cheated the AI but it had repercussions!!!


Nov 17, 2001
I was able to trade to the only other civ on my small island the resouce iron for two tech and about 1000gp. I then pilaged the roads that I had leading to both of my sources of iron. The next turn I reconnected to the iron and was able to sell it to them again for 50gp per turn (although I did not actually make the deal). Normally I would never really try this but I needed the techs and did not want the Americans to have iron because of my pending invasion. Even though I was able to get the techs and the money for "free" the Americans would no longer offer me any techs or lump sums for the iron or anything else and it seemed like the other civs no longer wanted to trade with me either. If I had it to do over I would not have done it but oh well. Then of course when I attacked the Americans all other 11 civs declared war on me. This is not the best situation and should be avoided. If you really need the $ or techs it might be worth it though.
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