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China by Dumanios

Discussion in 'Civ4 - New Civilizations' started by Dumanios, Nov 12, 2011.

  1. Dumanios

    Dumanios MLG

    Oct 24, 2008
    China is one of the oldest civilizations on Earth, and has been in every civ game made. Erhm, that's that.

    Spoiler :
    Row 1: Settler, Worker, Scout, Explorer, Warrior
    Row 2: Swordsman, Axeman, Maceman, Spearman, Pikeman
    Row 3: Musketman, Rifleman, Grenadier, Anti-Tank, Infantry
    Row 4: SAM Infantry, Marine, Mech Infantry, Archer, Longbowman
    Row 5: UU, Chariot, Horseman, Knight, Cuirasser
    Row 6: Cavalry, War Elephant, Tank, Modern Armour, Gunship
    Row 7: Cannon, MG, Caravel, Attack Submarine, Fighter
    Row 8: Jet Fighter, Bomber, stealth Bomber, Great General

    Sail the Yangtze River here

    Spoiler :
    Explorer, Anti-Tank, SAM INfantry, Marine, Mech Infantry, MG, Attack Submarine, Stealth Bomber, Great General: Varietas Delactate

    Axeman: Danrell's Chinese Units

    Maceman, Pikeman, Knight, Longbowman: Three Kingdoms Units

    Musketman: Chamaedrys' Asian Musketman

    Rifleman, Cavalry: Danrell's Industrial Units

    Grenadier: Bernie14's Grenadiers

    Infantry, Tank: Road to War

    Cuirassier: Bakuel

    Fighter: Nuvoloblu's P40s

    Bomber: Snafusmith

    Comments and Criticisms appreciated.

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