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Children of the Emperor Civ V" Bunka Recruiting Drive

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Stories & Tales' started by Jehoshua, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. Jehoshua

    Jehoshua Catholic

    Sep 25, 2009
    Brethren amongst Civ IV

    There is currently a story/team game but within a single civilisation. It is going on in the story forum of civ V. The rules and directive in the game are on the first page of the thread if you decide to look in, its too long to put here. But very basically you do not need to actually play Civ V or have it to be apart all you need to do is sign up for a clan and join in the fun. (And it is indeed most amusing in my opinion)


    This post is basically a recruiting call for all people interested in cultural play in Civ, the Bunka clan (those going for a cultural victory) is short on members compared to the space going infidels or the agressive warrior clan, and so ive been asked to sally forth so to speak and put it out there for anyone who wants to join the Bunka Clan and bring Japan home in a glorious cultural victory.

    Please look in and even if you don;t want to "play" then its still a great read, full of verbal warfare over the correct form of poetry (or whether poetry should be banned), metaphysical dimensional travellers, the Glorious Oni Yahzuk and quite recently a strange man wo dropped in Japans council chamber from nowhere lacking any form of proper attire (or attire at all) .

    Check in, you won't be dissapointed.


    Oh and since this a story thread i will also post a story on this thread, relating to this story in Civ V. Basically paraphrasing whats going on in the Bunka clan and generally amongst the world of the Children of the Emperor which you'll find in the top posts in the Civ V story thread.

    See you there:)

    Jehoshua: haiku master, Yamabushi and member of Clan Bunka
  2. Jehoshua

    Jehoshua Catholic

    Sep 25, 2009
    The Beginning of Japan (the introductory story before actual gameplay)


    Long ago a great emperor led Japan on a long and bloody war to establish dominion over all of creation. Yet this meant that the Emperor was too pre-occupied to spend time with his children and thus let them in the care of a trusted Philosopher who was greatly respected in the imperial court.

    Yet the philosopher saw the destruction and tired of war, and wished for the emperors children to live in a peaceful existence, away from all the strife, all the death.

    And so the philosopher in his wisdom travelled to a sacred mountain and prayed to the ancient and innefable Kami, who granted his wish. They took the Emperor's children and their servants to a new reality far from the chaos of the old. Yet as in all things there was a catch, the philosopher was left behind, for the children themselves must decide the fate of their new existence.

    For a time the children and their people lived as nomads forming four clans, named after each of the children.

    Gaiko, the eldest, had listened well to the philosophers teachings and wished for a coalition of all peoples in harmony with eachover and the world (diplomatic victory).

    Bunka, learnt the philosophers teachings well, but desired only to create great works honouring the God's and for the new japan to be a peaceful harmonious society, rich in culture and tradition, at one with nature and at peace within itself, unsullied by corrupt outsiders. (Culture)

    Kagaku, desired nothing in this new world, longing for the old and so wished only to exult in the sciences to one day set forth amongst the stars, free from the prison of his new worlds.(space)

    And Shihai, the emperors only daughter, who rejected totally the philosophers teachings and wished to subdue this new world just as her father had subdued the old (domination/conquest)

    And so it was for many generations, until the day came when the people, many generations after thei ancestors had passed away founded the first city of the new Japan: Kyoto.


    And so it began.
  3. Yoshiegg737

    Yoshiegg737 Jungo Jungo

    Nov 14, 2010
    Sub post :D
  4. Prospo

    Prospo King

    Jan 2, 2011
    Bunka propoganda? In civ IV?

    Just another reason we Shihai are the only sensible clan of japan.
  5. Jehoshua

    Jehoshua Catholic

    Sep 25, 2009
    Why of course, Propoganda is an art and the Bunka are all about art and why wouldn't we recruit amongst the civilisation IV community. Theres a large community here which hopefully sees this and looks at Yahzuk's thread. They dont neccesarily have to go into the Bunka clan, but into any of them if they so wish.

    (except the shihai, thats why i convinced Defoesrightboot to propose a ban on new players joining the shihai because you have almost half the players)

    anyways now that thats done lets get on to relating the first part of the story :)


    Kyoto - And The Reign of the Daimyo Arexander

    The oni Yahzuk watched with glee as the people of Japan founded their first city Kyoto, for now the real business of civiilisation could begin, along with all its mischief.

    The people were arguing over who should be daimyo of kyoto, and the great and terrible Oni in his disguise as an innocent old man exclaimed through the chaos

    "People of Japan, Why don;t we put this position in the hands of the Kami and select the first daimyo by lot"

    And thus was the first Daimyo, Arexander chosen. After his election things went relatively smoothly, warriors and scouts were trained and land was explored and a strange interdimensional wanderer observed proceedings with the intent to gain power eventually through the shihai clan. The Kagaku scientists studied the way of the cow in hope of harnessing this resource and other rumoured animals like them (horses). Throgh all this the Shihai dominated having the only actual citizen, the daimyo as part of their clan. This was not to last.

    The oddly named Grandad1984 of the kagaku was elected as sensei, a voting representative of the clan Kagaku. although he only had a measly 14% of the vote at this stage in deference to the aged Daimyo Arexander currently 6 years into the daimyoship. (turns)

    Between this time and the second council vote the all powerful oni Yahzuk was revealed as an Oni, after he nefariously placed beauracracy in the way of military practicality.

    After the second council of Kyoto, research was directed at mining, in a bid to figure out how to extract white stone from the hills near kyoto followed by masonry on how to actually use the stone. Scouts were sent to the west and entered ruins finding an odd man named Chgrogers who joined the Bunka clan and quicky rose to become a full citizen with voting rights for the Bunka clan :king:

    Following this our scouts moved to the east and discovered the scouts of one Harun-Al Rashid a rather less fanatical archetype of Saladin and leader of Arabia. they also found treasure in some ruins. Meanwhile barbarian brutes (chikusho) attempted to violate our marble deposits, but they were quickly expunged.

    Then to the east, lay the most evil civilisation known to man was discovered, the composers of the second worst poetry in the known universe, despoiler of nature and even worse they lay like an evil tumour right next to the Holy Mountain Potosi, a natural wonder of great wealth (ten gold on that tile) that was found soon after contact with this vile race, AND IT WAS BASICALLY NEXT TO THEIR CAPITAL:sad:. They were the Americans.:eek:

    They were likely to be the japanese peoples greatest enemy in the time to come.

    Back in Kyoto taking advantage of the shock and despair of the common people defoesrightboot took advantage of the anarchy to become the first representative of the Gaiko clan.

    Thus began the fourth council where tradition was exhalted as the Empires first social policy, and where the kagaku scientists were sent to figure out ow to shape clay into meaningful objects. Thus following the council the cows were contained in pens and chikusho were pacified.

    In foreign policy we found that the filthy americans had somehow acquired pointy sticks "we trembled in fear at this advanced technology" and we met the producer of the worlds undisputably worst poetry: Ghengis Khan.

    heres an excerpt for your consumption

    "Ode to a Lump of Green Putty I Found in my Armpit One Midsummer Morning"

    Putty. Putty. Putty.
    Green Putty - Grutty Peen.
    Grarmpitutty - Morning!
    Pridsummer - Grorning Utty!
    Discovery..... Oh.
    Putty?..... Armpit?
    Armpit..... Putty.
    Not even a particularly
    Nice shade of green.

    ~Ghengis Khan

    yeah he's not what you'd call a friend of the Bunka arts.

    And so the Japanese Empire prepared for peaceful development when "tragedy":rolleyes: struck. Daimyo Arexander, our first daimyo had died at the old age of 29 from a common cold. Since medicine is unknown, he died a painful prolonged death in the middle of the night. And with his passing the co-operation between the clans came to an end, as the reign of his successor would proove....

    ALL HAIL THE ONI YAHZUK :satan::lol:
  6. Jehoshua

    Jehoshua Catholic

    Sep 25, 2009
    To all Observers.


    Again if your watching i implore you to look at Yahzuks stories. They are most entertaining.

    And if you are that person with no free account I ask that you look, and if you like you create one and join the game. As i said before you don't need to have civilisation V to take part.

    If you already have an account, and friends on civfanatics, perhaps spread the word. It truly is a great thing to be apart of and we desperately need more people to counteract the filthy shihai. please:(:cry::lol:

    If your not a cultural person, you could always join the science people or the diplo people, Kagaku and Gaiko, anything to counteract the evil warmongers and bring about the bunka utopia (or some other victory):king:


    I hope to see you there.


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