If so, we can reorganize supports and go for Republic.
  5. GaryNemo

    GaryNemo Settler from None

    Feb 14, 2002
    Ohio, GMT-4
    President MonkE (7:29 PM) : Starting game play now.
    I hope to post within 3 hours.
    GaryNemo is home, not at his computer!
    Minister GaryNemo (10:02 PM) : Good. I'll be working until then, no problem.
    Message was sent. User is Offline.

    GaryNemo (10:33 PM) : Very good, sir! You drive a hard bargain!
    Message was sent. User is Offline.

    MonkE (10:39 PM) : The map is getting big!
    GaryNemo (10:40 PM) : Yes. We have again survived and done well.
    MonkE (10:41 PM) : Yes. Now we are back to peace.
    GaryNemo (10:41 PM) : As you and the Duke expected. A Blessing.
    MonkE (10:41 PM) :
    I'm not always sure what to do with the settlers. One reason I stopped.
    GaryNemo (10:42 PM) :
    Since I must get agreement for my sometimes controversial plans, there is confusion. Oh well.
    All Civ players have their own ideas about Cities and Roads. Me too!

    GaryNemo (10:43 PM) :
    Notice that Herr Psychologist was correct about REGIA CIVITAS.
    MonkE (10:43 PM) :
    I'm afraid I didn't digest all of that. I hope everyone is Ok with my interim road plan.
    GaryNemo (10:44 PM) :
    It's fine. You permit me to again ask the Citizens the Boreum Bridge question! I luv it!
    MonkE (10:45 PM) :
    Is that why we are down to so few people in the polls? ;)
    GaryNemo (10:45 PM) :
    It also appears the Marco's supporters will rise up this turn! It that what? Would you rather I not ask them again? Up to you. I think the game is merely complex.

    GaryNemo (10:46 PM) :
    Why is the None building a Road near RC and LN?
    MonkE (10:46 PM) : We still need to build Mike's, Newton's and Leo's.
    GaryNemo (10:47 PM) : Yes. And Trade Caravans.
    We have 5 caravans, 11 in production, and LC can help shortly.
    MonkE (10:47 PM) :
    The None is roading first, then mine to expose the special (forest).
    GaryNemo (10:48 PM) :
    Why Road first if it will be a forest?
    The BFL must build a Warrior Police for RC.
    MonkE (10:49 PM) :
    I presume we'll railroad the special eventually. Will be faster if road already there.
    GaryNemo (10:49 PM) :
    Fine reason. And its nearly complete. And we may change it to Buffalo.
    MonkE (10:50 PM) : Ok on BFL. I know you'll include it it the summary. ;)

    MonkE (10:51 PM) : I know it's a bit late there. :)
    GaryNemo (10:52 PM) :
    Yes, I must get to work on my Summary. Anything else to bring up now?
    Btw, 11PM is not late on a Wednesday Night for me.

    GaryNemo (10:52 PM) :
    We'll move again Saturday, back to regular schedule. ok?
    MonkE (10:53 PM) :
    I listed my main questions in the Next Turn post. The rest is in the other threads. Yes, we can go back to schedule. :)
    GaryNemo (10:54 PM) : Your pictures are very good.
    MonkE (10:54 PM) : Thanks, they are getting big. :)
    GaryNemo (10:55 PM) : Not too wide, that is what helps.
    MonkE (10:56 PM) : I try to keep it near 640 wide.

    MonkE (10:59 PM) : I suppose we should end here.
    GaryNemo (11:00 PM) : Thank you. I'll post in Chat: Peace Republic...
    MonkE (11:00 PM) : Ok, 'til later.

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