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Chat w General Mordhiem

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Game of Democracy II' started by GaryNemo, Oct 13, 2002.

  1. GaryNemo

    GaryNemo Settler from None

    Feb 14, 2002
    Ohio, GMT-4
    GaryNemo (11:57 AM) : General Mordhiem!
    mordhiem (11:57 AM) :
    I finally have something to do in the Democ game!
    GaryNemo (11:58 AM) :
    Good plan, sending troops & Temple Dellham. Dip is in CJ. Other ideas?
    mordhiem (11:59 AM) :
    I think we should still continue with building settlers where ever possible. Population is the key to power in Civ 2
    GaryNemo (12:00 AM) :
    Yes. Later today, I'm going to post another discussion thread. We have two Settlers that could found soon on Forest... In safe spots. F3 & F4 (3NW of RC)
    mordhiem (12:01 AM) :
    I think that we should start concentrating on infrastructure soon. We have 12 cities, all in good spots, there are 2-3 good spots left so I think we can start making roads and irrigating seriously soon.
    GaryNemo (12:03 AM) :
    Yes. As I said, I'm going to start that discussion ball rolling, maybe 3 hours, maybe in 8 hours... Have you seen a link that details Deity Riot Factor . That I could include?
    mordhiem (12:03 AM) :
    No I haven't, such a thread would be incredibly useful!

    mordhiem (12:04 AM) :
    On the tech side, what do you think should be our next goal? Astro or Mono?
    GaryNemo (12:05 AM) :
    Toss up. I'm going to see what others post. Don't forget Maps! Personally, I would go Mono Mike's ...
    mordhiem (12:06 AM) :
    Hmm, someone posted that the AI usually goes for Copernicus before Mike's, so I lean towards Astronomy. Map Making should be our backup tech incase we can't research anything leading to Astro.
    mordhiem (12:07 AM) :
    Mike's is one of the most important wonders in the game of course. But Elysium without Copernicus would be just to hard to bear.
    GaryNemo (12:08 AM) :
    But, we need Irrigation & Mike's. Mike's let's us go Republic!
    Yes, we MUST have Cop's in Elysium. Caravans are my plan.

    A Detail. DellHam has two units, nice to rehome the Legion somewhere.
    mordhiem (12:09 AM) :
    Well a rehome of the legion would be nice, but not essential at the moment. If we wnat to go looking for Vikings in the north then we cant afford to wait 4-5 turns whilst the legion heads south to rehome at Castle Jayne for example. I think that as soon as the diplo gets to Dellham we send all three units off.
    GaryNemo (12:10 AM) :
    No, we can't delay. Off to war it goes! Why send Dip up to DH? Have you studied Jayne's Viking report? in Turn 525BC?
    mordhiem (12:13 AM) :
    Dip goes to DH to meet up with chariot and legion. Then we have chariot escort diplomat so that they can't kick it out of there territory. Also it means we have the option of bribing units instead of killing them. A legion and a chariot can handle most anything they have at the moment, but add a diplomat and we could bribe some extra units whilst we are up there also and that can't be a bad thing.
    GaryNemo (12:14 AM) :
    Well, all 3 together, sure. But why not rendezvous on the River?
    mordhiem (12:15 AM) :
    Just easier to keep those two units on martial law for two extra turns whilst DH get's it's temple underway.
    mordhiem (12:16 AM) :
    Anyway if they meet up on the river, they'll just have to travel back up north any way
    GaryNemo (12:16 AM) :
    True, but I'm not afraid of using Elvis. Maybe delay the Chariot... Up North? I thought you might sweep North from Iron City? Why head North? Maybe a good idea, tho ...
    mordhiem (12:18 AM) :
    I never thought too much about going past Iron city, I though that it was more likely they'dd be near the peninsula to the north.
    GaryNemo (12:18 AM) :
    Take a look at Jayne's report, a map. And my new Detail Status Post. Both Turn 525BC
    mordhiem (12:18 AM) :
    Btw, I hate using elvis. That fat entertainer should be out working the fields getting trade!!!
    mordhiem (12:20 AM) :
    TFalls and Civvium settlers should start work on tile imps. near Elysium and RC asap. MD and Dellham settlers can found cities near where they are.
    GaryNemo (12:21 AM) :
    The Civvium Settler will found F3, S of Hills. LN works for RC.

    mordhiem (12:21 AM) : I'll get a map up RE possible sites
    mordhiem (12:22 AM) : The rest of the post looks good
    GaryNemo (12:23 AM) : I'll post this chat right now, if we're done... ok?
    mordhiem (12:23 AM) : Yeah sure.
    GaryNemo (12:23 AM) : See ya! We have exciting business for you now, eh?
    mordhiem (12:23 AM) : Heh, certainly!

    Postscript: Have YOU considered getting ICQ? It's free, fast, keeps good records. Some people have Trillian, I guess.

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