Chebeque - Mediterranean Flavour Frigate


Apr 10, 2005
A Chebeque (Xebec, Chebeke, ... i have seen too many different spellings while googling for reference to name them all).

This ship was used widely in the Mediterranean, filling a role similar to the frigate. While it is in general smaler than a north european frigate, it seems fit to be used as a flavour replacement for Mediterranean, Arabic and perhaps some African Civ's.

To make her look a bit bigger i gave her 9 guns per broadside (stock frigate has 8), and gave her a mixed rig, replacing the lateen sails on one mast with square sails (the idea came from GeneralMatt - thanks).

~ 830 faces; It has teamcolor, brings its own Animations, Damage Texture and a Button.

fScale: The same as you use for frigate or slightly smaler. (i use 0.20). Use Frigate Shadow and Sounds as well.

Ver. 1.1 from 23.09.2007 in the database now.
Fixed a bug causing the Fx Nif to be completely white (only on some video cards as it seems.)

Download from Database

Here are some of the better reference pictures pictures i had.
Ahhh, very nice!
Pretty sweet... I'll use it as a Middle-East Frigate!
another splendid unit Refar :goodjob:

immediatly added ;)

maybe a bug : the FX version is full white in my mod, normal version is okay.
I will look into it, i have however no idea, what might be causing this... For me they both work as intended being part of a modular mod.

I have a couple of qustions trying to figure out what it might be... Is the thing really completely white ? The Rig and the Flag as well ? (Flag should be teamcolor...) Are you using one of the other ships of mine and if so does it cause any trouble..

Is this the [BTS] Regiments and Diversity mod in your sig ? I will download it and try to take a look myself...
THE ENTIRE SHIP (hull and everything) is white with the FX version. Don't get that with the normal NIF file.
i have no explanation for this as for now... i will go over everything, to check what might have go wrong, and then re-export the thing just in case.
I'm using you pre-dreadnough and your akula without problem.

(those are packed, the units I'm currently adding aren't)

If things are ok on your side, it may come from my mod (the one in the sig, your unit's aren't in downloadable version, but will be soon ;) )

I'm having some stranges bugs lately (animation doesn't work for the Hood alone, but do work if I set battleship to be a 2 figures units :confused: ), so everything may be mod related, I'll have a closer look once I've finished to integrate what I plan for next release.
Yea i figured they are not in yet (not the white version anyway :D ), but i can add it myself.

However while downloading your mod i found a possible cause, how this might be dependant on hardware. (Vidocards Pixel Shader implementation i suppose). I did not gave it a gloss map, while the shader is supposed to have one. Did not think of using the "NoGloss" version.

Now my video-card ignores the gloss map anyway... If yours does not ignore it... I applied the correct shader now, and hope this will solve it.

I uploaded the new Fx-Nif only for now. It would be nice if you could try it - if i am right, i am not able to see any difference on my hardware... If this solves the problem i will repack and reupload to the database.

New Shader Nif

EDIT: File Removed, The fixed pckage is in the library now.
yes, it seems to be ok with the new nif, thank you :)
Thanks for trying it. I hate it not being able to see half of the stuff on my old video card :badcomp:
Yeah... new one works for me too.
I think the Bug is officially killed now :D Thanks for spoting it :D

The package with the fixed nif from post 14 in the library now.
Well, thanks again for this unit Refar. It works and animate just fine in my testmod.
One weird thing on my screen tho. On the sails, I have this computer background. Is this something you intended or something that crops up only on my system? Never mind the black view of the ship, it is in damaged state.
See pic below for what I mean.

Edit: never mind, I just put your nex _FX in my mod and it works just fine now. :)
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