CHEAT !!! Saviour for weaker players!!!


Nov 6, 2001
Actually this bug rather than a cheat. But if i have put the subject as a bug, i don't think i will be able to reach out to those i want to help.
===Now there is actually a way to 'con' a lot of gold from other civilizations.

I got 0.2 billion gold in each turn ( yes, it's EACH TURN)...
First, you must have something which the other tribes are interested in, and they MUST be willing to trade with you for "gold per turn" ( I prefer to let them have my world map.)
Choose to get payment of 200000000 gold per turn (just press '2' and hold '0' till max). Even though they won't be earning that much, but just for some reason this number will work! And Voila! you are on the way to becoming Bill Gates in the Game! Don't be too greedy though! Having 1 tribe paying 0.2B tribute to you each turn is a lot, so there isn't a need to get every tribe giving you gold each turn,
'cause your treasury will go back to nought if you earn too much. (sometimes you will have a negative value if you are too greedy!) But after a few turns your treasury will also max out and go back to zero, fret not, the next turn you will be earning again!

You can choose to cancel the agreement after four turns (before treasury goes back to zero) or simply wage war. By this time you are already filthy rich and you won't be able to spend all the money even by making hurry productions every turn!

Just to help fellow gamers!
i dont think thats possible, i believe the max value u can enter for gold giveaway is like in the ten grand section, at least thats in the games ive played
There's actually 8 zeroes after the 2, so its 200,000,000. This makes it a 0.2 billion (Thanks GY, I just counted it after your comment)
You using the 1.07 version or something? This is not only old, but fixed in 1.16
:( I thought I could finally have a realistic national budget.
Sorry guys, I din know there was a 1.16 patch around, and I was using the old 1.07. Anyway, I can get kick all the deity mode arses in the game. Cheers to weaker players (1.07) !!!
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