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Children of the Emperor – Life and Death amidst the Clans of Japan

Discussion in 'Civ5 - Stories & Let's Plays' started by yahzuk, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. yahzuk

    yahzuk Agent of Chaos

    Oct 26, 2010
    Children of the Emperor – Life and Death amidst the Clans of Japan

    The Legend of the Emperor’s Children
    How did this world begin, that was your question? Well, according to legend, once, long ago, on a world that was not our own, there was a powerful nation called Japan. The people of Japan had a warrior’s spirit and never yielded in battle, and this strength brought them many great victories. Through cunning and strength the Emperor of Japan lead the nation to dominate the world!

    But the Emperor was so busy conquering his enemies that he had little time for his children, and entrusted their care to the philosopher Satori. Satori was a wise and peaceful man. He tired of Japan’s constant warring and prayed to the ancient Kami that the Emperor’s children might know a world of peace instead.

    The powerful Kami, for reasons known only to themselves, chose to answer Satori’s prayer. So they brought the children, and a small population of commoners to serve them, to a new world, but Satori was not allowed to join them. The fate of the new world would rest in the hands of the Children of the Emperor!

    The oldest son, Gaiko, had learned Satori’s lessons well, and wished for a united coalition of all the people of this new world. The second son, Bunka, heard Satori’s lessons but cared little for his neighbors, wanting only to create great works of culture for Japan. The youngest son, Kagaku, cared not for this world and dreamed of touching the stars. War and peace were both simply tools for him to be used in the pursuit of science. The emperor’s daughter, Shihai, rejected Satori’s teachings altogether, vowing to rule this world through force of arms as her father had ruled the last.

    At first, the displaced Japanese struggled to survive the harsh wilderness, and existed only as a nomadic tribe, but after several generations the tiny population grew and settled down to found the city of Kyoto, the first city of the new Japanese empire. By this point of course, the Emperor’s children had passed away, but their descendants became four clans of Japan, each still vying for power and trying to realize its founder’s vision…..

    Random Warning!
    What’s life without uncertainty? In this game I shall be using random numbers to determine when players are born into the game and when they die, which shall be unpredictable and lead to some sudden power swings between clans. Doubtlessly, there will be times when it seems “unfair”, because someone is “on the waiting list too long” or “dies too soon.” It is the risk you must run to join in this game, so please don’t sign up if this type of randomness is going to bother you. You have been warned!

    Spoiler How will random things be determined? :
    The odds of something happening are explained in relevant sections between. I shall make the selection from the odds by random number. I know there are any number of random number generators out there, but I’m already using Microsoft Excel for tracking many things, so I’ll be using it for generating the random numbers as well. The function is =rand().

    Spoiler Will Yahzuk play in this game? :
    I will be controlling the military units, although operating under general instructions from the citizens. Other than that I will be moderating the game and crunching the numbers. Since this game is a little more complex than the last one, I want to be in a position of some objectivity to be able to answer any questions.

    The Four Clans
    There are 4 clans in the game, each pursuing a different victory condition. To signup to participate in the game you must join a clan. You may not switch clans, so choose carefully!
    Kagaku – Science Victory
    Bunka – Cultural Victory
    Gaiko – Diplomatic Victory
    Shihai – Domination Victory
    Spoiler Can I form my own clan? :
    No, for my game balancing purposes everyone must belong to own of these four clans depending on the victory type you want to pursue. However, feel free to form any sub-clans or alliances within your clan as you like.

    Citizens – Birth and Dying
    The number of active players in the game at any time is equal to the number of citizens.
    When a new citizen is born, a new player will be chosen to join the game. Players are chosen from the waiting list at random.
    • A player’s chances of being chosen increase the longer they have been on the list. Time spent on the waiting list for the “Rebirth of France” game will be counted.
    • Clans that are underrepresented in the game have a higher chance of being chosen.
    Spoiler When will I be born? :
    No one knows when they will be born! When it is time for a citizen to be born, I will select a player from the waiting list at random. Each player’s odds of being chosen is equal to (Turns Waiting)*(Clan Factor)/[Sum of (Turns Waiting)*(Clan Factor) for all players].
    The Clan Factor is equal to the number of (1/4)*(Active Players)/(Number of Active Players from Clan). Since you can’t divide by 0, 0.1 is used if there are no active members of the clan. I will then generate a random number to select a waiting player.
    Spoiler Example :
    There are four players waiting.
    Mr. K - Kagaku – 5 turns
    Mr. B - Bunka – 20 turns
    Mr. G - Gaiko – 15 turns
    Mr. S - Shihai – 10 turns
    There are 3 active players in the game, 2 Bunka and 1 Gaiko. Who is most likely to be born next?
    Spoiler Answer :

    Clan Factors:
    Kagaku – (1/4)*3/0.1 = 7.5
    Bunka – (1/4)*3/2 = 0.375
    Gaiko – (1/4)*3/1 = 0.75
    Shihai – (1/4)*3/0.1 = 7.5

    Player Numbers
    Mr. K – 5*7.5 = 37.5
    Mr. B – 20*0.375 = 7.5
    Mr. G – 15*0.75 = 11.25
    Mr. S – 10*7.5 = 75
    Total = 37.5+7.5+11.25+75 = 131.25

    Odds of Being Born
    Mr. K – 37.5/131.25 = 28.6%
    Mr. B – 7.5/131.25 = 5.7%
    Mr. G – 11.25/131.25 = 8.6%
    Mr. S – 75/131.25 = 57.1%

    So, Mr. S will most likely be chosen, because he’s been waiting a while and his clan is underrepresented in the game. Mr. B has been waiting longer, but his clan already has more than its fair share of players in the game, so he’ll probably have to wait a while yet. But when it comes to randomness, nothing is guaranteed! This will all be managed by me behind the scenes, and I assure you it isn’t as complicated as it probably sounds.
    Spoiler But how is someone chosen with the random number? :
    The possible choices are tallied up in a list, and a random number is generated between 0-1.
    Mr. K = 28.6% = numbers 0 – 0.286
    Mr. B = 5.7% = numbers 0.286 – 0.343
    Mr. G = 8.6% = numbers 0.343 – 0.429
    Mr. S = 57.1% = numbers 0.429 - 1

    A citizen’s age is equal to the number of turns they have been active. A citizen’s influence is proportional to their age.
    Each turn there is a chance that citizens may die. Deceased citizens are replaced with a new citizen from the waiting list.
    • The older a citizen is the more likely they are to die.
    • Citizens living in cities with excess food production are likely to live older.
    • Citizens living in cities with luxuries and happiness generating buildings are likely to live older.
    • As the empire’s technological era increases, the population’s average life expectancy will increase.
    Spoiler When will I die? :
    No one knows when they will die! Each citizen’s chance of dying each turn is their Age/[500*(# of technological eras)]. The number of technological eras is 1 for the ancient era, 2 for classical, 3 for medieval and so on. Luxuries (worth 5 if unique, otherwise 2), happiness and food will “take years off your age”, but must be shared among all the citizens of the city.
    Spoiler Example :
    A city in the ancient era has three citizens A-C, age 10, 5 and 1. The city has 1 improved luxury and 2 excess food. So each citizen gets (5+2)/3 = 2.3 “years off their age”. What are each citizen’s odds of dying of old age this turn?
    Spoiler Answer :

    Mr. A – (10-2.3)/500 = 1.5%
    Mr. B – (5-2.3)/500 = 0.5%
    Mr. C has 1-2.3 = -1.3 so Mr. C is guaranteed to survive this turn.
    When you remember that this test is done every turn, life expectancies in the early eras are actually pretty low!
    Again this all be managed by me behind the scenes.

    If a city is lost to an enemy empire, then all the citizens living there are killed.
    If a citizen starves to death, then the youngest (least influential!) citizen in that city is killed.
    Players who die are encouraged to sign up again to get back in the game. I’m not going to automatically re-sign up players, because this is how I will weed out players who lose interest and disappear after signing up.

    The Five Spheres of Influence
    Each citizen has five types of influence that are used to vote on different things. A citizen’s influence increases as they get older.
    • Local Influence
    • Scientific Influence
    • Economic Influence
    • Cultural Influence
    • Military Influence

    Local Influence is a citizen’s influence within their city. Local influence is determined by the age of the city relative to the age of the other citizen’s in the city. Local influence is used for:
    • Deciding what the city should produce
    • Issuing orders to the city’s militia
    • Deciding how to use Great Artists, Scientists, Engineers, Merchants generated by the city
    • Deciding how to use their strategic resources (or allowing other cities to use them)
    • Issuing instructions to the city’s workers
    • Deciding which of the city’s citizens shall be awarded a new settler

    Scientific Influence is determined by the citizen’s local influence and their city’s scientific output relative to the other cities’ scientific output. Scientific influence is used for:
    • Deciding what the empire should research
    • Deciding to declare friendship with or to denounce foreign nations

    Economic Influence is determined by the citizen’s local influence and their city’s gold output relative to the other cities’ gold output. Economic influence is used for:
    • Deciding how spend the empire’s gold, including:
    o Purchasing Units
    o Upgrading Units
    o Purchasing Land
    o Purchasing luxuries or strategic resources from other nations
    o Giving gifts to city-states
    o Research agreements
    • Deciding how to trade excess luxuries

    Cultural Influence is determined by the citizen’s local influence and their city’s cultural output relative to the other cities’ cultural output. Cultural influence is used for:
    • Deciding what social policies to adopt
    • Deciding whether to puppet or annex “kept” cities
    • Deciding what foreign nations will be allowed within our borders
    Spoiler What if my city has no cultural output? :
    Then you have no cultural influence! Want some? Build some culture producing buildings or move to a city that has some.

    Military Influence is determined by the citizen’s local influence and their city’s strength relative to the strength of the other cities. Military Influence is used for:
    • Deciding to declare war or accept peace from foreign nations
    • Assigning units received from allied city states to either a city or an army
    • Issuing orders to Great Generals and their armies
    • Deciding whether to liberate, raze or “keep” captured cities
    • Assigning captured workers to a city
    • Impose or repeal a draft

    The oldest, and most influential, citizen in each city is the Daimyo. The Daimyo enjoys several special privileges.
    • The Daimyo may call for a vote on matters within their influence.
    • The Daimyo gets to assign citizens of the city to tiles or buildings. This may have a big impact on the type of influence the city has.
    • Neither the Daimyo or anyone of his clan may be forcibly displaced from the city.
    Of course, being the Daimyo isn’t all perks. The Daimyo may be the target of assassination attempts or political coups. When a Daimyo dies, the next oldest citizen in the city becomes the new Daimyo. If older citizen moves to the city, they immediately become the new Daimyo.
    Spoiler What votes may Daimyos call? :
    A Daimyo may only call for a vote on an issue he would get to vote on. A Daimyo cannot call for a vote regarding a local issue of another city. A Daimyo cannot call for a vote on a cultural issue if his city has no cultural output.

    Spoiler What if two citizens are tied for oldest? :
    Then the city is locked in a crippling power struggle! The city has no Daimyo until there is an oldest citizen. This means that no one can do any of the “Daimyo stuff” in the city. No one can call any votes; no one can assign citizens to settlers, etc. The city is in for a pretty rough time until the power struggle gets resolved!

    Spoiler Can a Daimyo rearrange the citizen assignments to maximize influence on a vote? :
    Yes, but after the vote he is stuck with those assignments until the next council session.

    Moving to a Different City
    Each player is represented by a citizen and therefore located in a specific city. Any two citizens may mutually agree to switch cities. Citizens may forcibly displace a younger citizen, as long as the younger citizen is not of the same clan as his city’s Daimyo.
    Spoiler Can you displace a Daimyo? :
    Not directly. However, if you are older than the Daimyo, and can get into the city by displacing a different citizen, then you would become the new Daimyo

    Workers are controlled by the city that produces them (Local Influence Vote). Workers may only work within their home city, unless building a road between their home city and another city. Workers may be given to other cities.
    Spoiler Can I assign a worker to complete an improvement in a neighboring city? :
    Nope, you have to give the worker to the neighboring city. I’m sure they’ll be nice enough to give him back when the improvement is done…. Right?

    When a settler is produced, the city will vote on which of its citizens will control it. The chosen citizen will decide where to settle a new city and will become its first citizen. Settlers will never die from old age, but the citizen continues to age while controlling a settler. While controlling a settler, citizens have no influence of any type.
    Spoiler Should I pick a spot with great resources in a poor location or a spot with poor resources in a great location? :
    That’s up to the settler. Of course, there’s a big advantage to having good resources. On the other hand, you can always move to a different city (or get displaced!) so picking the spot you think will optimize your influence might not pay off after the second citizen is born in your new city. And don’t forget, time spent as a settler is basically “lost time” where you keep aging but have no influence. Spending 20 turns to reach that perfect spot on the far side of the empire might result in you dying of old age as soon as you get there!

    Strategic Resources
    Strategic resources are controlled by the city that generates them. They may only be used with that city’s permission (Local Influence Vote). This makes strategic resource cities very powerful, although not necessarily very influential. However, once permission is given for another city to use a strategic resource, it can not be rescinded. Once their use is over (the unit is killed or trade terms expire), control of the resources reverts back to the city that produces them. Strategic resources from trading may be used by any city. Cities must use up their own strategic resource before they can use the ones from trade.

    City Militas
    Each city has its own militia made up of the military units it’ produced. Cities may give their militia any of the following orders.
    • Defend the city
    • Attack enemy city/barbarian encampment
    • Explore
    • Give unit to friendly city, city-state or army
    Spoiler Can we order our militia to defend a neighboring friendly city? :
    Nope, but you can give them the units so they can defend themselves. They’ll probably give them back later….right?....right?

    Great Generals and Armies
    Each Great General leads an army controlled by the empire (Military Influence). The target size of their army is equal to 1 unit per city (do not include puppets). Military units are given to armies from city militias (Local Influence) or drafted. Great General’s may be given any of the following orders
    • Defend any friendly city
    • Explore
    • Attack enemy city.
    • Give units to a friendly city militia or city-state

    Drafting Units
    A draft may be imposed or repealed by national vote (Military Influence) as long as the empire has one or more armies below the target unit level. When the draft is in effect, any new units produced or given to the empire will have an X% chance of being drafted to fill an empty spot in a Great General’s army. The value of X% must be proposed by the Daimyo who calls for a vote to impose the draft. If no armies have empty spots, then new units will not be drafted. The draft remains in effect until repealed.

    Capturing Cities
    When enemy cities are captured, the citizens first votes (Military Influence Vote) on whether to “keep” the city, or whether to raze it (or liberate it if applicable). If the city is “kept”, then the citizens vote (Cultural Influence Vote) on whether to annex the city or turn it into a puppet. If a city is “kept”, then the unit that captured the city will remain in the city as part of its militia.

    Assassination Attempts
    Citizens may attempt to assassinate the Daimyo of their city. The odds of the attempt succeeding depend on the relative influence of the Daimyo and the Assassin. A military unit garrisoned in the city protects the Daimyo and reduces the chance of success. If the assassination attempt is successful, the Daimyo is killed. If unsuccessful, the would-be assassin is captured and executed.
    Spoiler Will my assassination attempt succeed? :
    The outcome of the attempt will be determined by random number. The odds of success are Assassin’s influence / (Daimyo’s Influence + Garrisoned Unit Strength). For assassination attempts use the local influence of Daimyo and Assassin as whole numbers.
    Spoiler Example :
    A city has two citizens, Mr. A age 10 and Mr. B age 4. Their local influences are Mr. A 71% and Mr. B 29%. Mr. A has all the power! But if Mr. B kills him, then Mr. B becomes the new Daimyo! His odds of success are 29/71 = 41%. But if Daimyo Mr. A keeps a spearman garrisoned for protection, the odds drop to 29/(71+7) = 36%.

    Political Coups
    Citizens may also try to remove their city’s Daimyo through a political coup. Any number of citizens in the city may support the coup. The odds of the coup succeeding depends on the total influence of participants of the coup, and the total influence of citizens who support the Daimyo. Any members of the Daimyo’s clan automatically support the Daimyo. A military unit garrisoned in the city supports the Daimyo. If the coup is successful, the Daimyo is ousted and killed. If unsuccessful, the leader of the coup (participant with the highest influence) is captured and executed.
    Spoiler Will a coup succeed? :
    The outcome of a coup attempt will be determined by random number. The odds of success are (Particpants’s influence) / (Daimyo’s Supporter’s Influence + Garrisoned Unit Strength). For coup attempts use the local influence of Daimyo and the participants as whole numbers.
    Spoiler Example :
    A city has 5 citizens, A-E, ages 25, 14, 7, 3, 1. Their influences are 50%, 28%, 14%, 6% and 2%, respectively. Mr.C wants to get rid of Daimyo A. He could try to assassinate him, but decides that his 28% chance of success is too risky. So Mr.C gets Mr.D to join his coup. Mr.E supports Daimyo A. Mr.B decides to sit back and watch – if the coup is successful, Mr.B becomes Daimyo, but if it fails, Mr.B doesn’t want to be executed for being the highest influence participant. So the odds of success for the coup are (14+6)/(50+2) = 38%, better than the assassination attempt!

    Spoiler Who is the leader of a coup? :
    The leader of the coup is the highest influence citizen who participates when the time comes to vote. The leader is not necessarily the person who declared the coup. Be careful when younger citizens try to pull you into their coups, they may be looking for a scapegoat!

    Council Sessions
    Every 10 turns or so, the game will stop for a council session where the players get to make decisions. The game will stop for an emergency council session anytime a citizen of more than 10% local influence dies, so that players may attempt to take advantage of any sudden power shifts. There will also be an emergency council session if there is a sudden game change, like a major power declaring war on us, etc.
    Each council session will have twp parts.
    During the first part, players declare what they want to do; change cities, start a coup, support a coup, attempt an assignation, etc. Daimyo’s may call for a vote, reassign citizen assignments, etc. Players may either make their declarations openly (by posting them to this thread for everyone to see) or secretly (by sending me a PM). The first part will last at least 24 hours.
    Spoiler No conditional actions! :
    I will not accept conditional statements on actions! Meaning you cannot “support a coup if so-and-so also supports the coup”. Work that stuff out with your fellow citizens before the council session. During the council session, you either support the coup or you don’t. Same goes for other actions.

    During the Recess, I will resolve all the player actions. Actions will be resolved in order of oldest citizen first, with ties broken by highest local influence, and further ties broken by random number. If a citizen’s action is invalidated by an older citizen’s action, then their action becomes void. Updated citizen influence numbers will be posted. The Recess will last as long as it takes me to process the actions.
    Spoiler When do coups get resolved? :
    Coups are resolved at the point corresponding to the player who started the coup, which is not necessarily the highest influence supporter of the coup.

    Spoiler What happens if there is change in Daimyo? :
    It depends. The Daimyo’s actions are resolved in order of age like everyone elses. So if a citizen aged 10 assassinates a Daimyo aged 25, the Daimyo’s actions will have already been resolved before he was killed. However, if the citizen aged 10 was displaced by a citizen aged 40, that citizen is older than the Daimyo aged 25 and becomes the new Daimyo. When the resolution order reaches the original Daimyo aged 25, he is no longer Daimyo and any “Daimyo things” he wanted to do, like calling for votes, are no longer valid.

    Spoiler Can a new Daimyo do Daimyo actions this council session? :
    No, you can’t declare your intent to do Daimyo actions before you are the Daimyo. Turns out instable local governments may have trouble getting things done.

    Spoiler What happens to a coup or assassination attempt if the Daimyo changes? :
    A coup or assassination attempt is targeted against a specific Daimyo. If the Daimyo changes, the attempt no longer has a valid target

    During the second part, citizens will get to cast their votes on any open items. As moderator, I will call for votes only where the game requires it, like what to research next or what to produce next. Any other votes must be called by a Daimyo, like what orders to give a city militia or a worker, or changing a research or production project before completion, or making any sort of agreement with a foreign power. The second part will last at least 24 hours.
    Spoiler I’ve only got 1% influence, should I even bother to vote? :
    Yes, because the guy(s) with the other 99% of the influence might not show up and then guess who just made the decision!

    Spoiler What happens if a worker runs out of orders? :
    The worker will do whatever he was ordered to do until he finishes, and then he will take a nap until the appropriate Daimyo calls a vote to give him new orders. You may want to queue up several tasks for the worker to prevent this from happening.

    The clan who meets their victory condition shall be the winners!
    Of course, if Japan loses the game then we all lose together.

    Inadequate Player Supply
    I am hopeful there will be enough players to handle all the citizens. However, if the empire grows very big, we could run out. If/when that happens, players will be allowed to sign up for a second citizen of the same clan. Players with active citizens will be less likely to be selected for new citizens than players who do not have an active citizen.

    Game Start
    The game will start next week, as long as there is at least 1 player signed up for each of the 4 clans.

    Final Disclaimer
    I shall reserve the right to make minor adjustments to these rules as necessary throughout the game.

    Good luck!
  2. yahzuk

    yahzuk Agent of Chaos

    Oct 26, 2010
    Game Balance Tweak: Daimyos will not be allowed to intentionally make their cities stagnant when they have only 1 citizen.

    Comment: The very first citizen is guarenteed to be someone who was waiting for the Rebirth of France game. (becuase they already have some waited turns to their credit, while anyone completely new has waited 0 turns so far).
  3. yahzuk

    yahzuk Agent of Chaos

    Oct 26, 2010
    reserved again
  4. Triskelli

    Triskelli Chieftain

    Dec 24, 2010

    Can't wait to see how this one plays out, Yahuzk. =]


    Umm, sorry about that :( Didn't read the thread before I posted: I'll sign up for a domination victory. Also, feel free to delete this post if you need additional space to explain the rules.
  5. yahzuk

    yahzuk Agent of Chaos

    Oct 26, 2010
    Game Settings & Start Position, for anyone who wishes to start discussing strategy with their clans.

    Spoiler :

  6. Triskelli

    Triskelli Chieftain

    Dec 24, 2010
    Hmm... As the founder of the Shihai clan and probable Daimyo of Kyoto, I suggest the research of Animal Husbandry, the construction of a Scout, and the working of the Cattle tile.

    This is only a suggestion, though -_-;
  7. Kyp Durron

    Kyp Durron CP5

    Jun 12, 2009
    Charleston, SC
    I would like to sign up for the Kagaku Clan. :)

    Been waiting for a new game from you.
  8. Pouakai

    Pouakai It belongs in a museum. Moderator

    Jun 16, 2010
    I would like to sign up to the Gaiko clan.

    Also, could you bring back the pie graph of influence, noble Shogun?
  9. Ceskari

    Ceskari Prince

    Dec 29, 2010
    Ceskari paddles his log raft ashore a new world and collapses on the strand. There is a hut up by the treeline. He crawls up and sees people there, people that are quite unlike him. "Gaijin" shouts are heard, and soon he finds himself alone, exploring strange drawings on the sand, and he realizes the people have left him a message to decipher. Some vague notion lights up in the threshold of consciousness, and Ceskari realizes that only through learning the endemic culture can he survive in this new land...

    Sign me up for the Bunka clan please.
  10. grzybek

    grzybek The Mad Sciencist

    Mar 1, 2010
    Szczecin, Poland
    Kagaku Clan please :D

    Mayor of Troyes
  11. filli_noctus

    filli_noctus Hmmn

    Nov 22, 2010
    Honourable Yahzuk-san, I respectfully request a position in the Kagaku clan, if it pleases you.
  12. CenturionXX

    CenturionXX Chieftain

    Jan 4, 2011
    I request to be citizen of the Shihai. We shall rule the world!
  13. Churchill's Hat

    Churchill's Hat Mortal

    Apr 21, 2007
    Shihai Clan as well.
  14. Arexander

    Arexander Trucker

    May 14, 2009
    I shall support the clan Shihai till Japan dominates all of the world or till the Great Sea engulfs all of the land! :D

    Oh, and I plan to write somekind of a diary on the way. :old:
  15. Robdude66

    Robdude66 Chieftain

    Feb 21, 2010
    California, USA
    I pledge my support to the Kagaku clan.
  16. DefoesRightBoot

    DefoesRightBoot Former Daimyo x3...

    Sep 23, 2010
    I'd like to sign up to the Gaiko clain please!
  17. Sparthage

    Sparthage Fighting Tyranny

    Nov 10, 2009
    New Lunar Republic
    Domination Victory Clan, whatever it's called. Let's aspire to do better everyone!
  18. Rudragun

    Rudragun Warlord

    Nov 26, 2010
    Kagaku, that most knowledgeable of mortals, shall receive my allegiance. Japan is too grand to remain on this imperfect, hostile world.

    EDIT: By the way, Yahzuk, I can see why you wouldn't want to run this thread and another at the same time. You are going to be very busy!
  19. chgrogers

    chgrogers Prince

    Dec 18, 2010
    Central US
    As the child of the Bunka clan I seek to show the world the glory of Culture.
  20. LegionSteve

    LegionSteve Motörhead

    Jul 23, 2007
    Sign me up for the Gaiko clan please! Lets hope I don't immediately get killed or captured before I get to do anything this time :lol:

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